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Amon Tobin Drops Debut Album via Only Child Tyrant Alias

Thu, 08/01/2019 - 17:41

The rock fusion record Time To Run is out now via Amon Tobin's Nomark Records.

Veteran musician Amon Tobin is one of the hardest-working producers in the game. Fresh off of releasing his acclaimed new album Fear in a Handful of Dust, he's back with a whole new project called Only Child Tyrant. This new alias' debut album Time To Run is out now via Tobin's Nomark Records imprint.

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While a rock fusion project may seem far fetched to fans of Tobin, it isn't so outlandish when considering the influences and sounds that went into his Supermodified and Chaos Theory albums. Time To Run is as much a callback to that era as it is something completely new and inspired, with the signature attention to detail and intricate production one would come to expect from Tobin. 

"The album is rooted in catchy upbeat recordings which could arguably be described as the most accessible of the music touched on in early Amon Tobin records," says Tobin. "That is to say, prior to the more experimental electronic direction I've chosen to develop under my own name since."

Tracks like "Father's Son" featuring Figueroa (who will also have his own Nomark release soon) and "Monkey Box" almost feel like something that could come from The Bloody Beetroots, but still completely original in drawing from those styles. "Solid Grey Zebra" and title track are very much rooted in a drum and bass sound while bringing elements of rock to the forefront of the track. 

"Long Down" and "King Of Kong" take the rock infusion even further, drawing on elements of progressive rock and even surf rock. The intricacy of the percussion and sound design in these productions certainly illustrates that Tobin is behind Only Child Tyrant, but it keeps things fresh nonetheless. 

Time To Run is a refreshing clash of styles within electronic music, and everyone from fans of Tool to Trentemøller may find themselves with the record on repeat. It's an eye-opening piece of art, and an underground-esque response to mainstream EDM's current trend of bringing in rock and subgenres of rock into the fold. 

Only Child Tyrant's Time To Run is out now and can be found here. 


Facebook: facebook.com/OnlyChildTyrant
Twitter: twitter.com/onlychildtyrant
SoundCloud: soundcloud.com/onlychildtyrant

Understanding the Enigmatic Techno of ANNA [INTERVIEW]

Thu, 08/01/2019 - 17:36

Get to know the Brazilian techno producer befuddling producers and fans all over the world.

Coming off masterful performances at AIM Festival, Tomorrowland Festival and AudioRiver Festival just this last weekend in Poland, ANNA (real name Ana Miranda) is a potent taste of Brazilian-inspired techno infused with a healthy helping of high-caliber flair. 

In her most recent track on Beatport, "Spectral," Miranda weaves wobbles, highs and thuds into a simple albeit spacey dream of the future. As far back as 14 years of age the budding legend studied the composition and cadence of music in her father's nightclub and over the years she’s tuned her skills in creating it. With track and album releases on powerhouse production silos like Diynamic, Turbo Recordings and RUKUS, the jet-setting techno artist is more than a contender both on major mainstages and in the underground.

To learn more about her background in the industry, EDM.com caught up with Miranda on the road to the AIM Festival. She discussed her biggest inspirations, she shared the track "Forever Ravers," and she even gave us a little advice specifically for dedicated music producers.

Interested to hear what this techno maven had to say? Read on!

EDM: How did growing up in Brazil influence your music?

ANNA: I was raised by my mother; my parents got divorced when I was very young. And while growing up with my mother I listened exclusively to Brazilian music. We have so many different kinds of music genres in Brazil. Our culture is very rich so I think even unconsciously I have the groove, diversity and warmth of the Brazilian spirit in my music. 

But It was not until I was about 10 or 11 years old that I was exposed to different kinds of music. I started accompany my father to São Paulo to do record shopping, so a whole new world opened up for me. I was presented to New Order, Inner City, Josh Wink, Toddy Terry and Depeche Mode. Growing up in Brazil and particularly with my family helped me to shape my taste for music and for club culture in general. I lived this on a daily basis. My grandma’s house was full of equipment and I had a whole sound system and turntables to practice on the whole day. I also was constantly at the club which enabled me to read the crowd and to be able to create an atmosphere on the dance floor. 

The reason I became a DJ was because I told my father that the resident DJ was playing the same music in the same order every weekend, so even if I was not a DJ yet I was concerned about the crowd and the club. I could watch some of my heroes playing and learn from them, when I wasn’t even of the legal age to go to the club yet because my father owned one. I am very thankful for that time, it prepared me for what I am living today.

Could you describe a breakthrough moment when things changed for you creatively?

I don’t think there was a breakthrough moment that changed my creativity. This was a gradual and long process of learning and making mistakes. I always invested a lot of time, and perseverance in my music. I invested the money that I got from the gigs in equipment to make my music sound better, so my career was always a priority in my life. I research a lot because the more skilled you are, the better your creativity can be expressed. I also meditate a lot, which is the number one piece of advice I give to anyone. The way I see it, if you put love into what you do, it is impossible not to get better, more skilled and more creative. You just have to keep going and that it was I did.

What was your vision for ‘Spectral’, your contribution to the Afterlife ‘Realm of Consciousness Pt.IV’ compilation?

"Spectral" came after a very relaxed session in the studio without any pressure of deadlines, or expectations of releasing on a certain label. I was just playing around. When the track was almost finished, I had the feeling it was missing something. I was experimenting with Microbute and running it through some modules from Eurorack. When i ran it through Ultrafold the arpeggio melody came up and I had a thought it could be something that would fit with Afterlife, but it was just a thought and I continued with the track. A year after I finished the track, it’s really nice it found its way to the label. I almost released "Spectral" on another imprint, but somehow it ended up on Afterlife. It was meant to happen.

You've teased a track called "Forever Ravers" on Instagram. Tell us about it.

