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DVBBS Announce 2019 Album, Talk "Need U" and More [Interview]

Fri, 08/16/2019 - 13:50

From a new short album coming this fall to a Live DVBBS show kicking off a new chapter for the duo, here is everything we can look forward to from the brothers.

DVBBS exploded onto the scene and made it into the major ranks with their 2013 smash single “Tsunami.” The Canadian duo comprised of the brothers Alexandre and Christopher van den Hoef haven’t looked back since.

Since then, the brothers have had a string of hits to follow including, “Gold Skies” with Martin Garrix and Sander Van Doorn, “IDWK” with Blackbear, “Without U” with Steve Aoki and their recent viral hit, “GOMF.”

Their latest release comes with a fresh new single “Need U” which features vocals from one half of the duo, Alex. This isn’t the first time his vocals have featured on a track. He previously lent his voice on "Gold Skies" and “You Found Me" featuring Belly as well. 

The laid-back track with its groovy beats also shows off Alex’s effortless vocal capabilities which are electronically tweaked in parts to bring it all together for this end of summer jam. With synth-pop sounds taking us straight back to the '80s paired with the catchy vocal line add up to give us a song that will linger with us long after the passing summer.

Speaking about the track, they said:

“That feeling you get when summer is coming to an end, but the memories you made will last a lifetime. ’Need U’ verbalizes that feeling. The nostalgic DVBBS vocals over our production is the formula we started with and nothing feels better than giving our day ones something brand new in 2019. 'Need U' forever, forever is one we will sing until the end together.”

After having performed with Tiësto, NERVO, Steve Aoki and DJ Snake to name a few, the duo have played some of the largest main stages including Tomorrowland, Ultra Music Festival and Creamfields.

Fresh on the heels of their latest release, we spoke to the Van Den Hoef brothers about a shift int he signature DVBBS sound, a handful of upcoming DVBBS records which might mark their "best chapter yet" and their dream collaboration with Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

EDM.comWho or what was the inspiration behind you’ll starting DVBBS? Tell us how it all began and how the name came around.

Alex: All we did growing up was start a band, go on tour, break up, start a new band and try it all again. We did this since we were 13 years old. After four or five experimental projects ranging from punk rock to reggae and everything in between, we knew it was time for something for just the two of us. That’s when DVBBS came to life.

Chris: I went off to university with a soccer scholarship and in my off time I downloaded Ableton and found a whole new love for production. While I was furthering my skills on the computer, Alex was at home writing songs on guitar and recording his vocals on old, crappy Cubase software.

Alex: We did everything together growing up, so being apart for the first time ever, this was a new way to keep our brotherhood strong. It also brought a whole new dynamic to how we started working and finishing records.

Your careers took off to the next level after “Tsunami”, what’s changed between then to now? What has stayed the same?

Alex: From the first question to a "Tsunami" question is a major gap in our development. But long story short, we learned our basics/developed a strong live show in Canada and decided it was time to move to L.A. 

We moved into a house with a couple of friends that had basically no furniture in it but just a studio in the kitchen. This house was off Benedict Canyon in Beverly Hills and was way out of all of our price range, but there was an energy in it that was unmatched. Every person living in the house was a creative — up-and-coming film directors, early-day social media gurus, and DVBBS. 

The first song we wrote was “Gold Skies” and the second or third that came out of that time period was "Tsunami." Everything changed at that moment, all eyes were on us and we knew we couldn’t drop the ball. 1,000 shows across the world later, and multi-platinum records that have charted worldwide all started after the "Tsunami" era. 

Not much has changed as we haven’t let anything get to our head, we have the same work ethic, and we only continue to learn this beautiful craft and language that we call music. The music, the production, the songwriting, the concerts, the brand, it’s only just getting better and better with time. 

How is it working together as brothers? Do you guys think it works in your advantage or otherwise?

Chris: Working together has its ups and downs, but we wouldn’t change it for the world. Nothing will ever be able to break up this brotherhood, and DVBBS has only made us become closer.

Alex: We have a certain language in the studio that no one else can truly understand, unless you have a sibling that you have grown up with, experiencing everything throughout life together. I also think being brothers has made our live show on a whole new level. We pick each other up on and offstage.

2019 has been off to a good start to say the least, with “GOMF” going viral. How was it working with Vine sensation Casey Frey on the official video after what started as a meme?

