Pronouncedyea Releases 'Temporary Fix' Together With Lena Leon On Armada Music

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Published: 08 December 2020

Following on his recent collab with Mondo Mondo on ‘Say’, ‘Temporary Fix’ sees Armada Music regular pronouncedyea team up with acclaimed songstress Lena Leon for a track that heavily reflects on the shadow side of love. Building more and more suspense before hammering down with a raw and dark beat drop, this record is set to tick all the boxes for all kinds of dance music fans.

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Singer and songwriter Lena was previously involved in an anonymous EDM project for two years that ended up being extremely taxing on her and her mental health.

On a daily base she was being told her writing wasn’t good enough and that she should let someone else write her songs. By the end of it, she had lost faith in herself as an artist and a writer. After an emotional roller-coaster, she finally chose her own happiness and decided to leave the project and take her life back in 2018, and a few months later “Halfway There” came out with Tiësto which was the first time she got to see her own name out there. This made her realize that she wasn’t the problem; and that she was only holding herself back.

Then last year in a session with two of her writing friends, they brought in the title ‘Temporary Fix’, and before long the chorus literally fell out of Lena.

They turned it into a love song and before showing it to her own team; she sent it to her close friend (and A&R Manager of Armada Music) Stephanie Karten and told her ‘Steph this one of my most personal songs ever and I have this feeling you’ll know what to do with this’. Within 24 hours pronouncedyea made a first version..

He remembers being crazy excited hearing it for the first time – as it was super emotional and powerful and he knew right away where he wanted this track to go. After hearing from Lena how much it meant to her he wanted to match this emotional intensity, and over the past year him and Lena sat down together to turn this special project into the final product as it is now.

They’re both extremely proud of how it turned out and hope with this song they’ll be able to inspire others to pursue their own happiness and choose their own path always.

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