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Firebeatz and Schella Reimagine "The Bomb!" by The Bucketheads in "Through My Mind" [Premiere]

Fri, 02/15/2019 - 10:09

Firebeatz and Schella gave a house classic some main stage flavor.

Classic house is all the rage lately, so much so that it even pervades into more contemporary styles of EDM. Case in point: Firebeatz and Schella have incorporated an instantly recognizable sample into their new single, "Through My Mind."

The vocal in question originated in a 1995 single titled "The Bomb!" by Brooklyn producer Kenny "Dope" Gonzalez under his The Bucketheads moniker. The Dutch musicians traded in much of the source material's largely instrumental elements with an infectious synth lead suited for dance floors and festival crowds alike.

Firebeatz and Schella both hail from Tilburg in the North Brabant province of the Netherlands. The former duo, comprised of Tim Smulders and Jurre van Doeselaar, made their big break with their Chocolate Puma collaboration, "Just One More Time Baby."

"Through My Mind" by Firebeatz and Schella is out today on Armada Music.

Follow Firebeatz:

Facebook: facebook.com/Firebeatz
Twitter: twitter.com/Firebeatz
Instagram: instagram.com/firebeatz

Follow Schella:

Facebook: facebook.com/schellamusic
Twitter: twitter.com/schellamusic
SoundCloud: soundcloud.com/schella

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Themba Makes Beats 1 One Mix debut with “Heart of Africa” Mix

Thu, 02/14/2019 - 16:20

Themba brings a flavour of Africa’s distinct rhythm and soul sounds to classic electronic music genres house and techno.

South African rising star Themba stars on Beats 1's weekly radio show, One Mix, this weekend. A bearer of African sounds in house and techno, Themba’s increasing popularity is in large part to his cultural, expressive style of music. Expect tunes from Black Coffee, Da Capo, Enoo Napa, Lemon & Herb, and Culoe De Song, plus brand new Themba, on his “Heart of Africa” One Mix.

Tune in here, exclusively on Apple Music.
Air Date: Friday 15th February, 2019 - 21:00 LA / 00:00 NY / 05:00 UK

Kwaito, an African genre marked by midtempo house beats with rap vocals and lyrical leads layered on top, was Themba’s first exposure to house music of any kind. He collected music from an early age and realized his passion was a true calling at 14 years old when his friend asked him to DJ at a birthday party. Sharing music with people and seeing their reactions to songs struck a chord within him.

Still, he took the conventional route, ending up at college studying accounting. One can only fight their heart so long, though. Themba ended up dropping out of college to pursue music full time, pouring his energy into his passion.

Working with local singers, songwriters, and percussionists, Themba brought a taste of Africa’s distinct rhythm and soul sounds to classic electronic music genres house and techno. International acclaim began to arrive only a year ago when his fellow South African and massively popular house music artist Black Coffee promoted Themba to audiences across the globe. Not to mention, Themba released two great EPs on Hot Since 82's Knee Deep In Sound label.

Themba also accompanied Black Coffee in dance music’s capital, Ibiza, at Black Coffee’s Hi Ibiza residency last summer. For one of the shows, Themba almost burst his appendix a few days before the show, but played the day he got out of the hospital post surgery! In a past interview, Themba explained:

“I was in no physical form to perform but this was something I was waiting and working all my life for and there was no way I was not going to be in that DJ box on opening night. I played my set and the next day I was back in hospital for a few more days. I come from a country where we’ve been through a lot because of our political history so the resilient South African in me definitely came through.”

Before his One Mix, EDM.com caught up with the high-energy DJ to discuss all things music. Themba discussed his first show experience, perfect sunset track, and more.

EDM.com: First show experience?

Themba: I was 14 years old playing on CD, vinyl, and cassette with no mixer for a friend’s sister’s birthday party. That's where I discovered DJing and what it was all about. I used to collect loads of music so my friend invited me to "DJ" at his sisters birthday party and I didn't understand the concept of being a DJ.

The first time you brought your mom to one of your shows?

Strangely enough, It was only when I was at my 30th that she came to one of my shows. My mom loves peace and quiet, and in South Africa, DJing is misunderstood by her generation.

The artist who inspired you to become a musician?

Man, it was a lot of different artists. In South Africa where I went to school, I was one of the very few black people in my school so I loved techno, electro, and pop that my friends in school listened to. Then, in the township where I grew up, with my friends there we listened to Kwaito which is a local version of hip-hop. My folks listened to jazz, soul and funk so I had all sorts of musical influences when I was growing up.

Go-to places for new music?

