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6 Ridiculous Ways to Get the Real Music Festival Experience Out of  Livestreams

Tue, 09/03/2019 - 13:50

Who knew it could be so simple!

Festival season is finally here. If you're like most of us and can barely afford your bar tab at the end of the night, you'll probably be enjoying this year's music festival festivities from the comfort of your couch. 

But don't worry, EDM.com has your back. I've compiled the perfect guide to help you get the true music festival experience at home. All you'll need to pull this off is your imagination and your neighbor's wi-fi password. 

Put on your rave gear

Surely you wouldn't go to a festival in pajama pants and a sweatshirt, so in order to get the full experience, you're going to have to look the part as well. This may lead to some awkward encounters with your roommates or parents, but that's the sacrifice you must be willing to make. 

If you're skeptical, consider that this idea backed by science. Similar to how you feel more confident when you put on your dress clothes, putting on your rave gear will help you feel ready for the fun... or something like that. I'm a blogger, not a scientist. 

Set a timer to use the bathroom

Have you ever been at a festival where you were able to walk right up to the bathroom and go right in without waiting in line? Me neither. This means in order to get the true music festival experience, you can't just walk right up to the bathroom whenever you feel like it. 

I suggest setting a timer on your phone for about 45 minutes as that seems to be the average time it takes to make it to a bathroom at a typical festival.

Venmo a friend every time you go to the fridge

It's not really a music festival if you haven't spent $75 on two beers right? To simulate the amazing experience of paying close to one hundred dollars on a microwaved hot dog, two warm beers, and a bottle of water you'll end up taking two sips out of, just use your favorite wire transfer app to send your friend $10 each time you open the fridge or pantry door. If you're not one for banks, you can also just put dollar bills through a paper shredder... that should work just fine.

Invite a drunk friend over and babysit them

Everyone knows that half of the fun at any festival is trying to find your drunkest friend, who can't seem to stick with the group. No matter what festival you go to, every festival group will have that one guy or girl whose eyes are bigger than their liver. They will need constant attention, care, and regular food/bathroom breaks. They'll essentially turn into a toddler who can somewhat function in society, but not really.

This step is quite simple to perform. All you need to do is invite your best friend over after a long night at the bars. They'll certainly find ways to almost burn down your house while simultaneously breaking all of your valuable possessions. 

Rent a fog machine to simulate the sick clouds from the horde of vapers

This suggestion brings up an interesting question. Why do festivals rent CO2 cannons when the sickest clouds are in the crowd? 

I suggest renting the Chauvet Hurricane 1800 Flex, as that is a top-of-the-line fog machine capable of producing clouds similar to those of a festival goer's totally sick vape pen and naked vape juice. Fitted with a box mod, upgraded tank, and an expensive coil, this pen will produce clouds that are rivaled only by the Mt. St. Helen eruption.

Don't shower or wear deodorant for a week prior to the festival

People tend to forget that your neck, liver, and ears, aren't the only body parts that take a beating at music festivals. Your nose is under attack just as often as the others. 

If you've somehow managed to avoid this experience, let me help you understand the struggle. Imagine the worst smell you can possibly think of. Now imagine someone took that smell and put it in an aerosol can. Finally, imagine that someone took the can and sprayed it all over the guy who's dancing way to close to you and your friends.

To simulate this, all you have to do is skip showering and deodorant use for about a week. That should give you enough time to develop that wonderful music festival musk made famous by unkempt festival goers. 

The Perfect EDM Artist to Soundtrack Every Apex Legends Hero

Tue, 09/03/2019 - 13:34

These Apex Legends characters go hand in hand with music by some of EDM's biggest names.

For the past couple months, millions around the world have decided to ignore all their responsibilities to play this year's video game sensation, Apex Legends

In typical addicting video game fashion, it starts with a "come on dude, just one more game" and spirals into three days of no showering, Uber Eats for every meal, and concerned phone calls from loved ones. Rent, hygiene, work, and school can wait when all that matters is those sweet, sweet wins. 

If any of the above sounds like you, let this be your guide to picking the perfect music to accompany your weeks-long gaming binge.

Below is one artist for every character in the game, to serve as a starting point for your perfect Apex Legends playlist. Disclaimer: this probably won't make your teammates play better, but at least you'll enjoy the music while you try not to lose. 

Octane - Excision

When you choose a character that acts as if he mainlines Monster Energy Drink, you need something loud, aggressive, and energetic. Luckily for you, dubstep is the answer to all your playlist troubles. Excision's discography is the musical equivalent of the dinosaurs from Jurassic Park fighting to the death in a recording studio - but instead of a typical dinosaur, they're robots and they're on fire. Quite literally the perfect music for someone consuming a near-lethal dose of energy drinks.

Caustic -  Rezz

"A mad scientist hellbent on corrupting the masses with their latest evil concoction" could describe both Caustic and Rezz. With her demonic space music, we're unsure if she's actually trying to make it in the music industry or if she has other, more sinister plans. Start with "Space Mom" if you really want to amp up the darkness while playing as the mad scientist.

Mirage - TroyBoi

If you're going to choose a character that's all flash and has an unimaginable ego, you're going to need some music to really gas you up. Some high-quality, flashy trap music courtesy of TroyBoi will get you in that perfect mindset to play as a character who probably has a picture of himself as his wallpaper. Be careful, after listening to a song that says "bitch, I'm awesome" a few times over, you might be inclined to post one too many mirror selfies on Instagram. 

Bloodhound - deadmau5

Known for their arsenal of gadgets, Bloodhound possesses some of the most high-tech equipment in the Apex Legends world (besides the talking robot, of course). deadmau5' knowledge and interest in technology is well documented, therefore, it's only appropriate to listen to music produced on some of the world's best production equipment. Also, like Bloodhound, deadmau5 shares the same fascination in massive, LED-encrusted helmets.

