Enhanced Progressive Protege Farius Shares Debut Album 'From The Start'

Published: 30 May 2020

Enhanced Progressive is delighted to present "From The Start", the debut album from Farius!

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Adam Turner AKA Farius is one of the UK's hottest progressive trance DJ / Producer exports from the past few years. Born and raised in London where he was classically trained before learning the ropes as a resident DJ at renowned nightclub Heaven. Farius linked up with Enhanced in 2019 and has gone on to become one of the label's A&R's and a lead artist on label imprint Enhanced Progressive. His refined, punchy and progressive sound has found a global audience and seen support from trance giants including Armin van Buuren, Above & Beyond and Cosmic Gate. 

On "From The Start", Farius creates a rapturous celebration of progressive trance, with his singular, focused approach resulting in a captivating fifteen tracks. His intricately-produced anthems feel effortless in their creation, ranging from euphoric and emotive to hard-hitting and bombastic, and with a strong emphasis on melody throughout. The album demonstrates his growth as an artist, culminating in a cohesive project with a distinct identity.

Farius invites outside influence on the album as well, pushing the boundaries of progressive music through incorporating elements of synthwave on the emotional “Way Back When” and finding a luscious sweet spot between trance and techno with the thunderous “Kechno.” He enlists a range of exciting collaborators who imbue the album with varied textures including vocalist Clara Sofie who brings a classic trance vibe to 'Cloud 9' and London Thor who appears twice on the album, delivering a particularly rousing performance on blissful album closer 'Stars'.  

“This album is exactly as the title describes; a culmination of the journey I've been on thus far since I sent my first demo to Enhanced Music so many years ago. I won't pretend and say it embodies my 'life's work', but it's a collection of tracks that hopefully show the journey I've been on since I started producing and where I'm at right now musically. I wanted to produce a versatile album exploring some different styles and sounds.” - Farius

The future of progressive dance music in the UK is here on Enhanced Progressive - "From The Start" by Farius is out now!”


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