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Grimes Says Lil Peep's Death Inspired Her New Song, "Delete Forever"

Wed, 02/12/2020 - 20:02

Grimes got personal in an interview with Zane Lowe on Beats 1.

The music community was hit hard by the 2017 death of American singer songwriter Lil Peep, and it turns out Canadian singer/songwriter Grimes was no exception. She has released "Delete Forever," a more acoustic iteration of her avant-garde signature sound, revealing in an interview with Beats 1 host Zane Lowe that it was inspired by the young artist's untimely passing.

"It's about the opioid epidemic and that kind of thing because I've had quite a few friends actually pass away," she told Lowe. "In particular, one friend when I was 18 passed away from complications related to opioid addiction. Artists keep dying so I wrote this song on the night Lil Peep died because I just got super, super triggered by that.”

"Delete Forever" by Grimes can be streamed or downloaded across platforms here. Her upcoming album, Miss Anthropocene, is slated for release on February 21st, 2020.


Website: grimesmusic.com
Facebook: facebook.com/actuallygrimes
Twitter: twitter.com/Grimezsz

Instagram: instagram.com/grimes 

Mind Medicine and Other Psychedelics Companies Looking to Go Public in 2020

Wed, 02/12/2020 - 19:33

Amid psilocybin mushrooms' decriminalization in more and more U.S. cities, psychedelics are going corporate.

It was only a matter of months ago that psilocybin, the active ingredient in magic mushrooms, was fast tracked by the FDA as a breakthrough treatment for depression. Big business might be the next move for psychedelics with companies like Mind Medicine Inc. and Field Trip Psychedelics Inc. sharing plans to go public.

Mind Medicine, which will be helmed by former Canopy Growth Corp co-CEO Bruce Linton and Shark Tank's Kevin O'Leary, plans to list under the ticker MMED via a reverse takeover by the first week of March. “Our ambition is to be one of the first publicly listed neuro-pharmaceutical companies developing psychedelic medicines,” Rahn told Bloomberg.

Meanwhile, Field Trip raised $8.5 million as part of a series A funding round that wrapped up last week. The company intends to launch a network of ketamine-assisted psychotherapy clinics, according to Executive Chairman Ronan Levy. He and the rest of Field Trip's owners are deciding whether to go public or stick to private funding.

A number of companies are already conducting clinical trials to determine the effectiveness of various psychedelics as treatments for ailments like post-traumatic stress disorder and depression. Compass Pathways, who played no small role in the aforementioned breakthrough treatment status, has not revealed whether it plans to go public.

It remains to be seen whether additional U.S. cities will decriminalize psilocybin or other entheogenics over the course of 2020.

Meduza Demonstrate They're More than Just Catchy House Music [Interview]

Wed, 02/12/2020 - 18:55

The Italian trio talk on their recent Grammy nomination, successful singles, and upcoming shows.

The science behind an earworm record is quite simple: upbeat tempos, similar pitch patterns, and big leaps in notes. As straightforward as it may be, the challenge lies in making it difficult to leave your brain. The term itself is given to songs that you can't get out of your head, to catchy, rhythmic tunes. 

In the vast catalogue of records in dance music, there is one recent track in particular that has managed to bury itself in the noggin of house enthusiasts. Whether it be on the radio or in the club, you've undoubtedly stumbled upon (and maybe even sang along) to its signature verse.

The memorable record, "Piece of Your Heart," is the brainchild of Italian trio Meduza, who collaborated with Goodboys on this infectious track. A Grammy-nominated cut, the song infiltrated mainstream radio and has been a hit on the dance floor since debuting in 2019. 

Not ones to be outdone, the triad's follow-up single, "Lose Control," is just as catchy as its predecessor. Both releases have managed to cement Meduza as the next big thing in house music.

As prosperous as their endeavor has been, the group are keen on not being classified as radio-friendly mainstays. Their live performances take a more underground tone, reflecting the diverse range in their take on house music.

The group's rise in popularity was evident during a recent sold-out, three-hour set at Exchange LA. It was at the Los Angeles show where we caught up with Meduza, who candidly spoke on their recent success.

EDM.COM: How have club shows like your recent three-hour performance at Exchange LA treated you?

MEDUZA: We loved playing Exchange LA a couple of weeks ago. We might be having commercial success on the radio, but we play quite underground. It’s great to take audiences on a long journey also, so you can expect longer sets from us in 2020 and beyond. It gives us the freedom to set the tone and take everyone on a musical journey.

The event was sold out. How are you managing your growing fan base?

We love the support from the fans. We take that positive energy that they give us and manifest it into our work. House music is growing, especially in the U.S., and that is great to see.

Your two tracks "Piece of Your Heart" and "Lose Control" are very catchy. Is that what you had in mind when producing those tracks? Are you guys trying to make songs that stay in people's heads?