Pathfinder - 1788-L

At this point, we're not 100% certain the mysterious 1788-L is actually a human. With song titles like "H E X," "R U I N," and "A B Y S S" almost robotically stylized, one could believe that the dark and mechanical bass he produces is from some sort of electronic music entity. If you're going to use a robot as a character, it's only fair to start with music that may or may not have been created by a robot.

Wraith - Virtual Self

One of Apex Legends' most popular characters is Wraith. She's dark and brooding, hears mysterious voices, and travels between dimensions with bursts of light and sound. Sounds a lot like Porter Robinson when he became Virtual Self, doesn't it? Accompany those voices in Wraith's head with the voices in Porter's. 

Lifeline - ODESZA 

As the only healer in Apex Legends, you'll be tasked with keeping your team afloat when they get banged up. Maintaining both your team's spirit and health is no easy task and you'll require some uplifting music to help your mission go off without a hitch. ODESZA makes the perfect blend of uplifting and inspiring music ideal for raising morale after a tough fight.

Bangalore - Eric Prydz 

Bangalore (unrelated to "Bangarang" by Skrillex) is a sharp, laser-focused soldier who will do anything to complete the mission. When you take the role of one of the game's most dangerous players you'll need music that will help you maintain that focus and keep your edge. Eric Prydz' intricate, rhythmic production will help you stay sharp and get you on track to getting more wins than your friends. 

Gibraltar - Carl Cox

When you pick the shielded Gibraltar you make a promise to defend your teammates, no matter how clueless and misguided they might be. Considering Carl Cox is still giving the younger generation a chance to experience what dance music was like before they were born while simultaneously helping others grow their careers, he's the perfect choice. 

Wattson - Boys Noize

Wattson is a character who has harnessed the power of electricity and uses it to conquer her enemies. Boys Noize has also harnessed this power but instead of fighting in an arena he uses his electro-skills to decimate the dancefloor with his special blend of pounding beats.

Avicii Tribute Concert Announced Featuring Kygo, David Guetta, and More

Tue, 09/03/2019 - 13:18

Some of the biggest artists in the dance music world are gathering to honor the late Avicii this December.

A massive tribute concert for the late Avicii (real name Tim Bergling) has been announced. The charity created in his honor, the Tim Bergling Foundation is hosting the non-profit event and promises all proceeds to mental health awareness. 

Some artists who will be honoring the legendary producer include David Guetta, Kygo, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Laidback Luke, Nicky Romero, Aloe Blacc and more, with additional artists to be announced in the future. 

The charity show will take place on December 5th at the Friends Arena in Bergling's hometown of Stockholm, Sweden. It's worth noting that the venue holds up to 50,000 people so some believe the organizers are expecting a massive turnout.

 Tickets to the Avicii Tribute Concert are on sale Thursday, September 5th at 10:00 AM CET. You can buy your tickets here when they are available. 


Facebook: facebook.com/avicii
Twitter: twitter.com/Avicii
Instagram: instagram.com/avicii
SoundCloud: soundcloud.com/aviciiofficial

Unlimited Gravity Drops Highly-Anticipated Demigod Pt. 1 EP

Tue, 09/03/2019 - 01:17

Denver native Unlimited Gravity reveals the first part of his long-awaited Demigod EP series.

Following the release of the three singles "Steeze Manifesto," "Retro Dreams," and "Peekaboom," Unlimited Gravity (real name Ronnie Weberg) has released his highly anticipated Demigod (Pt. 1) EP, and what an EP it is. Taking a bold stride forward from his previously released music, Unlimited Gravity returns after stepping away for most of 2018, and the wait was certainly worth it. 

While his sound was always incredibly unique, and his live performances have always been one-of-a-kind, Demigod showcases Unlimited Gravity's renewed focus on his musical career, as well as his increasingly refined and meticulously crafted productions.

While Steeze Manifesto captures the very best of Unlimited Gravity's glitchy and high energy musical aesthetic, "Retro Dreams" showcases Weberg's ability to create deeply cinematic anthems that are both epic and immersive.

On the heavier side of the spectrum, "Peekaboom" is a no-holds-barred onslaught of ferocious bass, driving percussion, and blistering, razor-sharp synths. Shrouded in mystery and overflowing with an unmitigated sonic assault, "Peekaboom" delves into the darker side of the Mile High native's musical stylings.

The remaining two tracks, "Where To Go" and "Unforgettable" are exclusive to the Demigod EP. Like "Steeze Manifesto," "Where To Go" offers listeners a glimpse into the old sounds of Unlimited Gravity. Much refined and highly evolved from his earlier projects, "Where To Go" takes the very best of 2019's advances in production and technology, and injects them into the Glitched-out, bass-heavy aesthetic that Unlimited Gravity has always been known for.

The final track on the release, "Unforgettable" brings Demigod to a massive climax. Grungy and bombastic, "Unforgettable" is a soaring electronic anthem complete with demonic growls, angelic vocals, and an undeniably funky, in-your-face drop. "Unforgettable" isn't just a clever track title, it truly represents that nature of the song itself; once you hear "Unforgettable," you certainly won't be having any trouble remembering.

Stream or Download Unlimited Gravity's Demigod Pt. 1


Facebook: facebook.com/UnlimitedGravityMusic
Instagram: instagram.com/unlimitedgrvty
Twitter: twitter.com/UnlimitedGrvty
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/unlimitedgravitymusic

Go Behind The Scenes With Electric Family's "All Access" Video Series

Mon, 09/02/2019 - 20:26

Electric Family gets the VIP treatment with MitiS on the debut episode of "All Access"

Known for their exceptional ability to unite the music community behind a common cause, leading music streetwear brand and grassroots movement, Electric Family, has always been at the forefront of efforts to bring increased connectedness and compassion to the music industry. In their own words: "We are a community of global changemakers committed to making a positive impact on society."

