Uk House Stalwart Redlight Returns To Insomniac Records With His Latest Single 'Phenomenon'

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Published: 02 May 2020

For his next release on Insomniac Records, Redlight pays tribute to the golden era of speed garage with “Phenomenon.”

Stream Redlight's "Phenomenon" here

The UK house stalwart cut his teeth on the DJ circuit at a time when drum & bass and UK garage reigned supreme. It’s an era he remembers fondly and continues to build on top of with his critically acclaimed discography. He pays tribute to said roots on his latest single, a “throwback to speed garage days with a tech house twist.” He takes cues from the seminal sound of his native country, while also injecting his own unique slant—in typical Redlight fashion. “Phenomenon” is marked by shuffling drums that bang out beneath a looped vocal hook calling out the track’s namesake. The rhythm carries on steadily until the slinky garage synths are introduced, while chopped vocal samples, carefully plotted bleeps, and vibrant stabs are added to create that discernably vivacious Redlight vibe.

The record is the second release Redlight has offered up in 2020 and follows up the Valentine’s Day surprise he slipped into our hearts back in Feb, “Gucci.” This new single is a refreshing update on a dancefloor-defining genre that slaps just with the help of Redlight’s ever-reliable golden touch. 

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