New York-based Westend Delivers A Sleek And Well-rounded Four-track House EP 'Collide'

Published: 10 October 2020

Westend resurfaces on the Insomniac Records catalog with his debut EP, 'Collide'.

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New York native Tyler Morris, better known as Westend, has spent his days carefully constructing house music that emanates pure originality. Whether he’s fashioning wonky tech house numbers or jaunty grooves, the one constant tying his dynamic output together is an idiosyncratic style existing entirely in its own lane. He recently branched out even further on his first appearance on Insomniac with “Prickly Pear,” the warm and fuzzy roller released mid-September. In the immediate aftermath, Westend is now circling back around with a fresh four-tracker called 'Collide', a fitting description outlining the mixed bag of moods on a crash course that amounts to one impressively cohesive package.

“I couldn't be more buzzed to put out my ‘Collide’ EP with Insomniac Records,” says Westend. “It's the first four-track EP I have ever released, and it perfectly encapsulates what I have been digging as of late. Everything was made to work on the dancefloor but all with their own twist. ‘Collide’ branches out into a vocal heavy space, while ‘La Musica’ connects on a grittier, more driving direction. The goal was to have a little bit of something for everyone on this EP.”

Each of the four cuts offered up do, in fact, land with a force that are simultaneously equal in magnitude and uniqueness. The title cut “Collide” is a magnetic body-mover, pulling you directly into an irresistible attraction powered by a steamy rhythm that prances around a seductive female topline and tender piano stabs. “La Musica” heads down a more rollicking path, with a pumping percussive framework propping up waves of springy bassline hits, reverberating vocal chants, and a spunky bounce that makes for the most vivacious listen from the lot. Closing out the affair is “What I Want,” a deeper number that leans hard into the quirky four-on-the-floor flavor that has been perfected by the wobble-making maestro over the years. With this being his first foray in assembling a proper package, it’s safe to say Westend couldn’t have made a better impact any other way.


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