It is a collaborative track with Kittin. It is a dream come true to work with her. I was working on the track and it reminded me a bit of the old school days with the electro bass line and the idea to invite her to do the vocals came to me. I could not have imagined her producing a better vocal!

It will be released on Kompakt at the end of August!

The artist who inspired you to become a musician?

DJ Marky, a drum and bass DJ from Brazil. When I was 14 years old and saw him play I was in shock. All I wanted was to be like him! The atmosphere he created was unbelievable; he is the best DJ I have ever seen.

Go-to places for new music?

I research a lot of music online, such as Discogs, Beatport, Spotify, Decks Records or Youtube. When I have some time or when I am visiting a city, that has famous record shops I try to go, such as Technique in Tokyo, Hard Wax in Berlin. And of course, I recommend going to listen to your favorite DJ playing, which is always so inspiring.

Dream B2B partner?

I have to say two - Laurent Garnier and DJ Marky.

Piece of gear you always need on the road?

My laptop.

City with the most underrated dance scene?

Beirut has a really good crowd and some of the best clubs I have played in my life.

Favorite BPM?


All-time favorite festival?

Awakenings Festival.

Best piece of advice for new producers?

Be yourself don’t try to copy others and what is hyped at the moment. It’s one thing is to be inspired because you love the music, but quite another to copy that style because it is popular at the moment. That kind of work does not last. It is important you create and play what you really love even if it is not what is most wanted at the moment. Invest in your craft - both time and money. I remember when I was making 100 euros or less per gig - and I was not playing that much - and I used to spend almost everything on vinyl. Even if you are not having the results you wanted, keep investing in yourself and your art. Send your demos even if nobody is listening. Don’t give up, your time will come!

Dead or alive, who would be your dream collaborator?

I will pick somebody working in dance music and say Caribou. His music has a big effect on me, it brings me joy. He is a very creative engineer, it would be a blast!

A unique travel experience you’ve had?

Tokyo. I always wanted to go and my music got me there. Everything in Tokyo is so different from what I am used to, so it makes it unique. The food is fantastic and the people are lovely and caring. I stayed for one week the first time and explored a lot with my boyfriend.

What's one track that fans always lose their mind to?

"Hidden Beauties," I think I will never stop playing this track. The moment the vocal (“time”) comes in the crowd goes crazy. Every time. I love it! 

What song would you want played at your funeral?

"33 GOD" from Bon Iver. Actually, you can just put a playlist with everything from Bon Iver and it is gonna be beautiful. I need to make my family aware of this by the way.

What's the perfect sunset track?

"Sun" from Caribou.

What song do you listen to cheer yourself up?

At the moment Sufjan Stevens' "Mystery Of Love." I have my music moments where I have one track that I use to put me in a better mood to do things that I don’t find very enjoyable and at the moment this is the one. So this is the track for me right now, until I find one that hits me in the same way.

What upcoming tracks, releases or other projects are you currently working on?

I have my EP together with Kittin coming in August on Kompakt. I also have an EP coming on Drumcode, but I don’t know when. I have another track coming on a Plus 8 compilation. Also, I am doing some remixes but I still can’t talk much about them.

What acts are you most excited at AIM and why?

John Digweed, Danny Tenaglia and Rodrigues Jr. I am a big fan of them, John and Danny are heroes in our scene and it’s always a pleasure to see and play together with them. Plus I had still never seen Danny playing. I love Rodriguez Jr. since he was part of The Youngsters; I remember them playing in a festival in Brazil when I was 17 years old and I was in the front jumping up and down to their music. And his music nowadays is as good and beautiful as it has always been, so it was a pleasure to watch him live.

What’s your favorite part of AIM outside the music on-stage?

The people for sure. I love the crowd in Montreal from the bottom of my heart, and I tell them that every time I play here, since the first time. They are so passionate, they dance the whole time, and the energy exchange is so intense here. I can’t wait to play for you once again Montreal, and this time for three hours!


Facebook: facebook.com/djannabr/
Twitter: twitter.com/djannamiranda
Instagram: instagram.com/djannaofficial/
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/dj_anna

NLE Choppa Introduces Mobile Profile Editing on SoundCloud

Thu, 08/01/2019 - 16:57

SoundCloud users can finally edit their profiles on mobile.

After years of popular demand, SoundCloud has added the "Edit Profile" feature to their iOS app. Users can now edit the outward-facing details of their account via the mobile app, which is an extremely helpful tool for artists who are constantly on the go. 

Tennessee's rising hip-hop star and First On SoundCloud creator NLE Choppa introduced the new functionality today in support of his new single, "Shotta  Flow 3." The gif below illustrates how the new feature works:

NLE Choppa illustrates how to use the edit profile functionality on SoundCloud's mobile app.

The new feature allows users to add information to profiles on mobile devices, including editing profile images, adding new tour dates, editing artist bio, and more. This functionality has been in high demand by SoundCloud users for years, and it has finally been added to the platform's mobile app.

SoundCloud is one of the leading tools for artists to use in getting their music out, and the new feature will prove to be very helpful for musicians who don't always have access to a desktop computer. This feature further helps creators to keep information accurate in real time, and keep fans up to date with the latest about their favorite artists.

The SoundCloud mobile app with profile editing functionality is available now and can be found here


Facebook: facebook.com/RealNLEChoppa
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SoundCloud: soundcloud.com/nlechoppa

deadmau5 Introduces Subscription-Based Community Forum

Thu, 08/01/2019 - 16:16

Fans can pay to see deadmau5 stream video games and music production, get exclusive merch, and more.

Since deleting his Twitch account, deadmau5 (real name Joel Zimmerman) hasn't been streaming video games or music production on any platform. That has led him to create of deadmau5 Community, Zimmerman's own custom forum that will allow him to create and share with fans on a platform over which he will have complete control. 

