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Party Favor Delivers Remix Package for Debut Album, Layers

Tue, 08/20/2019 - 16:05

Party Favor had some serious assists on this one.

Party Favor (real name Dylan Ragland) has enlisted some of the most notable names in dance music to remix his debut album, Layers.

Including both the previously released remixes whipped up by BIJOU, YehMe2, and TroyBoi, Ragland has also called upon well-versed up-and-comers Duke & Jones, Dabow, master remixer Wuki, house favor J. Worra, and midtempo talent Blanke. Each remix gives listeners a taste of an alternate side of each tune, truly adding to Ragland's overarching theme of layers. Fans of Ragland will undoubtedly appreciate the diversity and depth of this remix package. 

Ragland has been an unstoppable force in the dance music scene since unleashing his unforgettable single "Bap U" on Mad Decent in 2014. Since then, Ragland has spread the Party Favor brand across multiple genres, dipping his toes into the mainstream from time to time and garnering a loyal fanbase that shows unwavering support. His debut album Layers featured a number of star-studded collaborations including work with graves, A$AP Ferg and Juicy J, Lil Baby and Rich The Kid, and Good Times Ahead. With plenty of gas left in the tank, we're excited to see where Ragland's prolific career goes next. 


Website: partyfavormusic.com
Facebook: facebook.com/PartyFavorMusic
Instagram: instagram.com/partyfavor
Twitter: twitter.com/partyfavormusic
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/partyfavormusic

Ishkur Quietly Releases His Fully Updated Guide to Electronic Music, 3.0

Tue, 08/20/2019 - 15:16

Prototyped as far back as 2006, Ishkur has finally released his magnum opus.

Grizzled readers and veterans of the rave scene may remember Ishkur's Guide to Electronic Music. Originally created in the year 2000, Ishkur's Guide 1.0 was an interactive, tongue-in-cheek family tree for the early families of electronic music: house, trance, techno, breakbeat, jungle, hardcore, and downtempo. 

Quickly expanding on his project, Ishkur published guides 2.0 and 2.5 in 2003, but were abandoned in 2005. Plans for Guide 3.0 were drafted in 2006, but with little progress to show, most did not believe it would ever see the light of day. However, in 2015, Ishkur revealed a prototype map of his newest guide and on the eve of 2018, promised the imminent release of Guide 3.0.

Taking the entirety of 2018 and beyond to complete the project, Ishkur's Twitter began a countdown on July 15, 2019, to what could only be assumed to be Guide 3.0. Much like his erratic schedule of yore, the countdown was haphazard tweeting of multiple numbers at a time, with no updates in-between. 

After sitting at 0 for several days, the prophecy was finally fulfilled and the creator dropped Ishkur's Guide to Electronic Music, version 3.0.

Full map of Guide 3.0

Ishkur's Guide tracks the growth and fractalization of the EDM scene starting with a compressed view of the "Pioneers" of electronic music, listing experimental tracks from as far back as 1937. As the years progress, the map splinters into genres, subgenres, and sub-subgenres. Each of the splinters in the map is segmented by year, and clicking on each of these segments brings up a playlist with one or more tracks of the corresponding genre from that year. The guide is of course equipped with the Ishkur's snark and impressive knowledge, so readers can both listen, learn, and bathe in nostalgia. 

Hi there. I am Ishkur. This is version 3.0 of Ishkur's Guide to Electronic Music.

There is a bit of history to this. The first two versions of the Guide were Flash monstrosities released in 2000 and 2003. They may still be online somewhere if you look hard enough. Version 2.5 was maintained and updated for two years and was abandoned in 2005.

A Flash v3 of the Guide was planned in 2006 but never got past the pre-dev stage. After three design reboots, the abandonment of Flash, and several personal, artistic and technical decisions later, the Guide you are looking at right now was pre-dev'd in 2010. The map and music categorizing was mostly finalized around 2014 (but in some instances still isn't done), programming in 2016, and content, art and functionality in 2017. Compatibility for all devices and formats as well as additional research and extras were added in 2018 and 2019.

Ishkur's Guide to Electronic Music is certainly an expansive piece of work and is an important hallmark in the history of electronica. Though the wait was long, the results are prodigious, and the product is jaw-dropping. 

