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Honey Dijon Drops Love Unlimited Remix of Love Regenerator and Steve Lacy's "Live Without Your Love"

Mon, 09/07/2020 - 11:58

For her latest remix, Honey Dijon took on Calvin Harris' Defected Records debut.

Released back in July, "Live Without Your Love" saw Calvin Harris' alter ego Love Regenerator and Steve Lacy join forces on a pounding acid house tune. In the closing month of summer, Honey Dijon provided her own spin to Harris' Defected Records debut.

Swapping out much of the acid sound of the original for thumping brass and keys, the new rework transports the already retro-inspired single back even further with sounds of dance music's past. Anything but dated, Honey Dijon's tactile "Love Unlimited Remix" serves as an introduction to her renowned house sound for the younger generation who may received their first taste of electronic music from Harris' pop releases.

Honey Dijon's "Love Unlimited Remix" of "Live Without Your Love" by Love Regenerator and Steve Lacy is out now via Defected Records. Also included in the remix pack is a rework from Mark Broom. Both tracks can be downloaded or streamed here.


Facebook: facebook.com/honeydijon
Twitter: twitter.com/honeydijon
Instagram: instagram.com/honeydijon
Spotify: spoti.fi/3hTtNaB

HAIM Release Eclectic "The Summer Girl Remixes Volume 1" EP

Mon, 09/07/2020 - 11:45

The remix compilation features music from Lauren Auder, Amber Mark, Solomonophonic, and more.

California pop-rock band HAIM have tapped into a danceable reservoir of talent for their latest remix EP. Their newest compilation features five new remixes and a video edit of their track "Summer Girl" from their third studio album, Women in Music Pt. III

Amber Mark's remix maintains much of the soft yet sweet vocals from the original while slowly adding more addicting percussion and vocals. This builds into an epic conclusion of feel-good energy that's impossible to resist dancing along to. Lauren Auder takes a different approach on their addition to the compilation by providing their own vocals to give the song a bittersweet atmosphere. 

Taking a more experimental route to the tune is "Jack and Henry's Yellow Smiley Remix" featuring distorted, choppy vocals and intense tempo changes. Solomonophonic, on the other hand, dropped a pair of remixes for the trio, including the downtempo "Slooey Gooey Remix" with visions of the 70s alongside an energetic house rework.

The new remix bundle isn't the first time the Haim sisters have worked with dance music acts. In the past, they've released remixes from Mura MasaBloodPop®, Jayda G, and more.

The Summer Girl Remixes Volume 1 by HAIM is out now. You can download and stream the six-track remix compilation here.


Website: haimtheband.com
Facebook: facebook.com/haimtheband
Twitter: twitter.com/haimtheband
Instagram: instagram.com/haimtheband
Spotify: spoti.fi/3i5vamh

This Sample Library Gives Producers Access to Orchestral Instruments Used in "Mulan" Soundtrack

Sun, 09/06/2020 - 17:07

"Phoenix Orchestra" contains 21 instruments, all of which are fully playable.

Orchestral Tools is gearing up for the release of its new Sine library, "Phoenix Orchestra," which will give producers access to samples used in the creation of the soundtrack of the forthcoming live-action Mulan film. The collection was developed hand-in-hand with prolific composers Harry Gregson-Williams and Richard Harvey, whose renowned compositions have appeared in works such as Shrek, The Da Vinci Code, and the Metal Gear Solid series.

Featured in the software are a number of traditional Chinese instruments such as the guzheng, zonghu, and erhu, among others. The audio was recorded in Thailand by the traditional Chinese ensemble, the Ding Yi Music Company. They've also provided instrument ensembles that feature multiple musicians layering sounds and instruments at once for a richer sound.

On the "Phoenix Orchestra" store, Orchestral Tools explained how the library is much more than your average sample pack and details how each instrument is fully playable so producers aren't restricted while creating.

The resulting library captures the exceptional playing technique of master musicians. You can reproduce all of the dynamic articulations, swells, and ornaments unique to each instrument. With true legato for all melodic instruments, you can craft expressive sustaining parts with heightened realism.

And everything is completely playable. There are no pre-recorded phrases.