The nature of both tracks was special as the sound is something different from what a lot of DJs are making. We are making music that feels natural and connects to us and what we enjoy. Its house music with great songs - nothing more, nothing less.

Both of those records have gone on to receive plenty of airplay in mainstream radio. How does it feel to be one of the rare acts to bring house music to the masses?

It feels amazing. We set out on our mission to bring house music back on the radio like back in the good old days. That's not to say we don’t enjoy or support other genres that have taken precedent in recent years. We just believe that house music brings everyone together and we’re happy to see it reflected on such a massive platform as the radio.

As a trio, what do each of you individually bring to Meduza? Do you find it difficult to balance ideas in the studio?

Simone is really talented on the keys and production, Luca is the strength behind the production, and I [Matt] am the DJ and also help with the direction of production. It’s a team effort and we all bring little things that make our sound. We balance out very well.

We have to take the time to congratulate you guys on the Grammy nomination for "Piece of Your Heart." That is huge for new artists such as yourselves. How did you take the news?

We still can’t believe it. We honestly don't know how to describe the feeling. It's something unbelievable ... from our wildest dreams. We’ve seen some of our favorite acts in this industry be nominated since we were all quite young. When you're a child and see your hero walk across that stage you think, "I would like to be like them one day," and then this happens. It's quite astonishing and great for house music.

How was your experience at this year's Grammy's? The mood seemed somber due to the passing of Kobe Bryant.

Being in Los Angeles that day was surreal. When we woke up that morning and went for breakfast it was really foggy, quite unusual for L.A. Then social media started saying a helicopter had crashed with several people onboard including Kobe.

We were naturally extremely shocked. When we arrived at the Staples Center there was a very weird atmosphere. A few thousand people had already gathered in the square outside Staples. We took some time and walked around. It brought home quite acutely that even though we're there to celebrate something quite special in our lives, things can change in a split second, whoever you may be. It was quite humbling to be honest.

We're seeing your name pop up on many festival lineups for 2020. I know you recently performed at Escape Halloween in Southern California. How has the American music festival scene treated you?

Escape was great for us. We played quite early for this show, but the tent was super busy. Insomniac really put a lot of time and effort into the experience side of the festival for the public. We walked around for a few hours post our set to see different things, the thing we noticed was the house stage was full pretty much from open to close. The U.S. house scene is growing.

We didn’t catch the festival run last year as it was already booked before we had our success with “Piece Of Your Heart." Moving forward into 2020, we have a lot of great festivals lined up not only in the U.S. but across the globe. We're looking forward to a great year.

You guys were also announced to perform at Tomorrowland, arguably the biggest EDM festival in the world. How do you guys prepare for a festival of that caliber?

We’ll just go and do our thing. We’ll check the set time we are given and play accordingly to that. We are on the Freedom Stage with Kölsch and Charlotte de Witte, so musically, it should be excellent.

The future seems very bright for you guys. Aside from a Grammy nomination, two top hits, and a spot at Tomorrowland, what are some other things you guys wish to accomplish in the near future?

We are here to disrupt things, to break boundaries. We are not going to be pigeonholed in any way by anyone. You can have commercial success with house on the radio and still play noncommercial stages and events. The sooner people understand this the better.

We are also planning a full live show. We are all musicians, so this is close to our hearts. We did the first one at Eurosonic Nooderslag in January so expect to see a few live shows this year and something a little special in 2021.

Finally, we just started 2020 so what can we expect out of Meduza in this new year? A debut album, perhaps?

We’re working on a ton of new music right now. We have lots of touring scheduled and a few original releases over the coming months. We are excited!


Facebook: facebook.com/MeduzaMusic
SoundCloud: soundcloud.com/meduzamusic

Bryan Kearney Holds No Restraints With His Varied Trance Projects [Interview]

Wed, 02/12/2020 - 18:35

Sporadically throughout the evening, a faint chant could be heard across the venue. As enthusiasm built, fan engagement increased the chant's volume before it eventually consumed the room. At its climax, the mantra was unavoidable and permeated the audience in a way rarely seen in trance shows.


The chant has developed into a sort of hymn for fans of Bryan Kearney. The Irish DJ and producer has garnered an extensive following within the trance community, primarily due to his ability to transcend the genre with his many projects.

A fan of dance music himself, Kearney, alongside fellow trance DJ John O'Callaghan, was an avid clubgoer as a teenager. The Irishmen recalled their youthful ventures through various Dublin nightclubs in the mini-documentary, Tales From The Temple.

Apart from depicting how Kearney took his first steps in turning his DJ hobby into a full-time career, the film also shed light on the inception of his successful project with O'Callaghan, Key4050.

Derived from the access code from the Dublin apartment O'Callaghan stayed in, Key4050 has been showcased in music festivals around the world including Dreamstate SoCal. The enterprise generated plenty of new material, the majority of which ended up on their debut album, also named Tales From The Temple.