In line with this mission, Electric Family recently launched a new video series called "All Access," with a focus on bringing fans behind the scenes to meet their favorite artists, all of whom are part of the greater movement to spread love and positivity amongst the global population. Each episode of "All Access" will be dedicated to a different artist belonging to the Greater Good movement and will focus on giving fans the opportunity to get to know these admirable and talented musicians first-hand. 

For the first episode, Electric Family co-founder Steve Brudzewski and brand director Ken Hilton take us to meet MitiS before his headlining show at the House of Blues in Anaheim, CA. MitiS speaks in-depth about his new "Life of Sin" merchandise collaboration with Electric Family, which focuses on the concept of accepting and embracing your flaws or "sins," and allowing yourself to grow, adapt and move forward each day as a better person than before.

To support MitiS, Electric Family, and the Greater Good Movement, check out the new "Life Of Sin" collaboration piece, and be sure to tune in to the next episode of All Access!

MitiS x Electric Family - Life Of Sin Logo

View the 3 images of this gallery on the original articleFOLLOW ELECTRIC FAMILY:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ElectricFam
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ElectricFamily
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Covert Garden Hits You with a 'Left Hook'

Mon, 09/02/2019 - 16:10

The London-based drum & bass producer is back with a brand new EP on September 2.

Rising star Gareth Hester, aka Covert Garden has steadily been making a name for himself within the drum & bass scene. With releases on ProgRAM, Technique, and Fokuz, Covert Garden's music has been appearing in DJ sets across the entire scene. Now, he's back to hit you with a brand new EP, Left Hook

View the original article to see embedded media.

Left Hook packs a punch with three brand new songs. The title track delivers on a dark and minimal vibe, but that doesn't mean it's not full of sections that will set off the dance floor. Powerful foghorn-like synths are carefully dropped in, reverberating over the drum breaks and providing a dark atmosphere.

"Submersive" takes the same approach, with deep brass-like bass stabs and an echoing wobble reminiscent of a sinister laugh. In the breakdown, the atmospheric pad ties the track together in an eerie fashion. 

The final track, "Cast Away", capitalizes on the minimal vibe, maintaining the otherworldly atmosphere of the EP. Rolling drum breaks provide a solid groove, while the horns sound off, subdued in some areas, but hitting with full force in others. 

Covert Garden's Left Hook EP feels almost like a minimal drum & bass concept album, neatly wrapped into three tracks. The dark ambiance of each track builds on the last, and takes the listener on a sonic journey through their own mind. With a soundscape that's borderline spooky, Left Hook is aptly titled, hitting hard from seemingly out of nowhere. 

Left Hook is available now and can be found here


Facebook: facebook.com/covertgarden
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Kriss Kross Amsterdam Drops Massive Collaborative Track with Conor Maynard and A Boogie wit da Hoodie, “Ooh Girl”

Mon, 09/02/2019 - 15:40

The new summery hit is out now via Big Beat Records.

Worldwide sensation Kris Kross Amsterdam returns to dominate charts and summer playlists with their massive, new collaborative single, “Ooh Girl,” featuring Conor Maynard and A Boogie wit da Hoodie. Fans may remember the last time the trio teamed up with powerful singer and songwriter, Conor Maynard, for the summer 2018 hit single, “Whenever,” which has since amassed over 250 million streams on Spotify and YouTube.

To complete the unstoppable trifecta of talent is the soaring US rapper, A Boogie wit da Hoodie. Known for his unmatchable skills, the Bronx-born rapper has garnered over 6.4 billion career streams while Hoodie SZN, his late 2018 album, peaked at #1 on the Billboard 200, as well as achieving RIAA-Certified Platinum status.

“Ooh Girl” is an unforgettable blend of addictive pop chorus melodies and sultry R&B rhythms. The track samples a classic R&B hit, “Ooh Boy” by Rose Royce, which was recorded in 1977. Kris Kross Amsterdam transforms this timeless sample into a completely unique and refreshing sound, guaranteed to delight any listener in the late-night, summery mood. 

The record comes way with an official lyric video, which is complete with tropical animations and bright colors to match the groovy pop-track. 

Stream or download "Ooh Girl" today! 


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Facebook: facebook.com/ArtistHBTL
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Facebook: facebook.com/ConorMaynard
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Facebook: facebook.com/wearebigbeat
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Enviromental Group Proposes "Tent Tax" to Reduce Festival Pollution

Mon, 09/02/2019 - 15:29

This could certainly help clean up festival grounds around the world.

An environmental group called Clean Up Britain proposed a "tent tax" that seeks to reduce waste after music festivals. As many have seen, after camping festivals, many selfish attendees leave their tents behind for someone else to clean up. 

The group states that festivals should charge attendees a "tent tax" deposit when they arrive (if they are camping) and that the deposit would be refunded to them if they show that they removed their tent from the campsite at the end of the festival. After the tax is collected, the group believes that the festivals should then donate the money to charity.

In a quote to The Independent: the founder of Clean Up Britain spoke on the reasoning behind the proposed tax. 

"It's more about trying to get the festival advertisers to accept, as part of their green sustainability strategy, that this should be part of it next year. The festival-goers need to understand that it's not good enough in this day and age just to abandon a tent which is in most cases is probably perfectly good to clean and reuse."

H/T: Dancing Astronaut

Top 10 Synthwave Artists You Need To Know

Mon, 09/02/2019 - 15:06

Immerse yourself in the world of synthwave with these top 10 artists you absolutely have to hear.

Once an explicit throwback to video games, film scores, and music of the ‘80s and early ‘90s, the synthwave genre has fully evolved into its second generation and attracted a wave of new artists and new listeners in the process. The current generation of creators are making synthwave’s retro roots relevant in the modern day with stronger production chops and a host of contemporary ideas, shifting the music from a niche underground style into one that regularly bubbles up into mainstream consciousness. The days of simple, sunny ‘80s nostalgia from genre pioneers like Mitch Murder and Miami Nights 1984 are nearly a decade behind us, and a list of the whos-who in synthwave music looks very different now than it did just a few years ago.

