Sir Ivan aka Peaceman drops 'Happy Together' - The Remixes

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Published: 31 January 2020

Hot on the heels of his smash hit “Get Together”, International Pop/Dance star Sir Ivan is back with “Happy Together” and it is quite possibly his best project to date.

Sir Ivan has dedicated his recording career to remaking the iconic peace songs from the 1960’s, and was the first to take a Beatles or John Lennon ballad and turn it into an Electronic Dance Music (EDM) song. “Imagine” launched Sir Ivan’s career and all his songs since have gone on to top the charts on Billboard, DJ Times, and Music Week.

With a message of peace in all of Sir Ivan’s works, and as we enter into a brand new decade, he hopes that “Happy Together” will bring more peace, love, and unity into the new year.

"I chose 'Happy Together' because it is one of my favorite songs from the 60's. The lyrics are so simple, yet so powerful. There is this momentum that builds throughout the song, until the melody bursts with energy and harmonies, creating instant happiness for all within listening distance."

For “Happy Together”, Sir Ivan enlisted some old friends and some new ones…

DJs from Mars previously lent their magic on remixes for “Love Is All Around Me” and “Live For Today”. Ralphi Rosario did stellar remixes on “Kiss All the Bullies Goodbye”, and “La La Land”, and 7th Heaven created an amazing Top 40 radio remix for “Imagine”, and “I Am Peaceman”.

Newcomers, to collaborate with Sir Ivan, but certainly not to the scene, are the super talented Bimbo Jones and Moto Blanco. “They were always on my short list of artists I wanted to work with, and “Happy Together” felt like the perfect project, at the perfect time.” said Sir Ivan.

Sir Ivan will be donating all net proceeds from streaming and download royalties from ‘Happy Together’ to The Peaceman Foundation, a charity he created to raise awareness and help those that suffer from PTSD. Sir Ivan’s father, a Holocaust survivor, experienced some classic symptoms of PTSD in his lifetime. Consequently, this is a cause that Sir Ivan is deeply passionate about.

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