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The Tomorrowland 2019 Aftermovie is Here and It is Epic

Fri, 08/09/2019 - 15:37

An unforgettable festival deserves an unforgettable recap.

The 15th celebration of Tomorrowland is over but fear not, you can relive the magical six days again as the festival the official aftermovie is now live on their YouTube channel and official website. Boom, Belgium welcomed 400,000 "People of Tomorrow" from 200 different countries over the two weekends and the outcome was beautiful. 

The 23-minute long recap encompasses the best the two weekends had to offer. It's cinematic and envy-inducing if you weren't one of the lucky ones to attend. The mini-movie is the perfect encapsulation of the magic and wonder this festival offers its attendees. It's like taking a step into another world. Hundreds of DJs, a multitude of genres, and hours of good vibes shine bright through the screen. If you had an inclination to attend the world-famous festival, this may be your push to travel to Boom in 2020

Now it had its fair share of bumps in the road but that is common with any festival of that scale. Overall there is no denying the team responsible for this musical wonderland has created an experience that is unlike anything else out there. To those who attended, this after movie will serve as the perfect time capsule for the time spent in beautiful Tomorrowland. 


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PiXXel Mends Hearts With Genre-Bending, Emotive Single “Red Roses”

Fri, 08/09/2019 - 15:27

Inspired by a close friend’s recent heartbreak, “Red Roses” is a healthy dose of raw emotion.

It’s commonly said that music is among the strongest natural healers. From speaking universal truths, providing immense comfort, and resonating with all walks of life, it can often get people through their toughest emotional times. The latest mastermind to help aid in the healing of a broken heart is Israeli singer, songwriter, and producer piXXel with his emotion-packed future bass single “Red Roses,” out now via Proximity

Inspired by the heart-wrenching story of a close friend’s heartbreak, piXXel (real name Ori Yonay) decided to transform the broken-down, somber feelings of his friend into something beautiful. “Red Roses” starts off mellow, with a heavy-hearted and gloomy feel. The quiet piano plays adjacent to the Yonay’s soulful voice and mournful lyrics. As the vocals come to an end, the track erupts with a new infusion of energy, completely transforming into an entirely different, bright and bubbling future bass drop. 

This isn’t the first time Yonay has showcased the duality in his production skills. His discography bounces between moods that range anywhere from soft and emotive, to in-your-face, bass-boosted hype tracks. In his six-track Beanie EP, released about three months ago, the Texas-based producer highlights his multi-dimensional talents with standout tracks “Beanie” and “Murder in the Dark.” The title track of his EP, “Beanie” is enchanting and vivid, filled with rolling piano and bright synths. On the opposite end of the spectrum is his track “Murder in the Dark,” which can best be described as an amped-up, bass-heavy soundtrack fit for the opening credits of an action movie.  

View the original article to see embedded media.

Besides producing under his piXXel alias, Yonay also makes up one half of the musical duo Livesay. Created alongside pianist and composer Nathaniel Harris, the two have self-released six tracks since starting their collaborative project nearly two years ago. SoundCloud saw the first release from the pair in October of 2017 with the release of their four-track EP, Awaken and Rise. Since then, the duo have put out two more singles: “The Last Dance” and the ethereal future bass track “Spacetime” featuring Yael Karoly

Stream or download piXXel's single "Red Roses," out now on Proximity.


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Armin van Buuren's Label Achieves Milestone with "Stickup"

Fri, 08/09/2019 - 14:35

Armin van Buuren's new single "Stickup" represents a huge milestone for his label.

With his new single "Stickup" Armin van Buuren has achieved another career milestone. With the release of "Stickup," the five-time DJ Mag crown holder has reached 1,500 releases on his label Armind

As artists have embraced the business of starting their own labels in recent years, the landscape has become increasingly competitive. Armin had the benefit of a head start in this field, but nonetheless his brand's ability to sustain growth over such a prolonged period is quite a feat. Artists such as Arty, BT, W&W and many more have released on the imprint at some point in their career.

Armin put the 1500th release in the books with his new single "Stickup." There's no better way to celebrate the imprint than with the trance sound that laid its foundation, a style Armin channels with his latest high-energy offering. 

Debuting at A State of Trance 900 in Utrecht, "Stickup" has since become something of a staple in Armin's recent sets. Prior to its official release the track was also featured in the album A State of Trance Ibiza 2019.


Facebook: facebook.com/arminvanbuuren
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Skrillex Drops "Malokera" ft. Ty Dolla $ign, TroyBoi, MC Lan, and Ludmilla

Fri, 08/09/2019 - 14:11

The wait is over.

Skrillex has been taking the summer by storm with an epic release spree. Early last month it was revealed another collaboration was around the corner between the superstar producer and long-time collaborator TroyBoi. They recently released the highly anticipated "WARLORDZ" and were gearing up for more. Announced to be on the track was Ty Dolla $ign, who was featured on the Lykke Li and Skrillex track "two nights part ii". Joining forces with this already powerhouse team are the two Brazillian stars MC Lang (who previously stated the track would appear on his own album) and Ludmilla

What these five have created is a certified funky, multilingual bop. The Brazillian styling mixed with Skrillex and TroyBoi's unique production skills makes this track shine. Ty Dolla $ign's smooth vocals are the perfect addition to break up the single. As is tradition, Skrillex does not conform to following a certain genre. "Malokera" is the bouncy Brazillian track that we all needed this weekend.