Whether you’re new to synthwave or you’re an existing fan who hasn’t had time to keep up with the big shifts in the genre, these are the Top 10 Synthwave Artists to Know Right Now.

#10 - Wayfloe

Modern EDM owns more heritage in synthwave’s identity than ever before, and Wayfloe represents this stylistic shift as well as nearly anyone. One listen to tracks like “Scarlet Speedster” and “Neon West” reveal the duo’s EDM roots and their ability to integrate their bass-heavy style into a retro ‘80s atmosphere. Although Wayfloe is a newer act and the pair just released their first album this year, a lush production style and gorgeous vocal collabs practically guarantee them a place among synthwave’s most visible creators going forward.

#9 - The Bad Dreamers

Backed by the songwriting and production chops of a music industry pro who’s worked with artists such as Pink and John Legend, The Bad Dreamers project is a love letter to the past wrapped-up in contemporary pop music. In late 2018 The Bad Dreamers released his debut album, Songs About People Including Myself, and the warm, hook-heavy charm of tracks like “California Winter” and “Who You Run To” have already begun redefining synthwave’s softer side. Few creators in any part of synthwave can match the songwriting skill on display with The Bad Dreamers, and fans of more established acts like The Midnight and FM-84 owe it to themselves to include this up-and-coming artist in their regular listening rotation.

#8 - Mega Drive

Long-time synthwave fans will be quick to tell you of the music’s dark side, which embraces horror movies and science fiction as enthusiastically as the main genre embraces video arcades and sunset drives. Commonly known as “dark synthwave” or simply, “darksynth,” this alter ego of the main genre emerged in 2012 and has become a legitimately vast world of music in its own right. While other notable darksynth pioneers Perturbator and Carpenter Brut have slowed their output and generally disengaged from synthwave, Mega Drive has refined his focus on a brooding, cybernetic sound with an immersive sci-fi atmosphere. The artist’s newest tracks from the upcoming 199XAD album pull from early ‘90s video games, action films, and cyberpunk culture for one of the most remarkable sounds anywhere in the retro synth world. As both a pioneer of and torchbearer for synthwave’s dark side, Mega Drive remains a must-hear artist.

#7 - FM-84

FM-84 helped revolutionize the genre and push it further toward mainstream appeal by being one of the first to prominently feature high-quality singing performances on synthwave tracks. Together with regular collaborator and vocalist Ollie Wride, FM-84 is responsible for some of the most memorable and beloved songs in synthwave, including “Running in the Night” and “Bend and Break.” The artists' Atlas album went from an under-the-radar gem to a genre staple that appears in nearly every playlist and Top 10 selection, and with good reason. For velvety smooth pop tunes with a nostalgic glow, it doesn’t get any better than FM-84.

#6 - PYLOT

Beginning as an EDM project released through Monstercat, PYLOT quickly evolved into a fully retro-futuristic synthwave act wrapped in a story-driven sci-fi concept. Newer releases like the Solai EP balance the light and dark aspects of synthwave with careful finesse, offering low-key cinematic pieces alongside stirring, uptempo tracks driven by bright melodies and electric guitar. As synthwave culture increasingly leans into cyberpunk themes and explores ideas of retro-futurism, PYLOT’s story-backed creations stand at the cutting edge of the genre’s future.

Synthwave / Retro Electro - Spotify Playlist

Enjoy the Top 10 Synthwave Artists and many more in the popular Synthwave / Retro Electro playlist on Spotify.

#5 - Scandroid

Considering Klayton’s ambitious and genre-agnostic creations under the Celldweller name, it’s little surprise that the artist’s newest project, Scandroid, took synthwave’s paint-by-numbers rulebook and threw it out the window. Embracing an utterly unique amalgam of ‘80s pop, electronic rock, and synthwave, Scandroid’s music appeals equally to fans inside and out of synthwave culture and has become one of the key gateways for new listeners to the genre. Ranging from darker, futuristic pieces to euphoric covers of ‘80s pop hits from Michael Jackson and Tears for Fears, Scandroid delivers a variety of tracks through a multi-layered, highly polished production style. The result is one of the most exciting and forward-thinking sounds anywhere in the retro ‘80s world.

#4 - Gunship

Synthwave, as with many established genres, is occasionally high on imitators and low on innovators, which makes Gunship’s combination of contemporary alt-rock and electronic with ‘80s influences particularly noteworthy. More than almost any other act, Gunship members pursue ambitious artistry that continually leads synthwave forward with new ideas. Their 2015 self-titled debut was a landmark album that set a new precedent for polished, vocal-driven synthwave with modern appeal, and the group’s 2018 follow-up, Dark All Day delved further into a shadowy, sci-fi world with a blend of styles that is unmistakable from the thousands of synthwave creations around it. The fact that Gunship has become one of the most popular retro synth acts to date is no coincidence.

#3 - Dance with the Dead

Despite its frequent warmth and fondness for bright melodies, synthwave counts an unusually high number of metalheads among its devoted fanbase, and no single artist represents the deep bond between those two genres more than Dance with the Dead. Borrowing from vintage horror flicks, pulp science fiction, and heavy metal music, Dance with the Dead found the perfect combination of influences for their guitar-driven darksynth project, one they’ve continually tweaked and pushed into heavier territory over time. The group has not only produced a wealth of content since their Out of Body debut in 2013, but each album is equally worthy of listeners’ attention. Based on consistency, uniqueness, and their role in pioneering synthwave’s dark side, Dance with the Dead remain one of the top synthwave acts year in and year out.

#2 - Waveshaper

If there’s a single active artist whose music embodies the essence of synthwave, it’s Waveshaper. Fans of early video game soundtracks will spot the influence of iconic composers like Chris Huelsbeck in the chunky textures and 16-bit sonics of Waveshaper’s music, which takes traditional synthwave and enlivens it with quirky songwriting and brilliant sound design. The result is an unmistakable style that can be recognized within a few notes of any given song. While most synthwave artists working in a more heavily retro-style have either disappeared or struggled to keep up with newer acts and higher production standards, Waveshaper remains a flag-bearer for synthwave’s original identity and continues to make it exciting to long-time fans and new listeners alike.