I go out to listen to DJs, bands and musical spaces on a regular basis and I often ask complete strangers what music they like and listen to. The whole world is full of amazing music and sounds.

Guilty pleasure record?

The "Yoruba Soul Mix" of "Pride" by Osunlade.

Dream B2B partner?

I like DJing with people who I vibe with off and on the dance floor and it just so happens that one of my friends is arguably one of the biggest DJs in the world, Black Coffee. One day I'll do a back-to-back with Solomun!

Favorite BPM?

122 BPM. It's perfect.

Piece of gear you always need on the road?

My laptop. I don't use anything but USBs when I DJ so my laptop is key to sort and arrange my music.

All-time favorite festival?

Spring Fiesta in South Africa and I have Tomorrowland high up on my bucket list.

Biggest misconception about dance music?

No one really understands who is Jack and what it is that Jack has done for us. Sad, really!

How often do you get out and have fun, and where do you go?

Very often. I like first time experiences so If I'm in a city I'll always try out something new no matter how obscure.

City with the most underrated dance scene?

Definitely Johannesburg. There are very few places I've seen around the world with so many DJs and producers, and a thriving scene that grows yearly.

Industry prediction for the next year?

Ha! Who knows! It’s a circus out here but I'm looking forward to music that has soul and emotion coming back. The functional stuff is cool but doesn't help grow the scene and create real memories.

Best piece of advice for new producers?

Make loads of music, don't try sound like anyone else but yourself and back yourself and your dreams.

Dead or alive, who would be your dream collaborator?

Nana Coyote from South Africa. He was part of a band called Stimela.

A unique travel experience you've had?

I've never really traveled out of South Africa as much as I did in 2018 so I really got to see some amazing places and locations. Marbella, Tulum, Croatia, St. Tropez - the list goes on.

What's one track that fans always lose their mind to?

My track “Who Is Themba.”

What was the first album you ever bought?

Doggy Style by Snoop Dogg in 1993.

Name one remix that you think is better than the original.

Da Capo's touch of “Abiro” by Kato Change.

What’s the perfect sunset track?

“Summer Daze 99” by Nick Holder.

What song do you listen to cheer yourself up?

All my unfinished and unreleased music. I go and imagine how far they can take me and change my life. 

Follow Themba:

Facebook: facebook.com/ItsTHEMBA
Twitter: @itsThemba
Instagram: @iam.themba
SoundCloud: soundcloud.com/themba_dj

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Gismart & The Chainsmokers Announce 'Beat Maker Go' Remix Contest

Thu, 02/14/2019 - 14:58

Remix Competition Alert! Beat Maker Go partners with The Chainsmokers to launch an exciting competition for upcoming DJs and producers.

Music app developer Gismart recently partnered with legendary EDM duo The Chainsmokers to bring fans closer to the artists they love, and to inspire a new wave of talent to create music with their app Beat Maker Go. As part of this partnership, the app has been transformed into a hub of Chainsmokers-themed creativity, allowing artists to use signature sounds straight from their hit records in order to create new and highly unique beats. You can read full details regarding the partnership here.

The Remix Contest

EDM Lovers - It's time to put your beat-making skills to the test for the opportunity to win some incredible Chainsmokers-themed prizes!

Pitted against each other for the ultimate prize, fans must record and share remixes of their favorite songs by The Chainsmokers. Through Beat Maker Go, each participant can use every tool at their disposal to manipulate, tweak and create unique tracks. Don’t be afraid to let your creativity shine, because the duo is looking for something new, exciting, and unexpected!

To Enter

In order to enter the competition, download Beat Maker Go on the App Store or Google Play, and then follow the instructions below:

"Boot up the app and head over to the category titled 'The Chainsmokers' and pick your favorite track. Here, you’ll have all the tools you need to create your remix! Once you’re happy with your track, tap the ‘record’ button and lay it down. Then, when you’re satisfied, save the track to your library and share it on social media using the hashtag #BeatMakerGoContest.

Don’t forget the hashtag! If you miss that, we won’t be able to find your mix and your entry will not count. So, get mixing and get sharing. In two weeks we’ll be announcing our top three remixes and the winner."

The Prizes
  1. First Place: The grand prize winner will receive a signed vinyl record from The Chainsmokers.
  2. Second Place: You will receive an official set of The Chainsmokers drumsticks as well as an official roses T-shirt.
  3. Third Place: You will receive an official branded cap fresh from The Chainsmokers.

Download Beat Maker Go and put your mixing skills to the test. Good luck!