Orchestral Tools' "Phoenix Orchestra" pack—containing 21 instruments—will be released on September 17th for 299€ ($354.02). Prospective users can pre-order the livrary from the developer's official store here.

Source: Music Tech

Look Inside the 2020 Virtual Burning Man Multiverse

Sun, 09/06/2020 - 16:53

Fans created their own avatars and explored a simulated Black Rock City to take in the lights and sounds.

In the midst of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, it's no longer a surprise when a music festival decides to host an online event. While many have opted for run-of-the-mill livestreams hosted on platforms like YouTube and Twitch, some organizers have devised clever ways to spice up the experience. Always one for both technological and artistic advancements, The Burning Man Project introduced a virtual Burn to give fans a way to connect and experience the event from the safety of their homes.

Users created avatars and were able to explore a virtual Black Rock City, traversing a digital recreation of the playa in full 3D. On the Burning Man website, organizers shared a video showing how to get involved with the online event. 

On Twitter, DJ Nick Warren shared a video of the experience and informed fans about his performance in the virtual world.

They also introduced a dedicated "Infinite Playa" page, which served as a portal to programming, art installations, performances, and more. Virtual attendees could find links to Twitch streams, interactive Zoom sessions, and more in one place instead of having to sleuth around for them. 

An immersive teaser of the digitized playa had also been shared prior to the event, which you can watch below.

Last month, the Burning Man Project asked fans for donations in support of the festival's return in 2021. More information on the future of the event can be found via their website. Those interested can show their support by donating here.

Check out more content from the 2020 virtual edition of Burning Man below.


Website: burningman.org
Facebook: facebook.com/burningman
Twitter: twitter.com/burningman
Instagram: instagram.com/burningman

Watch This Musician Create a Funky Dance Track with Watermelon and Kiwi as His Instruments

Sun, 09/06/2020 - 12:32

Using Playtronica's Playtron midi controller, Mezerg was able to create a delicious new single.

While it's always a treat to see artists bust out a vintage synth or a more obscure musical instrument for a track, it's not often we get to experience music created by things we can eat. Known for his experimental approach to music production, French artist Mezerg has once again delivered a delicious new single, recorded in a rather unique way.

Mezerg used actual watermelon slices and a halved kiwi to produce his latest single, releasing an eye-opening video showing the process. Seemingly in an attempt to prove that it wasn't some sort of trick, he proceeds to unplug one of his sonic watermelon slices and eat it. 

He achieves this mouth-watering feat with the help of Playtronica's Playtron midi controller. This device allows you to turn almost anything into an audio controller, assuming the target is conductive. Users just need to plug in the device to conductive targets and the instrument can pick up your input as any inedible keyboard or controller would. Using his Playtron, Mezerg was able to lay down funky basslines and dazzling synths before enjoying a healthy poolside snack. 

Mezerg's "Watermelon" is out now. You can download or stream the fruit-assisted creation across a number of platforms here.


Facebook: facebook.com/Mezerg
Twitter: twitter.com/mezerg_
Instagram: instagram.com/mezerg_/
Spotify: cutt.ly/6yg4Hfx

Steve Aoki Introduces New "Naruto" Merch Collaboration

Sun, 09/06/2020 - 12:24

Fans can purchase T-shirts and sweatshirts featuring Steve Aoki's Dim Mak label and Masashi Kishimoto's Naruto Uzumaki.

Steve Aoki and his very own Dim Mak Records imprint have recruited the help of an iconic international pop culture brand for their latest merchandise drop. Anime-loving dance fans were stoked to see that featured on his newest gear is none other than Naruto Uzumaki, from the wildly popular manga and anime series, Naruto. The dance music superstar shared his excitement on Twitter and posed in some of the new gear, which was developed in honor of the 20th anniversary of the manga series.

The collection features t-shirts and hoodies fashioned with characters like Itachi Uchiha and various symbols from Masashi Kishimoto's series. In a quote obtained by Anime News Network, Aoki stated that he's excited to be able to connect his Japanese and American backgrounds.

"I didn't realize it when I was young, but I have always been inherently drawn to manga because I saw myself in them," Aoki said. "Now, I want to bridge my Japanese heritage and American upbringing in as many projects as possible."

