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Benny Benassi and Lil Yachty Team Up For New Single “Lonely Nights” (LISTEN)

Mon, 07/01/2019 - 14:31

On the heels of his latest single “Inside”, living legend Benny Benassi returns with Lil Yachty for “LONELY NIGHTS.” The uplifting song is a meaningful song that talks about anxiety and loneliness with Lil Yachty who is one of the biggest advocates for the youth today.

Led with Benassi’s iconic electro sound, Yachty seamlessly rides the vibe with an auto-tuned message tackling mental health, loneliness, heartbreak and friendship. The music video, directed by Robby Starbuck, depicts the playfulness of the song as younger versions of Yachty and Benassi are seen building and racing soapbox derby cars that ultimately grow into a speed racing due cruising around in Ferrari and Lamborghini as lifelong friends

Benassi led electro house into the mainstream with the release of “Satisfaction” and never looked back. Not only has Benassi helped shape today’s electronic music landscape but music culture as a whole. “LONELY NIGHTS” displays the Italian producer’s ability to transcend electronic music with mainstream culture to the forefront like previous collaborations with Chris Brown for “Paradise”, John Legend, T-Pain and many others.

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J Balvin & Bad Bunny Are Dropping A Collab Album ‘OASIS’ Tonight

Thu, 06/27/2019 - 21:46

It was in September of last year when Bad Bunny confirmed that a duet album with J Balvin was on the way, and today (6/27) they finally announced the release date.

The album, which will be called “Oasis” , and in the words of the man from “Amorfoda”: “It means more than just water”, will be released tonight at midnight east coast time or if you’re in the west coast at 9pm. The

“It’s a rescue, a relief, it’s refreshing, when you go to an oasis, you go there to stock up on the vital things you lack, things you need, that’s why it says water, because human beings can not live without water,” the Puerto Rican singer Bad Bunny told Complex.

On Bad Bunny’s recent post on Instagram, he revealed a collaboration with Marciano Cantero, a member of the well-known Argentine band Enanitos Verdes.

In addition, they will also have the participation of “Mr. Eazy” , a singer, composer and Nigerian businessman. He is a pioneer of Banku music, a fusion sound he describes as a mix of Ghanaian highlife and Nigerian chord progressions and patterns.

Bad Bunny (Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio) and J Balvin (José Álvaro Osorio Balvin) have already collaborated on songs like “Si tu novio de solo”, “Sensualidad” (with Prince Royce) and “I Like it” with Cardi B.

For those in the Southern California area, J Balvin is headlining the Staples Center in October while Bad Bunny is playing The Forum and Citizens Bank Arena this November. Hop on those tickets asap.

“OASIS” / HOY A LAS 12 DE LA MEDIA NOCHE ????????????????????☀????????????⚡????????????????????????????????☁????????♂⛵???????? @sanbenito

— J BALVIN (@JBALVIN) June 28, 2019

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Project Z releases epic comic Battle for The Triarc for 2019 and Beyond

Thu, 06/27/2019 - 17:07

As revelers traversed the vibrant landscape of EDC this year, some may have noticed graphic recruitment posters plastered around the venue related to their upcoming event Project Z. Said posters were linked to the next chapter in Insomniac’s celebration of Bass Music and Hardstyle, hosted by both Bassrush and Basscon. The festival came about in 2016, arising to unite of headbangers and hard dancers on one group of dancefloors.

As time went on, Insomniac became keen to evolving the event’s aesthetic further. As the only festival that houses two diffrent crowds as opposed to Dreamstate or Factory 93, the SoCal promoter decided to have some fun with this dichotomy. They brought together the talents of themselves and Hero Projects to birth an original story with visual stimuli that best reflects Bass Music and Hardstyle in their eyes. With that, the show’s official comic, set on Earth in the year 2321, was born. Titled Battle for the Triarc, the Story’s synopsis is as follows: 

It’s been 121 years since impact.

An Earth-Shattering Asteroid Changes the course of mankind forever. The few who survived sought to rebuild what was lost, factions of people scattered across the Earth, unbeknownst to one another, fight to survive on this now desolate Earth. 

With energy and resources low, faction leaders send teams far and wide in search of Zerogen, a sustainable energy source fused by nuclear materials that could last generations,. The only problem is, both Zerogen and its facility are lost to myth and dust, the Triarc has laid hidden from them all…until now. 