The app, which is available now, is a subscription-based service that will give fans of all things 'mau5 access to a wide range of benefits and exclusive content. For $5 per month, they will have access to all of the gameplay and music production streams that Zimmerman does moving forward, and the ability to chat with him in real time, just like on Twitch in the past. Furthermore, subscribers get early access to tickets and exclusive merchandise, early teasers and previews of new music, and more. 

The new deadmau5 Community grants Zimmerman complete control of the content of his streams, and allows him to express himself in any way he sees fit without worry of suspensions or restrictions. 

The deadmau5 Community app is out now and can be found here.

H/T: Your EDM


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Twitter: twitter.com/deadmau5
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Îlesoniq's Cannabis Policy Shows How Far Legalization Has Come

Thu, 08/01/2019 - 15:35

Montreal's Îlesoniq festival's lax cannabis policy allows festival goers to carry up to 30 grams of marijuana.

Legalization of cannabis has become one of the hottest topics across the United States and beyond. In Canada, recreational marijuana use was legalized in late 2018. Now, Montreal's Îlesoniq Festival is pushing the envelope even further by allowing festival goers to carry and consume marijuana on-site. 

With a lineup including top names like Marshmello, Above & Beyond, Bad Bunny, Nicole Moudaber and more, festivalgoers are being spoiled by Îlesoniq, which will be held at Parc Jean-Drapeau on August 9th and 10th. But the stacked lineup isn't the only thing that will make the festival enjoyable. 

Îlesoniq has put out a statement via Twitter regarding their policy on possession of cannabis and consumption onsite, saying that they will allow attendees to carry up to 30 grams of marijuana. Sale onsite is prohibited (by law), but festivalgoers can consume and enjoy their favorite strains while simultaneously enjoying their favorite EDM acts - without having to hide it from security.

Moreover, appropriate SQDC packaging or government-issued packaging is required, and all federal laws still apply. This leaves glassware (bongs), tupperware, or any other secondary packaging for marijuana out of the equation. 

Still, by abiding by the new recreational marijuana law at the festival, attendees will be able to enjoy consumption without worry, and security's job will be much easier at Îlesoniq. This policy illustrates just how far legalization of marijuana has come internationally, and will likely inspire other festivals and events to adapt to the new landscape as well. 


Facebook: facebook.com/ilesoniqfestival
Twitter: twitter.com/ilesoniq
Instagram: instagram.com/ilesoniq

KENZI SWAY is on a Mission to "Annihilate" with Bass

Thu, 08/01/2019 - 15:15

KENZI SWAY talked about "Annihilate," her radio show and more in her exclusive interview with EDM.com.

Straight out of Dallas, Texas, KENZI SWAY (real name Kenzie Julia Suarez) is a former cheerleader and nursing student who was struck by a genuine musical epiphany and switched gears into crafting some of the most fearsome and malevolent dubstep heard this side of Hades. 

Her newest release, the menacing and darkly cinematic "Annihilate," builds frantically until it explodes in a melancholy fury of blazing synths and lurching chords. Just when you think it's safe to open your eyes KENZI SWAY swoops in for the kill, leaving bass music lovers screaming for more.

In an exclusive interview with EDM.com, KENZI SWAY talked about "Annihilate," her radio show Beauty & the Bass with DASH Radio and JACK'D UP Radio, and her upcoming show in Brooklyn with Holy Goof and Proper Villains. To hear more from Kenzie herself, check out the full interview below.

Exclusive KENZI SWAY interview with EDM.com:We're really digging "Dooms Day!" How did you come up with this track? We know it's not your latest release, but is it one of your favorites?

KENZI SWAY: Thank you! “Dooms Day” is the fan-favorite so far. Yes, it is one of my favorites because it was the first track that people started to catch on to my style and understanding and respecting me as a producer.

Tell us about "Annihilate," your new release. How did you create/write this one?

Annihilate,” and sort of like “Dooms Day,” both represent evolving artists trying to express themselves and trying to make their mark in this world. “Dooms Day” was my portal into producing. “Annihilate” is sort of like, " Now that I’ve got your attention, let me show you what I can do!” It’s a very aggressive track that I think speaks for itself.

You're a very attractive young woman, obviously, yet your music and even track titles have an apocalyptic nature to them. What's that about?

Am I supposed to like flowers and unicorns and hearts and “top 40” love songs because I’m a female? Maybe. But do I like those things? Hell no! [laughs] Fun fact: I hate the color pink. To address the apocalyptic part, I find beauty in darkness. I love how something so dark can also be so beautiful. It speaks volumes when someone is able to express themselves through their art form whether it be music or painting or whatever. I’m an edgy girl who loves wearing black, riding motorcycles, speaking her mind (through my music and track titles sometimes) and listening to dubstep.

Do you agree that it shows an artist's wide range of skills when he/she produces music of different genres? Do you think that sticking to one genre pigeonholes an artist into one narrow category without letting people see the full range of that artist's skills? 

I respect artists who play multiple genres. I do not feel I am any less skilled because I choose to play the genre I’m passionate about. While I have the ability to play multiple genres, dubstep is my passion and at this point in my life, that is what I choose to play! It’s like telling a musician that has the ability to play every instrument that he is not as skilled because he only chooses to perform the guitar when he is proficient in every instrument.

You have a show coming up at Schimanski in Brooklyn with Holy Goof and Proper Villains on August 2nd, 2019! We love Schimaski, great room. Is this your first NYC show? What can fans expect to hear?

Yes, this is my first show on the East Coast! I’m really excited although I know Brooklyn is a bass house sort of city, so I hear. I’m supporting Holy Goof so I have to respect his fans and play some bass house, but I’m really thankful to have the opportunity! Definitely, expect to hear some newly released KENZI SWAY tracks for sure.