Skrillex isn't stopping with "Malokera". In the works is a possible collaboration with DJ Scheme and Ski Mask the Slump God. He is breaking into all genres and is even listed to be a collaborator on Zac Brown Band's upcoming album. He was even featured on Ed Sheeran's album. This man truly does it all. 


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Discover New “Colors” in The Knocks' Latest House Single

Fri, 08/09/2019 - 14:03

Electronic duo, The Knocks, keeps summer alive with their most recent release, “Colors” out now on Big Beat Records.

Vibrant, energetic, and carefree - these are the defining characteristics of a fruitful summer, which also seems to be synonymous with dynamic electronic dance duo, The Knocks. Drawing influences from disco, funk, and pop, trying to pin down this prolific duo’s vivid sound is no easy task. Following the release of three hit singles, they're back again to show us new “Colors” in their latest track, out now on Big Beat Records.

After perfecting their craft for over a decade, The Knocks (real names Ben “DJ B-Roc” Ruttner and James “JPatt” Patterson) dominated the electronic scene in 2018 with the release of their sophomore album, New York Narcotics. The 14-track effort - which featured an impressive collection of guest vocalists, such as Sofi Tukker, Method Man, and Sir Sly - landed in the Top 50 on Billboard’s Dance Albums 2018. On top of this, their hit single “Ride or Die” featuring Foster the People earned over 55 million plays, carving out a space as the #1 single on the iTunes Dance chart and spending over 22 weeks on Billboards Dance chart. The fan-favorite track saw it’s way onto the talk show The Late Show with Stephen Colbert as well as getting an official music video that parodies '90s cult films.

With newly peaked global influence, the two found themselves performing on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, and had "Best Friend" - their collaborative track with Sofi Tukker, NERVO, and Alisa Ueno - featured across Apple’s iPhone X promotion videos. Despite their newfound worldwide reach, the duo have kept a tight grip on their roots and they now curate a monthly party called The Knocks & Friends at PUBLIC Arts in their hometown of New York City. 

View the original article to see embedded media.

For fans looking to get The Knocks experience live, the pair have a few remaining North American tour dates. Up next for them will be a DJ set at Jemaa Pool Party in Las Vegas on August 17th at NoMad. Along with this, they have two appearances set in Mexico throughout the month of October and will conclude the North American Live tour at Wonderfront Festival in San Diego on November 24th. For ticketing and tour information, visit here. The two have also teased more upcoming singles due for release before summer ends.

Stream or download The Knock's "Colors" out now on Big Beat Records.


Facebook: facebook.com/theknocksnyc
Instagram: instagram.com/the_knocks
Twitter: twitter.com/theknocks
SoundCloud: soundcloud.com/theknocks


Facebook: facebook.com/wearebigbeat
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German-Chinese Electronic Group C.O.W. 牛 Release EP, EPIC, Premiere "Cringe Lords" Video

Fri, 08/09/2019 - 13:49

C.O.W. 牛 merge music and visual art to create a captivating and fully immersive multi-sensory experience.

An electronic group and multi-media music collective composed of four anonymous members hailing from China and Germany, C.O.W. strive to merge the worlds of music and visual art in such a way as to create a truly captivating and fully immersive multi-sensory experience. In furtherance of that goal, the members of the group have perfected their character and brand image to the point where they - or she - would prefer to be seen as a singular female entity. 

Most recently, C.O.W. represented her German affiliation by signing to cult German indie label Compost Records, for the release of her newest three-track EPIC EP, as well as the music video for the single "Cringe Lords." The direct follow up to the first single release of "Shang Dang," EPIC spans a wide range of styles, all of which are rooted in a futuristic, bass-driven, fun-loving atmosphere that flows fluidly between a diverse variety of electronic music genres. 

Asked about the release, C.O.W. 牛 said:

"Everything is EPIC. At least we’re deceived into believing that. Our eyes are guided towards the beautiful. The internet, but more specifically, social media is a place of worship of the flawless. “Lords” plays with those themes and highlights this trope by shining light on the ugly, the hidden and madness of a world that made authenticity a commodity. The text and video depict the paradox and pain of a world that could be used to make us more human instead of making us less of what is natural. The instrumental and beat, however, are truly EPIC.” 

What is particularly special about C.O.W. 牛 is that the project has truly taken on a life of its own. The "group" is a deliberately crafted character that serves as an avatar for them as a whole, and every aspect of the music and the live performance is meticulously designed to reinforce that image. When asked about C.O.W. 牛's approach to both music production and brand development, Michael Reinboth, the curator, and founder of Compost Records noted:

“C.O.W. 牛’s visual and musical images, as well as their social media skills, and also their social critical behavior, are well thought out. Musically, they’re simply fresh and open. They’re not stuck in IDM, trap, downbeat, hip-hop, cold wave, electro or whatever. They’re just great tunes. Visually, they have a strict concept—which is fantastic. Even if they are four guys, they’re dealing with female images because one of their ideals and topics is that women shall and will rule the world for a better one.”


