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R3hab on EDM's Rise In Asia, How to Make Hit Remixes and Pop Collabs [Interview]

Mon, 02/18/2019 - 17:27

Non-stop tourer R3hab also shared his challenges managing a record label and his favorite moment with fans.

Having concluded 2018 on a high note with a slew of international festivals and an album, R3hab is still not one to relax. The Dutch DJ released the single “BAD!” right before launching into a two-month North American tour.

Even when on the road, R3hab continues to command the streaming spotlight with release upon release: a collaboration with Icona Pop titled “This Is How We Party” and numerous remixes.

The master mixer recently took some time from touring and spoke to EDM.com about his current tour, the success of his The Wave album, and his process of creating beloved, varied remixes. Read what he had to say below.

EDM.com: Since the release of The Wave, you’ve been playing nonstop around the globe. And now, you’re just kicking off your North American tour. How has it been so far?

R3hab: My first show in Washington D.C. was incredible. I love the Echostage. It’s the perfect mixture between a big venue, great production, great crowd. It was amazing.

Are you looking towards any specific venues in the US?

I’ve never played in Brooklyn, and [Brooklyn Steel] is already sold out already! That’s extra special that it sold out that way in advance. It’s going to be fun.

You’ve mentioned that you were focused on touring in Asia. You finished playing a good number of festivals around Asia not so long ago. How does the crowd and energy compare to that in Europe and North America?

I think it’s very fresh in Asia. The whole movement of dance music is very new. It’s a whole lot of people that it’s like their first two years of going to a festival. It’s a new type of energy, if that makes sense, like how EDC Las Vegas happened for the first time.

You recently started vlogging on your YouTube channel. In your first vlog, it shows fans excitedly interacting with you. Is there a particular moment you’ve had with your fans you’d like to share?

It’s special when people make personal for you, like fans in Japan and China make pillows — those sort of things that make it very special because people put so much effort into making you something special. Especially because so much is online, and when you get to see that emotional in real life. It’s very good.

Now that you’ve hit Asia, and a good number of the largest festivals and venues in the world, is there a venue, festival, or country you haven’t played at but would love the chance to?

I would love to play at Lollapalooza in South America. That sounds exciting. The massiveness, the great lineup, but also the crowd in South America crowd is very enthusiastic. Very energetic, "caliente."

Right when your album dropped, you mentioned to Billboard that “Good Intentions” was one of your favorites from The Wave. Has that changed since the album has time to mature?

Maybe I can say “The Wave” is my favorite. After one year, I still love playing it. It’s funny how a record that can be on repeat for a long time can still be your favorite. Every time I listen to it, I think, “Wow, this is a really good vibe.”

I think “Lullaby” is also one of my favorites, but it depends on the mood. “Lullaby” is more high energetic, while “The Wave” is more of the exact opposite.

As you’ve described it, The Wave is an album that represents how life is inconsistently sweet and turbulent. Is there a particular track from the album you’re excited to share with the North American crowd?

“Lullaby” is one of the closers of the set because it’s high energetic, uplifting. Then I have nice interludes with “The Wave” which is more emotional. It is roller coaster ride, it’s all over the place, which is life in general, hopefully. Life should be turbulent with emotion and have its high and lows.

Can you tell me what it like working with a pop duo like Icona Pop for "This Is How We Party"?

I love them. They have dank vocals when they work together – high energy. I love working with them. I’m a big fan. Good energy, and they’re nice girls, too.

It was very good working with Icona Pop, it clicked [well]. Many times when you do a feature, maybe it can get too poppy or something, but with them, they walk that great line between electropop. They do that very well.

In addition to your own music, your remixes are just as popular. They have a wide breadth in genres, from your recent remix of Kygo’s “Happy Now” to tween group Why Don’t We’s “8 Letters.” How do you go about picking tracks and what’s your process behind that?

At first, it’s just the record, and whether I like original record or the vocals. But what makes it different? With “8 Letters,” it’s 100 BPM, around that area. Speeding up the vocals and doing something fast with it will ruin it, it will sound like chipmunks. 

Then with my remix of "5 Seconds of Summer" by Youngblood, you can make it 150 to 160 BPM to make it more rocky, or 140 BPM to make it more future bassy. And then with my remix of Kygo's "Happy Now," it’s more dancey.

So the process is all over the place. Whatever the original track allows it to be. I don’t want just for you to hear a little bit of the vocal and just make something that doesn’t fit the original record.

You recently founded CYB3RPVNK. Now the label’s over a year old, what’s been your biggest challenge with CYB3RPVNK that you’ve experienced as a business venture?

With third-party releases, you need to help the young talent get the deadline done. There’s a lot of moving parts into running a label: promotion, getting a track mixed and mastered, uploading it – and if you miss a deadline, everything goes. The whole system fails. That has been one thing that has been difficult for me in my opinion: to make sure they’re on time and everything.