You have a weekly radio show on DASH RADIO's ElectroCity and JACK'D UP RADIO called KENZI SWAY's "Beauty & The Bass." Cute name! How do you go about programming your radio show each week? 

I honestly don’t plan out those sets. I play what I feel at the time. I play things I like, things that are hot right now, and I always incorporate my own music into those mixes. Those are meant to be fun and upbeat and hopefully get those listeners to come back for more!

Do you produce all your own music? Do you work with anyone in the recording studio? 

Yes, I produce all of my own tracks, is there even another answer? I think I get asked that question more than any other when I say I produce. I do not have ghost producers or someone writing for me. I write, record, create, release, engineer, master and mix all of my own tracks.

View the original article to see embedded media.Holy Goof's latest release is a remix of NGHTMRE featuring A$AP Ferg's “Redlight” via Ultra Music. What's your take on it?

I love it! Duh! I eat sleep and breathe trap music and I love that he has taken one of my favorite songs and created a bass house version. It slaps for sure.

Proper Villains' latest release is: Proper Villians, Nuff Gal E.P. (Holy Mole). How do you like that one?

Super catchy. I actually added it to my Spotify playlist the other day and my mom and I were jamming out next to the pool. It got our hips moving. I love that. Well done!

Get tickets to see KENZI SWAY with Holy Goof and Proper Villians on 2nd.

Don't forget to catch KENZI SWAY's Beauty & The Bass weekly radio show on DASH Radio's ElectroCity and JACK'D UP Radio.


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Illenium Shares Full Tracklist for Upcoming Album, ASCEND

Thu, 08/01/2019 - 14:03

Illenium's next studio-length effort is due out later this month.

Fans of Illenium have waited with baited breath as he's released singles from his upcoming album, ASCEND. With its full release half a month out, the Denver DJ/producer has now unveiled the official tracklist for the effort.

In addition to previously released singles like "Pray," "Crashing" and "Good Things Fall Apart," ASCEND will include collaborations with Blanke, X Ambassadors and Said The Sky - the latter of whom used to perform alongside Illenium (real name Nicholas D. Miller). Also included is "Blood," for which Miller just opened presale ahead of its Friday, August 2nd release.

The next couple of months will mark a milestone in Miller's career. Aside from the album release, he will perform three sold-out shows in a row at Red Rocks Amphitheatre in addition to his first headline event at Madison Square Garden.

In the meantime, Miller will resume touring with a performance at Moonrise Festival in Baltimore, Florida, which takes place on August 10th and 11th. Find the tracklist for ASCEND below and pre-save or pre-add the album here.

  1. “I Care” (Intro)
  2. “Hold On” feat. Georgia Ku
  3. “Good Things Fall Apart” with Jon Bellion
  4. “That’s Why” feat. GOLDN
  5. “Blood” feat. Foy Vance
  6. “Take You Down”
  7. “All Together” feat. Oekiin
  8. “Crashing” feat. Bahari
  9. “Broken Ones” feat. Anna Clendening
  10. “Every Piece of Me” feat. Echos
  11. “Takeaway” Feat. Lennon Stella with The Chainsmokers
  12. “Sad Songs’ feat. Annika Wells with Said The Sky
  13. “Pray” feat. Kameron Alexander
  14. “In Your Arms” with X Ambassadors
  15. “Gorgeous” feat. Bipolar Sunshine with Blanke
  16. “Angel” (Lonely Prelude)
  17. “Lonely” Feat. Chandler Leighton

Facebook: facebook.com/ILLENIUM
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SoundCloud: soundcloud.com/illeniumofficial

Mataio Redefines Melodic Dubstep in "Silence" via Pantheon Select

Thu, 08/01/2019 - 13:41

You haven't heard melodic dubstep like THIS before.

They say you don't need to reinvent the wheel, but Mataio's latest single makes a compelling case for doing so. "Silence" arrives by way of Pantheon Select, and it offers just fresh enough of a take on melodic dubstep that fans of the genre won't turn their noses to it.

To be sure, the space between melodic dubstep and trance has been explored before - but not quite like this. "Silence" starts with arpeggiated plucks that lather up into a fully feels-inducing array of pads at each drop with a serene vocal soaring overhead. In another inventive turn, the song winds down with a guitar melody that transforms its motif into a more organic statement.

View the original article to see embedded media.

Stream or download "Silence" by Mataio here courtesy of Pantheon Select.

Follow Mataio:

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Rezz Announces Full Lineup for Red Rocks Amphitheatre Return

Thu, 08/01/2019 - 12:51

The full entertainment roster has been revealed for Rezz Rocks II.

Rezz fans rejoiced in the news that her 2018 headline show at Red Rocks Amphitheatre would become "an annual thing." The Canadian DJ/producer has now unveiled the full lineup for Rezz Rocks II, giving them even more to look forward to.

ElohimEDDIEPEEKABOO, Blackgummy and Shadient will share the stage with Rezz (real name Isabelle Rezazadeh) during the September 22nd event. Of all of them, the latter was the only one who had performed at the first installment - for which TOKiMONSTA, Bleep Bloop, Charlesthefirst and DIGITAL ETHOS were also booked.

Rezazadeh rose through the ranks of the EDM world following her 2015 debut EP, Insurrection, when deadmau5 signed her to his mau5trap imprint the following year. Her distinctive style of midtempo bass has spawned a wave of copycats - as well as a loyal following who happily refer to themselves as a cult.

Tickets have not yet gone on sale for Rezz Rocks II at the time of writing.


Facebook: facebook.com/OfficialREZZ/
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Twitter: twitter.com/OfficialRezz
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Gareth Emery Says Swedish House Mafia Canceled Tomorrowland Show

Thu, 08/01/2019 - 11:19

Did he misspeak, or did he speak the truth?