Website: cowcowcowcow.com
Facebook: facebook.com/cowregards
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Dirtybird’s VNSSA On Beats 1 One Mix [Interview]

Fri, 08/09/2019 - 13:27

With a chart-topping hit on Beatport this year, VNSSA's one to watch.

One of Dirtybird’s fast-rising acts, VNSSA takes to Beats 1’s weekly radio show One Mix. Knowing VNSSA, it’s bound to be a tech house-heavy set with a nice mix of disco. Cue tunes from Purple Disco Machine, Sonny Fodera, KiNK, Codes, Dale Howard and Phantoms.

Tune in here, exclusively on Apple Music.
Air Date: Friday, 9th August 2019 - 21:00 LA / 00:00 NY / 05:00 UK

At the age of 12, VNSSA (real name Vanessa Barnes) wished to get turntables for Christmas. It took a while for her to actually get behind the decks, but music was a big part of her life all along the way. Between orchestra, high school bands, band camp, Barnes keenly explored the world of music. Growing up in Newport Beach, surfing and spending time at the beach daily, she listened to heavy metal, surf punk, and indie rock.

Electronic music came into the fold after a fallout with her band, spurring her to go at it solo. Barnes ventured into production, inspired by artists like Grimes and RÜFÜS DU SOL. Then, discovering "Don’t Go" by Justin Martin and "Femme Fatale" by Justin Jay, she stumbled into the wacky world of Dirtybird.

Barnes grew fond of the label’s quirky take on house music, and though she released her debut EP just last year, she quickly caught their attention. She was soon booked for Dirtybird events like their infamous Dirtybird Campout festival. Not only that, but earlier this year she collaborated with Walker & Royce on “Word.” The track hit top spot on Beatport and made its rounds throughout house music DJ sets.

Learn more about Barnes as she told EDM.com about her first show experience, go-to places for new music, guilty pleasure record, and more.

EDM.com: First show experience?

VNSSA: The first big show experience I can remember was opening for Nora En Pure at The Wayfarer in Orange County. It was also the first time I used CDJs - I used to use a controller. I remember the crowd was so pumped they were climbing onstage and one guy was grabbing on to the DJ booth and nearly pulled it off stage. It took me and two other guys pulling it from the other side so it wouldn't fall over. Luckily nothing got unplugged and everything went as planned. Needless to say, after that I was hooked.

First time you brought your mom to one of your shows?

She's yet to come to a show. She lives in Costa Rica, so hopefully one day I can fly her to one of my shows, or play in Costa Rica!

The artist who inspired you to become a musician?

The artist who inspired me to go the DJ/producer route is Grimes. I played drums in bands and a lot of times I wanted to basically be the entire band and write and play all the parts myself. I knew I could do that by producing but I didn't know how that could translate on stage. I saw a video of Grimes playing a live set, and she did just that. That's what I aspire to do someday, hopefully soon.

Go-to places for new music?

Surprisingly Twitter. Up and comers are always sending me new music and stuff they're working on, which some of the time is really really good. I've found a lot of dope stuff that literally no one has.

Guilty pleasure record?

"Bad Girls" by Donna Summer.

Desert-island dance record?

"Poison Lips" by Vitalic.

Dream B2B partner?

Claude VonStroke.

Favorite BPM?


Piece of gear you always need on the road?


All-time favorite festival?

Dirtybird Campout.

Biggest misconception about dance music?

That all DJs do is press play.

How often do you get out and have fun, and where do you go?

Between gigging and working on music, I don't have a lot of time these days. Playing shows will always be my number one go-to for fun, other than that I love going to Disneyland and just getting together with my friends, wherever and whatever it may be.

City with the most underrated dance scene?

Fresno, Portland, Toronto.

Follow VNSSA

Facebook: facebook.com/VNSSAOfficial
Instagram: @v_nss_a
Twitter: @V_nss_A
SoundCloud: soundcloud.com/v_nss_a

Listen to July's Sizzling New Releases [Playlist]

Fri, 08/09/2019 - 12:32

Get a recap of July's hot new releases with our monthly top picks playlist.

It's a little more than halfway into the summer and things are just heating up in the dance music world. July saw quite a lot of new releases from DJs who teased forthcoming albums, experimented with their sound, drew inspiration from the past, and paired up with other artists on seemingly unlikely collaborations.

To keep you in the loop on the latest music, our playlist hits all the essential songs like Ekali's first single from his upcoming debut album, "Runaway," Throttle's electro house track, "Dreamer," which marks his return to Monstercat, and the master of festival anthems, Martin Garrix, with his beautiful, melodic song, "These Are The Times."