As label head of Kearnage Recordings, Kearney is preparing to deliver plenty of new music in 2020. His first release of the new decade is "Snarl," a club banger that has been reverberating through speakers since last spring. 

We caught up with Kearney on the heels of his four-hour-long set at Academy LA. As his first time back in Southern California since his two performances at Dreamstate, Kearney spoke on the hectic times leading up to the trance festival.

View the original article to see embedded media.

EDM.COM: This was your first time in Los Angeles since Dreamstate SoCal back in November. Take us back, how was that experience for you?

Bryan Kearney: It was a great experience. Dreamstate is always one of the standout events of the year. The lead up to the event was quite intense with a huge amount of time spent in the studio in preparation for both my solo performance as Karney and as Key4050 alongside John O'Callaghan. 

What kind of preparation was needed for your two Dreamstate performances?

September to November were intensive months of touring with shows all across the world on a weekly basis. It was a real challenge to balance the touring, studio and personal life during this period. 

It was during this time where I stopped drinking alcohol at my shows in order to give my body and mind the best opportunity to focus on the tasks at hand. I tend to work better when I have something to focus on, such as a Karney set where the intention is to play as many new tracks as possible, the same with Key4050. John and I are continuously working on new material to introduce to our live shows. 

And how did those two very different sets turn out for you?

I was really happy with how the Key4050 set went. We played a lot of new tracks for the first time and the crowd seemed to enjoy it, which is always the most important thing. We finished our set on the main stage and I then had my Karney performance on the Vision Stage an hour later. I really enjoyed that set. The crowd was really up for it, the area was packed and full of people that really knew their music, the diehards.

I had put a huge amount of work and effort into that 60 minutes of music, especially on the brand-new dark dub of "By My Side." That was a track that I spent an abnormal amount of time on. It was a very intensive day but it was all worthwhile in the end. 

It can feel quite surreal at times to fly halfway across the world and then to be onstage playing in front of 10,000 people in a matter of hours, trying your best to process everything that is going on and to give the best performance you can. 

How was the fan reaction to both of those unique performances?

I don't read comments on Facebook, Instagram, or Soundcloud and I haven't looked at my Twitter mentions in over two years. The only thing that I look at in terms of direct feedback is DMs on Instagram. I'll check the stats of a post but I won't get distracted by the comments attached to it.

At the end of the day, I have absolutely no control over what people think about me or my music. All I can do is perform to the best of my ability in the studio and onstage and the people can then make their choice based on their own subjective opinion. 

Not everyone is into the techier side of dance music and that's fine. I am and I always have been. The Karney project allows me to showcase my darker creative side. Some people will prefer the trancey or vocal stuff, etc., but this sound is equally as important to me. I'm excited at how the project has developed over the past couple of years and I'm sure the music will continue to improve. It's a constant learning process.

How have you seen the Key4050 project grow?

I think we sort of take for granted how much the project has grown over the past few years, but I think that's always going to happen when you're so deeply involved in something. It's only when you step back and take a breath that you can see how much has been achieved in such a short amount of time. 

Key4050 started out as a bit of fun in the old Music First studio. There was no plan or anything in place. I had a mess about on Cubase, got some rough ideas down and went home. I came back in the next day and John was after transforming the track into the final version of "Dinklebot."

From there we just kept on adding to a growing discography of Key4050 music. We released an album containing 32 tracks around this time last year, and we embarked on a worldwide tour throughout 2019. We now have a huge amount of original music and we are adding to it all the time. 

We made our first vocal track in September 2019 called "I Love You" with Plumb, and this has been our biggest track to date. That track is set for release very soon.

Speaking of Key4050, about a year ago you released the YouTube mini-documentary Tales From The Temple. What inspired you guys to take viewers on a trip down memory lane?

We wanted to give people an insight into the project and a detailed backstory of Key4050. We wanted to show people where we came from, the people that inspired us, the experiences we had, and the part that they played in the project. 

We were both clubbers and lovers of dance music and were always obsessed with music and everything to do with it. Key4050 draws inspiration from all of our past experiences but is produced in a modern-day production style. The documentary gives a detailed account of the Key4050 story, the venues that we attended, the DJs and producers we idolized, and how we took our first steps in turning a hobby into a full-time career. 

Social Media is usually all about presenting this perfected, idealized version of yourself to the world. This documentary cut out all that and gave the viewer a proper insight into the history and story behind Key4050. 

If you come from the same era of music as us I think it will resonate with you, but it can appeal to people only new to the scene as well.

The latest release out of your label is "Snarl." What can we expect from that track?

"Snarl" is a track that I've been playing in my sets since April of last year after its debut at Subculture Belfast. It's a simple enough track, to be honest, designed for impact in a club. It's out now on Kearnage Recordings. It's the first of a number of Karney tracks that will be released in 2020.