Website: https://gismart.com/beatmaker/
iOS Download: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/beat-maker-go-make-music/id1141835258
Google Play Download: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gismart.drum.pads.machine

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Skrillex's Band From First To Last to Reunite After Two Years at Buku Late

Thu, 02/14/2019 - 13:40

Buku Music + Arts Project's after party series has a very special guest.

Skrillex's set with Boys Noize as Dog Blood won't be his only anticipated reunion on the weekend of Buku Music + Art Project. The L.A. DJ/producer will also perform alongside his post-hardcore band From First To Last at Buku Late.

Before EDM was a glimmer in his eye, Skrillex (real name Sonny Moore) made a name for himself as lead vocalist and guitarist of From First to Last. The Buku Late after party will be organized by Emo Nite LA, who were responsible for the band's 2017 reunion (the first time they performed together in over 10 years).

Buku Music + Arts Project is held annually by Winter Circle Productions in New Orleans, Louisiana. The 2019 edition of the festival features headliners like A$AP Rocky and Lana Del Rey in addition to EDM mainstays like Excision, NGHTMRE, SLANDER and RL Grime.

From First To Last's reunion performance will take place at Buku Late on the evening of Friday, March 22nd. Tickets go on sale tomorrow, February 15th, and can be found here.

Follow From First To Last:

Facebook: facebook.com/FromFirstToLast
Twitter: twitter.com/FFTLAST
Instagram: instagram.com/fftlast

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Liquid Stranger Crafts Interstellar Sonic Adventure with Latest LP, Infinity [Review]

Thu, 02/14/2019 - 13:06

Wakaan boss Martin Stääf delivers his most diverse, emotional work yet on the 30-track LP due out February 15th.

Liquid, by definition, is something that flows freely and is of constant volume. If there were ever an artist and album fitting of that description, it’s venerated freeform bass producer Liquid Stranger as evidenced by his latest LP, Infinity.

Despite playing the part of “a perfectly normal individual from the outskirts of the galaxy,” Liquid Stranger is Swedish producer Martin Stääf, who began working under the moniker in 2003. His reputation as an accomplished producer and his all-encompassing take on freeform “space bass” music has made him a fixture in the alternative bass community, consistently providing the wondrous sonic servings that listeners crave.

With Infinity, Stääf furthers his status as a key figure in this burgeoning experimental bass genre by mastering its penchant for uniqueness and innovation. Running 30 tracks in length, the album brings together an expansive array of styles and tempos, representing one of Stääf’s most diverse projects to date.

The looping, dreamy beat of “Prime” kicks off the journey, beginning a downtempo introduction to the album. By track five, things begin to get a bit wonkier, as we’re introduced to the first of the album’s 16 collaborations and features.

The glitchy track “Zero Frontier” was co-produced by South African act Chee, while “Ceremony” — which resulted from a high-profile collaboration with CloZee — is a tribal, drill and bass masterstroke.

The album’s midsection picks up with the weaponized, choppy hardcore side of Liquid Stranger that has made him a seamless addition at dubstep meccas like Lost Lands and Bass Canyon. Highlights includes “Spastic Elastic,” a mechanized hard trap anthem featuring fellow genre-spanning act Dion Timmer, as well as “Jetpacks,” which features vocals from Vern Knows. Stääf also finally treats his fans to the commercial release of “Run For Cover" ft. MC Shells, a long-awaited, fan-favorite festival ID. 

While the middle of the album flourishes with heavier dubtronica, its defining moments come at the opposite end of the spectrum, where “emotional peaks” in Stääf’s personal life during the writing process shine through some of the more downtempo tracks.

“Creativity stems from powerful life experiences,” said Liquid Stranger in a February 2019 press release. “And my inner processes have been very intense during the writing of this record for the past year and half.”

This emotional weight is felt on songs like “Falling Away,” an aural dreamscape that caresses the ears with enchanting bass lines and soul-wrenching vocals before flowing into “Jello Stream”, which makes the listener feel like they're being blasted by deep bass while taking a swim through a pool of jello.

“Burn Like Sun" ft. Leah Culver, the album’s lead single, encapsulates another genre fusion, blending together powerful charges of bass with masterfully crafted production melodies.

As the Wakaan label boss, Stääf has helped advance the freeform genre by putting on up-and-coming acts whose styles would otherwise have no home. It’s his own work on this project that might be his biggest contribution yet, however. On Infinity, Liquid Stranger is able to navigate freely through the different themes and genres of each track with a voluminous degree of production savvy, further crediting him as a figure of authority in this freeform genre.

