Genre-leading Bass Music Artist Snails Returns With Newest Single 'Frogkind'

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Published: 03 February 2021

Renowned bass music artist and Montreal native, SNAILS, has returned back to the roots of his own sub-genre, Vomitstep, with the highly-anticipated release of his newest single "FROGKIND". As his first original release in more than one year, "FROGKIND" embodies the exploration of SNAILS’ artistic journey and creative processes throughout the global pandemic. Textured, organic sounds and deep drops characterizes the track from beginning to end, leaving listeners dreaming of the day the international producer is able to debut the track live in real life for the first time to a packed festival crowd.

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Over the past few weeks, SNAILS has teased the new single across social media as he’s marked a significant shift in his visual aesthetic and welcomed fans into his new world. Coinciding with a complete rebranding, the single artwork marks a significant return from his King Slugz character to SNAILS’ original self.  Paralleling his music, it’s weird, it’s slimy - and you just can’t get enough.

Looking back at 2020, despite the pandemic backdrop, SNAILS released DEATHMATCH in collaboration with SVDDEN DEATH which received high accolades from some of the biggest names in EDM. He also released the FRONT 2 BACK music video and WORLD OF SLIME remix EP. 2020 also marked a significant year of introspection for the bass music connoisseur, allowing him time to rework his technique of music and sound design and the ability to bring the fun back into producing again. His upcoming EP is just the first of many musical releases that SNAILS will bring to the forefront of bass music in 2021. 


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