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Published: 07 May 2020

Brando has been making moves with a range of sublime records as of late, and he isn’t about to stop spoiling the music world now. Today, the L.A. singer-songwriter released a brand-new single called ‘Millennial Rhapsody’, fueling the fire first sparked by his work on tracks like Loud Luxury’s ‘Body’, Don Diablo’s ‘Congratulations’ and early-2020 dance anthem ‘Look Into My Eyes’.

Listen to Brando – Millennial Rhapsody

Brando’s first new single after signing an exclusive recording agreement with Armada Music, ‘Millennial Rhapsody’ sees the L.A. singer-songwriter push the boundaries once more. With his soulful, uncomplicated vocals taking charge of the moment atop a flawless, delicately vibed instrumental, this record shows how brilliantly effective his music can be.

Brando: “The inspiration for ‘Millennial Rhapsody’ really came from that overwhelming feeling of loneliness you feel sometimes when you get rejected by a friend that you've always had a crush on. It's essentially about the thoughts you have about that person and how you imagine things going if you crossed that friendzone into something more. The idea for ‘Millennial Rhapsody’ came about in my incredibly creative writing session with co-writers Johnny What and Anders Grahna. We kicked around ideas on a cool guitar riff Anders had until we settled on the core of what 'Millennial Rhapsody’ became.”

Drawing inspiration from the numerous musical influences he indulged in throughout his formative years, California-based Brando was a major force behind Canadian duo Loud Luxury's multi-million-stream, multi-platinum-selling hit song ‘Body’ (well over 600 million streams on Spotify) and Don Diablo’s ‘Congratulations’ (more than 10 million streams on Spotify), the latter of which shot up the U.S. Mediabase Dance Chart through a surge of radio plays. With his own life experiences as valuable input, his songs tend to be more gritty and down-to-earth than your average pop song, and he’s currently focused on getting more music out. 2020 is stacked full of amazing collabs, including the recent release with Matoma called ‘The Bender’ an and upcoming single with BRKLYN. With Armada Music on board for the near future, he’s excited for the world to discover what he’s all about.