I’m used to with my experience, “Gotta make a deadline.” Whereas with other people, they wait for that deadline.

You released the single “BAD” just before going on a North American tour. Do you like going through that creative process before throwing yourself into a tour?

It was just for fun. In December, I was just playing around with the bass line, and I just finished the "Happy Now" remix. I was like, “Let me do this project and play around.” And after playing around, that was it. It was a very easy track to make, very simple.

The bass is kind of similar to the Kygo remix, just a different key. Kygo is F Sharp and “BAD” is in A Sharp, I think. It’s a lot lower, more bassy, more subby, so you don’t really hear it. It was very simple, really, which I like. It’s not too much effort, it’s more like when the track “clicks” right away, they make for better records, in my opinion.

To make it good, but then it’s actually in essence very simple. It’s just a kick in the bass line and the melody.

And then what’s in store for 2019? Do you have any big releases in the works that you’d like to share?

I started on the new album that’s going to be good. I have a tour in Europe and Asia coming up. I’m working on some European festivals. A lot of exciting stuff going on.

I’m touring during the week and weekend, but the rest during the week, I make music.

Find R3hab's upcoming tour dates below.

2/22- Toybox - Toronto, Canada
2/23- Concord Music Hall - Chicago, IL
2/26- Shrine - Ledyard, CT
3/1- Brooklyn Steel - Brooklyn, NY
3/1- Marquee - New York, NY


Facebook: facebook.com/r3hab
Twitter: twitter.com/R3HAB
Instagram: instagram.com/r3hab
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/r3hab

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Lightning in a Bottle's 2019 Lineup Delivers Bass to Bakersfield

Mon, 02/18/2019 - 15:55

The Phase 1 Lineup packs world renown acts like Damian Lazarus, Disclosure and Flying Lotus.

On Friday, Coachella stage craftsmen Do LaB announced a phase 1 lineup for their flagship event Lightning in a Bottle, held from May 8th to 13th. The roster includes musical innovators and heavy hitters like Damian Lazarus, Disclosure, Big Gigantic, Lane 8Gramatik and Flying Lotus with a trippy new 3D experience - just for a few. Across three main stages, the event is set to offer sanctuary for bassheads, technophiles and aficionados of instrumental acts all over California with plenty of pockets to socialize in between. 

The announcement is the first in a series to unveil the details planned for the festival's new home, near Bakersfield. Along with forthcoming music lineup announcements, the event attracts yogis, influencers, live painters, installation artists and a cavalcade of new age educators, who come to teach lessons on everything from California’s Native American heritage to plant-based nutrition, with a surfeit of other heady topics. 

In a rural community mostly known for its cattle farms, visible along the CA-5 highway, the arrival of the festival presents a strong revenue opportunity to local municipalities and a fresh reason for newcomers to visit the area. 

Do LaB has a few plans to iron out in order to officially lock-in the new location, but the Kern County Board of Supervisors is expected to finalize approval of the festival on February 26th.

Tickets are available for purchase now on the Lightning in a Bottle website.


Facebook: facebook.com/TheDoLaB/
Twitter: twitter.com/thedolab
Instagram: instagram.com/thedolab
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/thedolab


Facebook: facebook.com/LIBfestival
Twitter: twitter.com/LIBfestival
Instagram: instagram.com/libfestival

Featured Image by Eric Allen Photo

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DUCKY Releases Heartfelt "I Still Believe In Love" EP

Mon, 02/18/2019 - 14:12

Get caught up in your feels!

DUCKY (real name Morgan Neiman) has returned with a brand new EP entitled I Still Believe In Love

Beginning her DJ career at the age of 13, Neiman has proved her worth since then releasing with the likes of Insomniac Records and Nest. More recently, she took her high energy sets on the road with NGHTMRE this past winter. She's also managed to garner a loyal fan base over the years with her unique and versatile set of tunes. This includes fan favorites "Love You Just The Same" and "Over" as well as her collaborative effort with Jauz, "Rave With Me."

Inspired by a recent breakup, I Still Believe In Love is a melancholic offering that details Neiman's experience. The EP opens with an emotional, synth-led tune entitled "Day Zero." Her animated vocals help tell her tale throughout the four-track work. By the end of her journey, she reaches a point of hope with the finale, "I'm Worth It." Undoubtedly, this is an adventure fans will be excited to explore.

Alongside the release of her EP, she's also launched a limited hand-painted clothing line. Check it out here.

Follow DUCKY:

Facebook: facebook.com/quackhouse
Instagram: instagram.com/quackhouse
Twitter: twitter.com/QUACKHOUSE
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Ekali and 1788-L Team up for "R U I N"

Mon, 02/18/2019 - 13:52

Ekali and 1788-L's massive ID is finally here.