With a summary like this, Battle for The Triarc sets up an intense plot ahead. Insomniac and Hero Projects’ main intention with it is to integrate the series with their festival the way comic books integrate into today’s pop culture. Those in front of recruitment posters are asked to choose a side, each army led by the story’s opposing principal characters. The blue and purple clad woman is Commander Lynx, who represents Bassrush’s home turf “Zenith” with a slender and futuristic looking warrior outfit. The masked face of Basscon is Osiris, is a fully masked and seemingly menacing ruler of a hidden kingdom on the outskirts of Kansas.  

The plot kicks off with an establishment of Osiris and Lynx’s separate societies. Zenith is an advanced city with a holographic head “Dr. Noah Ren” both educating children and overseeing the army in their efforts to find The Triarc, the energy resource mentioned above. All of the characters(and the pages set in their city) are bathed in cool, neon tones with tight clothing and ornate, uniform designs. 

Osiris’s kingdom appears to be more of a rough area, with their surrounding environment as barren as the Triarc’s location. Each character illustrated stands out from the other among the sand brown pages of their world, with torn clothing and rugged textures to their armor. On this side of the comic’s world, there are no children in sight; only tough soldiers. Both civilizations discover the Triarc simultaneously and begin their conflict by the end of the first issue: 

This battle has an effect on the real world as much as it does in the comic. The two separate Bassrush and Basscon stages will serve as Lynx and Osiris’s home bases. The third stage is set to host the ensuing fireworks. The creators shared that this story will continue to evolve as the festival progresses. This means every year’s new iteration will augment to fit the plot milestones and twists that unfold in the comic book.

This new story is a great way to illustrate the separate energies of both crowds at the event. Bassheads and Hard Dance junkies may have differing tastes, but they both have the most raw energy and fastest BPM of any corner of the Dance Music ecosystem. Illustrating their styles colliding like this is a cool new step in Insomniac’s own quest toward making every event a unique experience. 

Project Z is still on sale for next weekend, with an insane series of visual treats to match the ear candy we know will be provided by artists like Borgore, Gammer B2B K?D, Riot Ten, Kutski, Calyx & Teebee and many more artists. You can still grab tickets for the event on the official website. To learn more about Hero Records, check out

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DJ Snake & Malaa Rumored to Go Back 2 Back at HARD Summer 2019

Thu, 06/27/2019 - 15:25

A little detective work goes a long way, as proven by Twitter user @ETonDrugs. Thanks to his findings, we now have a strong idea of who the special guests at HARD Summer will be. The two names are marked with question marks in this order: “?? ????? B2B ?????.” Any hopeful soul could hope that the question marks being the same number of characters as DJ Snake B2B Malaa, but that alone isn’t enough. Said Twitter user proved this by cleverly placing three pictures together for context.

Both tour posters indicate a vacancy on the same day: August 3rd, the day of the festival. DJ Snake is close by in his dates before and after the tour. Granted, Malaa’s scheduled for Croatia beforehand and Spain after his mystery August 3rd gig…but the dates are days apart. We can say with 98.5% certainty that this is the answer fans have been wishing for.

HARD Summer hits SoCal on August 3rd & 4th at the California Speedway in Fontana. You can still get tickets directly down below or Buy Tickets Here.


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Let’s ‘Celebrate’ With DCPA [Preview]

Thu, 06/27/2019 - 12:54

The vibes of big room and progressive house still run very high in the United States. Texan native DCPA is helping see to that with his latest cut set to takeover the global airwaves, ‘Celebrate’. Pounding basslines with raw, emotional vocals all riding with progression, ascending chords may sound a bit formulaic, but works oh so well with DCPA’s latest. Perfectly released during the summertime, ‘Celebrate’ will definitely be a song to define the season.

DCPA has always been surrounded by music and his productions show for it as his draws from every influence during his lifetime. His last release ‘Dance Free’ featuring the talented Mike Cruz won over incredible support for this promising up and comer.

Listen to ‘Celebrate’ down below!

Follow DCPA on:

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Immaculate Styles ‘I Wanna Let You Know’ – Interview

Thu, 06/27/2019 - 12:45

Welcome to GDE, Immaculate Styles! How’s everything in Hollywood right now?  

Things in Hollywood are HOT right now and I mean that literally and figuratively! We just entered a massive heat wave out here but Hollywood the area does also seem to have a new lease on life these days. Some super dope places have opened up over the last year or two. I go to a place called Golddiggers in East Hollywood.