Lose yourself exploring Ishkur's Guide to Electronic Music

Follow Ishkur:


Die Antwoord Cameraman Denies Editing 2012 Assault Video

Tue, 08/20/2019 - 13:54

Die Antwoord Cameraman Denies Editing 2012 Assault Video

Die Antwoord have found themselves the subject of intense scrutiny after an apparent 2012 video of them physically assaulting and shouting homophobic slurs at Andy Butler of Hercules and Love Affair surfaced. Ninja (real name Watkin Tudor Jones) of Die Antwoord responded with a statement defending the duo's acts as retaliation for harrassment, prompting Ben Crossman, the cameraman who recorded the clip, to share his version of the story.

In an email to EDM.com Crossman said that the clip was not "cleverly edited," as Jones wrote in his statement. "The footage has not been doctored," he said. "Edwin from Edwins Generation on YouTube and Griffin the founder of Wat Kyk Jy both have the unedited clips and they can vouch that it is not doctored."

He did admit to participating in the assault of Butler, although not to the extent Jones had claimed. He told us that he grabbed Butler's head to try to restrain him and then Butler swung at him and tore his shirt, but he did not punch Butler.

He said that the duo's sound engineer, Diak Voigt, also attacked Butler, but Jones neglected to mention him in his statement. Shortly after the video emerged earlier this month Voigt had reportedly defended Die Antwoord online, only to be blasted for allegedly following the Instagram accounts of numerous teen and preteen swimwear models.

Crossman said that that the Yolandi Visser (real name Anri du Toit) of Die Antwoord had tricked him and into thinking that she had been molested by Butler, and that's why he joined them in attacking him. "My apologies go out to Andrew Butler," he told us. "I was utilized as a flying monkey by Ninja and Yolandi in this instance and for that I am not proud." He claimed that du Toit later told tour manager Tyson Royle, with whom they spoke at one point in the video, that she had fabricated the scenario.

Crossman speculates that Jones' claim that Crossman has been "malicious to his family" stems from an instance in which he confided in Jones that du Toit cheated on him. He told us he was close to their family but had a falling out with du Toit because of the incident, but that Jones had a "personal vendetta" against him since high school.

As for why he shared the video, Crossman said that he was inspired by Zheani's music video for "The Question," in which she detailed numerous instances in which Jones sexually abused her, threatened her, and shared explicit photos of her. "I realized I have an obligation and a duty to the victims of abuse to come forward with my footage," he said.

Andy Butler still has yet to publicly comment on the 2012 video or Jones’ statement at the time of writing

Joey Valence Drops Innovative Future House Tune "Gone"

Tue, 08/20/2019 - 11:13

The latest song by Joey Valence has a style all its own.

Joey Valence is proving himself capable of turning out a wide variety of quality releases. Earlier in the month he delivered an instrumental-infused dance-pop gem titled "Shine With You," and he's shifted gears considerably for his latest single, "Gone."

The crown jewel of "Gone" is its addictive bass line, which sounds little like anything else on the EDM market. The soulful vocal overhead guarantees that you'll be humming the song long after you hear it, and cinematic lead synths after the breakdown add even more eclectic influences to the already unique soundscape.

View the original article to see embedded media.

Stream or download "Gone" by Joey Valence across platforms here.


Facebook: facebook.com/pg/TheJoeyValence
Twitter: twitter.com/joeyvalence
Instagram: instagram.com/joeyvalence
SoundCloud: soundcloud.com/joeyvalence

Rezz Reveals She and Malaa are “Making Fire”

Tue, 08/20/2019 - 10:32

A Rezz and Malaa collaboration appears to be on the way.

Rezz has been chummy on social media with French EDM stars like DJ Snake and Tchami as of late, but she appears to be more professionally involved with one anonymous artist in particular. Her recent social media activity suggests that she and Malaa have music on the way.

Last week, Malaa cryptically tweeted that he was sending something to Rezz (real name Isabelle Rezazadeh). She retweeted it with the caption, “Hahaha we making fire.”

Given the differences between the two producers’ styles, it’s hard to imagine what their joint endeavor might sound like. Rezazadeh has amassed a diehard following for her instantly recognizable midtempo bass sound, whereas Malaa has is known for his fusion of G house and bass house.

