Danny Stephen comes back to OHM Music with the unyielding electricity of 'Gunner'

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Published: 21 September 2019
Updated: 08 January 2020

Last year, Danny Stephen made his mark on OHM Music with the deliverance of “En Route”. From that moment we would find ourselves waiting at the edge of our seats for more Danny Stephen action on the brand that dream chasers call home. Well, the LA native has submerged himself deep in the studio, preparing yet another grand trance offering that you definitely don’t want to sleep on. This go-round with the blossoming star will inspire a full out emotional release under the lights and lasers with a multiphase party pumper, fueled by the quest to take the body on a roller coast ride to paradise. So, turn your speakers up and strap yourself in as we break down the vivacious character of “Gunner”......

Phase one begins with a strong bassline, calling the trance family to commune on the dance floor. With layered synths, the mind gets spun into a fascinating auditory worm hole as the melody creeps in to balance power with beauty. As a sultry siren’s song whispers not far in the distance, it is time to grab your dance partner for a moment of euphoric connection.

Phase two welcomes the drums as a tribal essence fills the airwaves, igniting a dominating sound shift that offers a glimpse into Danny Stephen’s well-rounded production expertise. To tie it all in, our musical maestro unveils that consistency is the true key to this peak hour power session, bringing us back to the heavy hitting bassline that pumps boundless energy into our airspace. It is a fast ride full of tender moments and bass driven thunder, primed and ready to leave you begging for more!

While Danny Stephen’s influences lie within the big room drive of Dada Life, Bingo Players, and Hardwell, it is through his impeccable understanding and love for the trance universe that has got all of us turning his way for some serious dance floor soul food! We can’t wait to see what he dreams up next.