Chris: Casey is a pure soul - I truly think he has a bright future ahead of him in acting and even music, which is something we learned from hanging out with him. This video was one of my favorite sets I’ve ever been a part of. Trying not to laugh while the camera was rolling was probably the hardest thing that day. Got some more stuff hopefully we are about to do in the near future.

With the plethora of music coming out at the pace it does nowadays, do you feel moments of virality like this are necessary to keep relevant?

Alex: Virality is always nice in the moment, but I do think the best thing possible is everlasting music and energy that will live through people forever.

Chris: This social media era has tainted a lot of true music and rockstars, but I feel like it’s slowly going back to the real raw emotion of a beautifully written record or just an absolute smash that conquers territory by territory. 

Alex, you're featured vocally on the newest DVBBS single “Need U.” While it isn’t the first time, is that something you plan to do more often?

Alex: I’ve been singing on records for as long as I can remember. After the success of Gold Skies, I got a little bit in my own head and felt more comfortable passing off vocals I have written to better singers, which actually just led my songwriting down a whole new path which I will never be ashamed of. 

Something did spark inside me earlier this year, where the therapy of writing and singing was something I needed to bring back into my life. I plan on working with many amazing singers and artists that I look up to, but I will never abandon my own vocals as I did for the last couple of years ever again. I’ve finally come to the realization that yes, I may not be a professionally trained vocalist, but singing from the soul resonates with people in the biggest way.

Is the laid-back, melodic feel of your last few releases the new DVBBS sound? Are you deliberately leaning away from the festival bangers which initially lead to your rise?

Chris: We did the bangers for years, people can always go back and listen to a moment in time where I truly believe we carved a sound where 50% of producers are still stuck on that sound/wave we created. We are punk kids at heart so bangers and hard-hitting records are easy for us, it’s what we are good at. Crafting a beautifully written record from start to end was a whole new challenge for us.

Alex: After three years of trial and error, I can finally say we are hitting that level of music I always believed we could get to. I look up to bands like Red Hot Chili Peppers, where they started as funk punk badasses and blossomed into some of the world’s most inspiring and beautiful-sounding bands in the world. It creates this beautiful disaster in your live show, where you can take people on a full-blown rollercoaster.

You came in at #16 on the DJ Mag Top 100 DJs in 2018, and you guys have been a constant fixture on the list since your early days in 2014. What are your thoughts on the much-debated ranking system?

Alex: Are we 16? Haha, to be honest, I haven’t even truly focused on lists or political magazines in a few years. If it’s not in the studio writing timeless music, we are focused on our personal lives and furthering ourselves mentally and physically. I promise you, I will never dwell over a list in my life because if you only truly knew from the Grammys to every award show the amount of politics that lay in between it all, it’s not really a way to base your level of musicianship. Try getting thousands of emails of people saying, this song or that song changed my life at one point of time, or even saved someone from doing something really horrible to themselves. That to me is bigger than any list in the world - although when the time is right I do dream of winning a Grammy with a real record that hit the world all at the same time, in the heart.

Who are your dream collaborators right now and why?

Alex: Red Hot Chilli Peppers is definitely #1 for me, but in all honesty most of our idols and people we look up to, we are starting to get a chance to work in studios or on their projects. It truly is a blessing. We are sitting on a handful of records that I think are going to mark our best chapter yet for DVBBS. Even just branching out and working with people like Kane Brown, I had such a small mind towards country music growing up, and seeing guys like that take the scene on their back and transform into something so amazing now – it’s incredible to be part of something so unique. Pushing the boundaries has also been a big motto for us.

You’ve mentioned time and again how your fan base has grown organically and are a constant support system. Any standout fan interactions which have stuck with you over time?

Chris: Definitely. Our fans are legit our family, and so many artists say that but we got blessed on a global scale, and to see the way these people welcome us with open arms at airports, hotels, concerts, it’s almost like we have this extended family growing. Seven years later, the most amazing thing to see is the fact that the younger siblings of the day one DVBBS fans are now coming to our shows and it’s like this beautiful family tree is growing.