You indicated online that there are a number of new releases for 2020 out of Kearnage. Are there any that we should keep an eye out for?

I don't look too far ahead when it comes to releases on the label. I've recently signed a couple of great tracks from Will Rees and Paul Denton and they will be released over the next couple of months. I have a number of Karney tracks to put out this year and there will be a number of Key4050 tunes released on the label, too.

You had a great kickoff to 2020 with your extended, four-hour set  Academy LA. Out of all of your upcoming 2020 gigs, do you have any that you're looking forward to?

The show at Academy was unreal, I'd probably put that as my favorite U.S. club show to date. I suppose the main show that I'm looking forward to at the moment is A State of Trance 950 in Utrecht where we are playing as Key4050 for the first time. ASOT is the springboard for the rest of the year in terms of new music. I'm really excited about that show.

Finally, what is your favorite subgenre of trance?

I don't believe in genres. I don't believe in limitations when it comes to music.


Facebook: facebook.com/bryankearneyofficial
Twitter: twitter.com/bryankearney
Instagram: instagram.com/bryankearney
SoundCloud: soundcloud.com/bryankearney

Insomniac Shares Shuttle Program Details for EDC Las Vegas 2020

Wed, 02/12/2020 - 18:16

Standard shuttle passes go on sale tomorrow, Feb. 13th at 12:00 PM PST.

As May quickly approaches, it's time to start mapping out your EDC Las Vegas experience. Insomniac has been trickling out information over the past few months in regards to the upcoming 2020 edition, and the latest news to come forth is the official shuttle service program. Standard shuttle passes will go on sale tomorrow, February 13th at 12:00 PM PST, while Premier shuttle passes will become available on February 27th. 

The standard and premier shuttle services have proven throughout the years to be the easiest way to travel to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, so purchasing tickets ahead of time is highly advised. The shuttles depart 6:00-11:30 PM from various locations across the Las Vegas strip. The best part is that if you are on one of these buses you bypass the regular festival traffic, which can take hours to get through. 

For those opting to purchase the Premier shuttle pass, you will have access to reserve shuttle departure times to and from the festival. Headliners will also receive a special merchandise item as an added perk. Premier shuttle stops will be located at the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino, Mandalay Place, Luxor Hotel & Casino, Golden Nugget, and Circus Circus.

Beginning tomorrow at 12:00 PM PST, shuttle passes will be available for purchase at the Electric Daisy Carnival website. Three-day standard shuttle passes are available for $99 or on layaway for a small deposit of just $14.99. Premier shuttle passes will go on sale Thursday, February 27th with pricing and additional information to be announced soon.

EDC Las Vegas 2020 will return on May 15th, 16th and 17th. For more information, visit their official website.


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Vini Vici, Shapov, and NERVO Have a "Powerful Collaboration" in the Works

Wed, 02/12/2020 - 18:05

"My World" set for release on Valentines Day.

For all you lovers out there, an exciting new track is due to be released right in time for Valentine's Day. This week, Russian progressive house artist Shapov announced that he will kick off 2020 with a “powerful collaboration” between the Israeli psytrance duo Vini Vici and the Aussie sister duo NERVO. From the previews, it looks as if the group will be taking the lead of Vini Vici and "My World" will be a psytrance record. 

This isn't the first time Vini Vici (comprised of Aviram Saharai and Matan Kadosh) have imparted their psytrance stylings on a non-psytrance artist. Most recently we saw this in the unexpected collaboration between the duo and trance legend Paul van Dyk with the single, "Galaxy."  They continue to amass a huge following, delivering over 230 shows per year worldwide and continuing to shell out impressive tracks.

Shapov (real name Alexander Shapovalov) gained notoriety through his collaboration with Armin van Buuren on the track "The Last Dancer," which developed into their Trilogy EP. He went on to receive the third-best track of the year for 2019 on van Buuren's ASOT Top 50 Countdown for the single, "La Résistance De L’Amour."

NERVO also have a lot to celebrate this year. The twins (comprised of Oliva and Miriam Nervo) both recently gave birth to two beautiful babies. Clearly motherhood has not slowed them down because they recently dropped a funky house collaboration with Plastik Funk and Tim Morrison titled "Dare Me." 

"My World" by Vini Vici vs. Shapov vs. NERVO drops February 14th, 2020. Pre-save it here.

H/T: We Rave You


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Can We Guess Which Stage at EDC is Your Favorite? Take Our Quiz

Wed, 02/12/2020 - 16:36

See if we can guess where you'll be partying at the next EDC!

For quite a while, Electric Daisy Carnival has been one of dance music's biggest and most legendary music festivals. With stages that cover nearly every subgenre in the EDM world, there is truly something for everyone to enjoy at Insomniac's flagship event. 

While we've already created a test to see what you know about all things EDC, this time, we'll see how much we know about you. Take our quiz and see if we can guess which stage at the festival is your favorite.  