Swedish House Mafia's absence from the 2019 edition Tomorrowland sparked outrage from festivalgoers expecting them to close one or both weekends of the event - even though the EDM superstars were never formally announced as headliners. If the language in an Instagram post by Gareth Emery sheds any light on the situation, however, the incident may have more in common with with their other recent disappearances.

Then again, it could also have resulted from a poor choice of words. In the post, Emery recounted a convergence of factors that made this year's Tomorrowland being his favorite to date. "...A few things happened and fortune was on my side," he wrote. "SHM canceled. Then, due to our stage being moved from inside to outside at the last minute, I ended up doing the first dark set of the day... which was always my favourite time of day at a festival as a raver and things are no different now.⁣"

Swedish House Mafia, a supergroup comprised of Axwell, Steve Angello and Sebastian Ingrosso, reunited at last year's edition of Ultra Music Festival following a five-year hiatus. Towards the end of 2018, they announced a full 2019 reunion tour complete with new music in an aggressive marketing campaign.

Thus far in the tour, the trio have cancelled performances at Ultra Korea and Weekend Festival. Being that much of the promotional strategy for Tomorrowland 2019 fell in line with their cryptic announcement rollouts, fans felt short changed when both weekends of the festival were instead closed out by 3 Are Legend, a project consisting of Steve Aoki and Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike.

Gareth Emery has not amended his post at the time of writing. EDM.com has reached out to his spokesperson for further comment but we have yet to hear back. 

H/T: EDMTunes


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Paul Oakenfold and Galestain Release "Summer Nights"

Wed, 07/31/2019 - 18:48

This marks the 50th release for Perfecto Black.

Global dance music legend Paul Oakenfold is back to celebrate the 50th release for his record label, Perfecto Black, with the debut of his new single "Summer Nights" with Galestain. Perfecto Records was established by Oakenfold in 1989 and since has developed into a line of sublabels underneath. The Black incarnation delivers some of the best progressive house on the market. 

"Summer Nights" is a haunting track with trance-reminiscent arpeggios and a pounding synth line. The vocal chops are beautifully gothic and loom in the background. The beat is sure to get the progressive fans moving into the early morning. 

Oakenfold has been in the scene for over three decades changing and elevating the electronic industry as he's progressed. He's worked with legends along the lines of U2 and Madonna. There's no denying the impact of this two time Grammy nominee.


Facebook: facebook.com/Oakenfold/
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Unraveling the Mysteries of Shambhala Music Festival

Wed, 07/31/2019 - 18:07

The Founder of Shambhala Music Festival unpacks the secrets of his exceptional Canadian wonderland.

In an industry where new venue announcements, shifting dates, and flopping lineups have become the norm, one festival stands apart as a homegrown staple of the woke milieu. While other events reduce, tighten up and dance around their struggle to survive, Shambhala Music Festival reaps the benefits of a well-built legacy as it heads into its 22nd anniversary celebration at the same venue in which it was founded. 

In addition to curating unique identities at six autonomously managed music stages, the event regularly pushes the envelope year after year at Salmo River Ranch. The best part is art, infrastructure and other investments are left intact for use in the following year. As other events are allocating half their resources into "tear down" each year, Shambhala builds itself ever-taller. 

Stages remain through the middle months. In addition to saving crews time and energy, the practice diverts a stream of build materials that would typically go to landfills. Now with about 17,000 attendees expected to descend on "the farm" for the 2019 edition of Shambhala, Canada’s gem of a perennial music festival is taking efforts even further to shake up the industry and keep its fans guessing. 

Shambhala Founder, Jimmy Bandschuh

To learn what Shambhala’s leaders have up their sleeves, as well as what’s in store for the 2019 event, EDM.com caught up with the Founder of Shambhala Music Festival, Jim Bundschuh - who is better known as “Jimmy”. He talked to us about a variety of topics including how leadership is born at an event where volunteers are the lifeblood of the production. We even unpacked the historic approach to drug testing and education onsite at the festival. 

Read on to see what Jimmy had to say.

Mystery #1: How does Shambhala assemble such a vast music selection?

One of the secrets to Shambhala’s unique show is it has six autonomously managed music stages all with their own blend of style and genres, but that approach doesn’t come without its own struggles. “Sometimes trying to coordinate six highly artistic stage directors you get some challenges, but the end product is amazing,” Jimmy explained. “I think when you compare it with other lineups it really shows because most other festivals don't get the diversity that we do.” 

Without an overarching mastermind wrangling all that creativity, the music stages are free to produce an unfiltered performance that pays little mind to what the other stages are doing. “They have their own budget," Jimmy said. "They recruit their own crews and they have artistic freedom over their lighting design and stage design. Each stage has unique ideas and talents that they bring, too, which I think really makes the festival special.” 

Beyond making the event special for those who like to explore new sounds, it actually programs diversity into the DNA of the festival. That means even for someone who prefers to post up at the same stage for the entirety of the show, a few moments will still be seeded with new music.

Mystery #2: How key is "The Farm" to understanding Shambhala?

One of the reasons Shambhala is so successful has to do with the efficiency that becomes possible when you own your own venue. At first, the remote location was a weakness according to Jimmy because they aren’t located near any major cities. Vancouver is a seven-hour drive, Calgary is a seven-hour drive and Spokane, Washington is about 2.5 hours from the site over the US-Canada Border. “Location is our biggest strength,” Jimmy said. “The festival has been in the same spot since it started and every year we get to add to it rather than redo everything. There are old forests and a river that runs by the stages and right through the campgrounds. We’re in a nice beautiful valley. In the beginning, it was hard to build it but now it’s a big advantage.”

Another impact the venue has on the culture of the event can be observed in the quality of guests that come out to the event. They way Jimmy sees it, “People have to try really hard to come to Shambhala. It’s a camping festival and most people camp onsite because they can’t get hotels in the region. I wouldn’t say it’s as hardcore as Burning Man but it’s that similar thing where it creates dedicated followers because it’s difficult. It’s not super easy and it’s not for the faint at heart.” 

