Published: 08 August 2020

Armada Electronic Elements, one of the pillar labels of Amsterdam-, New York- and London-based record company Armada Music, has been making quite a mark on the electronic music landscape as of late. With recent releases from reputable acts such as Eli & Fur, Jan Blomqvist, Kidnap, Maxim Lany and Shadow Child, the label has positioned itself in the scene quite nicely, and it continues to cement that spot as it dropped its first ‘Synesthesia’ album today.

Listen to Armada Electronic Elements – Synesthesia I

A colorful selection that spotlights the label’s signature vibes, ‘Synesthesia I’ adds a new dimension to the electronic music palette. Featuring records from Ghostlike, Arude, S’Isla, Armada Electronic Elements regular Maxim Lany, Kintar & Alain Fanegas and future star Erly Tepshi (touted as such through Tomorrowland’s ‘The 20 Of 2020’ alongside Maxim Lany), this batch of previously unreleased tracks pushes onward to show the world what the sound of Armada Electronic Elements is all about.

Jurrien Romeijn, A&R and Label Manager of Armada Electronic Elements: “Back in the days when I first started scouring the Internet for new music, I always loved finding that one compilation with a couple of records you knew everybody would go crazy to when played out loud in the clubs. While working on this album with all of these super talented artists, the idea was to capture that same feeling with the six records that comprise this album. I hope people will feel the same excitement I got then and still get today.”

All six singles have been individually released today in tandem with the new album. Next week, the album will be rereleased as a continuous mix to maximize the listening experience for those who’ve caught on to the Armada Electronic Elements sound.


  1. Ghostlike feat. Luke Coulson - Transformation
  2. Arude - Instant
  3. S'Isla - Lantia
  4. Maxim Lany - Tribute
  5. Kintar & Alain Fanegas - Lost In The State
  6. Erly Tepshi - Mesmerize