#1 - The Midnight

Ask current synthwave fans who their favorite artist is and it’s a good bet their answer will be "The Midnight." By combining nostalgic synth tones with lush EDM effects and sealing it with a polished vocal delivery, The Midnight combines past and present in an accessible pop package with mass appeal. The pair has continually explored new approaches to their music, from a more traditional synthwave sound on Endless Summer to a darker, more meditative EDM state on Nocturnal and a radio-friendly pop format on Kids, though the duo’s signature style remains intact throughout. The Midnight has struck a chord with synthwave fans of all ages and their popularity continues to build with each new release, making it unlikely they’ll be knocked from their perch as the top synthwave artist any time soon.

Written by Preston Cram / Iron Skullet

Iron Skullet is a synthwave journalist who has followed and studied the genre for nearly a decade. He is the creator of the popular Synthwave / Retro Electro playlist on Spotify and the writer of 'What is Synthwave? 2018 Edition' on ironskullet.com.

Kill The Noise and Haliene Perform New Track at Electric Zoo

Mon, 09/02/2019 - 14:43

Fans at Electric Zoo got a special treat from Kill The Noise and Haliene.

Fans at Kill The Noise's Electric Zoo set enjoyed a special treat as Haliene was brought on stage to perform a new song from the duo. A fan captured footage of the performance and uploaded it to Reddit for the world to enjoy. 

View the original article to see embedded media.

As is expected from Kill The Noise (real name Jacob Stanczak), the production is top-notch to the point where you can even recognize the quality from a shaky cellphone recording. Haliene delivers resounding vocals over a bass drop that will simultaneously energize and hit the crowd in right in the feelings. 

This will not be the first time these two artists have collaborated. Back in 2018, Stanczak and Haliene joined forces with Seven Lions and Tritonal for their track "Horizon."

At the time of writing, neither Kill The Noise nor Haliene has announced an official release date or name of the tune they performed at the festival.


Facebook: facebook.com/killthenoise
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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/haliene/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/haliene/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/HALIENE
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/halienemusic

Popeyes Sent Diplo a Jet Filled with Their Chicken Sandwiches

Mon, 09/02/2019 - 14:06

Only Diplo could get a private jet filled with Popeyes chicken sandwiches.

Are you wondering why you can't find one of the now-mythical Popeyes chicken sandwiches? It's probably because they filled a jet with them and delivered it to Diplo. The EDM renaissance man recently flexed his chicken sandwich horde on Instagram on his way to Burning Man.

If you're unfamiliar with the #ChickenWars craze, the internet has been set ablaze with discussions, memes, and more in attempts to determine if Chick-Fil-A or Popeyes has the better chicken sandwich. The campaign has become so intense that stores all over the world are selling out of the sandwich.

In addition to becoming a major player in the Great Chicken Wars of 2019, Diplo recently announced his very own house label, Higher Ground and revealed Walker & Royce would have the honor of being the first release. He also shocked his technologically-minded fans with a massive Fortnite and Major Lazer crossover event. The event allowed players to unlock a costume that turned their character into Major Lazer himself. Users were also able to download various in-game items based around Diplo's three-piece supergroup.

H/T: Your EDM


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Habstrakt Drops "The One" Alongside Music Video

Mon, 09/02/2019 - 13:18

Habstrakt has been on a roll.

Habstrakt (real name Adam Jouneau) returns with yet another hot single entitled "The One," out via Monstercat Uncaged. Alongside "The One," Jouneau has also released a remix by Unloveable and a music video.

Enthralling listeners with haunting vocals courtesy of Pauline Herr, "The One" is a wild ride from front to back. The synth-laden bassline revs listeners up for the grinding bass house drop that's reminiscent of his previous works. Undoubtedly, fans of Jouneau will find "The One" to be exactly what they've been craving.

The Unloveable remix of "The One" is a darker twist on the original, stripped down to more organic sounding drums and a menacing synth layered atop the eerie vocals heard in the original. While this rework doesn't include a traditional "drop," it's easy listening at its finest. 

View the original article to see embedded media.

Jouneau's success has been non-stop since the release of his collaboration with Skrillex, "Chicken Soup." In 2019 alone, the French producer has unleashed an onslaught of hit singles including "Control," "De La Street," and "Lasagne" with Bellecour. Jouneau's massive stream of success looks to continue through 2019, so fans should keep an eye on what's to come.


Facebook: facebook.com/Habstrakt
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Flux Pavilion Debuts New ID Featuring His Own Vocals at Electric Zoo

Mon, 09/02/2019 - 13:02

Flux Pavilion reminds everyone that he can belt out vocals just as well as he deals bass.

Flux Pavilion debuted a brand-new ID at this year's Electric Zoo. Although the clip is only about a minute long, you can hear Flux Pavilion (real name Joshua Steele) belt out some emphatic vocals during the new track.  

View the original article to see embedded media.

In typical Flux Pavilion fashion, the new tune is highly melodic with some signature bass from the dubstep legend taking things to the next level. The track also features a female vocalist, but fans have not yet figured out her identity. 

Just a couple of weeks ago, Steele dropped a new melodic track "Surrender" ft. Next To Neon and A:M. In addition to his recent release, back in July, he teased an upcoming collaboration with What So Not.

Electric Zoo 2019 took place August 30th-September 1st, at Randall's Island Park in New York City. In addition to Steele, this year's lineup featured performances from Dog Blood, Armin Van Buuren, Seven Lions, and more.

At the time of writing, Steele has not confirmed the name or release date of the unreleased ID.