Heavy hitters Ekali and 1788-L have finally released their powerful new tune, "R U I N." Ekali had a huge run in 2018, releasing his Crystal Eyes EP as well as a handful of singles. He's also no stranger to collaborative efforts, as he teamed up with the likes of ZHU, SLUMBERJACK, Medasin, K.Flay, and Elohim.

1788-L has been on a tear since the start of his career last year. His mysterious persona garnered the interest of fans across the world, jolting him into the spotlight and putting him on tour with huge artists including Ekali and Rezz. He's also managed to hit the stage at festivals like Decadence and Snowglobe. Not only has he also released his debut EP in a short amount of time, but he's also found himself collaborating with suchprominent names as ILLENIUM.

Their joint endeavor, "R U I N, is one fans have been waiting for since they hit the road together last fall. The glitchy, bass-fueled drop is accompanied by a tense yet beautiful build up. The second drop hits listeners with a fluttering synth driven climax, colliding the opposing sounds of each artist. Without a doubt, this is a hit that fans of each artist will enjoy. 

Follow Ekali:

Facebook: facebook.com/ekalimusic
Instagram: instagram.com/ekalimusic
Twitter: twitter.com/EkaliMusic
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/ekalimusic

Follow 1788-L:

Facebook: facebook.com/1788l
Instagram: instagram.com/1788_l
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Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/1788-l

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Diplo Shares Tracklist and Release Date for Upcoming EP, Europa

Mon, 02/18/2019 - 12:34

Diplo brought along several friends for the ride.

Last month Diplo revealed that he had a Europe-inspired EP in the works, and now he's assigned it a release date. Not only has the DJ/producer and Mad Decent label boss announced that Europa is due out this Friday, February 22nd - he's revealed the tracklist for the six-song effort.

As can be expected from any endeavor taken on by Diplo (real name Thomas Wesley Pentz Jr.), Europa features a veritably laundry list of collaborators. From "Boom Bye Bye" featuring Niska (which he shared last month) to "Baui Coupé" featuring Bausa to "New Shapes" featuring Octavian, the EP appears to have resulted from multicultural creative input.

Pentz slowly rose to fame after working with M.I.A. in 2004 before his work with international supergroup Major Lazer catapulted him into the mainstream orbit. The group has announced plans to disband after their upcoming album, but last year Pentz announced a new project alongside Labrinth and Sia called LSD

Meanwhile, Diplo will continue the European leg of his current tour with a performance at Night Tales in London, England on Wednesday, February 20th.


Facebook: facebook.com/diplo
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SoundCloud: soundcloud.com/diplo

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Ultra Music Festival Unveils "Mission: Home" Environmental Initiative

Mon, 02/18/2019 - 11:51

Ultra Music Festival's organizers want to minimize their carbon footprint.

Among the biggest concerns voiced by Miami residents in light of Ultra Music Festival's 2019 relocation were those regarding the event's environmental impact on Virginia Key. Ultra's organizers have shared literature intended to curb attendee behaviors that could hurt the local flora and fauna while outlining their own commitment.

"Mission: Home," as it's titled, declares pollution prevention Ultra's "objective #1" and adopts a policy of "leave no trace," which is one of cultural gathering Burning Man's ten principles. To that end, it encourages festivalgoers to not litter, refrain from entering closed-off areas, and dispose of each different kind of waste in its proper receptacle, among other things. 

For their part, the festival's organizers have tasked themselves with banning the use of certain materials, barricading wildlife areas, and making sure the grounds are clear in time for turtle nesting season. 

Ultra Music Festival has taken place annually in Miami since 1999. It initially took place at Collins Park on Miami Beach, but it quickly outgrew the location and moved to Bayfront Park in 2001. In September of last year, the city rejected the proposed contract for future editions of the festival to take place there.

Ultra Music Festival will take place from March 29th to March 31st, 2019. For more information or to purchase tickets, visit the event website.


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Twitter: twitter.com/ultra
Instagram: instagram.com/ultra/

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Guitar Hero Developers Announce EDM-Heavy Virtual Reality Shooter Game

Sun, 02/17/2019 - 16:32

Including music from Alison Wonderland, Afrojack, 1788-L, and more, Audica seeks to compete with the popular VR game Beat Saber.

Harmonix, the creators of Guitar Hero, Rock Band, and Amplitude, have announced their next venture into the rhythm game world. Unlike many of their previous offerings, Audica ditches the musical instrument peripherals and focuses on virtual reality technology. 

Audica drops players into a cosmic arena with the task of shooting targets in tune with a song. Players will use both controllers from their VR system of choice to shoot incoming targets from many different directions. With virtual reality technology, players will get a 360-degree view of the futuristic world of Audica

If you are unfamiliar with rhythm games, the objective is to simply obtain the highest score possible. Keeping up with the rhythm of the song will help players rack up combos by hitting multiple targets in a row, leading to higher scores. 

The full tracklist has not been revealed, but, Harmonix revealed the first five tracks including music from Alison Wonderland, Afrojack, 1788-L, and more.