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Dion Timmer Drops "Sanctuary" off Forthcoming Album

Wed, 02/12/2020 - 16:11

It's out now on Deadbeats Records.

Last fall EDM.com had a chance to sit down with the Netherlands' most extra bass musician, Dion Timmer. Among other things revealed in the interview, we learned that a new album was in the works. Flash forward and we now have received the first single "Sanctuary" off of the forthcoming 14-track project, Enter Achroma. The new single is out now on Zeds Dead's Deadbeats label. 

"Sanctuary" is everything we have come to love from the dubstep prodigy. It's extra in all the right ways, delivering a heart-pounding build rippling down into a powerful drop. The bass surrounds you in an almost binaural fashion, making this the perfect track to blast at home with earphones or enjoy at one of his insane live shows. According to the Dutch producer, this song first came to him a year ago after playing live - so you know he has something exciting in the works when he takes it on tour. 

Timmer has become a true force to be reckoned with in the bass community. His cinematic approach to the genre has garnered him the support of heavy hitters like Excision, with whom he recently dropped a collaborative EP titled Breaking Through. His upcoming project, Enter Achroma, will follow his 2018 EP, Very Extra, and is said to be "a true representation of [his] musical abilities over the years." It's due for release this spring. 


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Excision Drops PhaseOne Collab at The Thunderdome [WATCH]

Wed, 02/12/2020 - 14:49

Excision tested out his PhaseOne collaboration on a highly eager audience.

By now it's no secret that Excision generated overwhelming buzz with the debut of his new stage, The Evolution, at this year's edition of The Thunderdome. When EDM.com partook in the festivities ahead of our event review, we also captured video of the heavy bass titan cueing up his unreleased PhaseOne collaboration.

It's been a few months since Excision (real name Jeff Abel) teased the joint endeavor via Twitter, and it's safe to say it doesn't disappoint. Following in the metalstep vein popular in the world of bass music as of late, distorted guitar licks are incorporated into an exhilarating buildup before a deafening drop takes center stage in the arrangement.

Excision and PhaseOne - ID (; 1:45)

Abel has racked up a plethora of collaborators over the past couple years in particular. 2019 saw him release joint EPs with both Dion Timmer and Wooli, and he's mentioned that he still has music with Bassnectar sitting on the back burner.

Abel's next tour stop will see him perform at Silverstein Eye Centers Arena in Independence, Missouri on Thursday, February 13th.


Facebook: facebook.com/Excision
Instagram: instagram.com/excisionofficial
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Facebook: facebook.com/PhaseOneAU
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Black Tiger Sex Machine and ATLiens Join Forces on "Frequencies"

Wed, 02/12/2020 - 13:41

The collaborative single is out on Kannibalen Records.

Black Tiger Sex Machine (BTSM) have released the third single from their untitled upcoming EP. Titled "Frequencies," the collaboration with anonymous producer duo ATLiens was released on February 12th through BTSM's imprint, Kannibalen Records

Masked and mysterious, the Montreal trio, comprised of Marc-André Chagnon, Julien Maranda and Patrick Barry, teamed up with another explosive, masked bass group to make waves with "Frequencies." The sci-fi-inspired track plays like a deep space battle, conjuring up images of distant forces battling for control of a galaxy. Dramatic choir vocals and low-end synths build suspense, leading into a stylistically groundbreaking drop that's dark and sleek. 

View the original article to see embedded media.

Currently on separate headlining tours, both groups have been incorporating the cinematic single into live shows, receiving massive crowd buzz in return. BTSM will celebrate the song's release at the February 12th Albuquerque installment of their 48-date Futuristic Thriller Movie Experience Tour. "Frequencies" will compliment the tour's hybrid concert and movie experience features, set in a post-apocalyptic world with specially commissioned visuals. 

The track will be incorporated in BTSM's upcoming EP, whose name is currently still under wraps. It follows "Time Travel," released in January with vocalist Blanke, and the cyberpunk-inspired "Let's Get It," out last December. 


Facebook: facebook.com/official.btsm
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Facebook: facebook.com/atliensofficial
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Getter Finds His Way Back to Dubstep with "Represent"

Wed, 02/12/2020 - 13:04

Getter's latest single sees him return to the sound that put him on the map.

Getter fans have been somewhat divided on the eclectic sound encapsulated in his 2018 album VISCERAL, but his latest single is sure to appease the dubstep-craving segment of his audience. "Represent" is out now, and it sees the Los Angeles DJ/producer back in familiar sonic territory.

The subtleties that set Getter (real name Tanner Petulla) tracks are present in "Represent" to be sure. Underscored by a syncopated hip-hop beat, the song hints at classic dubstep while still exhibiting wobbles sure to get any bass music fan head banging.

View the original article to see embedded media.