The Dim Mak and Naruto collaboration is available now. Those interested can view the entire drop and purchase their next outfit on Aoki's official merchandise page here.


Website: steveaoki.com
Facebook: facebook.com/steveaoki
Twitter: twitter.com/steveaoki
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Spotify: spoti.fi/3d1TLFn

Skrillex Shares Studio Footage with Mike D of The Beastie Boys

Sun, 09/06/2020 - 12:20

This comes just months after he was spotted in the studio with Bruce Johnston of The Beach Boys.

The electronic music community has been anxiously awaiting the release of Skrillex's next body of work after he shared that the first of multiple albums was nearly finished back in March. Since then, we've had only brief looks at what he's up to through videos posted by himself and fellow collaborators. 

Skrillex recently shared a clip on his Instagram story of him working with Mike D of the legendary hip-hop trio The Beastie Boys. While short, the clip shows the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee drumming with the electronic icon. Unfortunately, this was the only look fans received as later posts on his page did not feature the special guest.

Mike D is not the only Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee that's been spotted with Skrillex as of late. Back in July, a video was shared showing him jamming with Bruce Johnston of The Beach Boys.

At the time of writing, there's no formal announcement pertaining to what exactly Skrillex and Mike D are working on. While it's been teased in the past, there is still no official release date, title, or list of collaborators for Skrillex's upcoming albums.


Facebook: facebook.com/skrillex
Twitter: twitter.com/Skrillex
Instagram: instagram.com/skrillex
Spotify: spoti.fi/30OEWUh

Spotify Files Patent for Short-Form Video Sharing Akin to TikTok

Sat, 09/05/2020 - 16:34

Spotify's latest vision is an indication the company has been taking notes from its competitors.

A new patent filed by Spotify shows the streaming giant is serious about accelerating its presence in the visual content arena. 

The company recently introduced video podcasts to its platform in 2020 and is continuing to build its audiovisual offerings for artists, including canvas art and music videos. The recent developments have put the platform on a collision course with the likes of similar multimedia platforms such as YouTube. 

It seems, however, that Spotify has been paying particularly close attention to TikTok as of late. In a groundbreaking move, Spotify has filed a patent that would enable users to share short-form "video moments" soundtracked to music. 

Spotify's Short-Form Video Moments Patent

In the patent, the Stockholm-based company shares its framework for a TikTok-like ecosystem wherein users are able to select songs directly from Spotify's media servers and apply them to their own videos. The ability to message and share these videos will simultaneously allow others to see the name of the song playing and the artist, so they can then search for the music themselves.

"Unfortunately, there is no easy way to add a media content, for example a particular song, to a video message," according to the patent filing. "Existing techniques generally require the user to send a video message with ambient music playing in the background, which offers poor quality and does not provide a context for the recipient of the video message to determine which, e.g., song or artist, is being included." 

While there's no guarantee the company's short-form video plans will come to fruition, the move—in the very least—displays Spotify's concerted efforts to expand their horizons and adapt to current trends.

Source: Digital Music News

Dirty Audio and Tucker Kreway Unleash Heavy Trap Smash "Blue Steel" on Welcome Records

Sat, 09/05/2020 - 16:28

Dirty Audio and Tucker Kreway make a mean pairing.

Many may recognize Dirty Audio from his 2016 breakout hit with Rickyxsan, "Gettin' That." Since its release, he's bolstered his discography will numerous collaborations including releases with Delta Heavy, Zeke Beats, Slippy, Leotrix, and many more. Today, he's teamed up with Tucker Kreway for their single "Blue Steel," out via Kayzo's Welcome Records

"Blue Steel" yet another impressive trap offering from both Dirty Audio and Tucker Kreway. The track takes no time easing listeners into the action, as commanding chords introduce listeners to a powerful build-up that results in a drop filled with metallic synths and aggressive growls. The duo keep the energy going straight into the second drop, adding a bassline that'll have listeners jumping up and down until the sun comes up. "Blue Steel" serves as an excellent introduction to both Dirty Audio and Tucker Kreway and is a fantastic addition to their growing collections. 

Listen to "Blue Steel" below. 