One of the biggest surprises this past month was Skrillex's two-track EP, Show Tracks. After five years, he finally collaborated with Alvin Risk again on a gritty dubstep track, "Fuji Opener." However, his collaboration with Beam, "Mumbai Power," explores the opposite spectrum with some chilling melodic and electric chords. Speaking waiting years for something, Knife Party finally released an EP after four years. All four tracks on Lost Souls bring some nostalgic big room and house vibes.

Going back in time, Deorro was in a 2009 mood when he made his latest track. Opting to make a more progressive song rather than his signature bouncey electro, he definitely hit the nail on the head with "All This Time." Similarly, electro-pop duo Icona Pop also went down memory lane with their '90s inspired release "Next Mistake." With a mix of retro house keys and beats and glistening vocals, it'll definitely have you itching to listen to some old-school dance music.

It almost seems like everyone has been in a nostalgic mood lately, even Steve Aoki. His unlikely collaboration with Darren Criss covers the Dave Matthews Band's 1996 hit, "Crash Into Me." On the topic of collaborations, for the first time ever, David Guetta and Martin Solveig worked together on an intoxicating progressive house track, "Thing For You."

However, one of the most highly anticipated collaborations was Above & Beyond and Seven Lions' "See The End." Years in the making, their relationship started back in 2011 when Seven Lions entered a remix contest for the trio's "You Got To Go." Now going full circle, both artists have finally worked together on a trance masterpiece. 

For more awesome house, future house, future bass, trap, dubstep and electro songs, be sure to check out the rest of our playlist.

What Do You Get When Mom N Dad Remix Adventure Club, Crankdat & Krewella?

Fri, 08/09/2019 - 12:19

Adventure Club, Crankdat & Krewella's "Next Life" got a fiery midtempo remix from your favorite parental DJs.

Earlier this year, the legendary Canadian melodic bass duo Adventure Club revealed that they were teaming up with Krewella for the first time since 2012, and that Crankdat would be coming along for the party. Their highly anticipated collaboration, the hit single "Next Life" received massive international support from the ravenous fans of all five artists, and the song has already dominated festival stages around the world.  

View the original article to see embedded media.

In order to capitalize on the runaway success of the original, Ultra Records have enlisted several incredibly talented producers to put their own unique twist on "Next Life." Each artist or group approaches "Next Life" from an altogether different angle, and our favorite by far is Mom N Dad's heavy midtempo remix. 

Putting the perfect spin on the sultry vocals of Krewella's Yousaf sisters, Colorado producers Mom N Dad put their unmistakable midtempo twist on "Next Life," transforming it into a fearsome monster of a track. While the bass-heavy midtempo approach was first popularized in the world of EDM with the meteoric rise (and fall) of moombahton, Mom N Dad ramp up the heat to a whole new level. Aggressive, pseudo-industrial, metallic synths crank up the energy of the already explosive drops, and yet they somehow manage to maintain the lush plucks and rich melodic aesthetic that put Adventure Club on the map.

The world of midtempo bass has experienced tremendous growth throughout the last year and a half, particularly with the rise of artists like Rezz, 1788-L, Lick, Blanke, and 13. In the few short months since they released their debut remix for Dillon Francis and Alison Wonderland's "Lost My Mind," Mom N Dad have not only joined this esteemed list of talent, but they've also added their own catchy, commercially accessible twist to a genre that is otherwise very niche and focused almost entirely on engineering and sound design.

Stream or download Mom N Dad's Remix of "Next Life" today, and be sure check out the rest of the remix pack while you're at it.


Website: momndadtunes.com
Faceboook: facebook.com/MomNDadTunes
Twitter: twitter.com/MomnDadtunes
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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AdventureClub
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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/crankdat
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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/crankdat
SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/crankdatmusic


Facebook: facebook.com/krewella
Twitter: twitter.com/Krewella
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/krewella
SoundCloud: soundcloud.com/krewella

KDrew and Duke & Jones Get "One Thing Right" in Marshmello Remixes

Fri, 08/09/2019 - 11:57

The Remixes for Marshmello and Kane Brown's hit single "One Thing Right" have finally arrived.

Following the release of Lil Nas X's mega-hit "Old Town Road," country music saw a significant increase in commercial crossover appeal. Never one to miss out on a ripe opportunity to capitalize on shifting and evolving trends, American DJ and producer Marshmello (real name Chris Comstock) teamed up with rising Nashville star Kane Brown  on his latest pop radio hit, "One Thing Right." Peaking at #55 on the Billboard Hot 100, "One Thing Right" amassed nearly 80 million streams on Spotify alone since it's release on June 21st.

Less than two months later, Comstock and the team at his Joytime Collective imprint have decided to grace us with a round of fresh, forward-thinking remixes from some of hottest producers in the scene. From EDM.com regulars like KDrew and Duke & Jones to Dutch big room duo Firebeatz and Spanish bass house group Subshock & Evangelos, the "One Thing Right" remix pack is filled to the brim with diverse and excellent music.

View the original article to see embedded media.