With multiple sell-outs in its twenty-two years and peaking attendance numbers at such a remote location, few can point to a better test of success among like festivals.

Mystery #3: What’s the secret to longevity in the festival business? 

In the Salmo area, there aren’t many music festivals - certainly none like Shambhala. So where does all the talent and skill come from to create such splendor? For Jimmy and the rest of the fam on the farm, leadership starts at the volunteer level and as people shine they work their way up the ranks in the event. They also climb the rungs of life. “A lot of people who have been with us since the very first year are still a part of Shambhala,” Jimmy smiled proudly. “We definitely have a lot of veterans that have been around a long time. We also have people who have come out to dig trenches for power cables or whatever, then all of a sudden they’re lighting designers. Some people turn the skills and inspiration they learn out here into careers.”

In leveling up, these party-loving people find purpose which extends from the festival into their other endeavors. Even into the businesses they create.

Mystery #4: What local impacts do the festivals make? 

When PK first got involved with Shambhala their global takeover was still in its infancy. “They had first started building their own cabinets and now they’re international,” Jimmy recalled. “Today, alongside their manufacturing in Calgary they have outlets in the states and a lot of major artists have toured with their sound systems.” 

Seeing PK blossom from humble beginnings to become the powerhouse that they are today is only one of many success stories in the legacy of Shambhala.  

“We started in '98 so this was a pretty fringe small part of the entertainment world back then," said Jimmy. "They all thought it was a niche or that it would go away, but now it’s filling stadiums and DJs are headlining more traditional festivals. We’ve also seen the career of the artist change over time and it’s been interesting to watch it all evolve.” 

Coupled with gifts to schools and hospitals - and a recent $125,000 donation to a local school theater for lighting, audio and other equipment -the festival's ripple effect continues to enrich the local community.

Mystery #5: How does Onsite Drug Testing work?

The often misunderstood arena of drug testing at festivals has also been a catalyst for progress and a fascinating subject of study. If the absence of alcohol sales wasn’t a clue that Shambhala’s leaders are not the sort to settle for a cookie-cutter production, then the pill spectrometer kept onsite probably will be. Put simply, most tests can only identify that other ingredients exist in a pill, but a pill spectrometer can index and look up what ingredients are in the drug to offer a clearer look at what is ingested if the pill is consumed. 

“We’ve been doing this for a few years with the spectrometer and we’ve been able to give really accurate results,” Said Jimmy. “Last year we had an unintended consequence where a lot of drugs were testing really pure. The theory is that because there are these tests the people who are bringing this stuff to festivals know they are going to be held accountable so they’re not putting all this other crap in there. Also, when people can educate themselves on their choices it’s got to be better than people unintentionally taking something with an extremely negative side effect, causing harm to their body, or worse.” 

Security checks for illicit drugs - but people can get narcotics into prisons, so a string of shirts that say "SECURITY" won't be 100% effective. In America, the RAVE act makes testing in this fashion illegal, but in working with Health Canada and other official bodies the provincial government and Shambhala pioneered the legal framework for pill tests. It’s not a perfect system, but it progresses where other festivals and policy makers have balked at the chance. 

“Maybe someone doesn’t want to test their drugs, but they can walk by and see that a certain colored pill with a specific logo on it tested bad," said Jimmy. "Once they know something wasn’t what they thought it was they can then make the decision to not take it, discard it, not buy anymore or tell their friends.” Decisions are always better when they’re informed.

To learn more about this blissed-out Canadian Wonderland stay tuned. EDM.com will report from the event so even those who can't attend don't have to miss a beat. 


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Illenium Opens Up Presale for New Track "Blood" ft. Foy Vance

Wed, 07/31/2019 - 17:50

"Blood" is slated for release Friday, August 2nd 2019.

Illenium is coming off a successful collaboration with The Chainsmokers and is ready for more. The Denver native took to social media to announce that his newest track, "Blood" featuring Foy Vance, will come out this Friday, August 2nd. This will be the last new track before his upcoming album Ascend drops on August 16th. 

He first debuted "Blood" at Audiotistic in Mountain View, California earlier this month. From the fan-released clip, it looks to be one of the harder tracks Illenium (real name Nicholas D. Miller) has released. Fans of his melodic verses should fear not, you can still hear those elements at the base of the track. 

Miller's third album is right around the corner, and bit by bit the artist has been releasing tracks off the highly anticipated collection. So far it's suspected that the singles "Pray," "Crashing" and "Good Things Fall Apart" will all be included. It will arrive right in time right for his first-ever headline show at Madison Square Garden and three consecutive sold-out shows at Red Rocks Amphitheatre. The 33-city Ascend Tour will commence September 18th. 


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Kotek Releases Masterful, Genre-Bending EP, Sonoglyph Pt 1.

Wed, 07/31/2019 - 17:39

Kotek's EP, Sonoglyph Pt. 1, includes four excellent tracks that blur the lines between genres.

Previously catching attention with his collabs on Rezz' first and second studio albumKotek (real name Michael Mlikotic) has returned with a brand new EP that will excite any fan of experimental bass music.

Sonoglyph Pt. 1 begins with scintillating highs, interwoven with a gentle piano arrangement, before introducing a deeper bass line reminiscent of drum and bass and industrial techno. Rather than emphasizing that bass line and fatiguing the listener, however, Mlikotic brings his experimental, burbling mids to the forefront, creating a sound reminiscent of a darker Tipper.

"Codex," the final track of Sonoglyph Pt. 1 (and by our measure, its magnum opus), closes out his work with the most impressive arrangement on the EP. Opening the track with heavy metal riffs, Mlikotic crescendos into a strange, bubbling, twisting, dubstep-esque sound, while somehow staying away from any one genre in particular. Interwoven within this three-minute track are the sounds of metal, rock, dubstep, glitch, and industrial, among others. In Mlikotic's talented hands, somehow all these genres play well together.