Facebook: facebook.com/djdirtyaudio/
Twitter: twitter.com/dirtyaudio
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dirtyaudio/
Spotify: spoti.fi/2C7eRVW

Marshmello and Demi Lovato Tease Long-Awaited Collaboration "Ok Not To Be Ok"

Sat, 09/05/2020 - 16:26

There's big news on the horizon regarding this massive collaboration, which has been years in the making.

Marshmello and Demi Lovato have broken the silence on their long-awaited collaboration, which seems likely to arrive within the coming week.

Marshmello took to Twitter to drop a teaser that shows just how long fans have been yearning for this release. A montage of frustrated tweets "roasting" the superstar producer demonstrates the Lovatics have been on the edge of their seats waiting for this collaboration to drop for quite awhile. Lovato and Marshmello were first said to be working together over two years ago. 

Fortunately, it seems the prolonged wait is almost over. Demi Lovato gave fans the tangible evidence they've been searching for, replying with the title of the forthcoming release, "Ok Not To be Ok," and a link to oknottobeok.com

The link takes us back in time to the early era of the Internet, complete with a mood quiz and the capability to play Minesweeper on the site. The page also includes a link to Hope For The Day, a non-profit organization focused on mental health education. Finally, a pre-save link and what appears to be a countdown clock are positioned prominently on the top right of the webpage. 

The countdown appears set to expire on September 10th, indicating the collaboration will likely be released on World Suicide Prevention Day.


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Above & Beyond to Celebrate 20 Years of Anjunabeats with Extended Livestream Event

Sat, 09/05/2020 - 16:19

Above & Beyond have spent a considerable amount of time apart this year, but that all changes with the celebration of a historic anniversary.

Above & Beyond's historic Anjunabeats imprint is rapidly approaching a milestone anniversary of 20 years. To celebrate the occasion, the trio is setting the stage for an extended ABGT400 livestream event, set to take place on the River Thames in London, back where their legacy all began.

While the group is getting ready to celebrate the monumental achievement, the process in the pandemic era has been vastly different. For starters, the trio has not been together in person since March, which they say is the longest they have not seen each other in 20 years. Normally, they'd be on a studio blitz in preparation, but these times of social distancing have seen the members working independently on various projects.

Despite slowing down on new Above & Beyond work, the trio is spinning the time apart as a positive and appear eager to reunite. "As Paavo put it, the world is taking a deep breath, reflecting on how we’ve got to where we are," the group said in a statement. "So, in keeping with that theme, that’s what this year’s Group Therapy celebrations are all about: looking back at the music that brought our family together."

The "best of" style performance will pull music from the vast Anjunabeats archives highlighting the music that has shaped the imprint's story thus far. Fans will be able to catch the opportunity to purchase exclusive merchandise—including signed pieces—during the livestream.

The ABGT400 livestream kicks off on the Anjuna Twitch channel at 7PM BST (2PM ET, 11AM PT) on September 26th, 2020.


Facebook: facebook.com/aboveandbeyond
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Listen to Diplo's First Full-Length Ambient Album "MMXX"

Sat, 09/05/2020 - 16:06

It's been a year of experimental releases for Diplo, and that includes his foray into ambient music.

Add a full ambient album release to Diplo's year of many "firsts."

Despite a turbulent year by all accounts, seemingly nothing has slowed Diplo's stride to bring listeners what's amounted to a trove of new music. That includes the memorable country and electronic crossover album Diplo Presents Thomas Wesley Chapter 1: Snake Oil.

This week, Diplo revealed his first full ambient album titled MMXX (2020 in roman numerals). Much like his foray into country music, Diplo dives deep into unexpected territory while still striking gold. MMXX is music to meditate to, a free-flowing album characterized by omnipresent, soothing soundscapes and distinctly interjecting textures that chime in before being swept away as suddenly as they arrived. For an album with very little spoken word and even fewer tangible rhythms, the ethereal offering maintains a level of engagement that immerses listeners while still treating time as though it were no object.

The album's latter half is more collaboration-heavy, including a vocal feature from Rhye on the album's concluding track, which marks a befitting end following the album's winding sonic journey.

Diplo noted he has gravitated toward experimental ambient music more in recent times. "It’s been a huge stress reliever and meditative experience for me, hope it can be the same for you. Checking in with ourselves and taking care of our mental health is so important, now more than ever," he said of the experience.