Audica releases March 7th on Oculus Rift and Steam VR. It will also release on Playstation VR later this year. 


Facebook: facebook.com/HarmonixMusic/
Twitter: twitter.com/harmonix
Website: harmonixmusic.com/

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International Dance Music Awards Announce Categories for 33rd Annual Event

Sun, 02/17/2019 - 15:41

Some of the biggest names in dance music will face off for a chance at an IDMA at next month's Winter Music Conference during Miami Music Week.

The categories for the 33rd annual International Dance Music Awards (IDMA) have been revealed.

This year's categories are close to comprehensive and cover everything from production software to radio stations/podcasts. Alongside some of the more fringe categories is a staggering number of pure music categories covering nearly every major dance music subgenre. 

The IDMA will be held at the Winter Music Conference in Miami on March 25th-28th. Some of the biggest performers in dance music and some of the greatest minds in the dance music industry will hosting panels at the conference.

Previous winners include The Chainsmokers, Kygo, Carl Cox, and Armin van Buuren, who will also deliver a keynote speech at this year's Winter Music Conference.

For this year's event, organizers have implemented a number of changes to the award selection process. They have created an advisory board in order to "help to define what the IDMAs become and bring a new credibility to the awards like never before."

The way the awards will be voted on has also been revamped. The IDMA will implement technology from Viberate which will pick nominees in an unbiased manner. In their own words:

Using their metrics-based platform, the Viberate team was able to populate the IDMA artist categories and present a set of nominees based on true artist popularity and free from industry favoritism and politics. Nominees for the remaining IDMA categories will be selected by the IDMA Advisory Board, with the winners of all categories being determined by a public vote.

Below is the complete list of nominees for the 33rd Annual International Dance Music Awards.

Categories powered by Viberate

Best Male Artist (Pop/Electronic)
Best Female Artist (Pop/Electronic)
Best Male Artist (Techno)
Best Female Artist (Techno)
Best Male Artist (House)
Best Female Artist (House)
Best Male Artist (Bass)
Best Female Artist (Bass)
Best Male Artist (Trance)
Best Female Artist (Trance)
Best Male Artist (Drum & Bass)
Best Female Artist (Drum & Bass)
Best Male Artist (Downtempo)
Best Female Artist (Downtempo)
Best Male Artist (Hardstyle)
Best Female Artist (Hardstyle)

Categories to be determined by IDMA Advisory Board + voted on by the public

Breakthrough Artist of the Year
Best Pop/Electronic Album
Best Electronic Album
Best Pop/Electronic Song
Best Electronic Song
Best Pop/Electronic Remix
Best Electronic Remix
Best Label
Best Club
Best Music Festival
Best Music Event
Best Podcast / Radio Show
Best Radio Station
Best Streaming Service
Best YouTube Channel
Best DJ Equipment Manufacturer
Most Innovative DJ Product
Best DAW

H/T: Your EDM


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Getter Announces Sophomore Album and New Gaming Team

Sun, 02/17/2019 - 14:29

The multi-genre producer is looking to follow up on the success of his debut album as well as break into the gaming/Esports world.

In a very straight-to-the-point tweet, Getter announced that he’s working on the follow-up to his critically acclaimed debut album, Visceral

Although there are no details other than the work in progress tweet, fans have already began speculating as to what direction he will take for his sophomore album. Despite breaking into the dance music world as a dubstep artist, Getter, (real name Tanner Petulla) has explored a wide range of genres.

Released on deadmau5’ label, mau5trap, and featuring a number of high-profile collaborators like Nothing, Nowhere and Joji, fans of the multi-genre producer fell in love with the experimental nature of Visceral. His announcement precedes his Visceral Live tour, which kicks off February 27th at the McDonald Theatre in Eugene, Oregon.

In addition to the experimental nature of his Getter project, Petulla performs hip-hop as his alter-ego, Terror Reid. Alongside the Getter album announcement, he reassured fans that his long-awaited Terror Reid album is still on the way. 

Outside of the music world, Petulla announced the creation of his very own gaming team, Chaqatas.

Little is known about the team other than the roster and that they intend on posting “hella videos soon.” The team did a short Valentine’s Day stream and have set up their social media pages, YouTube Channel, and a Discord server.

H/T: Dancing Astronaut


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SoundCloud Hits Content Milestone of 200 Million Tracks

Fri, 02/15/2019 - 17:05

SoundCloud remains the largest open audio platform.

Berlin-based platform and streaming service SoundCloud has reached a massive content milestone in surpassing 200 million tracks uploaded on the platform. Throughout its 11 years of service, the company has weathered incredible headwinds, but today marks one of their biggest successes.

Francesca Lombardo's song "Eye Ring" became the milestone-breaking song. Though the viability of SoundCloud's business has come into question from a financial perspective, for content creators the achievement serves as a reminder that the platform continues to play a pivotal role in the streaming ecosystem.  