Electronic music isn't the only medium in which Petulla has made a name for himself. On Valentines Day, February 14th, the third season of his Facebook Watch series, The Real Bros of Simi Valley will be available. Not only that, but he continues to release hip-hop under his Terror Reid alias. 

Petulla will resume touring with a February 13th performance at Soundcheck in Washington, D.C. Additional tour dates can be found on his official website.

H/T: Dancing Astronaut


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Excision Brought The Evolution to Life at The Thunderdome [Review]

Wed, 02/12/2020 - 12:07

Excision's latest visual upgrade isn't something any fan should miss.

Excision (real name Jeff Abel) has become one of the best in the game when it comes to hosting huge events and festivals. The debut of his The Evolution stage was no exception as his second annual The Thunderdome was nothing short of spectacular. 

Set just 40 minutes south of Seattle at the Tacoma Dome, The Thunderdome was once again a bass head's paradise. This year, Abel upgraded the show from one day to two, making it even more accessible than last year and bringing in additional talent. The Thunderdome featured some of dance music's heaviest hitters, including Liquid Stranger, 12th Planet, Riot Ten, Dion TimmerWooli, PhaseOne, Trampa, Marauda and Champagne Drip as well as quickly rising up-and-comers Trivecta and Lucii

While the lineup was reason enough to attend this year's iteration, Abel sweetened the pot by debuting his new stage. It's sad to see The Paradox go, but The Evolution is an enormous upgrade. It makes The Paradox look miniature and completely dwarfs The Executioner. The stage was jam packed with surprises, including its "X" shape, a plethora of lasers, and ribcage-rattling bass. Videos, pictures, and words don't do the stage justice and anyone even remotely curious needs to see the production for themselves. It's safe to say that The Evolution is completely one of a kind and will be a total game-changer for Lost Lands and Bass Canyon.

While we have nothing but praise for this year's Thunderdome, one crucial issue left a bad taste in some attendees' mouths. Day one was plagued by a disastrous line at will call due to a mistake on Ticketmaster's end. While Abel and his team did all they could to sort out the issue in a timely manner, many fans were held out of the event until for the majority of the night. Others unfortunately left the line before making it into the show as wait times were up to three hours. Abel, made it up to fans, however, by extending both days by an extra hour. This gave attendees who got in late on day one a chance to catch more of the show, and attendees on day two got to rage even longer into the night. 

Despite an issue that was completely out of Abel and his team's control, The Thunderdome proved that he's adept at hosting large-scale events and knows exactly what he needs to do to keep his fans happy. Year after year, the dubstep don continuously breathes new life into bass music and it seems like he's aiming to set the bar even higher with each coming event.

Abel is currently taking The Evolution on the road with upcoming stops in Kansas City, Minneapolis, Boca Raton and Pittsburgh. The support throughout the tour is just as wild as The Thunderdome's lineup, with Wooli, PhaseOne, and Champagne Drip attending the majority of stops. His tour goes through the end of April and dates are selling out quickly. Those who haven't already purchased their tickets can find them here


Facebook: facebook.com/Excision
Instagram: instagram.com/excisionofficial
Twitter: twitter.com/Excision
SoundCloud: soundcloud.com/excision

Nearly 4 Years After its Release, Porter Robinson and Madeon's Shelter has Gone Gold

Tue, 02/11/2020 - 20:37

Porter Robinson and Madeon's famed collaboration "Shelter" is now certified Gold.

Porter Robinson and Madeon's "Shelter" has been certified Gold by the RIAA. The single, which additionally features Madeon as a vocalist, has achieved the milestone nearly four years following its original release. 

Gold status is achieved for records surpassing 500,000 in equivalent unit sales. In the streaming segment, 1,500 streams is the equivalent of one unit sale.

The new milestone comes as both artists have recerntly returned to showcase new music. Madeon released his sophomore album Good Faith in late 2019 after waiting four years following his debut album release.

Even more recently, Porter Robinson took the dance music community by storm with the announcement of his own sophomore album, Nurture, and release of its leading single, "Get Your Wish."

Perhaps with both artists making recent headlines fans were feeling nostalgic. It's clear "Shelter," a collaboration that singlehandedly inspired a tour as well as a short film, will remain in heavy rotation among dance music fans in the years to come. 


Facebook: facebook.com/itsmadeon
Twitter: twitter.com/madeon
Instagram: instagram.com/madeon
SoundCloud: soundcloud.com/madeon


Facebook: facebook.com/porterrobinsonmusic
Twitter: twitter.com/porterrobinson
Instagram: instagram.com/porterrobinson
SoundCloud: soundcloud.com/porter-robinson

Bassnectar Announces 2020 Freestyle Sessions Summer Gathering

Tue, 02/11/2020 - 20:05

A slew of support including NOISIΛ and Koan Sound will join him for this year's event.