Alex: We like to use the term organic because we have truly been independent our whole career, sometimes with the help of some amazing teams in different countries, it’s been pretty much from the ground up. We won a TV show, kind of like battle of the bands in Canada in 2011, and we decided it wasn’t for us…our destiny was to hit the streets city by city, playing for 10 people, then 1000, all the way up to 100,000 amazing people rocking out to us and finding out maybe at that first show, that they want to dig deeper and grow with us as humans and as musicians. It’s truly crazy, almost impossible to explain, but I’m sure if we ever interviewed some people that were there from the beginning they could explain it from their perspective even better. Blessed for real.

From the very beginning, you’ll have had the chance to perform with the who’s who of the industry from Tiësto to Martin Garrix and Steve Aoki to DJ Snake. Who has been your biggest inspiration over the past five years?

Chris: We used to finish our show and stay 8-10 hours at a festival just watching every single act of all genres, learning what they did right on stage…so can’t really think of one or two people, but we have been inspired by the whole industry.

Alex: There are so many talented people shining, if you just open your eyes or close them and listen, you can get inspired by so many new and old acts. From Damian Marley to Travis Scott, to Aoki to deadmau5, everyone brings something a little different and beautiful.

What's next for DVBBS? What’re you’ll most excited about in 2019?

Chris: Well we have a project, short album, call it what you want to call it dropping this fall…it’s been a while since we have dropped one so this should be fun. All these next records we are so proud of, and I just hope we can impact a few more people that need it in a time where things can seem dark and difficult.

Alex: I’ve also been saying it for a couple of years, and we have tested it a few shows, but our live show and I mean live show – vocals, guitars, drums, synths – make for a rollercoaster of a performance. It’s ready and it’s going to be that new chapter we have always been dreaming of.

Upcoming DVBBS Tour Dates:

Saturday, August 24th TIME, Costa Mesa, CA
Friday, September 6th Temple, San Francisco, CA
Saturday, September 7th Temple, Denver, CO
Saturday, September 21st ZBT @ U of A, Tuscon AZ
Thursday, October 10th NOTO, Philadelphia, PA
Saturday, October 12th TBA, New York, NY
Saturday, October 19th New City Gas, Montreal, QC

Follow DVBBS:

Facebook: facebook.com/dvbbs
Twitter: twitter.com/DVBBS
Instagram: instagram.com/dvbbs

Martin Garrix Drops Third Bonn Collab "Home" on STMPD RCRDS

Fri, 08/16/2019 - 12:39

Martin Garrix's latest Bonn collaboration follows the same creative vein as those which came before it.

Martin Garrix has made quite a habit of working alongside Swedish vocalist Bonn. Their collaborative relationship extends back to last year's "High On Life," which they followed up this February with "No Sleep." Now, they're back with a similar single titled "Home" via STMPD RCRDS.

The single - which first saw the light of day at Fuji Rock Festival in Japan - blends the larger-than-life synth work for which Martin Garrix (real name Martijn Garritsen) is known with pop-friendly instrumentals. Bonn's engaging vocal rings out over the rest of the song's elements, driving the concept with a measure of singalong appeal.

View the original article to see embedded media.

"Home" looks to be but one of many tracks Garritsen is gearing up to release in the near future. During his performance at Sziget Festival last weekend, he dropped three consecutive IDs

Stream or download "Home" by Martin Garrix featuring Bonn across platforms here by way of STMPD RCRDS.


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Need a Vacation? Take a Trip To Fong Island in Henry Fong’s New EP [Premiere]

Fri, 08/16/2019 - 12:21

Henry Fong builds his own reggae-EDM world in his latest four-track effort, Fong Island.

Everyone could use one more vacation before summer ends. Henry Fong makes traveling the world easy in his latest four-track EP, Fong Island, with high-energy, high-tempo sounds that come from every corner of the globe. 

Fong Island opens up with “Irie,” the first single to release from the EP, featuring Rawtek and Craigy T. Fong effortlessly melds together Carribean groove with UK bassline to make for an amped-up tune designed to tear up any dance floor.

The second song featured on the EP is “On My Way” featuring Rome, the lead singer of the reggae-rock band Sublime with Rome. “It was so great to link up with Rome from Sublime with Rome,” Fong said. “I've been a fan of all of the work he's done in the Reggae world, and it was a dream to connect with him and create a big summer anthem.” 