Liquid Stranger has long preached the importance of this alternative bass movement due to its fixation on mindset over genre, emphasizing freedom of expression for both the listener and artist. Rather than following trends or techniques of others, Infinity takes the listener on a sonic adventure that shows off Stääf’s ability to pull emotion from everyday life and craft it into song.

Follow Liquid Stranger:

Facebook: facebook.com/liquidstranger
Twitter: twitter.com/LiquidStranger
Instagram: instagram.com/liquidstranger
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/liquidstranger

Follow Wakaan:

Facebook: facebook.com/WAKAANofficial
Twitter: twitter.com/wakaanofficial
Instagram: instagram.com/wakaanofficial
SoundCloud: soundcloud.com/wakaan

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Monstercat Releases DJ-Themed Valentines Day E-Cards To Send To Your Loved Ones

Thu, 02/14/2019 - 12:07

EDM lovers rejoice, Monstercat has you covered.

Valentine's Day is here; do you know what you're sending that special someone? Well, look no further! Monstercat is taking the stress out of choosing the perfect card by creating customizable e-cards featuring your favorite Monstercat artists. 

The E-cards features puns of artists Anevo, Dwilly, Myrne, Feint, Grant, Half an Orange, Muzzy, Noisestorm, RIOT, Soulji, and Mike Darlington - the Monstercat CEO.

SouljiRIOTMuzzyMike Darlington (CEO of Monstercat)AnevoMyrneNoisestormDwilly

No matter if you are sending to your significant other, friend, coworker, whoever! You will be covered with these clever messages. 

Find all the e-cards here.


Facebook: facebook.com/monstercat
Twitter: twitter.com/Monstercat
Instagram: instagram.com/monstercat
Website: monstercat.com

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Festival Finder Rolls Out Update Ahead of 2019 Festival Season

Wed, 02/13/2019 - 19:22

Festival Finder is back with a brand new look and updates.

Between picking outfits, planning itineraries, and checking calendars, Festival Finder can help you navigate possibly one of the biggest decisions of 2019: Which festival should I attend?

Previously known as “Find Your Best Festival,” Festival Finder has released a fresh redesign and upgrades just in time for the fast-approaching festival season.

The site prompts visitors to connect using one of four platforms and generates festival recommendations based on the total number of liked or favorited artists matched per lineup. With this update, Festival Finder introduced two new platforms: Apple Music and Last.fm, in addition to Spotify and Songkick, to cover a wide variety of music lovers’ streaming preferences.

By matching hundreds of artists to over 1,500 festival lineups (and counting), Festival Finder crunches the numbers and populates the “best” festival right at the top of the page. 

Users can even filter results by region and check the stats on how many festival matches and artists were compared. Also, since it’s a no brainer that festival season is better with friends, this latest version now allows users to share results or create a group to compile recommendations in order to find a suitable fit for the whole squad.

Lawrence Holmes, creator of the site, is a London-based designer and engineer with a passion for music and tech. He’s developed several other sites and plugins, including Setify and Songstack.

Check out Festival Finder at festivalfinder.co, signup to receive the most up-to-date recommendations straight to your inbox and get ready for an epic summer.

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Lane 8 Reworks Porter Robinson A.K.A. Virtual Self's "Ghost Voices"

Wed, 02/13/2019 - 18:03

Lane 8 delivers a melodic house flip of Porter Robinson's hit.

Virtual Self, better known as Porter Robinson, is coming off a high after the Grammy Awards in which he was nominated in the Best Dance Recording category for the track "Ghost Voices." Though he lost the win to Diplo & Mark Ronson’s Silk City for their song “Electricity,” there is no denying even a nomination in this category is a huge win for the producer. 

During the red carpet interview, the "Ghost Voices" producer commented that Virtual Self was an outlet for him to overcome creative struggles surrounding his work as Porter Robinson. Now it was his time to pass on the artistic baton to fellow producer Lane 8 (real name Daniel Goldstein). 

The Denver-based producer flipped the original on its head by leading with the piano. It's a beautiful rendition that creates a more peaceful, melodious experience for the listener. He brings in elements of melodic house we've come to know and love from his work. The ebb and flow of the crescendos make this the perfect track to vibe out to on a rainy day. Though it's on the other side of the spectrum from the original, it is in no way a step down - just a  step in a more peaceful direction.  

Porter Robinson's early 2000s-inspired alias Virtual Self has remained one of the most innovative dance music projects since its 2017 birth. Nearly all of Virtual Self's releases - including "Ghost Voices" - have garnered overwhelming support from within the dance music community.

