Fast-emerging Bass Act Neonix Is Making His Debut On Bassrush Records With Pulverizing Riddim Single 'Dead Face'

Published: 02 July 2020

Making his debut on Bassrush Records this week is Neonix, who delivers a grimace-inducing dubstep single called “Dead Face.”

His first appearance on the imprint is brimming with everything we’ve come to love from the Dallas-based producer: subwoofer-punishing wubs, a voracity for neck-breaking riffs and a nod to anime with his vox samples. “Dead Face” creeps out from the shadows with ominous chord stabs and smoky textures, before Neonix slips in a brash-sounding vocal to trigger his ungodly wrath. Pulverizing bottom-end pounds the ground, while an onslaught of razor-sharp synths poke around the fore until they are accompanied by suspenseful staccato strings. There’s a brief bit of respite offered in the hazy breakdown; however, the break is broken up by a second round of his endless fury.

"This song is a testament to creative freedom,” says Neonix. “Write whatever makes you happy and conveys how you feel. It's anime time."

The single arrives hot on the heels of his four-track ‘Lee Jennings’ EP with the always on-point NSD: Black Label crew, where he has become a familiar face. Outside of his outings on NDS, Neonix has also kicked down the chaos for stables like Savage Society, Circus, Substrate, Prime Audio and more. Regardless of the name of the crew he’s rolling with, Neonix always delivers the goods with that painstakingly original style.

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