Neither Rezazadeh nor Malaa have revealed a title, release date or any other information for their collaboration at the time of writing.

H/T: EDMTunes


Facebook: facebook.com/OfficialREZZ/
Instagram: instagram.com/officialrezz
Twitter: twitter.com/OfficialRezz
SoundCloud: soundcloud.com/official-rezz


Facebook: facebook.com/malaamusic
Twitter: twitter.com/malaamusic
Instagram: instagram.com/malaamusic
SoundCloud: soundcloud.com/malaamusic

Baghdad’s Summer Festival a Sign of Iraq's Newfound Stability

Tue, 08/20/2019 - 09:08

The first-ever EDM event of its kind took place in Baghdad last weekend.

Iraq has been plagued by bitter conflict since the ‘80s, but an event last weekend might have signaled a new era for the Middle Eastern nation. Summer Festival took place in Baghdad on Friday, August 16th, and it drew around 1,000 revelers to see DJs play a mixture of western and Iraqi music.

According to The Jakarta Post, the first-of-its-kind event began at noon with a car show and DJs took to the stage later on. Although few women were present at the festival, the fact that there were any spoke to the western world’s influence on the region’s youth culture.

"I love this type of music," said a 19-year-old woman named Layan. "I hear a lot of people say that we're influenced by the West. Fine, there's no difference to me -- the important thing is I don't have to listen to this music at home in secret anymore.”

It remains to be seen whether Iraq will remain a viable market for music events in the years to follow.

H/T: EDMTunes

BEHIND THE SCENES: Zoibaf Tells Us His Story

Mon, 08/19/2019 - 21:37

Italian producer Zoibaf dives into his love of Avicii, the inspiration behind his music, and his future as a musician

This is not the first time that we've written about the young Italian producer Zoibaf; in fact, we recently covered the release of his most recent single, "Voices," which he produced in collaboration with TRUNG.

Today, we had the opportunity to sit down with Zoibaf himself to speak about his passion for music, and how it developed into the sound we know today.

EDM.com Exclusive Interview with Zoibaf:Hi Zoibaf! Can you tell us a bit about when you first discovered your passion for music, and how it developed into what you create today?

Zoibaf: Sure! My passion for music started when I was just a child, I really enjoyed listening to songs and singing them, first in Italian and then later in English, even though I wasn't very good at it.

While growing up, I spent several years learning how to play piano and guitar, at that point in my life I was primarily listening to rock music.

In the summer of 2012, a friend of mine gave me a CD by David Guetta; that was when I first began to realize my passion for electronic music. During that same summer, I went to an Avicii concert, and it was that evening when I decided I would pursue music as a career.

I started DJing at various friends' parties, but that only lasted for so long before I knew that I needed to learn how to produce my own sounds. After many hours of trial and error, I managed to finish my first production, an electro-house record named "Infectious." It certainly was not very high quality, but I am still very attached and sentimental about it.

What are your favorite genres, and what kind of music do you typically produce?

My favorite genre is undoubtedly progressive house. Over the years, I have produced a very wide variety of music ranging from electro house and big room to trap, progressive house, and even future bass.

Initially, I could not achieve the results that I wanted with my progressive house songs, so I decided to try my hand at other genres. Fortunately, I've improved since then and can now create the songs I want to listen to. You never stop learning, so I hope to improve a lot more!

What artists are you currently most inspired by?

There are a lot of artists that I listen to and am inspired by, some main examples would be Nicky Romero, Martin Garrix, Manse, and Stadiumx.

The artist who has inspired me the most would most definitely be Avicii; his music made me incredibly passionate about this world, and my music grew dramatically by listening to his songs. 

His death was a major blow to me, and I think this is true for many artists and fans alike.

One of your most successful tracks to date is the single "Break Through." Can you tell us about this song? 

"Break Through" is one of the songs that I like the most. I worked with a singer called Jex on the vocal, and I really like the result!

The drop is very melodic and perfectly compliments Jex' vocals; even the video made for the song, shot in Mallorca, is an excellent representation of songs overall rhythm and vibe.