Congrats on your new single ‘I Wanna Let You Know’ – how long was the record in production?  

Thank you! I started writing and producing the basic tracks at the beginning of 2018, then Lisa came out and lived at my place in Laurel Canyon which is also where my studio is.

She came out for a month and we co-wrote and cut 4 tracks. I’d be downstairs writing or editing or something and she’d be upstairs in my kitchen making jerk chicken! We really got into the Laurel-Canyon-‘70s-recording-artist vibe during the writing and recording. Mick Guzauski mixed in a few weeks in the Fall. So start to finish, a year.

Tell us a little more on how you came to collaborate with Lisa Shaw?

I met Lisa in ’95 in New York City.  We were playing in the same bands together, me as a bass player and she of course as a singer.  We became good friends and discovered we had a mutual love for not just Prince and Chic but also Pat Benetar and The Cars.

We met the very first time playing in Itaal Shur’s band. Itaal is this monster, Grammy-award winning songwriter – Lisa and I were always in the the idea of songs, real songwriting.  She asked me to play bass in her first NYC band, then she and I started writing songs together.   We have a song-writing chemistry between us that is very rare. Plus, we are still very close friends! I spend time plenty of time in Miami these days, a lot so she and I can work more together.

If you could describe your sound in one word, what would it be?  

IMMACULATE-STYLES (I know that’s cheating)

What’s been a standout moment for you artistically, to date? 

I met legendary engineer Andy Wallace at a studio in the South of France and played him our tracks.  He had some really nice things to say and asked me “Where were you when I was mixing club records?” I grew up on his mixes and DJ’d with them when I was just starting out – it was a cool thing to hear in that situation ????

What’s the music scene like in California, right now?

California has such a diverse music scene, I love it.  In LA we have everything, the indie rock scene here is super vibrant, and then we have producers like Dam Funk and Brian Ellis, we have amazing post-modern hip hop and then of course there is a really strong dance music community out here too. House music, deep house, soulful house, you can hear some of the best producers in those genres out here.

San Fran is like ground zero for all of that.  Also the dance music/house music scene in San Diego is super strong.

How did you come to sign ‘I Wanna Let You Know’ to Two+ Twenty Records, are you involved in the label?

I’ve known the label founder Christopher Smyk for several years.   He’s got a vision for a certain type of thing, and he’s committed to quality and A&R and great songs for the dance floor.  When he was starting the label I knew I wanted to be on it.   He worked in the fashion industry a long time ago so he still has this sense for style and presentation too.  How could I not want to be a part of that??

If you could offer a piece of advise, to other aspiring artists – what would it be & why?  

Listen to your instincts. They will always be right. The question is, will you listen?

And finally, what’s next for Immaculate Styles across 2019?

Things are super busy this year!  I’m DJing in NYC once a month this summer.

There is a remix of “I Wanna Let You Know” by Sebb Junior coming out mid-summer, then the 2nd single that Lisa and I are releasing called “Inside” will drop in early Fall. Some more remixes I’m sure – there are two producers in particular I’d love to have remix “Inside”, let’s see what they say ???? Finally, a third single is set for release this winter – so the rest of 2019 is stacked which is just how we like it!

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Eli Raybon Is Here With Funky Single – ‘Primitive Man’

Thu, 06/27/2019 - 12:43

Music from this young artist will make your heart warm and maybe melt. 21-year-old, Eli Raybon, has a fresh take on his funky productions that’s all over SoundCloud and Spotify. His real journey in music began as a teen when he released ‘Nowhere’ and ‘I wont’ in March 2015 and put his brand out in the world. The support was overwhelming and eventually lead to the curation of his first album, ‘The Machine and My Dilemma’, the following year. Now, music has taken this Southern boy all the way to the City of Angels to hone his sound and production skills.

His latest release ‘Primitive Man’ will funk up your evening as it reminds of the sounds of a disco Chromeo mixed in with vocals akin to Depeche Mode. It’s charming, it’s groovy, can I stop writing and dance now?

Check out ‘Primitive Man’ down below!