Through the music industry's boom in content streaming in recent years, SoundCloud has remained a cultural hub for music creators. Earlier this year, BTS member Jimin broke the platform's record, previously held by Drake, for most streams in 24 hours with his single "Promise."

Though it faces heavy competition from giants Spotify, Apple, and Amazon, the service's continued growth is good news for artists looking to share content and build audiences. 

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Kygo Releases First New Song of 2019, "Think About You" ft. Valerie Broussard

Fri, 02/15/2019 - 16:51

The one that got away.

After teasing its impending arrival on social media throughout the past week, global superstar DJ/producer Kyrre Gørvell-Dahll - A.K.A. Kygo - has unveiled a new song titled Think About Youtoday via Sony Music Sweden/Ultra Records/RCA Records. The track features Valerie Broussard who is newly signed to Dahll's Palm Tree Records/RCA Records. This marks his first release of 2019 and precedes more music to come very soon. 

The track pairs ethereal piano and a propulsive neon beat with a dynamic and vibrant vocal performance from Broussard. You feel her heartbreak while he simultaneously uplifts you from that sadness with those bright synths. “Think About You” culminates on a feeling of blissful nostalgia in its bright and bold hook. It's a beautiful amalgamation of pop, electro, house, and trance. The Norwegian superstar is back and better than ever with this release. 

Dahll was crowned Spotify’s Breakout Artist of 2015, as songs including “Firestone" featuring Conrad Sewell and “Stole The Show" featuring Parson James (which was certified gold or platinum in sixteen countries) helped him become the fastest artist to reach one billion streams on Spotify. Continuing his success, he released “It Ain’t Me” with Selena Gomez which reached the top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100 and has amassed over 816 million Spotify streams to date. 

“Think About You” arrives on the heels of “Happy Now featuring Swedish hitmaker Sandro Cavazza. Already, “Happy Now” has amassed over 119 million Spotify streams and 44 million YouTube views on the music video. 

Born and raised in Philadelphia, Broussard's music has been featured on a number of hit TV shows, including Lucifer, Pretty Little LiarsMarvel’s Inhumans and Netflix’s Chilling Adventures of Sabrina as well as commercials for Cadillac, HBO, SYFY and FOX. Valerie has just signed to Palm Tree Records/RCA Records and is featured on League of Legends/Riot Games year start campaign ‘Awaken,’ having already done over 25 million views in two weeks. 


Facebook: facebook.com/kygoofficial
Twitter: twitter.com/KygoMusic
Instagram: instagram.com/kygomusic/
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/kygo


Facebook: facebook.com/valeriebroussardmusic
Twitter: twitter.com/vrbroussard
Instagram: instagram.com/valerie.broussard/
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/vrbroussard/tracks

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Netsky Joins Bazzi and Lil Wayne on "I Don't Even Know You Anymore"

Fri, 02/15/2019 - 16:31

Coinciding with Valentine's Day, Netsky has an upbeat breakup song at-ready.

For the third single of his forthcoming Palmtrees & Powerlines project, Netsky joins Bazzi and Lil Wayne on "I Don't Even Know You Anymore." Further expanding his imprint within the world of mainstream pop, Netsky is a somber pop electronic release ready for the airwaves.

Netsky's two-part project Palmtrees & Powerlines will provide a dual focus on both his increasing affinity for mainstream pop, and his roots within the club scene. "I Don't Even Know You Anymore" will join his recent Latin-infused single “Téquila Limonada" on Palmtrees. Meanwhile, Powerlines will be reserved for his innovative club sounds such as his recent "Ice Cold" with David Guetta.

On the heels of his remix with LSD, Lil Wayne is showing increasing interest in working with electronic producers as of late. For Bazzi, features on electronic tracks were a facet of his early career. Lately, while he has been touring heavily off of his album Cosmic, this release could signal more to come from the Michigan singer.

Listen to Netsky, Lil Wayne, and Bazzi's collaboration "I Don't Even Know You Anymore" here.


Facebook: facebook.com/netskymusic
Instagram: @netskyofficial
Twitter: @netskymusic
SounCloud: soundcloud.com/netsky

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Columbia Records Welcomes Swedish House Mafia To The Roster

Fri, 02/15/2019 - 16:08

SHM will be joining the ranks of Daft Punk, Calvin Harris, and LCD Soundsystem.

Swedish House Mafia have officially signed with Columbia Records. They will join the Sony Music label's impressive roster featuring Daft Punk, Calvin Harris, Diplo, LCD Soundsystem, and the most recent addition Gesaffelstein. Columbia was able to land the EDM group— comprised of Steve Angello, Axwell, and Sebastian Ingrosso —after a tense bidding war with Universal Music Group’s Republic Records, and for “significantly less” money, according to sources

Following a five-year hiatus, the iconic trio played a reunion show at last year's edition of Ultra Music Festival in Miami. Since then, they have been racking up their 2019 itinerary locking in headline slots for Ultra Europe/Korea, Lollapalooza Berlin, a return to Ibiza, and most recently teasing a likely slew of Los Angeles shows. 