You've released various genres in collaboration with TRUNG - we've already talked about "Voices," can you tell us a bit about "Remedy?"

I think that TRUNG is a great producer, and I find it very easy and exciting to work with him; "Remedy" was the first track we worked on together. He sent me this idea for a song, and it all came together when I found a voice that would mesh perfectly with the instrumental.

I really think that AXYL brought the record to life, the vocal was excellent and I think it added more feeling to an already emotional song.

You told us that Avicii is your favorite artist, can you tell us about the remix you recently made for his track "Heaven"?

Tim was very important for my musical growth, and I was fortunate enough to see his live show twice, it was always an incredibly unique and magical experience. With his death, electronic music has lost one of its greatest artists.

As soon as I heard the preview of "Heaven," the song that he created in collaboration with Chris Martin, I decided that I wanted to work on my own version.

I came up with the idea for a remix, and then I looked for a singer with a voice that could make an authentic cover of the song. Hennri was the singer I chose, and I managed to release the remix the same day that the album "TIM" was released.

Do you deal only with prouches or do you also have some live dates?

Unfortunately, in Italy, electronic music is not at a level of popularity that is conducive to touring; the chances of performing live are relatively minor at this point in my career. By making songs in English, I try to spread my music abroad where these genres are most appreciated, and I hope to soon be able to bring my music on tour.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Zoibaf
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ZoibafOfficial
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/zoibafmusic
SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/zoibaf

HEYZ Begins New Era with 'Human 404' EP

Mon, 08/19/2019 - 20:44

HEYZ reimagines his dark techno sound into a melodic mid-tempo dream with his latest EP, out now on Bite This!

Fans of techno may recognize this name for his successful debut EP, Schedule 1, last year on deadmau5’s record label mau5trap, but North Carolina producer HEYZ has found a new purpose with his reimagined sound in his sophomore EP, Human 404, out now on Bite This!.

Known for bringing the latest and greatest to the forefront of the bass music scene, Jauzimprint Bite This! has taken the honor of releasing HEYZ’ deep dive into what he describes as a new chapter of his sound. Despite having only been producing for 2 years, he has made a serious impact since starting his electronic journey. Previously producing techno, Human 404 highlights HEYZ new emphasis on cinematic melodies, excellent songwriting, and a vigorous, grittier sound. 

Human 404 opens with the collaboration “Clear,” alongside Australian singer and songwriter, TIAAN. Passionate, melodic, and tech-infused, “Clear” is a steamy anthemic tune about human desires and lust. The track effortlessly highlights the duality between HEYZ grasp on the listener’s emotional core, whilst still having an addictive, dancefloor-worthy beat. 

The EP moves seamlessly into the second track on the EP, the lead single “Castaway King,” featuring the ethereal sounds of guest vocalist MAYLYN. Like the haunting vocals of a beautiful siren at sea, the Mississippi alternative singer adds a smoky, seraphic feel to the song. HEYZ stays on par with the theme of human desires with this single, as well as the last track on the EP, “In My Arm." 

“Through my short time producing, I’ve flip-flopped genres,” HEYZ wrote on his Twitter. “Techno, midtempo, progressive, but I really feel like I’m solidifying a sound with my new ireleases...Never been more confident in what I’m making.”

With a focus on producing work with timeless, lasting qualities, expect to see HEYZ carving himself a name in the community for years to come. 

Stream or download HEYZ Human 404 EP out now on Bite This!


Facebook: facebook.com/heyzmsc
Twitter: twitter.com/heyzmsc
Instagram: instagram.com/heyzmsc
SoundCloud: soundcloud.com/heyzmsc


Facebook: facebook.com/heybitethis
Twitter: twitter.com/heybitethis
Instagram: instagram.com/heybitethis
SoundCloud: soundcloud.com/heybitethis
YouTube: youtube.com/heybitethis

Osheaga 2019: Montréal Honors its History in EDM

Mon, 08/19/2019 - 18:09

In the late '80s and early '90s the rave scene was in its underground infancy, with funky children of the night gathering at bus stops awaiting the evening’s secret location. EDM in its modern form was just getting started, and Montréal, with its surplus of character-filled venues and cheap rent, was an ideal breeding ground for this new wave.