The KDrew (real name Kevin Drew) remix delivers exactly what the summer season calls for: a roaring festival anthem fit to burst with his signature crisp, crashing drums and thunderous, stadium-size synths. It's an epic smasher of truly monumental proportions, KDrew's take on "One Thing Right" brings the radio pop hit straight to the festival main stage. You won't know what hit you!

Manchester duo Duke & Jones take a completely different approach to their remix of "One Thing Right." Groovy yet jagged, minimal yet cinematic, their remix flips the song entirely on its head. An upbeat pop-country hit is transformed into a resonant sonic dreamscape that pans back and forth between muted, atmospheric tones and intense, staggering, and emotionally charged breaks.

View the original article to see embedded media.

With three other incredible remixes still remaining, we fully expect this next wave of country-infused remixes to inject a fresh surge of energy into the rising trend of country crossover records.

Stream or download Marshmello's "One Thing Right" Remixes EP.


Facebook: bit.ly/Duke-JonesFB
Instagram: bit.ly/Duke-JonesIG
Twitter: bit.ly/DukeJones-TW
SoundCloud: bit.ly/DukeJones-SC


Facebook: facebook.com/marshmellomusic
Twitter: twitter.com/marshmellomusic
Instagram: instagram.com/marshmellomusic
SoundCloud: soundcloud.com/marshmellomusic

Rich DietZ Unleash House Heater "Neighborhood" ft. YamDice

Fri, 08/09/2019 - 11:41

Rich DietZ and YamDice have a dance floor destroyer on their hands.

With house back on the rise of late, it can be difficult for producers to stand out but Rich DietZ has a sound so fresh they cut through the noise. The duo have delivered with their new single titled "Neighborhood," featuring YamDice that provides the soundtrack for a night out on the town.

A rumbling, gravelly bass line sets the tone for "Neighborhood" right from the start, with chops of YamDice's edgy vocal refrain ringing out overhead. The duo's clever use of sound effects will surely appeal to any house head on a dance floor where it's cued up, and the drop sets the feet of all in attendance into motion.

View the original article to see embedded media.

Rich DietZ first met in 2012 and then inaugurated their current project in 2016, blending elements of house, hip-hop and rock into a cohesive yet eclectic style. Thus far in 2019 they've released house bangers "All My FriendZ" and "Talk Dirty."  

"Going to festivals is all about the music and meeting new people," said Rich DietZ regarding their newest single, “Neighborhood.” "We met YamDice at Imagine Music Festival last year and immediately clicked. A few months later the three of us sat down in the studio; we laced up some sounds, she said some words, and 'Neighborhood' was born."

Stream or download Rich DietZ' "Neighborhood" featuring YamDice here.

Follow Rich DietZ:

Facebook: facebook.com/RICHDIETZOFFICIAL
Twitter: twitter.com/richdietzmusic
Instagram: instagram.com/richdietzofficial
SoundCloud: soundcloud.com/richdietzofficial

Forbes Announces The Chainsmokers, 21 Savage and Normani for 2019 Under 30 Summit

Thu, 08/08/2019 - 17:21

The Chainsmokers, 21 Savage, and Normani will kick off the 2019 Forbes Under 30 Summit’s Music Festival at Detroit’s iconic Masonic Temple.

Forbes today announced that its 2019 Under 30 Summit, and following the summit tradition, the opening music festival. Kicking off the festivities on this year's lineup will be Grammy Award-winning duo, The Chainsmokers, and Grammy-nominated, multi-platinum rapper 21 Savage, with singer-songwriter Normani as the special guest. 

The sixth annual summit will take place from October 27th-30th,2019 in Detroit and is expected to see a gathering of nearly 10,000 visionaries and disruptors from varied industries and around the world. The Summits music festival will take place on the evening of October 27th at the iconic Masonic Temple

The event will feature more than 200 speakers from varied areas of business including Serena Williams, Steve Case, Heidi Zak, and more. Also speaking at the summit in addition to their performances will be Drew Taggart and Alex Pall of The Chainsmokers and Normani. 

The duo recently came out on top of Forbes' annual list of highest-paid DJs dethroning Calvin Harris from the top spot for the first time in many years. Taggart is also a Forbes Under 30 lister. Evolving into a dominating musical force with a diverse repertoire of songs, they have not only had a number of Billboard chart-topping tracks but breakthrough songs across genres.

Also performing is a former Forbes Under 30 lister, 21 Savage (real name Shéyaa Bin Abraham-Joseph). The Atlanta-based rapper made waves with his first studio album, Issa Album, debuting at No. 2 on the Billboard 200 last year. The multi-platinum rapper and philanthropist has left an undeniable mark on hip-hop as a true original. 

Best known as one of the four members of multi-platinum group Fifth Harmony, Normani (Full name Normani Kordei Hamilton) decided to branch out and pursue a solo career. In the process of recording her first solo album, she has collaborated with Khalid, Calvin Harris, Sam Smith and many more. Hamilton is also doing her bit outside the studio. She is the Global Ambassador to the American Cancer Society and a Diversity Ambassador for The CyberSmile Foundation, a multi-award-winning anti cyberbullying non-profit organization.

