Polish DJ/Producer Sikdope Brings Back the Speed House Heat with 'Myself'

Published: 11 June 2021

Returning to his trademark ‘speed house’ sound, Polish DJ/producer Sikdope presents his widely anticipated new single ‘Myself’. It’s the record many of his fans have been waiting for, bringing powerful four-to-the-floor kicks, pitched vocals and deep, dark basslines - all mixed together in Sikdope’s characteristic upbeat vibe. One of dance music’s maestro’s is back on fire, ready for action with this blast of a tune - out now on Spinnin’ Records.



If recent years have proven anything, it's Sikdope's quality to inject the worldwide dance scene with unforgettable gems. From 2014’s breakthrough ‘Unicorn Zombie Apocalypse’ (together with Borgore), to 2018’s 'Lost In The Blue' and 'Badder', 2019’s 'Raindrops' and the widely popular Tiësto collab 'My Whistle', he's by now a name to be reckoned with, renowned for his trademark 'speed house' sound and innovative production skills.

Adding more ammunition to his Sik Tunes (also known as a popular playlist including Sikdope’s most popular tracks & personal favorites - check it out!) the Polish beat-smith continued to deliver exciting tracks in recent months. Releases like ‘Lights’, ‘Ballin’ and ‘Brave’ also saw him experiment with trap, big room and drum ’n bass, uncovering how his production talent keeps evolving to this day.

‘Myself’ continues on this road. While returning to his famed speed house sound with rushed beats and cool pulsating bass chords, there’s also lots of deeper layers to be discovered here. Warm synth chords accompany pitched vocal samples, providing the track with a moody rave vibe, enhanced by a powerful melody that keeps the rhythm supple and energetic.

Sikdope knows his classics, and seems to have built a brand new bridge between vintage house music and contemporary rave. From its tempting basslines, relentless drops and upwinding percussion, ‘Myself’ couldn’t be more aptly titled. This is an artist at full swing, producing a record that will keep the festival eager crowd dancing for the rest of the year.

“During the pandemic I got really inspired with Analog synths, especially Moog, and I started to get creative with them. That's how I came up with the main drop sound of ‘Myself.’ The whole tune was built around a catchy female vocal phrase "I can be myself with you". The song is really deep and melodic, yet the second part of the drop brings back memories of good old festival vibes.” - Sikdope

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