Our Mission

At EDM Sessions, everything we do is with our core mission in mind...





EDUCATE: Whether it starts with submitting your tracks to our radio station and getting feedback from our music reviewers; or you find some useful content on our resource blog; or consider enrolling in our university and take a course; or perhaps attend one of our music conferences... We want to always keep education at the core at what we do so that we continue to contribute to discovering and developing new, upcoming talent.

INFORM: We also want to ensure that we are always doing our part to inform our community of all opportunities to grow as an upcoming artist as well as keeping the fans informed of upcoming events, releases, and all happenings in the electronic music scene, globally.

ENTERTAIN: Entertaining is where it started for us. We sought out to entertain the electronic dance community that we love so much; with a quality source of music through our broadcast, events that others produce as well as our own, and other media content that we hope you find entertaining.

INSPIRE: Finally, we truly hope that with everything we do - we can inspire as many as possible to start or continue to do whatever it is that compells you and makes you feel fulfilled. We want to inspire future artists to take that chance and go for it with their musical talents. We want to inpire music fans to turn it up and dance when you need to feel better. We hope to inspire innovation in technology and music by giving entrepreneurs the extra "you can do it, we did" support to come up with the next solution to many problems that need solving.

Our promise to you, our fans and supporters...

When founder Marty True rebranded the old (Party 95) to EDM Sessions, and relaunched the radio station, he wanted to not only grow to a larger global audience than before but he wanted to solve three major problems that music consumers face on other streaming alternatives... Commercials, Streaming Fees, and Difficulty in Discovering New Artists!

We have decided to broadcast 100% commercial-free and fee-free. You will never hear standard advertisements or commercials and you will always be able to listen to our high-quality stream, 100% free, forever!

Through our decision to work with select sponsors to provide the revenue necessary to keep our operations running, along with our artist promotion platform that enables up and coming artists to submit their music to us and potentially get it played alongside the most popular electronic artists on the planet, we are able to make the listeners' experience the best possible.

These are the solutions that we've put in place to ensure that our fans and supporters can get high quality electronic music programming, without having to pay to listen, without having tons of commercials interrupting the vibes, and for the not yet discovered talent around the world, to have an affordable opportunity to get their music played on the radio, in between the most recognizable artists in the scene.


  • Get notified of artists coming in-studio
  • Get notified of upcoming contests
  • Get secret access to our private content
  • Get special offers/discounts on our merch
  • And more perks coming soon!



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