Artists who have performed at previous editions of the Forbes Under 30 Summit music festival include ZeddMarshmello, Halsey, A$AP Rocky, and Afrojack.

Follow Forbes Under 30 here: 


Alison Wonderland Teams Up with QUIX for "TIME"

Thu, 08/08/2019 - 17:04

The interesting collaboration will bend your perception of time.

Acclaimed musician, vocalist, and producer Alison Wonderland is back with a brand new single called "TIME". A collaboration with one of New Zealand's finest, QUIX, the song is quite a sonic journey.

Beginning at a lower tempo, "TIME" builds on a very trance-like arpeggio that swells and recedes throughout the first minute of the track. A lo-fi house beat enters the equation soon after, and a cheeky tempo change propels the track further toward its ultimate destination: a future bass-infused drop that capitalizes on the trap sound for which QUIX is very well known. 

The track is so unique one might even go as far as to call it "experimental." Alison Wonderland's vocals lend an intensity to the second drop, which doubles down on the intensity of the first, creating a cinematic climax. "TIME" showcases the talents of each musician perfectly, and represents a wonderful fusion of the styles of Wonderland and QUIX.

Alison Wonderland is currently touring around the world, with her next stop being a sold out show at the legendary Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Morrison, Colorado. QUIX is also on tour across the United States, with stops in Colorado, Texas, Florida, and more. 

"TIME" is out now and can be found here


Facebook: facebook.com/awonderdj
Twitter: twitter.com/awonderland
Instagram: instagram.com/alisonwonderland
SoundCloud: soundcloud.com/alisonwonderland


Facebook: facebook.com/OfficialQUIX
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Marshmello Receives Plaque for Selling Over 5 Million Copies of "Happier"

Thu, 08/08/2019 - 16:21

The mega-hit has garnered over 5 million purchases.

In 2018, EDM poster boy Marshmello dropped his hit single "Happier" featuring the immensely popular English group Bastille. The track is well on its way to a billion (yes, billion) streams on Spotify alone, which translates to the equivalent of roughly five million copies. 

At Capitol Music Group’s annual Capitol Congress in Los Angeles, 'Mello received a plaque to commemorate the milestone. The large plaque features the "Happier" album artwork, and five stacked vinyl recordings of the track, each representing one million purchases. 

Currently, 150 streams of a song equates to one purchase of the song when tallying up purchase counts. So, 750,000,000 streams alone would get mello to the 5 million copies sold benchmark, but he's already surpassed that by over a hundred million additional streams on Spotify alone, where the current play count is just about to hit 900 million. Actual purchases could also account for a significant part of the 5 million mark as well.

Marshmello's monumental achievement follows the release of his new album Joytime III back in July, and a slew of "Happier" remixes back in 2018 from the likes of SVDDEN DEATH, Frank Walker, Breathe Carolina, and more. 


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Tchami Drops New Single, "Rainforest"

Thu, 08/08/2019 - 15:30

The steamy new single was released today via Tchami's Confession label.

France's house music superstar Tchami has returned with a brand new single. After featuring on DJ Snake's new album on a track called "Made In France" alongside fellow Pardon My Frenchmen Malaa and Mercer, and his 2019 single "Omega" (featuring Ibranovski), the Confession label boss has released "Rainforest."

Tchami (real name Martin Joseph Léonard Bresso) takes a bright and summery approach on "Rainforest," delivering a distinct and memorable future house anthem. The vocal bits ensure that it will be a singalong at many festivals to come throughout the dog days of summer and beyond. "Rainforest" is reminiscent of early 2010s-era big room house, but with a sound all its own and very much illustrative of Bresso's unique vibe. 

The music video released for the track features a fun and dreamy rainforest setting, complete with loads of romance and a sexy waterfall. Carefree main characters chase each other around and court each other with some pretty impressive avant-garde dance moves. 

"Rainforest" follows a string of energetic and danceable Tchami tunes like "Omega" and 2018's Aurra / Shades release. The new single is out now via Confession and can be found here


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If You're Thinking of Being a Ghost Producer, Read This

Thu, 08/08/2019 - 13:35

What is the role of ghost production in the era of electronic dance music?

In the middle of 2019, everyone already knows what a ghost producer is. In 2014, however, after the great boom of EDM, the concept was just becoming a part of regular fan discourse. During this time, numerous long-kept secrets were revealed to the public about how the industry works, secrets to which only the biggest names in the recording industry were previously privy. Many were the media outlets that published about it, and many of the artists themselves opened up about it. 

In an interview, Hardwell, who has sometimes claimed to have worked as a ghost producer, showed his point of view about ghost production: "Well I'm fine with ghost producing in general," he said, "but if you're not producing your own tracks, be honest, say 'I'm a good DJ but I can't produce my own songs, I got help.'"