Lane 8 is coming off a massive year after the release of second album, Little By Little. Goldstein didn't stop there, as he went on to release more originals and collaborative works throughout the year. Now in 2019, his label This Never Happened will be reprising the This Never Happened Summer Gatherings that made it's debut back in 2017. 


Facebook: facebook.com/porterrobinsonmusic
Twitter: twitter.com/porterrobinson
Instagram: instagram.com/porterrobinson
SoundCloud: soundcloud.com/porter-robinson


Facebook: facebook.com/lane8music
Twitter: twitter.com/Lane8music
Instagram: instagram.com/lane8music
SoundCloud: soundcloud.com/lane8music

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Vincent Announces For You World Tour and EP

Wed, 02/13/2019 - 17:41

Starting in late March, Vincent hits the road to showcase his brand new music across the world.

Back in 2015, the name Vincent became familiar to EDM lovers worldwide for the success of his remix to Alison Wonderland's "U Don't Know." Since then, the 22-year-old producer has continued to top the charts by fusing the hottest sounds across trap music, future bass, and unique styles in between. Now, he announces with full force the For You World Tour and accompanying EP.

Check out what Vincent had to say about the EP below:

“The goal for this EP was to create something deeper than a simple collection of songs - an intimate record with meaning and depth, told through melody and lyrics cohesively... The music tells the side of the story of those who might be too timid to vocalize their emotions to another person. My hope is that anyone listening to the record may connect to any of the emotions shared throughout. Maybe someone will resonate with the stories or feel like they’re living in a parallel situation, and use this as a method to tell the other person how they feel.”

Vincent will spend the next few months sharing the message of "For You" to fans all across the world with support from Hex Cougar, Jaron, Madnap, and Subtact. If you find a city near you on the list, make sure to go check out these acts.

Tickets to Vincent's For You World Tour are available here. The "For You" debut EP is dropping on all streaming platforms on Friday, February 22nd via PRMD Music.

Follow Vincent:

Facebook: facebook.com/vincentofficial
Instagram: instagram.com/itsvincent_
Twitter: https://twitter.com/itsVincent_
SoundCloud: soundcloud.com/vincent_official

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Monstercat Uncaged Party to Close Out Miami Music Week 2019

Wed, 02/13/2019 - 17:12

Monstercat returns to Miami Music Week with an unreleased lineup of VERY SPECIAL GUESTS!

For the third year in a row, Monstercat is returning to Miami Music Week, this time with another excellent party and an even bigger surprise! 

On March 31st, the Monstercat Uncaged show closes out a week filled with the best parties and events that the world of dance music has to offer, taking place at SQL Miami from 10:00 PM to 5:00 AM. In previous years, special guests have included Seven Lions, Slushii, Jauz and Mija, so we know from experience that whoever ends up playing is going to be excellent!

Monstercat x Helldeep (MMW 2018 Aftermovie) (; 0:30)

If you are 18+ and looking for a wild night of heart-pounding, bass-heavy music to end the weekend with, the Monstercat Uncaged show is the place to be.

Be sure to grab your tickets before it's too late!


Website: monstercat.com/
Twitter: twitter.com/monstercat
Instagram: instagram.com/monstercat
SoundCloud: soundcloud.com/Monstercat

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Mija Drops 24-Minute Ambient Edit of "Notice Me" Titled "The Space In Between pt. 1"

Wed, 02/13/2019 - 16:55

Mija's Upcoming Band Practice tour begins Feb. 22nd.

Sit back and relax, because Mija (real name Amber Giles), is here to deliver the most calming 24 minutes of your day. Giles, most famous for her Fk A Genre tour and promotion brand, has released a 24-minute ambient flip of her track  "Notice Me" titled "The Space In Between pt. 1." The song is a take on the original file but slowed down and stretched out to create an ethereal collection of relaxing tones that explores the beauty of ambient sounds.

"The Space In Between pt. 1" will be used as the background ambient sounds between the songs Giles will play on her new live tour, Band Practice, which will kick off February 22nd. On the tour she will sing and perform songs from her two projects - How To Measure The Distance Between Lovers and Just Enough - plus some unreleased compositions, with live instruments and additional band members for the first time ever. 

How to Measure the Distance Between Lovers, the EP in which "Notice Me" was pulled from was the world's first look into Giles inner workings. She describes this self-released reawakening as "the first step into what I would consider to be my canon." Transforming each of meticulously arranged sounds of this EP into strokes of the pen in her audio diary, How to Measure the Distance Between Lovers captures the fluctuating feelings of uncertainty and exhilaration that make up young love. There is no doubt the new tour will be an epic display of emotion and beautiful music.