Once known as disco’s “second city,” and a former hotbed of red light cabarets back in the jazz/prohibition era, Montréal has a long history of fostering nascent party scenes. Supported by a vibrant gay community and dynamic cultural vibe, the city’s rave culture grew exponentially. By 1992-1993 EDM and after hours began its inevitable move into the mainstream.

Montréal’s Gay Village clubs began hosting after hours nights at spots like Cox and Playground, and in 1996 local DJ and pioneer Tiga opened Sona, an epic, three-floor joint with an underground feel in the heart of downtown. The scene had fully arrived. Sona grew to become one of North America’s premier after hours clubs, Montréal arenas were regularly filled by top DJs, and in 1998 Brooklyn DJ Angel Moraes opened Stereo, a legendary temple of sound still going strong.

Today, the city’s love affair with EDM continues. Osheaga Music & Arts Festival is Canada’s biggest music festival, firmly cemented as a major player on North America’s summer circuit. Similar to Coachella, Osheaga’s lineup is a mix of genres, from pop to rock to rap, big name headliners and smaller indie acts. Yet despite its eclectic array of artists meant to please the widest possible audience, Osheaga gives EDM, in all its forms, a big part to play.

With one of its festival stages devoted entirely to EDM, Osheaga is continuing Montréal’s commitment to electronic music. Here are some highlights from Osheaga 2019.


It was hot. Proper hot. We were in the middle of Montréal’s customary few weeks of pounding heat and festival short shorts were in full effect. Osheaga takes place on Ile-St-Helene, an island-park adjacent to downtown (fun fact: the city of Montréal is also itself a big island) making the festival’s Island Stage an aptly named EDM hub.

Mid-afternoon saw Malawi’s Saronde taking the stage. Founders of the upstart Beating Heart label, these African DJs and producers have released over 60 tracks of afro/house/soul fusion. The music’s vibe matched the temperature, creating a celebratory atmosphere of sweat-drenched smiles.

The onset of early-evening gave no shelter from the sun, and so Bob Moses tried to add some chill. The Canadian Grammy-winning duo did their electro-rockin’ thing, mixing live guitars and melodic, mildly up-tempo beats. They were followed by FISHER, a raucous tech house DJ who dropped an energetic, if not slightly typical, set. The crowd was pleased.

Next was a shift to Osheaga’s main area, recently revamped as part of a $70 million renovation to the park’s festival area. Osheaga is an impressively well-run affair, with six total stages offering state-of-the-art audio and visuals from just about any vantage point. Add the city’s skyline and flowing Saint Lawrence River as backdrop, ignore the inevitable cliches and corporate-sponsored onslaught, and you got yourself a winning formula.

The great migration from satellite stages for the final headliners had now begun, and the traffic intensified. I was busy phone-negotiating with a friend who insisted on positioning himself front row for the headlining Lumineers an ungodly ninety minutes in advance. He was never to be seen again.

Then flashes of cool crept in around me. I hadn’t known much about Flume going in, and still require more research on the subject, but something was definitely going down on the main Mountain Stage. The Aussie performer was bombarding the audience with a parade of atmospheric beats, chart-topping tracks, and old-fashioned avant-garde showmanship. At one point the nice-looking, young gentleman beat a vintage record player to pieces, an extended sequence that was part Andy Warhol, part raging millennial rock star. He won me over.

The day ended with the Lumineers’ feel-good rockabilly making tens of thousands smile, while Charlotte de Witte’s hard-driving techno closed the Island Stage in style.


A late start. Osheaga starts spinning at 13:00 PM but festival after-parties and late-night Quebecois poutines often make arriving before mid-afternoon an unlikely feat.

First on the docket was Vladimir Cauchemar, the French DJ known for his trademark ironic skeleton mask (Cauchemar means nightmare in French). The set was housey and trappy, with touches of hip-hop aesthetics. See his bumping 6IX9INE remix for a taste of the vibe.

FKJ at 18:15. This multidisciplinary artist led the Island Stage into the evening with a blend of live saxophone and guitar looped onto R&B beats, creating an impressive, ambient, funky soul kind of thing. Then came Black Tiger Sex Machine, a Canadian DJ trio who drop mosh pit-ready heavy electro. Replete in glowing neon Power Rangers helmets, BTSM, as they’re known to their fans, are electronic headbangers dressed as apocalyptical Daft Punk.