Follow Eli Raybon on:

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Dive Into The Enigmatic Sound Bites Of Orange Birthday

Thu, 06/27/2019 - 12:17

One of the best grabbing aspects of electronic music is that it doesn’t really matter who’s behind the computer. It strips away the appeal of falling in love with the face of the musician and relies solely on the contents of the goods. Orange Birthday is achieving just that with its ~1 minute sound bites that allow the listener to travel through its carefully curated soundscapes.

All you need to know about the artist so far is that they’re from Fairview, Texas.

On May 7, 2019, Orange Birthday revealed its very first Bandcamp release ‘a1x’. Nearly 20 minutes of different bits and bites of the wandering mind of Orange Birthday. There’s ambience, there’s melancholy, a plethora of sounds and moods that fit the gray-blue cover art that seems to have been taken of an open field in Texas at dusk.

Dive right in and let your mind wander.

a1x by orangebirthday

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Hot Since 82’s Knee Deep in Los Angeles Happening This August

Wed, 06/26/2019 - 20:00

The cat is out of the bag, Hot Since 82’s Knee Deep In Los Angeles will take place on Saturday, August 3rd under the city lights in the open air at unparalleled location LA Center Studios, with Doc Martin b2b Tara Brooks and Dear Humans from 5PM – 12AM presented by Framework and Goldenvoice.

Tickets will go on sale to the public on Thursday, 6/27 but if you signed up for the presale they had recently then you’re all set.

Knee Deep In Los Angeles!!
Tickets go on sale Tues June 25th at 1pm. Sign-up for pre-sale here:

— Hot Since 82 (@hotsince82) June 25, 2019

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Adult Swim Festival 2019 Announced: Captain Murphy, Jamie xx, Vince Staples, Dethklok, Eric André, More

Wed, 06/26/2019 - 16:11

Festivals are the new normal, meaning that promoters have to get real creative with what you do and who you book. Though they’re only one year old, Cartoon Network’s afterhours block Adult Swim has virtually no problem in the creative department that would deter them from coming back for a second year. The block has always been known for curating eclectic hip hop and electronic music, as reflected in this year’s lineup. 2019’s musical roster includes Vince Staples, Jamie XX, Lil Nas X, Health and an exclusive performance from Flying Lotus’s alias, Captain Murphy.

The unique convention-like experience Adult Swim Festival brings is coming back in stride as well; In addition to the panels, talent appearances and the uh…”Meatwad Dome,” there will be an exclusive screening of Season 4 of Rick and Morty, as well as a discussion with legendary animator, writer and director Gendy Tartakovsky. To bring the musical and convention he band who stars in the Adult Swim show Metalocalypse, Dethklok, will be headlining on Day I. The festival takes place Friday and Saturday November 15th and 16th. For anyone who wants to take a deep dive into the universe of Adult Swim and meet like minded fans of some of the edgiest animated shows around, this is the place to be.

Tickets are still on sale for both days along with single day passes on the festival’s official website

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The Factory 93’s Secret Project Returns To Los Angeles’ Chinatown Oct 12-13

Wed, 06/26/2019 - 15:28

On October 12-13, The Factory 93 Secret Project will return to the emerging creative community of Los Angeles’ Chinatown with its renowned, cutting-edge music and art experience, once again presenting a flagship home for the city’s dance music underground.

In 2018, Secret Project paired Los Angeles’ tastemaking electronic music scene with some of the world’s best DJs and selectors, uniting a global community and creating a forum to showcase avant-garde and esoteric strains of electronic music in the heart of LA

Those who attended enjoyed something unique in Los Angeles: a city-center music experience that has long been typically associated with urban centers like Berlin, Amsterdam, Detroit or Barcelona.

The festival—which featured the likes of Ame b2b Dixon, Bicep, Bonobo, Carl Cox, Jenniluv, Masha, Marcel Dettmann, Motor City Drum Ensemble, Octo Octa, Pachanga Boys, Peggy Gou, Roman Flügel, Tale of Us, and many others—went on to win XLIVE’s “Best New Festival” award for its 2018 debut.

Secret Project is on track to create a long-standing history of showcasing forward thinking music and culture with daytime disco, late night techno, and everything in between.

