Lost Frequencies Remixes 'Be Someone' By Joachim Pastor Ft. Eke - Out Now!

Published: 23 October 2020

After a monumental year that has seen Lost Frequencies busier than ever, from playing atop of the Royal Palace Brussels, at the invitation of the Belgian Monarchy to celebrate the opening of the historical locations virtual tour, over to releasing his applauded ‘Cup Of Beats’ EP and remixing the likes of Ellie Goulding and Major Lazer; he’s now back and adding his Midas Touch to Joachim Pastor feat. EKE’s ‘Be Someone’ with an extended, elevated remix.

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Taking the glistening, tropical tones and sprightly vocals of the original and mutating these for a deeper, atmospheric introduction, musing through added space with an injection of capacious, tonal melodies that, although stripped-back, adds dimension with layers of building, evolving synthlines, and progressive rhythms. It’s not chill-out nor club-ready, but an amplified remix that spins ‘Be Someone’ on its axis with warm grooves and a shimmer of technicolor elements to take the listener on a journey.

Joachim Pastor feat. EKE - Be Someone (Lost Frequencies Extended Remix) is out via Armada Music now!

Joachim Pastor feat. EKE - Be Someone (Lost Frequencies Remix)

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