Meanwhile over at the twin main stages, Janelle Monáe was doing a version of badass-Beyoncé, putting on an impressive enough show to get guests and press whispering that she could have headlined. Through the park’s forest and down the sloping hill, RÜFÜS DU SOL was giving the Valley Stage a perfectly pleasant sunset experience, followed by Beach House dream-pop drifting the crowd along downtown Montréal’s twinkling cityscape.

Finally, Osheaga further solidified its electronic music cred by giving The Chemical Brothers its valuable Saturday night headliner spot, a risky move considering half the attendees weren’t born when their debut album first dropped. The legendary duo, backed by Osheaga’s truly impressive audio-visual setup, rocked the huge crowd with a well-choreographed light and electro show. Twenty five years in and these guys can still bring it.


The festival’s final day offered another lineup covering the entire spectrum of sound. The Island Stage showcased Monolink from Germany, an eclectic DJ running the gamut of electronic music genres who earned a spot on my phone’s playlist. The Black Madonna rocked the night crowd with a fun interactive set, while local hip-hop DJ Kaytranada turned the Green Stage into a '90s basement party mixtape.

Closing the festival were Tame Impala, a perfect fit for the night sky with their psychedelic retro-rock vibe; and the final headliner, Childish Gambino, who proved his chops as a versatile showman, giving the departing crowd a smiley, sweaty throwback show filled with rap, blues, and funk. A joyous close to the whole affair. 

Follow Osheaga:

Facebook: facebook.com/osheaga
Twitter: twitter.com/osheaga
Instagram: instagram.com/osheaga

Underground Vibes / 038

Mon, 08/19/2019 - 17:47

Mir, Mielo, Fytch and more featured on this latest installment.

Numerous artists, industry professionals, and fans consider SoundCloud the best platform for unsigned music to shine up to its true potential. Its direct, artist-centric approach has enabled bedroom artists to find fan bases all over the world, and equipped emerging talents to turn their SoundCloud game into long-term careers.

In this series, our aim is to showcase the best new music we discover on the platform, music that oftentimes can’t be found anywhere else. In addition, we shine a light on successful artists that are either now breaking through on the platform or have used it to attract an active following in the past.

This latest feature includes playful vibes by Mir and VALENTINE, darker tracks by Fytch and xChenda as well as laid-back gems by Mielo and m-cubed

"Horizon" - MirView the original article to see embedded media.

After a fairly long silence and having spent most of this year "working on changing his sound into one more authentic to himself and what he listens to most," producer Mir is back with a laid-back, guitar-driven single that is sure to excite listeners for what's to come next. 

“Bittersweet” ft. patches - VALENTINEView the original article to see embedded media.

VALENTINE just released her latest album Introspection, following huge 2018 work Falling. Featuring 10 short-but-sweet tracks, Introspection touches on a lot of genres and styles, and "Bittersweet" featuring previous collaborator patches definitely stands out as one of the most interesting tracks on the album. 

“Brand New Sinner” ft. Andrew Weitz - LMBOView the original article to see embedded media.

“Brand New Sinner” is the third and final single off LMBO’s forthcoming debut EP, marking a new direction for the production duo, as their epic production paired with Axel Mansoor stellar vocals makes up for an explosive pop track. 

"Quixote" (Fytch Reimagination) - CrywolfView the original article to see embedded media.

Fytch has been treating the ears of fans with epic and almost post-apocalyptic productions for some time now. For his latest remix, the young artist takes on Crywolf's "Quixote," taken from his stellar album widow [OBLIVIØN Pt. I] which came out earlier this year. 

"Throw It All Away" ft. Aviella - Madnap and SMLE View the original article to see embedded media.

Young producer Madnap has released yet another explosive gem. SMLE and singer Aviella, join him on "Throw It All Away," which moves from pop vocal lines to explosive drops filled with synth chords and pluck arpeggios. 

"Motion" ft. Mariya Stoeva - MieloView the original article to see embedded media.