The group not only has a new label, but also new management. They announced last month that moving forward they will be represented by Ron Lafitte of Patriot Management. They are said to have "lots of new music coming." SHM's last original music was released in 2012, with their debut album Until Now, featuring hits like “Don’t You Worry Child” and “Save The World.”

It looks like fans of the supergroup have a lot to look forward to this year.


Facebook: facebook.com/swedishhousemafia
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Tritonal Drop New Single From Their Upcoming Album Featuring Ryann

Fri, 02/15/2019 - 15:33

"Hard Pass" from the upcoming U & Me album features Tritonal’s signature sounds enhanced with Ryann’s euphoric vocals.

Tritonal has owned 2019 and consistently dropped bangers since they announced their new album. With U & Me set to release this spring, the duo has steadily been releasing tracks off the album giving their fans a taste of what’s to come. 

Their latest release comes in as “Hard Pass” which features vocals from Ryann, who also collaborated with the duo on their previous releases. The track is also accompanied with a music video. 

After dropping their album's lead single, “U Found Me,” the duo have gone on to release “Gonna be alright” featuring Mozella and “Easy” on which they teamed up with U.K. talent Kapera and Ryann.   

Currently in the midst of their massive U & Me Tour, Tritonal (consisting of Chad Cisneros and David Reed) released their newest single today. While “Hard Pass” has the duo’s signature progressive pop sound stamped all over it, the track about denial is enhanced by Ryann’s euphoric vocals. 

While the Texas-based DJ duo may be known for their progressive/electro house hits, with every passing release from the new album, they are surely but steadily leaning towards a more pop-infused sound.

Late last year they announced their extensive and anticipated U & ME tour with not just support from Shaun Frank and Breathe Carolina but also some of the Enhanced family favorites Disco Fries, SJ and APEK

With the tour well underway, they have already made stops at pivotal venues such as Roseland Theater in Portland and The Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles. Upcoming stops include Chicago’s famed Concord Music Hall, Washington DC's Echostage and Terminal 5 in New York City - which is home to a special show as it will be broadcasted live on Sirius XM to celebrate the 250th episode of Tritonia Radio

Find more information and buy tickets for Tritonal’s upcoming U & Me tour here.

Download/Stream "Hard Pass" here.

Tritonal U & Me Tour Dates:

2/15- Gothic Theater - Denver, CO
2/16- Fox Theater - Oakland, CA
2/21- Kilroy’s Sports Bar - Bloomington, IN
2/22- Stereo Live Houston - Houston, TX
2/23- Stereo Live Dallas - Dallas, TX
2/28- Canopy Club - Urbana, IL
3/1- Concord Music Hall - Chicago, IL
3/2- Elektricity - Pontiac, MI
3/6- The Rex - Pittsburgh, PA
3/7- Town Ballroom - Buffalo, NY
3/8- House of Blues - Boston, MA
3/9- The Westcott Theatre - Syracuse, NY
3/12- Shrine - Mashantucket, CT
3/14- Terminal 5 - New York, NY* Tritonia 250
3/15- North Seventh aka Electric Factory - Philadelphia, PA
3/16- Echostage- Washington, DC
3/21- New Daisy Theatre - Memphis, TN
3/22- Buckhead Theatre - Atlanta, GA
3/23- The Ritz Ybor - Tampa, FL 


Facebook: facebook.com/tritonal
Twitter: twitter.com/tritonal
Instagram: instagram.com/tritonal
SoundCloud: soundcloud.com/tritonalmusic

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Armin van Buuren Delivers Non-Traditional V-Day Anthem "Lonely For You" ft. Bonnie McKee

Fri, 02/15/2019 - 15:25

Armin van Buuren does breaks?

Famed Dutch producer Armin van Buuren is here to give lovers and those who are still on the hunt something to dance and sing their hearts out to with his latest release, "Lonely For You." The track features vocals by American singer/songwriter Bonnie McKee

The high-energy, "drum and bass-inspired" single is a new sound for van Buuren and highlights the iconic producer's experimental side. Fans will also be able to enjoy the track's accompanying music video that beautifully conveys the back and forth struggles that relationships go through.  

The track enters with McKee's lush vocals as it transitions into some catchy breaks. The unexpected beat structure is layered expertly with poppy chords that compliment the emotional chorus. It's a vibrant track that ties in perfectly with the message. Relationships waver from time to time. What's important is taking a step back and realizing, is this person right for you or are you fighting to keep them because you don't want to be alone?

On the topic of "Lonely For You" McKee said: 

“'Lonely For You’ is a song about recovering from losing someone, picking up the pieces and putting one foot in front of the other to move on from them – almost. Sometimes, we are able to logically talk ourselves out of loving someone, and even feel relieved that they’re gone…but in the lonely hours of darkness in the still of the night, those feelings can creep up from the shadows and suck us back into the trap of missing that someone, even if we know they’re not right for us.”