Though Kotek's metal and glitch-infused sounds defy easy classification, it is clear that he is a master in his craft. This budding artist seamlessly sutures together sounds and instruments that are not typical of electronic music, and does so with grace. Pay attention to this artist as he grows his music and his following; he is sure to have a lot in store.

Follow Kotek:

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Twitter: twitter.com/Kotek_Music
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Underground Vibes / 037

Wed, 07/31/2019 - 17:17

Egzod, Verzache, BODÉ and more featured on this latest installment.

Numerous artists, industry professionals, and fans consider SoundCloud the best platform for unsigned music to shine up to its true potential. Its direct, artist-centric approach has enabled bedroom artists to find fan bases all over the world, and equipped emerging talents to turn their SoundCloud game into long-term careers.

In this series, our aim is to showcase the best new music we discover on the platform, music that oftentimes can’t be found anywhere else. In addition, we shine a light on successful artists that are either now breaking through on the platform or have used it to attract an active following in the past. 

This latest feature includes darker vibes by Egzod and Duke & Jones, uplifting gems by BODÉ and Nadro & Timmy Commerford, and laid back tunes by Chris Siegel and Lizdek

"My Stranger" ft. Riell - EgzodView the original article to see embedded media.

Egzod returns with another release on Trap Nation's imprint Lowly. Teaming up with Riell, he creates magic on "My Stranger" as his complex and epic production intertwines with Riell's electrifying vocals for an impressive result. 

"Cruising" (Charlie Crown Remix) - Bronze Whale View the original article to see embedded media.

Bronze Whale dropped their impressive debut album earlier this year, and just released a remix package featuring a lot of stunning reworks. Standing out, Charlie Crown's remix of "Cruising" is as dark and impactful as it should be. 

"Vacancy" - Duke & JonesView the original article to see embedded media.

Duke & Jones prove their versatility with their latest release, "Vacancy," as they took their style from sound design-driven bangers to minimal R&B, still maintaining their bass-heavy identity. 

"Feeling That Feel" - VerzacheView the original article to see embedded media.

It looks like Verzache never stops reinventing himself and releasing songs that further showcase his production and songwriting abilities. On "Feeling that Feel" he provides a simple yet incredibly catchy song. 

"Tropical Love" - Nadro and Timmy CommerfordView the original article to see embedded media.

As the title suggests, Nadro and Timmy Commerford's "Tropical Love" is made for the summer. Out on label Lacuna, the single goes from piano and guitar chords to a dancey, vocal chop-driven chorus. 

"Good Enough" ft. Tailor - BODÉ View the original article to see embedded media.

BODÉ's "Good Enough" is everything one looks for in a late-night house gem, as Tailor's catchy vocal lines line up perfectly with the classy, synth-dominated instrumental. 

"Trippin' Bout You" ft. ANGEL - DiscreteView the original article to see embedded media.

On "Trippin' Bout You", Discrete provides yet another bridge between pop and house, as horn hits, catchy lyrics and groovy bass lines come together to create a radio-ready result. 

"The Night's Our Town" - TRAILSView the original article to see embedded media.

After a fairly long hiatus, producer TRAILS is back, and he makes it clear that fans can never know what they can expect from him. After impressive instrumental "DMHH" and indie/R&B jam "Learn to Love Me" featuring JABS, "The Night's Our Town" showcases an almost fully organic side of the artist, and it sounds amazing. 

"Week 1" - Chris SiegelView the original article to see embedded media.

Released on indie label Sundae Sauuce, Chris Siegel's "Week 1" is as carefree as it gets, providing an easy vibe through diverse instrument choices. 

"xanny" (Lizdek Remix) - Billie Eilish View the original article to see embedded media.

Lizdek really impresses with his remix of Billie Eilish's "xanny". The young producer goes as ambient as possible yet takes care of every little detail, making up a stunning result. 

Underground Vibes / 036
Underground Vibes / 035
Underground Vibes / 034

Flume and Reo Cragun Release Joint EP, Quits

Wed, 07/31/2019 - 16:49

The two friends are back with a three new tracks.

Fans were given just a day to hype themselves up for some new Flume. The Australian producer announced yesterday he would debut a joint EP with rising hip-hop artist Reo Cragun titled Quits. This morning Flume (real name Edward Harley Streten) and Cragun joined Zane Lowe on Beats 1 to premiere the lead single - and soon after the entire EP was released! It was previously reported in a press release that the EP was to be released on Friday, August 2nd. The early drop looks similar to when Knife Party was on air with Lowe and then their Lost Souls EP was released early. Coincidence?

Streten's collaboration with Cragun features the previously released single "Friends," the title track "Quits," and "Levitate." All three tracks highlight Cragun's distinct vocals as Streten's atmospheric and experimental soundscape takes the listener on a unique journey. The three-track EP is a clear sign these two were meant to work together. Both artists are changing the landscape, not willing to conform to one single sound. 

“Reo’s got a great ability to adapt to whatever’s going on musically,” said Streten. “Whether it’s something on the slower side or something high energy he’s able to complement and engage with it in a way that's quite unique."

“Working with Flume is always amazing,” said Cragun. “He does such a great job of getting whatever he hears inside of his brain written out. Around the start of us hanging out he had these crazy fast scooters that took us around his neighborhood during our session breaks. He was building his studio at the time so we would pop in over there and use our imaginations to construct what was to come. It was so inspiring. I’m really fortunate that we were able to become such great friends outside of the music. I have nothing but love for Harley!”