The track, which came as Fong’s second single from the EP, showcases the L.A.-based producer's fluidity whilst reinforcing his instantly recognizable sound, respectfully dubbed "global bass." “Reggae was my biggest musical passion before I entered the dance music realm,” he continued. “So being able to create a bridge between the two genres is amazing for me.”

View the original article to see embedded media.

Inspired by cultures around the world, Fong’s unique sound comes from masterfully blending influences from Latin, Asian, African and Middle Eastern music. One listen to any of Fong’s tracks and it becomes clear why his distinguishable sound has earned the name global bass. “Ventura,” a collaboration with DJ Braindead and the third song featured on Fong Island, gives a fresh, bass-heavy groove to a traditional Latin beat. Keeping with his strong electronic music core, Fong brings his high-energy EDM flair to every corner on the musical spectrum, resulting in a unique music experience sure to bring cultures together. 

Fong Island maintains the supercharged energy throughout the entire project and wraps up with the bubbling “Jump In The Line,” a collaboration with Jamaican dancehall legend General Degree. Fong successfully takes listeners on a trip in his EP, each track showcasing a different side to his all-encompassing production talents. With music meant for all, it comes as no surprise to Florida-born producer has amassed a global audience. 

Stream or download Henry Fong's Fong Island EP today.


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KREAM Step out of Shadows in Video for “Go Somewhere” ft. RANI

Fri, 08/16/2019 - 12:07

KREAM make their debut appearance in the official music video for “Go Somewhere,” out now on Big Beat Records.

Chart-dominating Norwegian duo KREAM are back with another hit, this time enlisting the talents of rising star U.K.-based R&B singer RANI for the infectious single, “Go Somewhere.” It's out now on Big Beat Records

Comprised of brothers Daniel and Markus Slettebakken, the electronic pop duo has continuously shot their way to the top with an impressive slew of singles and remixes. Following their hit collaboration with Eden Prince, “Ain’t Thinkin Bout You” featuring Louisa (which is featured across Spotify and Apple’s largest dance playlists), the duo have yet again created another smash dance tune perfectly suited for playlists and dance floors everywhere. Similar to "Ain't Thinkin Bout You," "Go Somewhere" blends together the duo's pop style with the bright, R&B-infused vocals of RANI. 

The vocalist herself is also no stranger to being featured across streaming platforms' most beloved playlists. She was recently featured on Sam Feldt’s single, “Post Malone,” which has amassed over 50 million streams. Her name can also be found on Spotify's largest playlist, Today’s Top Hits, and heard across U.S. pop radio. Adding on to the impressive credits behind this track, “Go Somewhere” is co-written by singer and songwriter Karen Harding, who is most known for her U.K. Top 10 single, “Say Something.” Given the impressive expertise behind the track, "Go Somewhere" is bound to be a chart-topping single. 

The single comes along with an official music video showcasing the three artists, as it cuts between RANI being brought to life and singing the melody, while KREAM effortlessly performs the song in a spacious studio arsenal. 

On top of releasing their first music video, the duo will also be making their debut U.S. festival appearance on August 31st at Electric Zoo in NYC for a main stage performance. For ticketing information, visit here

Stream or download KREAM & RANI's "Go Somewhere," out on Big Beats Records. 


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Irito Kazuto and Axciss Stun in Future Bass Single "Forever"

Thu, 08/15/2019 - 18:00

"Forever" is as suitable for the dance floor as it is for radio play.

It's hard to walk the fine line between danceability and singalong appeal, but Irito Kazuto and Axciss have managed to do exactly that. They've delivered a song titled "Forever" via Azureon Select that combines the best of both worlds into a sonically crisp musical statement.

An anthemic vocal grabs the listener's attention in the first few bars of the track as an understated piano melody rounds out the dynamic range. At the drop, a gravelly bass line takes center stage, accentuating the drum pattern in a such a way that it remains in one's mind long after they hear it. 

View the original article to see embedded media.

Stream or download "Forever" by Irito Kazuto and Axciss by way of Azureon Select across platforms here.

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Instagram: instagram.com/suxinyou
SoundCloud: soundcloud.com/axciss

5 Things You Didn't Know about Taos Vortex Festival 2019

Thu, 08/15/2019 - 17:42

Taos Vortex 2019 is the home of Theatre Brunch, Pussy Power House, and a centuries-old cemetery complete with its own headless skeleton and murder mystery.