THE FACTORY 93 SECRET PROJECT FEST 2019 GIVEAWAY Which Techno/House DJs do YOU want to see headline? Comment below to win TWO tickets BUY TICKETS HERE

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JSTJR to Headline GDE’s 9th Anniversary Party in Orange County July 27th

Tue, 06/25/2019 - 14:20

Global Dance Electronic (GDE) is turning the ripe age of 9 years old this July, and we’re going to celebrate with style…but more importantly, with globetrotting DJ, JSTJR. At this year’s EDC Las Vegas, he may have set the weekend’s record for the most tracks played in an hour: 51 according to 1001 tracklists, and that’s not including songs and acapellas included in mashups. There were several IDs and potential unreleased remixes in there as well, including an insane ID that followed a hilarious hate mail intro. The infectious sounds he played out on the speedway is enough to make you want an extended set with him behind the decks. JSTJR will be shutting down La Santa in Orange County on Saturday, July 27th, and tickets are bound to fly off the shelves fast.

Listen to the mix below if you need convincing and grab tickets now.


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Kaskade Forced to Cancel SunSoaked 2019 Beach Party Three Weeks Before The Event

Tue, 06/25/2019 - 13:32

Two years ago, Kaskade came to Southern California and brought us one of the biggest beach parties the coast has ever seen, Sun Soaked. Taking place in Long Beach in July, the festival was Kaskade’s “personal love letter to summer.” The 2019 lineup included Logic, Grimes, Brohug, and of course, Kaskade himself with two sets over the course of two days.

While there seemed to be issues with SunSoaked tickets sales and the price had dramatically dropped – offering 2-day passes for $50 after selling them for $180 – the past few weeks, it still came as a huge surprise when the festival’s cancellation was announced today.

In a letter to the festival-goers and his fans, Kaskade explains that he had wanted to make SunSoaked bigger and better this year, and it seemed like this was unable to happen. As a result of “falling short,” they decided to cancel 2019’s SunSoaked three weeks before the event. Anyone who purchased tickets will get refunded within 21 days, and here is no mention of whether SunSoaked will be coming back in 2020 or anytime after. This is news that definitely puts a damper on July summer plans for all of us. *sigh*

SunSoaked is cancelled ????.

— Kaskade (@kaskade) June 25, 2019

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Jeffrey Sutorius is Now Officially “Dash Berlin” Again As He Takes The Name Back

Mon, 06/24/2019 - 17:49

We have all been following the conflict and turmoil that has been going on within Dash Berlin. Last year, Jeffrey Sutorius announced he was going solo, due to issues within the group. Issues between him and the other two members, Sebastiaan Molijn and Eelke Kalberg, continued from then throughout 2019.

Finally, their feuding has come to an end. In a press release, the group stated that Molijn and Kalberg have decided to end their part with the project, and give full creative control to Sutorious. Dash Berlin released what was to be their final track, “Locked Out Of Heaven,” with Jonathan Mendelsohn, in March 2019.

Dear friends, fans, promoters & press,

We are happy to announce that after a pretty challenging time for all of us, we succeeded in overcoming our differences and misunderstandings. At the end of the day, good communication is everything. After a sensational rollercoaster journey of more than 10 years with many highlights, we all have come to the conclusion that the chemistry between us is gone and that it is time for a change.

We all now look forward to a new chapter. Jeffrey Sutorius will set forth the legacy of Dash Berlin within his own vision. Founding members and music producers Sebastiaan Molijn and Eelke Kalberg together with Vanderkleij Agency have decided to end their part in the Dash Berlin project to focus on exciting new musical projects.

We all wish each other nothing but good vibes and success.

We thank everybody for the ongoing support.

Jeffrey Sutorius (now officially Dash Berlin) also released a statement today (6/24). In the post below, he shouts out his lawyers for their hard work and his wife for standing by him through “heaven and hell,” as well as all his friends, family and colleagues. Moving forward, Sutorius will carry the torch of Dash Berlin as a solo act.

Read his statement below:

I want to thank my lawyers Mr. Düzgün, Mr. Zee and Mrs. Wisman for their continued support and advice on both personal and professional level. I couldn’t have done this without you. I want to thank my wife for staying behind me all the way through heaven and hell ❤.


— Dash Berlin (@DashBerlin) June 24, 2019

All my family, friends and colleagues who reached out and showed support: THANK YOU.
You know who you are…

The epicness continues!#dashberlin #dashisback #jeffisdash #dashisjeff #the1andonlydashberlin


— Dash Berlin (@DashBerlin) June 24, 2019

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Kendrick Lamar, Travis Scott, J. Cole, Tyler, The Creator & More Set for Day N Vegas Fest

Mon, 06/24/2019 - 15:23

J. Cole, Travis Scott and Kendrick Lamar are heading up the largest hip-hop event ever on the Las Vegas Strip this November.