H/T: Your EDM


Facebook: facebook.com/fluxpavilion
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Twitter: twitter.com/Fluxpavilion
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/flux-pavilion

TikTok And The New Age of Influencer Marketing

Sun, 09/01/2019 - 18:54

What makes TikTok so popular, and how did it become the next major platform for influencer marketing?

The world of social media is a constantly changing ecosystem that is at times as unpredictable, shifting, and dynamic as its users. Just as people become accustomed to the current trends, such as the seemingly monopolistic level control held by Facebook (Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp) and Google (Gmail, YouTube, Google Maps, AdSense), the landscape shifts unexpectedly to accommodate new needs for self-expression, interaction, and engagement.

The Music Industry and Social Media:

The music industry, perhaps more than any other, is nearly always on the cutting edge of the latest apps, social networks, and technological advancements, especially those pertaining to engaging with fans and creating new forms of content. As an industry focused primarily on youth culture, music professionals must always be on the lookout for the latest trends, as that is the only way to ensure engagement from the newest cohort of potential fans and listeners.

Most recently, Beijing-based ByteDance acquired and rebranded the wildly popular social media platform which began as Musical.ly and is now known as TikTok. With over 1 billion downloads worldwide, TikTok was by far one of the most popular apps of 2018 – it clocked in as the #2 most downloaded app on the App Store, and claimed the #1 slot on Google Play.

Why Is TikTok So Popular?

It’s never easy to pinpoint exactly what makes one platform explode with truly viral growth when other similar platforms fail to garner any traction; that being said, the idea behind Musical.ly, as well as the recently rebranded TikTok, is certainly not hard to understand. Similar in concept to the previous short-form video app Vine, TikTok (often referred to as Vine 2.0) is a video-sharing mobile platform driven almost entirely by a community of young, creative and eclectic users – users that have grown up entirely within the era of social media, and who witnessed firsthand the rise and fall of the aforementioned video platform.

Unlike previous iterations of the mobile video-creation concept, ByteDance’s TikTok also includes built-in sounds and pre-cleared song snippets [no copyright strikes!], as well as filters and augmented reality effects. All of that said, another strength of TikTok is how inclusive it is of various different niche interests and social groups – there are thousands of thriving communities on TikTok focused on a diverse array of verticals such as dance, beauty, sports, food, fashion and even comedy.

While much the video content emerging from these interest groups is certainly not specifically focused on music, they do often include the previously mentioned music snippets, thus exposing the songs to an entirely new, non-endemic market that would likely have been incredibly different to reach under any other circumstances.

Based on the idea that every user can be a creator and the star of their own ongoing video series, TikTok offers users a clear picture of the future of video on social media – quick, memorable and easily consumable content that is addictive, relevant, and highly entertaining. TikTok parent company ByteDance recently claimed that its videos garner 17 billion monthly average views with users spending an average of 46 minutes per day in the app. That’s an absolutely massive level of reach for such a new platform, and certainly brings to mind the concept of influencer marketing, a buzz term that has become incredibly pervasive across all established forms of social media.

What Is Influencer Marketing on TikTok?

To answer this question, it’s first important to understand who the typical TikTok user is. “Made up primarily of Gen Z users who are no longer attracted to the "big players" of social media and seek spaces more in line with their interests. (Forbes)” Unlike millennials, who while very much tech-savvy and intimately familiar with the social media landscape, Gen Z users have quite literally spent their entire lives within the social media ecosystem. This increased level of immersion naturally implies that newer, forward-thinking strategies and technology will be needed in order to reach and engage this young audience.

While influencer marketing is not yet as commonplace on TikTok as it is on established platforms such as Instagram, many brands have already realized its explosive potential for viral marketing. Global fashion brand Guess recently launched the first-ever U.S. brand collaboration with TikTok with its #InMyDenim campaign, partnering with relevant influencers to promote its new denim. Other popular brands such as Google, Coca-Cola, the NBA, and Chipotle have already worked on major TikTok campaigns to raise brand awareness.

How does Influencer Marketing work on TikTok?

It’s clear why brands would want to tap into a platform that is so deeply engrained into youth culture, not to mention it’s nearly unrivaled ability to quickly create content that is easily consumable, highly relatable, and so closely interlinked with the rapidly shifting trends of pop culture. In order to understand more about exactly how brands go about tapping into this content-creation goldmine, we spoke with Influencer Marketing expert Devain Doolaramani, who has developed his own Influencer Network around leveraging TikTok (and other forms of influencer marketing) as the ultimate music marketing platform:

EDM.com - How did you get into TikTok marketing?

Doolaramani – “I first started to realize that the platform would be powerful in the digital music marketing space back when TikTok was http://Musical.ly - I used to manage some of the higher tier audio accounts back then that were pulling hundreds of thousands of likes per post and directing traffic to the song outside of the app because of the amount of people that would take the time to look up the songs or SHAZAM them.”

When did you see the potential of TikTok?

“I saw the potential in the app a few months before the Old Town Road break-out. After that, I think that everyone started to jump onto the platform to market their music.”

How did you get in touch with these influencers?

“I honestly have had relationships with a lot of them for years back when TikTok was http://Musical.ly and decided to start managing a ton of them after I saw the potential in TikTok as an app. I think that the team behind the app is very strong and smart too.”

Can you spot a trend on TikTok, if so, how?

“I personally have noticed trends start to pop up. The easiest way is to look at the number of videos made with the song.”

What should musicians and artists know about TikTok for marketing their music?

“I think that it’s a powerful platform and all of the trends on TikTok start organically. It’s honestly a luck of the draw, but definitely start marketing music on the platform if you haven’t.”

The Growth of TikTok in the Music Industry:

Since it’s official rebranding in August of 2018, TikTok has massive cultural force that attracted the attention of Mike Caren, CEO of Artist Partner Group, who likened TikTok to “the short-form version of YouTube.” “It’s too big alone to be the spark for a song,” Caren says. “Now it’s the wood in the fire.” “If you think of the music consuming demo as 11-24, you reach the bottom half of that audience through two platforms: YouTube and TikTok,” adds Jeff Vaughn, Senior VP of A&R at APG (Forbes).