Band Practice Tour Dates

You can check out "The Space In Between pt. 1" here on Giles' Bandcamp page. The track is available for free download and streaming. Purchase tickets to Band Practice here.


Facebook: facebook.com/djmija/
Instagram: instagram.com/hi_mija/
Twitter: twitter.com/hi_mija
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/hi_mija

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Egzod & Leo The Kind Forge Rock Electronic Anthem "Reserve" [Premiere]

Wed, 02/13/2019 - 15:29

Egzod and Leo The Kind are back with a follow up collaboration.

Following their initial rendezvous in 2017, Miami producer Egzod has teamed up with Leo the Kind on a high energy follow up, "Reserve." The two previously put themselves on the map with their wistful collaboration "Paper Crowns" and then again with "Mirage." Now, for their third collaboration they've returned to tell a very different story. 

Fans of the Trap Nation YouTube channel may recognize "Reserve" from their New Year's mix published a couple months ago. At the time, the track was teased as an ID, and its unique fusion of rock and electronic elements prompted hundreds of listeners to inquire about its origin. A pinned comment on the video by Trap Nation referring to the timecode for "Reserve" simply stated it was a forthcoming release on their label. 

Well, the wait is finally over. "Reserve" is a dark and unrelenting production complemented by Leo the Kind's commanding vocals. From start to finish, "Reserve" doesn't hold back. It's only regulated by the steady march of Egzod's snappy percussion. While repeat collaborations generally attempt to adhere to the exact formula that shaped the artists' initial success, Egzod and Leo the Kind are writing a new script for their sequel. 

Listen to "Reserve" here, out now via Trap Nation. 


Facebook: facebook.com/egzodmusic
Twitter: twitter.com/egzodmusic
Instagram: instagram.com/egzodmusic
SoundCloud: soundcloud.com/egzodmusic

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Beyond Wonderland 2019 Breaks All-Time Ticket Sales Records

Wed, 02/13/2019 - 14:44

"All I can say is WOW," remarked Insomniac founder Pasquale Rotella.

Ultra Music Festival irrefutably marks the beginning of festival season, but West Coast ravers may tell you differently. They appear to be attending Beyond Wonderland in droves, after all. Insomniac has announced that the 2019 edition of the event has broken every single ticketing record.

Saturday single-day GA tickets to Beyond Wonderland sold out in less than 24 hours according to Insomniac spokespeople. They claim that the two-day gathering is "flirting with attendance numbers akin to Escape: Psycho Circus 2018," which drew roughly 125,000 revelers.

View the original article to see embedded media.

The 2019 edition of Beyond Wonderland will mark the event's ten-year anniversary. It has flip-flopped between the San Manuel Amphitheatre and NOS Events Center (both in San Bernardino) during that time, and the event brand has also expanded to California cities like Oakland and Mountain View as well as Seattle, Washington.

Beyond Wonderland 2019 will take place at the NOS Events Center on March 22nd and 23rd. For more information or to purchase tickets, visit the event website.

Follow Beyond Wonderland:

Facebook: facebook.com/BeyondWonderland
Twitter: twitter.com/beyondwland
Instagram: instagram.com/beyondwland

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Alison Wonderland Tests Out Unreleased Song During Performance

Wed, 02/13/2019 - 12:03

Alison played a new ID for the crowd at a recent show.

Alison Wonderland fans were recently blessed with new music in the form of her Dillon Francis collaboration "Lost My Mind," and it looks as though more awaits soon. The Australian DJ/producer debuted an unreleased track at a recent show that's whipped her fervent fan base into a frenzy.

As can be heard in the video clip shared by Twitter account AWonderFans, the ID starts with a long, instrumental section. The tempo raises abruptly leading up to a bass-heavy trap drop pierced by cheering from ecstatic audience members.

Alison Wonderland (real name Alexandra Sholler) released her debut album, Run, in 2015. She delivered her sophomore effort in the form of last year's 14-track Awake; she hasn't slowed down on new music in the months since but has yet to announce whether a follow-up album or EP is in the works.

Alison Wonderland has yet to announce a title, release date or any other information for the unreleased ID at the time of writing.

H/T: Your EDM


Facebook: facebook.com/awonderdj
Twitter: twitter.com/awonderland
Instagram: twitter.com/awonderland
SoundCloud: soundcloud.com/alisonwonderland

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Swedish House Mafia Confirmed for Lollapalooza Berlin, Hint at L.A. Show

Wed, 02/13/2019 - 10:58

Swedish House Mafia are (literally) pulling out all the stops.