Diplo's MMXX is out now in full after first arriving on the popular meditation app Calm exclusively last week.


Facebook: facebook.com/diplo
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Instagram: instagram.com/diplo
Spotify: spoti.fi/30IziCT

Blunts & Blondes and Afterthought Team Up with Wiz Khalifa for Massive “McQueen Dreams”

Sat, 09/05/2020 - 15:57

This trio is a powerful coalescence.

Back in February, Blunts & Blondes shared a short snippet on Facebook of an unreleased song in collaboration with Afterthought and hip-hop sage Wiz Khalifa. Needless to say, when Blunt & Blondes teased on social media at the end of August that he would be releasing a track soon with "a good homie and a rap legend," fans began to rejoice. Released on September 4th, the single has finally landed on Zeds Dead’s celebrated label, Deadbeats

After premiering on Deadbeats Radio's Twitch channel one day before its official release, "McQueen Dreams" is out now on all streaming platforms and ready to be consumed by the masses.

View the original article to see embedded media.

“McQueen Dreams” is the ultimate party-at-home anthem. While events may still be on pause, “McQueen Dreams” reminds us that we can still let loose at home. Grab some of your best weed and a bottle of champagne for a long night ahead, guided by subterranean bass and Khalifa’s rap prowess. Whether it’s an evening with the roommates tonight or pre-game festivities one year from now, this hybrid trap excursion is the perfect party starter.

You can listen to "McQueen Dreams" below.

View the original article to see embedded media.FOLLOW BLUNTS & BLONDES:

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New Biography Explores the Life of Wendy Carlos, Trans Woman Who Helped Develop the Moog Synthesizer

Sat, 09/05/2020 - 09:30

An in-depth look at the fascinating accomplishments of a legendary electronic music composer.

A new biography exploring the life of legendary electronic music composer Wendy Carlos has hit the shelves. Written by Amanda Sewell, music director at Interlochen Public Radio, the eponymous book offers an in-depth look into the fascinating life of the 3-time Grammy Award-winning musician. Carlos, whose pioneering developments in music production helped spawn the seminal Moog synthesizer, was also one of the first public figures to come out as a transgender woman.

Robert Moog dropped the curtain on his bespoke synthesizer in 1964, introducing a sleeker, more compact version of the convoluted, analog wired walls of music studios at the time. Carlos went on to harness the power of the Moog synth to record her Switched-On Bach LP, an album that reconfigured Johann Sebastian Bach’s classical compositions into electronic music. The groundbreaking record went on to sell over 1 million copies, serving as a harbinger for the instrument's usage in contemporary music and an emblem of its storied history. "Up until the late 1960s, the synthesizer was largely something that you found in a very specialized laboratory at a university," said Sewell. "[Carlos] wanted to bridge that gap and show people that the synthesizer could make music that was approachable."

"Critics were just bowled over," she continued, rhapsodizing about the impact of Carlos' debut album. "It was unprecedented. This particular interpretation of Bach just knocked everybody’s socks off."

Sewell stated that Carlos, who was assigned male at her 1939 birth, remained out of the public eye and kept to herself after she transitioned to female. Despite her newfound triumphs in the music industry, she found herself grappling with the effects of gender dysphoria, a condition she had struggled with since childhood, according to her iconic 1979 interview with Playboy. In those days, Sewell says, the notion of being transgender was novel and the amount of public knowledge was scarce. Carlos' transition also took place around the time she unveiled Switched-On Bach, which was officially released under her former name, contriving somewhat of an identity crisis considering the album's popularity.

"She was caught in ‘Do I tell people who I really am and risk the ridicule, the abuse that would come with that? Or do I hide and pretend that this Walter Carlos person still exists and is just an aloof person who doesn’t appear publicly?’” Sewell noted. "So she hid from the public for over a decade after Switched-On Bach came out because she didn’t feel safe disclosing her transition."

Wendy Carlos was published on September 2nd and can be purchased here.

Source: Michigan Radio

Listen to Nicky Romero's Debut EP Under Brand New Monocule Alias

Fri, 09/04/2020 - 19:40

Romero's deeper side has emerged from the shadows.