Southwesterners, rejoice! Taos Vortex festival returns to New Mexico this weekend for the second year in a row. After releasing their full lineup in August, Meow Wolf has been working hard to bring their festival alive this weekend in Taos, New Mexico. 

In celebration of the event, here are five things you might not know about Taos Vortex:

5. Taos Vortex is the festival brain-child of eccentric art-collective Meow Wolf

Meow Wolf was founded as an artist collective in 2008 in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and has since become an arts and entertainment group. Meow Wolf is most well-known for their interactive art-labyrinth, the House of Eternal Return.

Taos Vortex 2019 will mark Meow Wolf's second installment of this festival. This year sees a bolstered lineup, and three full-days of camping, music, and other performances. 

4. Nestled in the festival grounds is a nearly 200-year-old cemetery

Kit Carson Park, aka Kit Carson Memorial Park, also happens to be the site of the Kit Carson Cemetery. Established in 1847, the cemetery was originally founded for the burial of American soldiers and civilians killed in the Taos Rebellion of 1847

Among those interred is the alleged body of decapitated con man, Arthur Manby. According to his headstone, it was he who planted the trees that shade this year's festival campgrounds. See the official map for the cemetery's location; read about the unsolved 1929 Manby murder here.  

3. This year's Taos Vortex sports some impressive VIP options, with the food-inclusive Vibe Hut and stunning Glamping options.

The Vibe Hut is the Vortex's main VIP offering. The Vibe Hut includes "complimentary locally-sourced food from Dig & Serve, non-alcoholic drinks, charging stations, as well as access to a VIP cash bar." 

This year's festival also boasts a gorgeous "Glamping" tier. For those particular VIPs, Meow Wolf will supply "a curated, furnished space including comfy queen bed and linens, outlets for charging your devices, snacks, drinks, and much more." The Glamping option also includes full weekend access to the Vibe Hut. For more information, check out the luxury add-ons.

Glamping2. Taos Vortex has multiple breakfast options, including Sunday's Theatre Brunch

For any guests who need a mid-festival pick me up, Taos Vortex offers breakfast during every morning of the weekend. The Camp Breakfast option allows access to the Vibe Hut from 8:30 AM to 10:00 AM. Guests can choose from "made-to-order items such as burritos, omelettes, breakfast tacos, and french toast."

Taos Vortex has the one-time Theatre Brunch on Sunday at 11:00 AM. It is a multi-course meal and show. Tickets for both breakfast and brunch can be purchased as add-ons

Theatre Brunch performers1. Maximalist, sex-positive Pussy Power House will have their own curated event space during Taos Vortex

Pussy Power House was started by Corinne Loperfido as a feminist art community. Since then, it has become the force behind curated pop-up events across the country. They focus on body-positive performance art and "edu-tainment."

This year, Pussy Power House will bring their Temple of Senses to Taos Vortex. They aim to encourage people "in a non-sexual space to be able to feel comfortable and sensual and ask for what they want." For more information, read Meow Wolf's article about Pussy Power House, "pleasure stacking," and this year's Taos Vortex.

Pleasure Stacking, Pussy Power House

Whatever your interests, whether the amazing music and VIP digs, or the coincidental cemetery/murder mystery combo and tantalizing arts performances, Taos Vortex has it covered.

Visit the Taos Vortex official website for more information.

Follow Meow Wolf:


Secret Project Festival Reveals 2019 Lineup

Thu, 08/15/2019 - 17:35

The sounds of the underground return to Downtown L.A. this fall.

Devotees of the underground sound can look forward to the return of Insomniac's boutique house and techno festival. After a successful inaugural event, Secret Project Festival will once again take over the streets of L.A.'s Chinatown. 

Enveloping the gritty, industrial downtown enclave, the Factory 93 hosted event will showcase two days of world-renowned artists. Acts in that roster include Peggy Gou, Adriatique, Peach, Goddollars, Honey Dijon, Nina Kraviz B2B Helena Hauff, and Dixon to name a few. 

A highlight on the lineup is a rare live performance by Âme’s Frank Wiedemann and KiNK as well as German electro-punk duo Modeselektor. A Club Called Rhonda and Bears In Space will play host to stage takeovers throughout the weekend. 