Swedish House Mafia are adding shows to their 2019 itinerary in a rapid-fire succession as of late. On the heels of their Ultra Europe and Ultra Korea revelations, the EDM supergroup has been confirmed for Lollapalooza Berlin shortly after hinting at an L.A. tour date.

Today Lollapalooza Berlin made a lineup announcement, and Swedish House Mafia was the second name on the reveal. In addition to more mainstream acts like Kings of Leon and Twenty One Pilots, they will be joined by fellow EDM mainstays Martin Garrix, Don Diablo, Gramatik and Loud Luxury.

In addition, Swedish House Mafia members Axwell, Steve Angello and Sebastian Ingrosso each shared images either containing the text "LA" or "Los Angeles" to their Instagram Stories. If their recent marketing tactics serve as an indicator, a full announcement ought to follow in the coming weeks.

Following a five-year hiatus, Swedish House Mafia played a reunion show at last year's edition of Ultra Music Festival in Miami. Later in the year they revealed that new music lay out on the horizon and began announcing 2019 tour dates.

A timer on SwedishHouseMafia is currently counting down to 9:00 PM UTC on May 1st, 2019. The trio have not disclosed what it may count down to at the time of writing.


Facebook: facebook.com/swedishhousemafia
Twitter: twitter.com/swedishousemfia
Instagram: instagram.com/swedishhousemafia
SoundCloud: soundcloud.com/officialswedishhousemafia

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Crywolf Shares Versatile Single “DRIP” and Announces New Album

Tue, 02/12/2019 - 19:06

The talented artist is finally back in full force.

Singer, songwriter and producer Crywolf just released his latest single, “DRIP,” and announced a new 16-track album, widow [OBLIVIØN Pt. I], out March 22nd. The talented artist (real name Justin Taylor Phillips) has been teasing the release of his next project for some time now with singles such as the ominous "C E P H A L Ø T U S" and impactful "U L T R A V I Ø L E N T [she sang to me a language strange]".

As noted by longtime fans on his latest singles, Phillips’ year-long hiatus (resulting from having an entire album's worth of music and expensive gear stolen in Chile) has led to his exploration of different moods and aesthetics. Writing widow [OBLIVIØN Pt. I] in a small wooden cabin in the Huilo Huilo rainforest in Patagonia - and finishing it while traveling through the U.S. - marked a period he self-called “quarter life crisis,” a concept he promises to explore in depth throughout the album. 

On “DRIP” however, Phillips defies all stylistic expectations set by his previous releases; the song lives in a much cleaner soundscape that shifts and twists while constantly evolving. The instrumental is hectic and indecisive, driven by organic drums and catchy bass lines, while he lets his emotions flow.

On the topic of the album, Phillips said:

"One of the themes of this album is the exploration of the shadow - the darker, more difficult aspects of the human psyche" he said on the topic, "people often think they have one unified “personality,” but the truth is that we are made up of up to a dozen different personalities that are only loosely tied together [...] "DRIP" is the my process of staring into my brain and being brutally honest about some of the really difficult aspects of what I see there. It might not be, but it’s uncomfortably real."

Crywolf burst into the electronic music scene with his now highly acclaimed EP Ghosts and Angels. Having evolved past his earlier melodic dubstep style, he is praised for his emotional songwriting, experimental productions and transparent character. 

Stream "DRIP" across platforms here and pre-save widow [OBLIVIØN Pt. I] here. 

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Judge Will Hear Rapture Organizers' Case Against Ultra Music Festival

Tue, 02/12/2019 - 18:56

Rapture is back following the initial dismissal of their complaint.

Rapture Music Festival has been in a legal battle surrounding Ultra Music Festival's move to Virginia Key. While Rapture's initial complaint was dismissed out by a judge earlier this month, the group has amended it ahead of their February 13th deadline. In early March, a judge will review their case.

In an exclusive statement sent to EDM.com, Rapture's attorney, Paul Silverberg, wrote: 

"We accepted the Judge’s comments and put more details on the malicious actions against Rapture into the Amended Complaint. We will now proceed full speed against Ultra, EEG, the City of Miami and Virginia Key Beach Trust for the wrongful actions they have taken. The Court has set a preliminary hearing in March on this matter... A loss for Rapture is just another step toward “them” limiting your choices and your experiences."