Earlier this week, Nicky Romero gave fans their first glimpse at his new Monocule alias. The quick tease was followed by the release of a single, "Time To Save" with Tim Van Werd and Mosimann. Today, Monocule's debut EP has arrived for fans to stream. 

Monocule (Volume 1) is a powerful introduction to Romero's newly minted alias. The three-track EP's eerie tones guide listeners through a journey unlike anything Romero has presented before. Each tune forgoes the usual high energy, synth-heavy drops that listeners have grown accustomed to and instead enchants them with downtempo, minimalistic sections. 

In a short video uploaded to Nicky Romero's YouTube channel, the prolific Dutch DJ and producer discusses the inspiration behind Monocule. He elaborates that as he's grown as a producer, he has consistently wanted to reinvent himself and work on music that's different from what he releases under his namesake as Nicky Romero. Check out the clip below.

Alongside the previously released "Time To Save," the EP includes two new songs: "Close To Me" and "Waiting For You." "Close To Me" is the brightest record on the EP, as the tonal elements mix effortlessly with the sporadic vocals. However, it still maintains a haunting atmosphere that's present throughout each song.

"Waiting For You" is the most ethereal of the three, as it's led by a dynamic, quick-moving bass and faded vocal elements. While completely different than what fans of Romero are used to, Monocule (Volume 1) is a welcome change of pace that many will appreciate. 


Facebook: facebook.com/djnickyromero
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Warung Launch Upcycled Apparel Line and Charitable Initiative Alongside New "Madness" EP

Fri, 09/04/2020 - 19:09

An inspiring tale of how two artists made a major difference during these tough times.

While you might know Boston duo Warung for their tech house flair, you may not know that they've also been using their platform for a good cause, launching an upcycled apparel line entirely handmade by their Beyond the Gates record label crew. The collection features screen prints of their logo onto thrifted clothing that they've bought or fans have sent in. By doing this, they've breathed new life into discarded pieces because—as the old adage says—one person's trash is another person's treasure.

Warung Upcycled Apparel Line (; 0:32)

The upcycled apparel refers to their process of reducing waste from clothing, which ultimately cuts down on air and water pollution, landfill use, and lowers their footprint for greenhouse gas emissions. To top things off, Warung share 5% of the shop's profits by donating to the nonprofit organization Kiva, with the mission to help entrepreneurs and small businesses affected by COVID-19. The duo's hope is to provide relief to those who run art-focused businesses, an objective they recently actualized by funding a loan for Kenyan artist Vickbon. They are now donating an extra 15% of profits to Boston's Artist Relief Fund, which provides aid to local artists whose work and income have been impacted by the virus. 

The duo's entire ethos of support was developed while on a trip to Bali. There they saw the word "Warung" across the city, later finding out that it was Indonesian for "small family-run business." The term sparked inspiration, later to be channeled into their music under the same name, creating organic sounds from scratch.

They are now continuing this journey with their new Madness EP in collaboration with Devon James. The two-track record draws inspiration from worldly sounds and is the perfect mix of energy that works for both livestream parties and more reflective moments. Both tracks feature hypnotizing, progressive grooves ranging from the house vibrations on "Madness" to the jungle beats of "Lucidity." 

You can shop Warung's upcycled apparel line here and stream Madness across all platforms here


Facebook: facebook.com/warungmusic
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Instagram: instagram.com/warungmusic
Spotify: https://spoti.fi/3535J1f

GG Magree Unveils Stunning Acoustic Rendition of "Nervous Habits"

Fri, 09/04/2020 - 18:55

A vulnerable re-introduction for the bass-heavy artist.

Early last month, GG Magree delivered an impressive vocal and bass performance on her single "Nervous Habits" featuring In Her Own Words vocalist Joey Fleming. The mix of punk and dubstep paired with her emotive voice showcased a new side of the Australian powerhouse producer, proving she's more than just heavy beats. GG Magree is now back to deliver a stripped-down version of the track alongside an intimate video featuring Fleming. 

By taking away the melodic dubstep elements, the listener has the chance to really get into the vulnerable lyrics. The two artists harmonize expressing the feelings about a love you can't break away from. By putting the vocals at the forefront, this track will become every emo kids' favorite new single to cry-sing to. 

