Goldfish And Cat Dealers Launch 'Colours & Lights' Remix Contest On Armada University

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Published: 22 September 2019
Updated: 08 January 2020

Just as their latest single, ‘Colours & Lights’, hit the magical number of three million streams on Spotify, GoldFish and Cat Dealers have launched a remix contest of that wondrous single on Armada University. Exclusively available on the online producer platform, the contest will reward the three best remixes, the grand prize being an official release of the remix on Armada Music. Music producers that aren’t yet part of the Armada University family can easily gain access the contest by joining Armada University for free via

For this contest, GoldFish (the South African electronic music group that previously released an artist course on Armada University) and Cat Dealers are challenging (aspiring) music producers from all over the world to create a top-of-the-line remix. The parts of the original track are supplied via a special download link, although contestants are naturally allowed to be as creative as possible in the process of remixing the track.

For details on how to send in a contest entry and before what date, the full list of prizes, and more, please visit the contest page.


About Armada University

Touted as the go-to platform for (dance) music producers who want to learn, improve and become the best, Armada University was founded in collaboration with FaderPro. It specializes in unique music production courses from an increasing number of established artists, including Sultan + Shepard, Harry Romero, Thomas Gold, ATFC & David Penn, Ørjan Nilsen, Estiva, Rodg, GoldFish and more. Upon subscribing to Armada University for free, students not only get an exclusive 20% discount on all artist courses, but also get access to guaranteed feedback on their demo after purchasing a course, contests, free producer tips, music production blogs and other forms of exclusive content.

In less than a month, Armada University will hit ADE 2019 with a four-day talent event chock-full of masterclasses, demo drops and even interviews and expert sessions, all geared toward those looking to build a career in dance music. From Wednesday, October 16 till Saturday, October 19, Armada University will take over The View, Rokin in Amsterdam’s city center for a jam-packed daytime schedule that includes three or more masterclasses per day, a daily demo drop from 11 a.m. to noon and several other panels, hosted in partnership with top dance music brands FaderPro, Universal Audio and Ableton. For more information, (aspiring) producers looking to attend one or more parts of this full-scale Armada University event are encouraged to visit

Goldfish x Cat Dealers

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