Streten has taken 2019 by storm since the release of the Hi This Is Flume mixtape. He followed that up with his collaboration with Cragun and then "Let You Know" featuring London Grammer. This three-track EP comes out right in time for Osheaga, Lollapalooza, two Flume & Friends shows at Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Outside Lands, and a long list of other locations around the globe. 

Find Flume's tour schedule and tickets here


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Blanke and GG Magree Join Forces for Midtempo Heater “Incinerate”

Wed, 07/31/2019 - 15:47

Two of Australia’s fastest-rising talents came together for a game changer in the world of midtempo.

Rising from the ashes in 2016 and having since amassed over 14 million streams on Spotify alone, Blanke has had one of the most rapid, trailblazing careers to come out of Australia in recent years. Heading back to his roots, he has enlisted the vocals of fellow Australian star GG Magree to release "Incinerate," the first single from his forthcoming EP on Deadbeats.

Besides sell-out shows, international brand deals, designer fashion label endorsements, and being the CEO of her own streetwear brand amidst an impressive touring schedule, there isn’t much GG Magree doesn’t do. This boss woman is the embodiment of femininity and freedom in a male-dominated industry. Her dominant, larger-than-life attitude is on full display in “Incinerate" with her enchanting vocals truly taking the track to the next level. 

“Bit of a full-circle moment," Blanke recently tweeted. "She was the first DJ to really support me in the US and introduced me to my Deadbeats fam."

After performances set for HARD Summer this weekend in Fontana, California, Blanke will make his way back to Australia from his Change & Decay Tour. Tour stops will span across the entire month of August across seven different cities. For all ticketing and tour information, visit here

Stream or download Blanke's "Incinerate" featuring GG Magree, out now on Deadbeats.


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NGHTMRE Remixes Dillon Francis and Alison Wonderland’s “Lost My Mind”

Wed, 07/31/2019 - 15:39

NGHTMRE has officially released a longtime fan favorite from his live sets.

Not many have lit a fire as fierce as the one NGHTMRE has under the bass music community. In addition to binding the worlds of hip-hop and EDM, sold-out world tours with best friends Derek Andersen and Scott Land from SLANDER, and a Las Vegas residency amidst the chaos, his most recent endeavors include his transformative bass-driven take on the ethereal banger “Lost My Mind” by Alison Wonderland and Dillon Francis.

NGHTMRE (real name Tyler Marenyi) inarguably has a special talent for turning any tune into a hype track. Fans have heard this before from previous remixes with Oliver Tree on “Hurt” as well as the supercharged VIP remix of “Save Yourself” by The Chainsmokers. This time, Marenyi has flipped “Lost My Mind” into an enchanting, yet forceful powerhouse single. Highlighting the best aspects of the vocal melody, his remix gives new light to the captivating lyrics from Alison Wonderland. This epic trifecta brings together three of the most formative artists within the bass music community, resulting in a track designed for ultimate bass-boosting power. 

The festival staple will continue to make his way throughout the summer season with performances across stages such as Hard Summer, Moonrise, and Das Energi. Marenyi will also be apart of the Alchemy Tour alongside The Glitch Mob, Seven Lions, and SLANDER. The tour will span across 19 cities in the United States starting on September 4th and finishing on October 13th in Arizona. For all ticketing and touring information, visit here

If you haven't heard it, you should also check out the Mom N Dad remix of "Lost My Mind" for a serious dose of high-octane mid-tempo bass:


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Martin Garrix Names Skrillex as a Dream Collaborator

Wed, 07/31/2019 - 13:43

"I have no idea what we [would] make and that excites me."

Save for festival lineup announcements, it's not all that often that you hear the names Martin Garrix and Skrillex in the same sentence. If the former had his way, however, the two would team up on a track - as difficult as it might be to imagine what that would sound like.

"I'd love to collaborate with Skrillex," said Martin Garrix (real name Martijn Gerard Garritsen) during an interactive session in Japan to resounding approval from his audience. "I've known him for many, many years and because we have so many different styles we're doing, I think it would be really, really interesting if we were in the studio bouncing ideas back and forth. I have no idea what we [would] make and that excites me."

Skrillex (real name Sonny Moore) rode the wave of the EDM boom closer to its epicenter, but Garritsen hit his stride a few years later. That's not to say he was a late bloomer by any means, though. Whereas Moore's career in music extends back to his time as frontman for post-hardcore band From First To Last beginning in 2004, Garritsen's 2013 breakout hit "Animals" made him the youngest artist to ever reach #1 on Beatport's Top 100 Tracks chart at only 16 years of age.

Neither Garritsen nor Moore have made any comments suggesting that a collaboration between them is in the works as of this writing.


Facebook: facebook.com/martin.garrix
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Tomorrowland's Symphony of Unity Reimagined FISHER, Eric Prydz and More

Wed, 07/31/2019 - 13:13

The Metropole Orchestra performed renditions of EDM hits in each weekend's medley.

In the weeks leading up to Tomorrowland's landmark 15th edition, the Boom, Belgium festival's organizers announced special "Symphony of Unity" performances for either weekend. The Metropole Orchestra paid homage to some of EDM's biggest hits - from the songs at the worldwide movement's roots to those trending in the modern day.

According to 1001Tracklists, the weekend two medley included renditions of "Insomnia" by Faithless, "Children" by the late Robert Miles, and "For An Engel" by Paul van Dyk. On the more recent end of the spectrum were orchestral versions of "Losing It" by FISHER, "Opus" by Eric Prydz, and "Shivers" by Armin van Buuren.

The 2019 edition of Tomorrowland saw headliners like Above & Beyond, Claude VonStroke, Nina Kraviz and Seven Lions. The absence of Swedish House Mafia on the roster after what many interpreted as cryptic campaigning for their appearance elicited uproar from attendees disappointed by the billing of 3 Are Legend as main stage closers for both weekends.

For updates on the 2020 edition, visit the Tomorrowland website.

H/T: DJ Mag


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