As the number of new DJs and producers entering the space continues to increase exponentially, the demand for ghost production has increased as well. An entire industry specifically designed around the buying and selling of tracks has begun to emerge, including ghost producer-focused websites based around brokering these types of transactions.

It is well-known that iconic dance music artists have used ghost production services for years; names like David Guetta and Tiësto are perfect examples of EDM legends who have admitted to bringing in other producers and engineers to assist with the creation of certain records. On the other hand, many world-famous producers have claimed to have worked for other artists as a ghost producers. Hardwell and KSHMR are good examples, as is the well-known Maarten Vorwerk, who has written for dozens of artists such as Quintino, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Chuckie, Sander Van Doorn, and more. 

When asked about the life of a ghost producer, Vorwerk had the following to say:

"Life is good, especially here in Aruba where it’s always nice weather and you can always go to the beach. If you combine that with a lot of studio time you basically describe a perfect life. However, being a producer is still a very tough career. There is always some form of pressure. People expect a lot of you and you always have to deliver. Same goes for a DJ, although a DJ can play the same set while I have to create something entirely new every time. I love it if a track becomes a hit. It’s great to see and hear all the positive reactions and to hear your tracks on the radio. My name is still in the credits though, so that’s enough recognition for me. I do appreciate it when a DJ mentions me as a co-producer in interviews..."

Thanks to the attention the issue has received as the result of these outspoken individuals, ghost production is now significantly more understood and transparent. Most ghost producers are seeking a legitimate means of income to fit a lifestyle otherwise not conducive to being a musician, and many otherwise extremely talented artists seek out the assistance of a ghost producer to help with the creation of music when faced with the challenges of being constantly on tour. While playing late nights and early mornings - and being permanently deprived of sleep while away from the studio - it can be incredibly hard to keep pace with the robust release schedule often expected of bigger artists. All of these factors contribute to the idea that a ghost producer isn't just "a shortcut to fame" for the rich and [not-so]-talented, it's a perfectly viable career path through the ever-evolving music industry. 

Today, ghost production is in many ways now considered to be acceptable by the general public, and demand for the service has continued to skyrocket. 


Ghost production has quickly emerged as a viable means for talented but otherwise unheard-of artists to earn money as a producer, in fact, it's one of the easiest ways to earn income without needing to develop your own brand and fanbase. Many artists are already able to support themselves from their music as a direct result of the many online platforms and services that have spring up around the idea of selling ghost produced tracks.

Music producers know how hard it is to make money from their work. In many ways, it often seems like there is no middle ground between being a famous, multi-platinum producer, and producing as a hobby in your bedroom. For any producer with great knowledge and experience, but without a well-known name, it can be all but impossible to earn a stable income from releasing their own music, especially when you consider the vast array of other tasks that a solo artist has to stay on top of (branding, engaging fans, running socials, designing graphics, etc).

My Ghost Market, one of the leading companies in ghost production services, states that more than 50% of the tracks uploaded to the website are sold within one year of uploading to the platform. Even if ghost production isn't your primary focus as an artist, this high sales rate makes it a great option for artists that have a level of musical output that exceeds their own ability to release it all in a timely fashion. In this way, these ghost production platforms also serve as a great supplementary income stream for artists who are already touring or doing well with their own solo productions.


Far from disappearing, the ghost producing market is rapidly expanding and is now opening up to new terrain beyond EDM. We regularly see many prominent companies in the space taking ghost production beyond the world of electronic music, taking on things such as hip-hop beats, and even to the sale of loops and samples. In the future (likely already taking place in the present), we will hear songs created by multiple different ghost producers who not only don't know each other but have likely have never even interacted let alone know of each other in the first place. All of this presents quite a challenge for musical creativity, while simultaneously opening a door to a whole new world of innovation in the music industry.

Outside Lands to Allow Onsite Cannabis Sales and Consumption

Thu, 08/08/2019 - 12:12

San Francisco approved the sale and use of marijuana at the festival's Grass Lands area.

Outside Lands is the biggest of seven San Francisco events to allow attendees to sell and partake in cannabis on location as part of a new legislation. The city's test program will allow the organizers of each function to set up consumption areas. 

In the case of the festival, whose 2019 edition will take place from August 9th-12th at Golden Gate Park, revelers will be allowed to purchase and consume marijuana in a 21+ area called Grass Lands. "Grass Lands spotlights the celebration, education, and integration of cannabis products into daily life," reads a post to the event website. "We invite you to stop by and explore interactive activities, live music, talks and more."

Outside Lands has taken place annually since 2008. In addition to rock, hip-hop and pop billings, electronic music's presence on the lineup has grown parallel to the EDM boom of the past decade. Among the 2019 edition's headliners are Kygo, Flume and RL Grime.

For more information on Outside Lands, visit the event website.

H/T: Dancing Astronaut

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VNCCII's "Astro Life" is what Happens when Humanity and Artificial Intelligence Collide

Thu, 08/08/2019 - 10:55

VNCCII explores a utopian soundscape through the eyes of her 3D robot avatar in new record and music video for "Astro Life"

Recently emerging from the Australian underground, Sydney-based producer VNCCII is a talented young musician who has painstakingly crafted her brand around the concept of blurring the lines between music, gaming, technology and virtual reality. Developing her image around a 3D cyborg avatar, VNCCII is constantly exploring this grey area, a mission that she seeks to accomplish through the deeply musical and highly diverse adventures of her virtual 3D avatar.