Day N Vegas is set for Nov. 1-3 at Las Vegas Festival Grounds on the southwest corner of the Strip and Sahara Avenue. The event is produced by longtime concert and festival promoter Goldenvoice, which also stages Coachella and Stagecoach at Empire Polo Club in Indio, Calif. The inaugural event also features appearances by Lil Uzi Vert, Juice Wrld, Migos, 21 Savage, Lil Baby Tyler, The Creator, Schoolboy Q and Brockhampton.

Doors open at noon daily and the shows run into the night. Three-day passes range from $299, $349 and $399 for general admission and $549 and $899 (minus fees). They go on sale at noon Friday at

DAY N VEGAS FESTIVAL 2019 GIVEAWAY: Which artists are YOU excited to see at Day N Vegas Festival? Comment below to win TWO tickets

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Pontifexx & Deadline Want You To See ‘The Light’

Mon, 06/24/2019 - 13:44

São Paulo has churned out this incredible collaboration. Pontifexx and Deadline have teamed up to release their latest cut to hit the global airwaves, ‘The Light’. It’s a very hard-hitting progressive house tune with an emotional melody that might bring a tear in your eye. It’s song that any progressive house DJ should consider when they want get real with the vibes in their set. Get ready for ‘The Light’, and prepare to have  your system blown.

Pontifexx is currently riding the success of his previous singles, ‘Out There’ released by Sony Music and ‘Rising’ by Armada Music. His talents won over his previous collaborators Goldfish and the Grammy Award Winner artist Gustavor Bertoni. Deadline has also the 2019 discography of his own with singles such as ‘Burn’, ‘Find Me’, and ‘Open Your Heart’ hitting the global airwaves.

Check out their amazing collaboration down below!

Follow Pontifexx on:

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Eric Prydz Celebrates 15 Years of Pryda with New EP Series (LISTEN)

Fri, 06/21/2019 - 19:35

Over the last fifteen years Eric Prydz’s Pryda alias and label has become one of the most influential and respected names in progressive house music. A home for Prydz’s more club orientated house tracks, including notable releases ‘Aftermath’, ‘Armed’, ‘Power Drive’, ‘Muranyi’ and ‘Melo’ among many others.

Celebrating its fifteenth anniversary in 2019, Pryda and Prydz will be releasing a three volume EP series of Pryda material, that spans the last 15 years. The body of work contains notable IDs that Pryda purists have been yearning for, in some cases for years, as well as new material.

Pryda 15 is a collection of work that embodies Prydz exploration of melody and house music. Instantly identifiable as Pryda tracks, Volume 1’s impeccable production blends both the warmth and drive that embody the Pryda sound, and show why this alias remains such an integral part of Prydz diverse and unique output.

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Back in 2001, Joe Biden Said He Wanted To Criminalize Raves & Lock Up Rave Promoters

Thu, 06/20/2019 - 19:31

This years Democratic primary will see 24 candidates running to face Trump in 2020. Though there are several notable names who could gain enough votes, one of the most likely people to reach this goal is Joe Biden. This could certainly mean well for those who want to see Trump out of office. It could also mean there could be a larger fight for those who advocate for increased harm reduction practices at festivals.

Business Insider revealed a C-Span clip of a hearing with the former Vice President from 2001. In his days as a Senator of Delaware, Biden cracked down on drugs for his entire 36 year tenure. At the time of this clip, Biden was talking up the Reducing Americans’ Vulnerability to Ecstacy(RAVE) act, a law that criminalizes events that allow the use of MDMA as well as any sort of party at the event that may encourage the use of it. In the clip, he has this to say regarding his feelings on promoters:

“If I were governor of my state or the mayor of my town, I would be passing new ordinances relating to stiff criminal penalties for anyone who holds a rave, the promoter, the guy who owns the building, I would put the son of a gun in jail, I would change the law.”

This law has greatly reduced the efforts of organizations like DanceSafe, an organization that sets up booths at various festivals to help educate people about the negative effects of drugs and offers test samples to avoid the use of dangerous substances. This and many other organizations are praised by attendees and promoters alike, with Shambhalla Festival’s trusted harm reduction organization ANKORS helping to keep a high record of zero deaths on site.