GG Magree is on a roll with hits this year, delivering tracks like "Flatline" with Sullivan King and Kai Wachi, "You Don't Know Me," and her vocal performance on Zeds Dead's "Save My Grave" with DNMO. Her triple threat talents as a DJ, producer, and singer-songwriter have catapulted her to become one of electronic music's most promising artists.


Facebook: facebook.com/ggmagree
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Spotify: spoti.fi/3kqd8gc

Nina Kravitz, Afrojack, Jamie Jones, More Added to Creamfields 2021 Lineup

Fri, 09/04/2020 - 18:50

Tickets to the renowned UK festival are on sale now.

Fresh off the success of the first-ever Creamfields House Party 2020 Edition, the beloved festival is gearing up for an epic return to Daresbury for 2021 after adding 20 more impressive names to the lineup. Following the postponement of its 2020 event due to the impact of COVID-19, Creamfields organizers announced theif plan to bring the UK's oldest electronic dance music festival back August 26th to 29th. 

The new additions to the lineup are Adaro, Afrojack, Alan Fitzpatrick, Aly and Fila, Andy Whitby, DJ Issac, Headhunterz, Jamie Jones, Josh Wink, Matrix and Futurebound featuring Rhymester, Nina KravizPaul van Dyk, Richy Ahmed, Sefa, Sound Rush, Sub Zero Project, and TNT: Technoboy and Tuneboy.

They join the previously announced Above and Beyond, Adam Beyer, Chase and Status, deadmau5, Eric Prydz, Example, Gorgon City, Hannah Wants, Martin Garrix, Pendulum, Pete Tong, Scooter, Sigma, and Tiësto

Payment plans are still available for anyone who prefers to stagger their purchase. Tickets are on sale from as little as £5 per month for a single day and as high as £40 per month for four-day camping, as part of a 10-part deposit plan. Go to Creamfields' website to purchase tickets and to find more information. 


Facebook: facebook.com/officialcreamfields
Instagram: instagram.com/creamfieldsofficial
Twitter: twitter.com/Creamfields

WE ARE FURY's "Duality" Reveals a Journey to Self-Acceptance

Fri, 09/04/2020 - 18:44

Two years in the making, the album transports listeners to a rollercoaster of different soundscapes.

WE ARE FURY are taking you along through their journey of self-acceptance in their brand new album, Duality. Splitting the tracklist with both melodic and heavy tracks, the record hearkens to the concept of duality, symbolizing the conflict within yourself that must be acknowledged in order to be the best version of yourself.

With fifteen songs total, Duality has a bit of it all, taking listeners through a rollercoaster of different soundscapes ranging from cinematic orchestration ("Eyes Wide Open) dance-pop ("Nothing") and the duo's first dubstep offering ("Poison"). We have seen a taste of what WE ARE FURY can do in the past with releases like "Demons" and their official remix of Illenium's "Lost," but this album really shows their versatility. Duality features vocalists such as Micah Martin, Luma, and Gallie Fisher, among others, who offer fierce lyrics all around.

Duality is the duo's statement of self-acceptance. "At some point if we want to become the best versions of ourselves we have to reach a moment of self-acceptance, with all the qualities that make us who we are," they said.

Stream the album below, out now via Seeking Blue.


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Laidback Luke Shares Personal Message to His Children with "Rolling Stone"

Fri, 09/04/2020 - 18:33

"Rolling Stone" samples the classic vocal from The Temptations' "Papa Was A Rolling Stone."

Laidback Luke has released his latest single, "Rolling Stone" featuring David Gonçalves, a track that explores the struggles of raising his three children while frequently touring.

"Rolling Stone" is an impassioned message, addressing the mistakes Laidback Luke made as a father and how his relationship with his children has improved over time. David Gonçalves' soulful vocals are a wonderful addition to this groovy dance floor filler, as they pair effortlessly with the striking piano chords and funky synths. A beautiful ode to his children, "Rolling Stone" is certainly a track longtime fans will be rinsing nonstop.

As some may recognize, "Rolling Stone" samples the classic track by The Temptations, "Papa Was A Rolling Stone." Laidback Luke states that he's "always had a connection with this legendary vocal," further elaborating that the track is dedicated to his kids. 

You can listen to "Rolling Stone" below. 


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