In the amended complaint, Rapture has made their position clearer. They allege Ultra Music Festival is in violation of Antitrust law. Rapture believes Ultra and the city of Miami conspired to kick them out of Virginia Key, citing their possession of a contract which would allow them to continue hosting the event through 2020. The legal fortitude of this contract is still under question.

Stay tuned for updates surrounding the scheduled hearing of Rapture's case against Ultra. 


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INRVISN, NOTOK  Link Up On Emotional New Track "What It's Worth" ft. Alina Renae

Tue, 02/12/2019 - 18:53

Out now on Hegemon Select.

Los Angeles producers INRVISN and NOTOK have linked up to deliver a powerful new track about loss and acceptance titled "What It's Worth."  The single features vocals from Alina Renae, a singer/songwriter out of Chicago. The release is being brought to us by Hegemon Select

The track has both a powerful message and production quality. It opens with Renae's angelic vocals overlayed on an uplifting build. The drop is future bass driven and compliments the essence of growing stronger from grief. The pairing of the pain in Renea's voice with the short synth stabs work great together. 

On the topic of "What It's Worth" INRVISN said: 

"‘What It’s Worth’ holds a very special place in our hearts and the lyrics tell a story of letting someone go, who is no longer alive. We all look for signs from beyond, that tell us that they have moved onto a better place, but there is a beautiful pain that lingers in our hearts. The pain is often hard to let go but it will always be there. Finding some sort of peace in that knowledge is hard to do. I know we really enjoyed the process of making this song and turning it into the work of art that it is."

NOTOK added:

"Writing 'What It's Worth' was a very emotional experience for me. I lost my best friend to a drug overdose in 2013. Moving on after losing a friend or loved one is one of the hardest things anyone can go through. I think this song is a reminder that the memories we have of those we lost are so special. We need to cherish them and hold on to them as long as we can."

"What It's Worth" featuring Alina Renae by INRVISN and NOTOK is out now via Hegemon Select. Stream or download it across platforms here.


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DROELOE Releases Catchy First Track of the Year, "Only Be Me"

Tue, 02/12/2019 - 18:48

DROELOE does it again with yet another bitbird release that you'll have on repeat.

At the beginning of the month, the duo behind DROELOE, Dutch producer Vincent Rooijers and visual designer Hein Hamers, released an addicting future bass/electronic track that has more to it than meets the eye. 

On the surface, "Only Be Me" combines the DJ duo's signature percussion-heavy sound with a beautiful echoey one strum guitar. And altogether the song finds a perfect balance with all of its eclectic sounds and soothing vocals.

However, the track takes a deeper meaning when it comes to the lyrics. As seen in the cover art with their branded skull being inside a covered glass box, the concept of masks come into play. 

Whether it's our social media presence or our real selves, we all wear different masks. And oftentimes it's easy to think that putting on a front is the only way to succeed. "Only Be Me" gives commentary on this idea of pretending to succeed in order to survive and reassures us that it's okay to shed the mask around people who really care about us.

On the song Rooijers and Hamers say that it's about:

"Finding someone, something, or someplace where you truly feel like you can be comfortable being yourself is a beautiful thing. But of course, life isn't really like that and apart from a few special exceptions, it's hard for most people to feel that way. This track is about that feeling and about that special someone that gives it to you."

In March, DROELOE will embark on their second solo North American tour dubbed after their 2018 EP, The Choices We Face. Supported by kidwaste, Fytch and Tails, it'll surely be one epic trap and electronic show. Grab your tickets here.


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Porter Robinson Says Creative Struggles Led to Virtual Self in Grammy Interview

Tue, 02/12/2019 - 18:31

Porter Robinson gave an interview on Virtual Self at the Grammy's red carpet event.

Prior to Sunday's Grammy Awards ceremony, Porter Robinson had the chance to speak with red carpet hosts about his creative outlook as Virtual Self and nomination for Best Dance Recording.

Robinson's track "Ghost Voices" was beat out by Silk City & Dua Lipa's collaboration "Electricity" to win the award. Despite the outcome, Robinson reaffirmed it was an honor for him to even be nominated. Recognition from the Recording Academy was well outside of his personal expectations for the project. 

During the red carpet interview, the "Ghost Voices" producer commented that Virtual Self was an outlet for him to overcome creative struggles surrounding his work as Porter Robinson. To his surprise, he discovered the song was up for a Grammy via Twitter.

Robinson also gave insight as to what makes the perfect dance recording, attributing it vastly to the "tension and release" the producer strives to create. He capped things off by giving the spotlight to a few producers making music similar to Virtual Self who fans might also enjoy. 

Watch the full interview for more on Porter Robinson's side project Virtual Self.


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