Though a man who holds these ideals would be a huge threat to Dance Music events today, that quote was from more than a decade and a half ago. Not only that, but there is a wave of new data that supports today’s harm reduction practices as well as the several measures promoters are making to increase a medical presence at their events. Armed with this, the Amend the Rave Act has a good fighting chance of having our potential future administration take a better look at the state of festivals today.

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Madeon Announces ‘Good Faith Live Tour’ Will Stop at Los Angeles’ Shrine Expo Hall

Thu, 06/20/2019 - 18:52

Artist / producer Madeon has confirmed a headline tour for fall. The tour will make a stop at Los Angeles’ Shrine Expo Hall on Friday, November 15 at 9:00 PM. This show is 18+. Following his performance at Lollapalooza, where he will debut an all new live show, the 30-city Good Faith Live tour will head to North America after stops in London, Amsterdam and Paris. Tickets for the tour will go on sale to the general public on Friday, June 28 at 10:00 AM via

The tour announcement comes on the heels of Madeon’s new single “All My Friends,” available now via Columbia Records. The track marks the introduction to Good Faith, the new era of Madeon, and is his first offering since his debut album Adventure and his massive collaborative project with Porter Robinson, “Shelter.” Madeon is the lead vocalist on the track, which he also wrote and produced entirely himself.

Adventure was released in 2015 to critical praise from press including Pitchfork, who noted that “on the path to what feels like something huge, Madeon’s journey is just beginning” and The Fader, who described it as “expansive, impossibly beautiful…one of the most radiant pop albums in recent memory,” Adventure was also featured on various “Best of 2015” lists including Complex, who pronounced it “an audio journey that can best be described as rapturous.”

“All My Friends” is available everywhere now. For up to date information on Madeon please visit

August 3                      Chicago, IL                  Lollapalooza
September 25             London, UK                 Heaven
September 26             Amsterdam, NL           Melkweg Old Hall
September 27             Paris, FR                     Élysée Montmartre
October 30                  Vancouver, BC           Commodore Ballroom
October 31                  Seattle, WA                 Showbox SoDo
November 1                Spokane, WA              Knitting Factory
November 2                Portland, OR               Roseland Theater
November 3                Boise, ID                     Knitting Factory
November 5                Salt Lake City, UT      The Complex
November 7                Phoenix, AZ                The Van Buren
November 8                Albuquerque, NM       El Rey Theater
November 9                Denver, CO                 Fillmore Auditorium
November 14              San Francisco, CA     Bill Graham Civic Auditorium
November 15              Los Angeles, CA         Shrine Expo Hall
November 20              St. Paul, MN               Myth Live
November 22              Grand Rapids, MI       The Intersection
November 23              Detroit, MI                   Majestic Theatre
November 24              Toronto, ON                Danforth Music Hall
November 26              Columbus, OH            The Bluestone
November 29              Brooklyn, NY               Brooklyn Steel
November 30              Montreal, QC              MTELUS
December 3                Boston, MA                 House of Blues
December 4                Philadelphia, PA         Franklin Music Hall
December 5                Washington, DC         9:30 Club
December 6                Atlanta, GA                 The Tabernacle
December 7                Orlando, FL                 The Plaza Live
December 10              New Orleans, LA        Joy Theater
December 12              Dallas, TX                   House of Blues
December 13              Houston, TX                Warehouse Live
December 14              Austin, TX                   Emo’s

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INViDA, Juliette Reilly, & Muza Team Up For Chameleon

Thu, 06/20/2019 - 01:45

The collaborative minds of INViDA and Muza have come together to create a melodic, summer pop anthem featuring the ethereal voice of Juliette Reilly. ‘Chameleon’ is a celebration of embracing self-identity. Like a snowflake falling from the sky, every person is different in their own way. The lyrics put an emphasis on colors of a chameleon as a metaphor for moods, happenings, and just life in general is different for everyone and in order to be yourself.

Production behind the single come from INViDA and Muza. INViDA walks the fine line between pop and dance music while producing his records and remixes in NYC. As an engineer he understood and solidified his work in sound design before creating his own music. Muza is an international band with sounds that feature influence from South Asian and Middle Eastern roots. Juliette Reilly is a rising star from New Jersey now living in Nashville, whose following grows continuous with each day.

Together, the three music projects collaborated on ‘Chameleon’ to let everyone know that no one should be boxed up or labeled.

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