Bassnectar is throwing caution to the wind yet again with the announcement of this year's Freestyle Sessions Summer Gathering. The event, which will see Bassnectar (real name Lorin Ashton) perform multiple freestyle sets, is returning for its fourth straight year.

As with previous instantiations, the event is set to take place in Broomfield, Colorado, and in the spirit of his brand each of Ashton's sets will be distinctly unique. Dedicated fans know the event brand sees Ashton breaking out rare edits, classics, throwback tracks, and everything in between. With no constraints, there's no telling what Ashton will dig up.

Beyond that, the "Basshead" producer did not forget to bring company. That includes Koan Sound, Ill.Gates, and NOISIΛ for starters. The event runs June 5th-7th at the 1st Bank Center. Ashton has been in no shortage of large-scale events this year as he recently announced the return of his annual Bass Center event scheduled for this fall. 

Three day passes to the Freestyle Sessions Summer Gathering will be available for pre-sale online beginning tomorrow, February 12th at 10:00 AM MST. General sale kicks off on February 14th at 10:00 AM MST. 


Facebook: facebook.com/Bassnectar
Twitter: twitter.com/Bassnectar
Instagram: instagram.com/Bassnectar
SoundCloud: soundcloud.com/bassnectar

Big Gigantic and Felly Team Up for Breezy Tune "St. Lucia"

Tue, 02/11/2020 - 19:23

Big Gigantic's latest has us feeling like summer is right around the corner.

Big Gigantic are cruising closer to the release of their first album in a while with the release of their latest single, "St. Lucia." The song sees the Colorado duo team up with Los Angeles rapper Felly for a breezy collaboration. 

The lighthearted collaboration evidently came together as effortlessly as could be expected in the studio. Big Gigantic commented on the release saying the whole process came together from start to finish in the scope of a single day. 

The new single marks the fifth and possibly final single ahead of the electronic duo's forthcoming album, Free Your Mind. Thus far additional collaborations on the album include "Friends" with Ashe and the brass-driven single "You're The One" with Nevve. The forthcoming effort marks Big Gigantic's first album in nearly three years. Their previous album, Brighter Future, arrived in late 2017.  

Big Gigantic's full album Free Your Mind arrives by way of Counter Records on February 28th, 2020. 


Facebook: www.facebook.com/pg/BigGigantic
Twitter: www.twitter.com/BigGigantic
Instagram: www.instagram.com/BigGigantic
SoundCloud: www.soundcloud.com/BigGigantic

Besomorph Teams Up With RIELL For Cinematic Single, “Nightmare”

Tue, 02/11/2020 - 19:17

The two longtime collaborators have done it again!

After their successful NCS collaboration with Coopex, “Redemption,” which has amassed more than 4.5 million streams on Spotify Besomorph just enlisted RIELL for yet another banger. With “Nightmare” he continues to build up his diverse and massive catalogue; the producer released a whopping 28 tracks in 2019 alone.

“Nightmare” continues on Besomorph’s previously established dark aesthetic. From the very start, listeners are exposed to a creepy atmosphere while RIELL’s cinematic vocal lines quickly add depth and character to the minimal instrumental. The chorus, however, catches listeners off guard, as it explodes into a series of bass hits and heavy hitting drums over catchy piano chords, creating an interesting bridge between pop and trap.

"Nightmare is inspired by the idea of being a femme fatale/man eater or vamp,” explain the two artists in a joint statement. “It’s about being dark and mysterious, sometimes crossing over into seductive, often leading others and lovers into compromising, dangerous, and deadly situations. In this case, it would be leading them into a nightmare, and in part, being their sweetest nightmare yet."

Besomorph’s hard work and consistency have really contributed to his appeal and allowed him to release music under labels such as NCS, Lowly and Nightblue Music, making him one of the most exciting up-and-comers in bass music. Pop singer and songwriter RIELL has also been rising throughout the past year, playing three international tours spanning Europe, Africa, Asia, and Canada while cementing herself as an in-demand vocalist in the EDM scene. 

Follow Besomorph

Facebook: facebook.com/Besomorph
Twitter: twitter.com/Besomorph
Instagram: instagram.com/Besomorph
SoundCloud: soundcloud.com/besomorph

Follow RIELL

Facebook: facebook.com/iamRIELL
Twitter: twitter.com/iamriell
Instagram: instagram.com/iamriell
SoundCloud: soundcloud.com/iamriell

MLNZ Delivers Melodic Remix of Whitney Houston's "I Wanna Dance with Somebody"

Tue, 02/11/2020 - 19:01

MLNZ did Whitney Houston's smash hit justice.

Eight years ago, the world said goodbye to Whitney Houston. As one of the best-selling artists of all time, Houston captivated audiences worldwide in the 1980s with her broad vocal range and infectious personality. No other song encapsulated that more thoroughly than her 1987 hit, "I Wanna Dance with Somebody."