Mielo has had a stellar year so far, releasing his debut EP Anywhere But Here and supporting Crywolf on tour among other accomplishments. His latest single features singer Mariya Stoeva and is a beautiful progressive gem that takes the listener on a nostalgic journey. 

"S.M.S." - Corporate SlackrsView the original article to see embedded media.

Corporate Slackrs' latest gem "S.M.S." bridges the boundaries between melodic bass and rock, as epic vocal lines transition into bass-dominated drops on the track, layered with electric guitar riffs. 

"Red Light" - xChengaView the original article to see embedded media.

Despite being only 17 years old, xChenda shows a lot of maturity in explosive tune “Red Light,” out via independent label Lacuna

"ALL I SEE" ft. Titus - CHRIS POP View the original article to see embedded media.

Featuring vocals by Titus, CHRIS POP's "ALL I SEE" is a synth-driven summer vibe, featuring catchy vocal melodies and fun production. 

"brave changes" - m-cubedView the original article to see embedded media.

m-cubed has dropped yet another wonky gem with "brave changes," and promises to keep releasing tracks frequently till the end of the summer. 

Underground Vibes / 037
Underground Vibes / 036
Underground Vibes / 035

Ezekiel Elliott Claims EDC Security Guard Tried to Extort Him for $500,000

Mon, 08/19/2019 - 17:30

Dallas Cowboys Running Back Ezekiel Elliott's EDC incident has taken a surprising turn.

At the 2019 edition of EDC Las Vegas, Dallas Cowboys Running Back Ezekiel Elliott was briefly detained for incident in which he shoved a security guard. The guard later threatened to sue him, and now that it has come to light that Elliott will not be charged it appears that the guard and his father also attempted to extort him. 

According to police documents obtained by TMZ Sports, Elliott said that the security guard and his father, whose names are Kyle and Kelly Johnson, respectively, emailed his attorney a list of 14 demands. Among them were $500,000, a public apology, a press conference, $25,000 for Johnson's junior college football team, and signed jerseys from Elliott, and his teammates Amari Cooper and Dak Prescott.

The Johnsons had filed a criminal complaint against Elliott, but the prosecutors had said they didn't have enough to move forward with charges against him. Shortly after the incident, Elliott had apologized and given him a hug, and the two even posed for a picture together.

Elliott and the rest of the Dallas Cowboys will kick off the football season with a game against the New York Giants on September 8th.

H/T: Your EDM

Jake Miller Explores a New Direction in Latest Dance Release, "NERVOUS"

Mon, 08/19/2019 - 16:57

Jake Miller delves into a more dance-pop sound with his latest summer release.

Aiming to keep his fans on their toes, pop singer/songwriter Jake Miller flexes his production skills in his latest dance-pop song, "NERVOUS." 

Miller's second summer release may start off slow and easygoing much like his other love-related pop songs, but the electrifying drop does more than give this song its dance music sound. It shockingly brings to music form the buzz and tingly feeling of nervousness. 

Collaborating with up-and coming-DJ Tomos, Miller told EDM.com that the 17-year-old producer actually sent him a folder of beats before they even met. He was so blown away by the production he immediately started writing to the instrumental.

Having just moved to New York City at the time, Miller continued to tell us that "NERVOUS" was the first song he made there, so naturally it was about the city that never sleeps. However, as he continued to delve into it, he decided he wanted it to be about "someone that just makes you feel nervous, but in a good way." Inspired by a girl Miller met recently who actually makes him genuinely nervous, the song transformed into something personal, yet relatable to everyone who's ever liked someone or been in a relationship.

He said, "At first the song was called 'Kiss You Again.' The hook was, 'I refuse to believe that I won't ever get to kiss you again,' with a completely different melody and concept. But I wanted this song to feel a little more happy and sexy rather than sad."

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As for the production, "NERVOUS" and this year's other releases has been something Miller has been working towards since 2017 when he set out to learn how to produce his own music. On this adventure that ultimately led him to feel more like himself with his self-made music, he reminisced:

"I went to Guitar Center and bought thousands of dollars' worth of equipment that I didn’t know how to use like a grand piano and saxophone. Then, I stayed in my apartment and watched thousands of hours of YouTube tutorials. I wanted to download as much info into my brain as possible, so I didn't need anybody else going forward. That set the stage for me."

