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As a young & aspiring DJ, Def Jeff quickly became the go-to DJ in the Central Valley for major corporate clients such as: Victoria Secrets, BeBe, Ecko Unltd, and American Eagle. He has DJ'ed with some of the big name DJs: Dainjazone, Splyce, Shift, Red, Made Monsters, The Rocket-Scientist, DJ Dan, Eddie Santana, and DJ Tease just to name a few. His passion for music and unique set has already gotten him booked at some of the hottest clubs in the Valley: Club Imperio, Standard, Climax, Christy's, and so many more.

He has also made a huge splash in the Fresno rave scene, providing a high energy set infused with some of the classic tracks from all genres. Creating his own custom edits, mashups and bootlegs, Def Jeff's sounds are unique and nobody else sounds so def.

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