For over 20 years, Armin van Buuren has been one of the world’s biggest DJs and producers in electronic dance music. His lifelong dedication to the scene has even earned him a Grammy nomination for "This Is What It Feels Like" (featuring Trevor Guthrie). The DJ/producer claimed the number one spot in The annual DJ Mag Top 100 DJs poll a whopping five times. His weekly A State of Trance radio show is broadcast from his own radio studio in the Armada HQ to over 40 million listeners in more than 80 countries.

In addition to all of this, van Buuren is the co-founder of Armada Music, the Amsterdam-based record label founded in tandem with Maykel Piron and David Lewis. The label is acclaimed internationally for releasing music across the electronic music spectrum and is the six-time winner of Best Global Record Label at the International Dance Music Awards in Miami.

Bonnie McKee is no stranger to the upper reaches of the music industry. Throughout her blossoming career, she has (co-)written songs for global superstars such as Katy Perry ("Part Of Me," "Wide Awake," "California Girls," "Teenage Dream," and "Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)"), Taio Cruz ("Dynamite"), Britney Spears ("Hold It Against Me"), Elliot Yamin, Rita Ora, Ke$ha, Cheryl, Adam Lambert and Rusko.


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Zedd and Katy Perry Drop Post-Valentines Day Collaboration "365"

Fri, 02/15/2019 - 14:46

Zedd and Katy Perry dropped the perfect song for the moment.

In the immediate aftermath of Valentine's Day, Zedd and Katy Perry have a newly released collaboration "365." Following in the similar vein of Zedd's radio hits in recent memory, "365" boasts catchy songwriting as its primary focus. 

Though it arrived somewhat unprompted, a Zedd and Katy Perry collaboration has been rumored since Zedd joined Perry for select dates on her WITNESS tour.  Speculation had died down in the months since, until earlier this week when Perry and Zedd exchanged cryptic screenshots on their Instagram Stories. The two exchanged in a back-and-forth of seemingly unrelated emojis, effectively reigniting the rumors. 

Their emoji-driven teasing on social media now comes with more context. A Warren Fu-directed music video for "365" dropped with the official release featuring Perry as an obsessed robot struggling with its emotional programming. Fu has previously directed music videos for Daft Punk, among many others, and the futuristic aesthetic and story board bodes well for the otherwise unassuming track. 

Listen to Zedd & Katy Perry's "365" and check out the music video below.


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David Guetta and Nicky Romero Team up for "Ring The Alarm"

Fri, 02/15/2019 - 14:28

Dance music moguls David Guetta and Nicky Romero's latest collaboration Ring The Alarm is all set to be the new festival anthem for the season.

We have come to see that when longtime friends and dance music titans David Guetta and Nicky Romero collaborate, they never disappoint. Coming in hot once again, "Ring The Alarm" is out now on Romero's Protocol Recordings, marking Guetta's first release on Romero's label. 

After multiple remixes, tours and collaborations together in the height of dance music's resurgence into the mainstream, their first track together was 2011's "Wild One Two" featuring Sia. This was followed by 2012's notable club single "Metropolis," and now seven years later the two have reunited - and the wait was worth it. 

In 2018, when Romero was working on "Ring The Alarm" Guetta happened heard the first ideas on Instagram. In no time after that, they jumped on a FaceTime call to discuss ideas around the track and the collaboration came to life. 

The big room banger is sure to be a festival anthem for the coming season for its energetic beats and catchy topline. Living up to their reputations as legendary party starters, they incorporated vocal elements of reggaetón paired with tribal instrumentals and a deep, driving bass line.

The two EDM giants have had a working relationship dating back around 10 years now. While Romero produced his first two bootlegs for "Memories" and "When Love Takes Over," it was only a matter of time until Guetta invited the young talent to join him on tour in 2011. There was no looking back from there on. 

They have both individually kicked off 2019 on a high note as well. Guetta dropped his collab with Brooks and Loote "Better When You're Gone" and Romero teamed up with Marvel's Cloak & Dagger lead actress Olivia Holt on "Distance."

Although both are label bosses and tastemakers in their own right, they certainly aren’t finished combining their talents. Here's hoping we don't have to wait long for another collaboration! 


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Adam Davenport Reinvents "Change The World" with New Remix EP

Fri, 02/15/2019 - 10:50

EDM newcomer takes the classic Eric Clapton ballad in a totally different direction with six unique remixes.

Adam Davenport first hit the dance music scene in 2017 when his debut production "My Return Address Is You," featuring Shanica Knowles, charted on Billboard's Dance Club Chart for 10 weeks. 