It’s unclear exactly what catapulted TikTok to such a massive level of success, but what is clear is that when ByteDance, a massive corporate entity already valued at over $75 Billion acquired Musical.ly, which claimed to have a user-base in excess of 500 million at the time, a match made in heaven was created, and the online marketing space will never be the same. 

While Musical.ly benefited from high user retention and explosive, scalable growth, they did not have nearly the same marketing capabilities that the ByteDance behemoth has access to. With this massive influx of capital, as well as the additional experience and infrastructure of the already established ByteDance brand, Musical.ly evolved from a clever lip-synching video platform to the all-encompassing, cross-industry, international short-form video platform that it is today. No longer a niche platform for a specific community, TikTok has become a vaunted marketing platform just waiting to be explored.


Website: https://www.tiktok.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tiktok
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Twitter: https://twitter.com/tiktok_us
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChPd_WHrv3O-XAXXHLixs7g

Metarama Gaming + Music Festival Has Been Canceled

Sun, 09/01/2019 - 13:26

The festival was set to host Marshmello, Alan Walker, and more before its cancellation.

The first annual Metarama Gaming + Music Festival has been officially canceled.  ESPN first reported on sources that claimed that the festival was canceled and fans noticed all the social media pages for the event were deactivated. Since then, the cancellation has been formally announced. 

The announcement was made via the website for the event and included details on how to get refunds. In their own words:

"Despite incredible support and feedback surrounding this first-of-its-kind festival concept and extensive preparation to deliver an unbelievable fan experience, we regret to announce that Metarama Gaming + Music Festival has been cancelled.

100% of your purchase will be refunded to the original payment source on, or before, September 6th. Look for "FGT*METARAMA" on your bank statement. Please allow 7 - 10 days for the funds to be returned to the account."

Metarama was set to take place October 19th and 20th in Las Vegas. Marshmello, Ninja, Alan Walker, and more were scheduled to perform at the inaugural event before its cancelation.


Excision's Second Annual Bass Canyon Was One for the Ages [REVIEW]

Sun, 09/01/2019 - 13:02

Trust us, you don't want to miss any events Excision hosts.

Excision (real name Jeff Abel) has consistently pushed the boundaries of bass music since the inception of his project in 2006. Beginning in 2017, however, he's taken that innovation to the festival game, hosting two of the most prominent bass-focused festivals out there: Lost Lands and Bass Canyon. This year, we traveled to the Gorge Amphitheatre to see just how impressive the second iteration of Bass Canyon would be. 

As most would assume, Bass Canyon was nothing less than phenomenal. Lasting for three days and four nights, every moment of the festival was jampacked with monumental activities. From the beautiful venue to the killer lineup to the amazing attendees, Abel has proven time and time again that he can curate events fans are dying to return to year after year.

The Gorge Amphitheater

The Gorge Amphitheatre is one of the best places to throw a camping festival and Abel has zeroed in on that. Just like other festivals that take place at the Gorge, the camping is divided up into four sections: general admission, premier, terrace, and gold. While the latter three included luxurious amenities like free showers and closer access to the venue, GA was right next to morning yoga instructed by Scott Winslow and a campground silent disco hosted by Seattle-based Bass Therapy. Yoga was an excellent way to start each day, allowing fans to center and prepare themselves for the madness to come. Bass Therapy specializes in keeping the party going and did so each night with sets ending around 5 am.

Yoga in the Campgrounds

In true Excision fashion, the festival kicked off with a pre-party on day zero. Fans were able to enter the venue around 6:30, allowing enough time for them to set up camp and prepare themselves to rage the night away. A stage was built near the venue entrance as to keep the first set at the mainstage as fresh as possible. Many artists showed up early to participate in the first massive back to back set of the weekend. This included 12th Planet, Calcium, Dion Timmer, Dubloadz, G-Rex, Kai Wachi, LSDREAM, Sullivan King, HE$H, and YOOKiE.

Pre-Party b2b Artists

The music at Bass Canyon surpassed all expectations, with Abel himself curating a world-class lineup of bass music that drew in fans from all around the globe. The Gorge was decimated by hard-hitting bass for three days straight, with huge sets from SVDDEN DEATH, Liquid Stranger and his Wakaan Takeover featuring Lucii, Champagne Drip, and LSDREAM, Ganja White Night, Subtronics, Downlink, TRAMPA, and Flux Pavilion as well as up-and-comers, Midnight Tyrannosaurus, Kompany, and Marauda (formally known as Mastadon). 

Trampa's Set at Mainstage

Abel brought out a handful of some of the most innovative newcomers to tear up the stage and perform back to back with him to close out the festival. Lasting an hour and twenty minutes, each artist had 10 minutes to show off their freshest tunes. The massive set included Circus Records mainstay Jessica Audiffred, sound design maestro TYNAN, UK legend Chime, frequent Bassnectar collaborator Jantsen, dubstep favorite UBUR, newcomer Calcium, and trap duo YOOKiE

Excision's Set at Mainstage

Abel strayed away from popular festival amenities like carnival rides and managed to bring two extremely interesting pieces to attendees: The SAMSKARA 360 Dome that includes the mind-bending art of Android Jones and the Space Dome curated by Seattle-based WAVES Presents and Bass Therapy.

The SAMSKARA 360 Dome is an experience like no other. Android Jones delivers some of the most visually stunning pieces on the planet and this project is no different. Lasting roughly twenty minutes, the SAMSKARA 360 Dome immerses festival-goers into a sensory-stimulating environment that's completely unimaginable. While we didn't take any pictures inside the dome, you can check out the preview Abel posted on his Twitter below: 

The Space Dome acted as a second stage, hosting some of the best local talent in the Pacific Northwest. Among those performing were Bass Therapy’s own SoSleepyy, WAVES’s Quackson, and Portland’s Hal-V & Spacecase. While the dome was vastly smaller than the mainstage and held sets during some of the biggest acts of the festival, it was consistently packed each night.

