Papa Khan Releases Highly Anticipated Single 'Rain' Under Marshmello's Label: Joytime Collective

Published: 24 October 2020

The Indonesian producer, Papa Khan, has sent shockwaves throughout the EDM world, garnering the attention of world-renowned producers such as Marshmello, Svdden Death, Ghastly, and more. He was able to generate his buzz through his unorthodox glitchy style and popular track Fall Apart. Recently, Papa Khan has been the talk of every EDM forum from his snippets and teasers of his highly anticipated single Rain. He released a clip of the track on twitter early June 2020. The tweet has then amassed over 170,000+ views and more than 6,400+ interactions. With the EDM world watching his every move, Papa Khan continued to tease the track more during his debut set on Marauda’s Insomniac BassRush presents Malignant music showcase performance, which received praise from the community. It’s evident that Papa Khan is next up, so much so that Marshmello sought out for him and is set to release Papa Khan’s ‘Rain’ under his label Joytime Collective.

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Joytime Collective was first established in 2016 by Marshmello as a way to self-release all of his own music. Marshmello now feels it is time to use his platform and bring up other artists that he believes in, first of which is Papa Khan. Last week, with the anticipation for ‘Rain’ at a high, Marshmello posted a video of him playing ‘Rain’ in a live set announcing the release and the dance community went wild, even catching the attention of dance legend Skrillex. With the support of Marshmello and an already tight-knit fanbase it’s only a matter of time for Papa Khan to become a household name. Keep a close eye out for Papa Khan’s next moves as he breaks boundaries as the new wave of EDM.

Papa Khan - Rain

Papa Khan

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