At the end of 2018, Davenport was back with a bang, releasing his fantastic reimagining of Eric Clapton's classic hit "Change The World" which transforms the iconic 1996 ballad into a vibey dance track ready for club and festival-goers alike. Shazam even included Davenport's cover of "Change The World" on their "Best New Music" list, alongside the hottest new releases from Don Diablo, Marshmello, ZAYN, and R3HAB.

To follow up on the successful single, the long-awaited remix EP for “Change The World” features Davenport’s original club mix, along with five other remixes from Muzikman Edition, NoahStradamusJesser, Vauxhall Boys, and Jerumatic.

NoahStradamus, perhaps the most well-recognized name on the package, has been featured on festival lineups alongside Benny Benassi and Swedish House Mafia, and receives regular support in the sets of international headliners like Don Diablo, EDX, Paul Van Dyk, Kryder, and many more.

View the original article to see embedded media.

About the remix, NoahStradamus said:

“When Adam sent me his original version of ‘Change the World’ and asked if I’d be interested in remixing it, I said to myself, 'Ohhh I have some sexy ideas for this!' I started with the percussion, added some broken chords, and from there the track just came along! I approached that shit like an SR-71 blackbird during the Cold War.”

Click here to check out "Change The World" and the official remix package!

For a sneak-peak of something new from Davenport, Don Diablo just supported his unreleased gem, "What's The Matter With You" on the February 13th edition of Hexagon Radio!

Check out the full episode to hear the unreleased song for yourself! 


Website: theadamdavenport.com/
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Excision's APEX Tour ft. The Paradox Comes To The Wellmont Theatre

Fri, 02/15/2019 - 10:32

Excision, SQUNTO, Sullivan King, and HE$H Invade The Wellmont With 225k Watts of CRUSHING PK Sound BASS.

Since he launched the debut edition of Lost Lands Music Festival in 2017, Excision has been on a no-holds-barred mission to lift heavy dubstep to the peak of its neck-breaking glory. In 2018, he followed up stronger than ever with his debut at the first-ever Bass Canyon, as well as the release of his monstrous 14-track album, Apex.

Now, to celebrate the brutal masterwork of an album that is Apex, Excision has once again embarked on a ruthless, earth-shattering tour, complete with his famous The Paradox visual setup and 225,000 watts of PK Sound.

For his New Jersey stop on February 21, Excision will take to the stage at The Wellmont Theater in Montclair, New Jersey with HE$H, Sullivan King, and SQUNTO - an all-out bass music lineup aptly fitting the Apex Tour moniker.

As with any Excision show, fans can expect a hefty dose of hybridized prehistoric and robotic visuals mercilessly synchronized to Excision's signature furious and frenetic style. The Paradox, Excision's state-of-the-art, one-of-a-kind modular, LED-based stage setup, is the culmination of his iterative and forward-thinking approach to his live experience - and it will be present in all its glory throughout the APEX tour!

“It is easily the coolest production you’re ever going to see," said Marcel Correa of RVLTN Events. "We’re talking hundreds of thousands of dollars of equipment on that stage. It’s just insane.”

If bass music is your thing, you simply can’t beat Excision at his own game - come prepared with a neck brace and expect a mix of music ranging from vicious dubstep and riddim to bass house, with even the rare melodic gem sprinkled in.

Get Your Tickets Today!


Website: wellmonttheater.com/
Facebook: facebook.com/TheWellmontTheater
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Website: excision.ca/
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Will Sparks Brings Some Electro House to Steve Aoki's Neon Future III Remix Package

Fri, 02/15/2019 - 10:18

Will Sparks transforms Steve Aoki's "Anything More" into a festival banger.

Steve Aoki just dropped a remix package for his most recent album, Neon Future III. Will Sparks' massive electro house remix of "Anything More" not only made the cut, but is also the leading track. 

Known for bringing the party with his Melbourne bounce and electro house bangers like "Ah Yeah" and his collaboration with Timmy Trumpet, "ROMA," the Australian DJ brought the calm before the storm with his epic transformation of Aoki's sweet sounding "Anything More" into a festival-ready remix.

Right off the bat, the remix sets up the rest of the package's high energy with its fast buildups and electrifying drops. Although the original version of "Anything More" is much slower, Sparks still manages to retain that serene essence by emphasizing Era Istrefi's soothing vocals with his chillingly electric melodies. 

Along with Sparks' remix, Aoki's remix package has equally exciting versions of our favorite tracks from Neon Future III like "A Lover And A Memory" featuring Mike Posner, "Why Are We So Broken" featuring blink-182 and "Pretender" featuring Lil Yachty and AJR. Also, previously released remixes by DVBBS, Alan Walker, Matoma and Tyron Hapi are bundled with new remixes from Yves V, Blue Brains, Franklin and Aoki himself.

If you haven't already, you can buy and stream the remix package here.

Follow Will Sparks:

Facebook: facebook.com/Willsparksofficial
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Follow Steve Aoki:

Website: steveaoki.com
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