While Lost Lands is larger than life, Bass Canyon holds it's own as an easily comparable event and is a perfect option for headbangers living on the west coast. Undoubtedly, Abel has created two of the best festivals in the country with an unwavering and loyal fanbase and a place each fan can call home. Those who believe that three days of bass music may be too much for them should reconsider, as the diversity and balance were just as well done as any other festival. As 12th Planet might suggest, hesitant fans should "send it" as soon as they get the chance. 


Facebook: facebook.com/Excision/
Instagram: instagram.com/excisionofficial/
Twitter: twitter.com/Excision
SoundCloud: soundcloud.com/excision


Website: basscanyon.com
Facebook: facebook.com/BassCanyon
Instagram: instagram.com/BassCanyon
Twitter: twitter.com/BassCanyon

Burning Man Death Considered Suspicious by Authorities

Sun, 09/01/2019 - 12:37

Authorities are investigating the death and have classified it as suspicious.

It's been reported that a Burning Man attendee was found dead on Thursday and that authorities are considering the death suspicious. 33-year-old Shane Billingham tragically passed away at a medical tent. 

Although unfortunately festival deaths do happen from time to time, this one is currently being treated as suspicious by authorities due to the cause of death. It's been reported by KTVN2 News that Billingham died of carbon monoxide poisoning and that the "findings were suspicious."

At the time of writing, the test results are still pending, however, the early tests have shown that controlled substances were in his system. In a quote from the medical examiner obtained by the BBC: "Preliminary toxicology showed the presence of controlled substances to be an exacerbating factor."

Burning Man started August 25th and will end on September 3rd. It is hosted in the Black Rock Desert in Nevada. The website for the event states that it is not a festival but more. In their own words:

"Burning Man is not a festival! It’s a city wherein almost everything that happens is created entirely by its citizens, who are active participants in the experience."

H/T: Billboard


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Barricade Collapses at Bumbershoot Injuring 25 People

Sun, 09/01/2019 - 04:19

Luckily, the Seattle Fire Department has confirmed no one was seriously injured.

Over two dozen people were injured at Bumbershoot Music & Arts Festival on Saturday night after a metal stage barricade collapsed during Jai Wolf's set. Luckily, the Seattle Fire department has confirmed that there are no serious injuries. It's reported that the incident occurred because too many people were pushing up against the barrier. 

The festival issued a statement on their official Twitter page explaining the incident. In their own words: 

"Saturday night at Bumbershoot Festival there was a steel barricade failure that resulted in several non-life threatening injuries. Those injured were handled by on-site medical teams and further treatment was continued at an area hospital as deemed necessary. We are monitoring the situation and will update as we get more information."

Bumbershoot Music & Arts Festival kicked off August 30th and will end on September 1st. This year's lineup included performances from Rezz, Louis The Child, and more.

H/T: The Seattle Times


Website: https://bumbershoot.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BumbershootFestival/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Bumbershoot

JPEGMAFIA Entrusts Flume, Kenny Beats, and More to Trash his Forthcoming Album

Sat, 08/31/2019 - 17:25

Self-deprecating promo is the best type of promo.

JPEGMAFIA (real name Barrington DeVaughn Hendricks) has enlisted a handful of incredibly notable names in music to trash his forthcoming album, All My Heroes Are Cornballs.

Among those trashing his latest work are FlumeKenny Beats, James Blake, Jeff Tweedy of Wilco, DJ Dahi, Injury Reserve, and Channel Tres. Running at just about a minute long, the clip is undoubtedly worth a watch. Flume initially states he "wouldn't listen to it outside of this room" and goes on to say that the album is "fucking trash." Kenny Beats claims the album "isn't even really music" and later states "I thought the fake Death Grips shit was working but now what are we on?" Honestly, we can't wait to see what Hendricks has cooked up. All My Heroes Are Cornballs is out on September 13th.

Hendricks is known for his insanely unique performances, incorporating punk and metal influences to his sets. The Brooklyn-born artist opened up for Flume at his Red Rocks performance earlier this year and performed on the second day of HARD Summer.

H/T: Your EDM


Website: www.jpegmafia.net
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Twitter: www.twitter.com/darkskinmanson
SoundCloud: www.soundcloud.com/jpegmafia

Wax Motif Kicks Off Label Launch with Diddy Collab "Divided Souls"

Sat, 08/31/2019 - 17:05

Wax Motif is making massive moves.

Wax Motif (real name Danny Chien) and Diddy have joined forces for a dance floor heater "Divided Souls," marking the first release on Chien's new imprint with the same name. 

"Divided Souls" is undoubtedly an instant classic. Diddy's vocal addition adds a throwback-type flare that sits well within house music. The minimalistic, addictive bassline creates an atmosphere that fans will be effortlessly grooving to. "Divided Souls" is not only a milestone for Chien but also shows massive growth as an artist.

Chien on "Divided Souls" and collaborating with Diddy:

“It’s a huge honor to be able to debut my label with a release from myself and Diddy,” explains Wax Motif. “Diddy is legendary to me – I probably watched the ‘Bad Boys for Life’ and ‘Mo Money Mo Problems’ videos a million times growing up. I feel the whole message behind the ‘Divided Souls’ lyrics resonates with me and the dance music scene. The line where Diddy mentions ‘divided souls’ really stuck out to me and I couldn’t get the phrase out of my head, so I decided to call the track and the label by the same name. I’m excited to debut my label and to share a vision for myself and for new artists.”

Chien has had a prolific career, to say the least. His recent accomplishments include his incredibly well-received single "WET," "Static Theory" with Warez, and "Bunda" featuring Dances With White Girls. Chien has been unstoppable since the debut of his project in 2008. Expect to see more from the Australian-born house legend in the near future.

H/T: Your EDM


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