Her most recent song, "Astro Life," follows the release of her debut single, "Citizen A.I," and portrays VNCCII’s 3D robot heroine traversing a futuristic, utopian soundscape that is revealed in all its glory in the official "Astro Life" music video - premiered for the first time on EDM.com.

Written, recorded and produced by VNCCII herself and mastered by electronic music virtuoso Shawn Naderi (who has worked with the likes of Flume, Marshmello, Jauz, and What So Not), "Astro Life" is VNCCII's first release to showcase both her striking vocals and her razor-sharp production. A beautiful fusion of skills that further reveals the depth of talent hidden behind her virtual avatar, "Astro Life" marks the beginning of a new and as-yet-untold chapter.

Elaborating on the themes behind her music, VNCCII has said: 

“What I love about music is that you can be whoever you want. There are of course elements that draw on inspiration from my personal life, but it’s fun to also create a fantasy or a characterization and even a projection of the future (like an imagineer or futurist). It’s really cool to shock and that is why I create art.”

Stream or download VNCCII's "Astro Life" today.


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Afrojack Drops "Bass Is Kicking" from Upcoming EP

Wed, 08/07/2019 - 19:39

Afrojack brings it back with a big-room banger "Bass Is Kicking" from his upcoming Press Play 2 EP.

Grammy-winning DJ and Producer Afrojack (real name Nick van de Wall) has been known to be a party starter and for his big room bangers. Staying true to that reputation of being able to kickstart happenings at any event, Wall dropped his latest single "Bass Is Kicking" on his own Wall Recordings

The single comes as the third release from his upcoming EP, Press Play 2

In the recent past, Wall had tweeted his displeasure with "everyone making 100 bpm pop stuff" and how that was a fun run, but he was going to go back to serving "big hard simple drops" through his sets this summer. 

He stayed true to his words and delivered "Bass Is Kicking" - which is just that, a big, hard, simple drop as promised. The feelgood, energetic song takes us back to the dirty Dutch big room feels. This track definitely makes us reminiscent of the signature Afrojack sounds from the past and we are here for this informed shift back to the known soundscapes.

"When people hear this track, I want them to know that they’re in for a good time," Wall said of the track. "I chose beats that I thought no one would be able to resist moving to. The bass drop gives it that free feeling!"

Being a constant in the top 10 of the DJ Mag Top 100 DJs poll for years now, Wall has carved a place for himself sitting tight at the #8 spot for 2018. Over the years his collaborators have been diverse and numerous. From Pitbull to Sting to Beyoncé, he also won a Grammy Award for his work on David Guetta's remix of Madonna's "Revolver."

Showing no signs of slowing down, Wall has dominated the summer with a number of global crossover hits. "Cut It Up" saw Wall work with K-pop sensation CL and Japanese megastars PKCZ®, this was followed by "Reach" with BJ The Chicago Kid and "We Got That Cool" with Icona Pop and Yves V.

Follow Afrojack here:


Casey Jones Sets Fire to 40oz Cult with Label Debut Single “Hell House” ft. Bukka

Wed, 08/07/2019 - 19:34

The primarily riddim-based label got some scorching hot bass house added to their catalogue.

Summer is in full swing and temperatures are rising. The latest to bring the heat is Las Vegas-based Casey Jones with his fiery bass house track “Hell House” featuring Bukka, out now on 40oz Cult

Marking his label debut on the beloved collective, “Hell House” perfectly showcases Jones' niche branding of house. Listeners who choose to enter "Hell House" are immediately met with the haunting chants from the inhabitants of this underworld-like soundscape. As the beat enters, Jones' larger-than-life, amped-up production skills are on full display, making for an evil track any EDM lover can appreciate. 

Though at first, it may seem like an unlikely fit (due to 40oz Cult being known as a riddim label), it comes as no surprise the Los Angeles-based imprint with a mission of “spreading plague music” has enlisted the rising star who lives under the motto of “Pizza, pentagrams, and house music from Hell.” 

Run by powerhouse siblings Dack Janiels (real name Tanner Chung) and Wenzday (real name Taylor Chung), 40oz Cult has taken a more eclectic approach to the bass music community, aside from just releasing fire tracks. From curated events to streetwear, and the recent edition of pre-rolled joints for fans located in Southern California, the supercharged label shows no sign of slowing down their ever-growing, global influence. 

View the original article to see embedded media.

Fans wishing to exit life and enter hell can catch Casey Jones at Burial Grounds Art and Music Festival in Phoenix, Arizona on September 14th. Jones will be performing alongside Modestep, Hi I’m Ghost, Samplifire, and more. For ticketing information, visit here

Stream or download Casey Jone's "Hell House," out now on 40oz Cult.


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