The first single off her second studio album, Whitney, "I Wanna Dance with Somebody" was a commercial success and demonstrated that Houston could dominate the charts with dance anthems alongside powerhouse ballads. As such, the record pairs well with DJs and producers due to its ability to command a dance floor.

To commemorate the anniversary of the diva's passing, a rising act has taken the reins of this classic track and remixed it for a new generation. MLNZ, an Icon Collective graduate, has reworked the beloved record into a melodic trap-infused accolade.

The remix derives influence from trap and progressive house alongside an ariose beat. The memorable verses for which the song is known remain in MLNZ's adaptation, allowing its audience to belt out its impassioned lyrics. 

The Los Angeles native hopes to relay a message of hope and inspiration with this remix. In speaking of the project, MLNZ stated, "It’s a message to the lonely hearts and the believers out there to rise up and go find what they are searching for."

The MLNZ remix of "I Wanna Dance with Somebody" is available as a free download via Toneden.


Facebook: facebook.com/mlnzofficial/
Instagram: instagram.com/mlnzofficial/
Twitter: twitter.com/mlnzofficial
SoundCloud: soundcloud.com/mlnzofficial


Carl Cox and Adam Beyer Lead the 2020 RESISTANCE Ibiza Residency

Tue, 02/11/2020 - 18:35

RESISTANCE, Ultra Music Festival’s house and techno brand, returns to Ibiza for its fourth season.

One of the dance music capitals of the world, Ibiza attracts the most sought-after DJs and fans that follow suit to the Spanish island for its idyllic weather, perpetual party culture, and world-class nightclubs.

RESISTANCE, Ultra Music Festival’s house and techno brand, is the latest dance music purveyor to set sail for Ibiza this summer. From July 21st to September 15th, 2020, RESISTANCE will return to Ibiza for its fourth season, taking over Privilege nightclub on Tuesdays. Carl Cox and Adam Beyer, two of the biggest names in underground dance music, are on the bill for multiple shows with plenty of additional acts soon to be announced.

Last year, RESISTANCE’s Ibiza residency brought forth time-tested DJs Sasha and John Digweed as well as recent fan favorites Charlotte de Witte, Eats Everything, and Hot Since 82. Not only that, but in 2018 RESISTANCE won “Best Ibiza Night” at the DJ Awards.

Expect another well-curated season from RESISTANCE on the White Isle, with immersive production accompanying the house and techno blasting through Privilege.


Facebook: facebook.com/resistance

Ekcle Impresses with Unique Single, "Pearl Jigsaw"

Tue, 02/11/2020 - 18:20

"Pearl Jigsaw" serves as the duo's first release of 2020.

U.K. duo Ekcle (real names Harvey Carter and Jack Angel) have released their latest single, "Pearl Jigsaw."

Carter and Angel have built their career upon intricate, experimental beats and "Pearl Jigsaw" is no exception. Driven by melodic synths and crunchy drums, the track goes through numerous changes throughout its almost six-minute runtime, making it an unpredictable and wild ride for any listener. Fans of artists like quickly, quickly, Mura Masa and Daktyl will enjoy the clear narratives Carter and Angel present in each tune.

Carter and Angel have made a splash in dance music since debuting their first EP, Deshoda, in 2017. Since then, the pair have collaborated with artists like Owsey and Aether in addition to releasing their second EP, Yoja, last year. They also recently went on tour with Lamb where they debuted their stunning live show. Keep an eye on Ekcle as they continue to push boundaries with their take on electronic music. 

Follow Ekcle:

Facebook: facebook.com/ekclemusic
Twitter: twitter.com/ekclemusic
Instagram: instagram.com/ekclemusic
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/ekclemusic

deadmau5 Drops Vocal-Heavy ID During Cubev3 Show at Avant Gardner in Brooklyn

Tue, 02/11/2020 - 17:48

This is the first new music we've heard from deadmau5 in a while.

deadmau5 has remained relatively quiet on the release front since his rapid-fire succession of late 2019 releases "SATRN," "COASTED," "FALL" and "ASEED." The Canadian mastermind's diehard fans may not have much longer to wait for new music, however, as he played an as-yet-unreleased ID during his Avant Gardner performance in Brooklyn, New York.

Global Dance Electronic reports that deadmau5 began working on the song over live stream a few weeks ago. Fans have taken the liberty of giving it the working title “Bridged by a Lightwave." Following the angelic vocal from which the name is derived, lush atmospheres give way to kick drums and saws with a curious rhythm ringing out overhead.

View the original article to see embedded media.

Zimmerman has not announced a release date for the ID at the time of writing. He will perform next at the Belly Up in Aspen, Colorado on March 20th.


Facebook: facebook.com/deadmau5
Instagram: instagram.com/deadmau5
Twitter: twitter.com/deadmau5
SoundCloud: soundcloud.com/deadmau5



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