Now signed to Sony's RED MUSIC, Miller has been able to show off all of his training with his five summer releases and 2019 debut EP for the label, BASED ON A TRUE STORY. Although "NERVOUS" is the most dance-pop out of all of those, the dance music genre is something he might explore more in the future. Miller told us that, for him, every song is different, but that’s what makes it special. "I just want to keep surprising my fans and listeners," he continued. "You never know what you're going to hear from me next."

Earlier this year, he was featured in LZRD's heart-wrenching hybrid progressive house track, "Anything Anymore." In the future, Miller said he would love to collaborate with Zedd, R3HAB, and The Chainsmokers because he feels like they consistently push the boundaries with their music.

In the fall, Miller will be supporting Hoodie Allen on his Whatever USA Tour. You can buy tickets here.

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Swedish House Mafia to Host Their "Biggest Show to Date" with Stage Takeover and Extended Set at Creamfields

Mon, 08/19/2019 - 14:55

Fans of Swedish House Mafia are preparing for a massive Creamfields outing with an extended set and stage takeover.

Fans of EDM's biggest trio will have a lot to look forward to after Creamfields latest announcement. 

Festival officials just announced that Swedish House Mafia's production is so massive, it will take an entire day to set up. They also promise this to be their "biggest show to date" with a stage takeover and extended set. 

Swedish House Mafia (real names Axwell, Steve Angello and Sebastian Ingrosso) will be closing out the final day of the festival as the only act on the Arc Stage. It's also worth noting that the trio's performance is listed as a UK exclusive, meaning fans in the United Kingdom are preparing for something special.  

In addition to the special show from the house heavyweights, deadmau5's Cube V3 will make its UK festival debut on day two of the four-day event.

Creamfields 2019 takes place August 22nd-25th at Daresbury in Cheshire, England. This year's lineup includes acts like Above & Beyond, Calvin Harris, Martin Garrix, Rezz, and more. A limited number of tickets to this year's festivities are available here.

H/T: Your EDM


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Excision and Sullivan King Release "Apex: Re Rocked" Featuring Metal and Acoustic Remixes

Mon, 08/19/2019 - 14:07

Excision and Sullivan King go back to their roots with metal and acoustic covers of "Wake Up" and "Gold."

Excision and Sullivan King went back to their roots with the release of the re-rocked versions of their track "Wake Up" and the Illenium collaboration, "Gold." Released under the name Apex: Re Rocked, both tracks are available now on SoundCloud. 

The acoustic cover of "Wake Up" shows the two dubstep giants in rare form. Due to the nature of the cover, there's no overwhelming bass or guitar as fans of the duo are used to, but rather, the emphasis is put on Sullivan King's (real name Keaton Prescott) vocal offerings. 

The second of the two remixes turns things up quite a bit. Prescott's cover of "Gold" features pounding guitar chords over his energetic metal vocals. Seemingly designed for fans of both genres, the cover is the perfect creation for those who got into bass music via heavy metal.

Both artists are slated to perform at each of Excision's (real name Jeff Abel) festivals this summer. The first of the two festivals, Bass Canyon, takes place August 23rd-25th at The Gorge Amphitheatre in George, Washington while the second of the pair, Lost Lands, takes place September 27th-29th at Legend Valley in Thornville, Ohio.


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Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival Will Return in 2020

Mon, 08/19/2019 - 12:54

After taking 2019 off, Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival is set to return in 2020.

After its cancellation in 2019, Florida's Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival is set to make its grand return in March of 2020. The announcement came via a teaser video posted on YouTube and the official website for the three-day celebration.

The lineup for this year's iteration has not yet been revealed. In previous outings, artists like Bassnectar, Illenium, Zeds Dead, and more have taken the stage.

There have been rumors swirling about, attaching Insomniac's named to the revival of the festival, however, at the time of writing this information cannot be confirmed.

The next Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival will take place March 5th-8th, 2020 at Sunshine Grove in Okeechobee, Florida. Tickets to the revival edition of the three-day festival are on sale Friday, August 23rd at 10 AM EST and will be available here.


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