Arty Releases Second Volume of 'From Russia With Love'

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Published: 17 July 2020

Exactly three months after releasing the first volume of ‘From Russia With Love’, ARTY has issued another quartet of slam dunks as the second installment of his collaborative project. Featuring a pair of high-energy collabs with NK alongside two new originals from ARTY himself, this second volume stands as a very natural continuation of the music released on the first volume, but more focused on cementing its own sound in the progressive house headspace.

From Russia With Love [Vol. 2] on All Platforms

ARTY: “Me and Nikita (NK) have been working together since early 2017. We share a very similar taste in music and art, so he’s been doing all of the album arts and visuals for my releases and shows. Some time ago, he sent me a demo that absolutely blew my mind. I had no idea that he was not only a very talented art designer, but also an extremely skilled producer. After finishing that first demo together, we started working on many other records. Some of those, ‘Who I Am’ and ‘Prayer’, have been included in this second volume of ‘From Russia With Love’, and we have more even music to release outside of that project.”

Besides the two collabs with NK, Vol. 2 of ‘From Russia With Love’ also features two solo tracks from ARTY himself. Whereas ‘Horyzon’ had been a fan favorite and frequent fixture in his DJ sets for some time, ‘This Is Anthem’ is ARTY’s way of expressing his love for the Swedish House Mafia era (2010-2012), when progressive house music became a massive inspiration to him.


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