Secret Project Festival takes place October 12th and 13th in Downtown Los Angeles. Tickets and more information can be found here

Follow Secret Project Festival:

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Splash House Made Waves as it Closed Out its 2019 Season

Thu, 08/15/2019 - 17:21

The pool party/festival hybrid featured some big names in house and techno.

The colorful desert city of Palm Springs graciously opened her arms to the premier pool party of the summer for one last time this year. A haven for music aficionados and revelers, Splash House made waves as it closed out its 2019 season. 

The kickoff event is the highlight of the weekend, the After Hours soiree at the Palm Springs Air Museum. Enveloped by war jets of a bygone era, the gallery plays host to an evening affair where guests dance the night away to house and techno acts. Sohmi, Kimiaz, and a live set by Phantoms started off the night. They were followed by Walker & Royce and Hot Since 82.

The After Hours rave continued a second night, where throngs of partygoers returned to the museum for round two. Special guest Diplo proved a fan favorite as his set lit up the atmosphere. Michi, Jessie Calistri, Enzo Muro, and Mark Knight helped round out the night.

Throughout the weekend, attendees were shuttled between three resort hotels that accommodated the entertainment and the entertained. The Saguaro, The Riviera, and The Renaissance hotels allowed their grounds to be the setting for pool parties and debauchery.

The trio of hotels shelter the artists that produce the sounds of the weekend. Some of those acts included Claude VonStroke, Snakehips, Solardo, Lane 8, ChristophHippie Sabotage, Louis Futon, Detlef, Lee Foss, Option4, Toro y Moi, Luttrell and Ekali, to name a few. 

However, while the roster of artists sharing their sound is impressive, the majority of guests could be seen roaming the grounds, embracing the California sun. From the hallways to the swimming hole, Splash House patrons enveloped the hotels and caroused into the night. 

What was once a celebrity getaway destination has now become a mecca for fans of not only music, but the lively atmosphere for which the parties are known. Splash House has injected a festive aura into the relatively quiet retirement community. The top acts in house and techno are a draw, but it is obvious Splash House attendees are there to party.


Facebook: facebook.com/SplashHousePS
Twitter: twitter.com/SplashHousePS
Instagram: instagram.com/splashhouse 

Justice to Screen New Feature Film, IRIS: A Space Opera, Across The U.S.

Thu, 08/15/2019 - 17:13

The unique concert film will be shown in New York, L.A., Dallas, Denver, and other cities.

Iconic French electro duo Justice are coming off of a landmark year after releasing their Grammy-winning album Woman Worldwide in 2018. The album won Best Dance/Electronic Album of 2018, and the duo (comprised of Gaspard Augé and Xavier de Rosnay) took it around the globe on the Woman Worldwide Tour. Now, footage inspired by the tour but compiled specifically for cinema has been made into an immersive feature film called IRIS: A Space Opera

IRIS documents the performances from 2018's Woman Worldwide Tour in a unique and immersive way, using an adaptation of Augé and de Rosnay's live show experience that was created specifically for film. The performance in IRIS was filmed in isolation without an audience, but reflects some of those live performances from the tour. Taking a trippy, sci-fi-inspired approach, the film is a one-of-a-kind experience not to be missed by fans of the duo.

Augé and de Rosnay have been going strong for over ten years with an impressive discography and unforgettable live performances. IRIS acts as a tribute to their success, and a celebration of their creativity, music, and fans. 

The film will be shown across the United States by CineLife Entertainment on September 10th. Featured cities include New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, Denver, San Diego, and many more. A full list of dates and cities can be found here.


Facebook: facebook.com/etjusticepourtous
Instagram: instagram.com/etjusticepourtous
SoundCloud: soundcloud.com/justice-official

Illenium's Third Album, Ascend, Brings All The Feels

Thu, 08/15/2019 - 16:38

The 17-track release is packed full of new originals and collaborations.

It's hard to go anywhere these days without hearing one of Illenium's songs or seeing somebody toting one of his signature baseball jerseys. The Denver-based artist (real name Nick Miller) has risen through the ranks to become one of EDM's biggest superstars. Now, he's about to drop his very aptly-titled third album, Ascend, and it capitalizes on everything Illenials love. 

Since the release of a slew of new singles after 2018's Awake Remixes LP was dropped, fans have been eagerly awaiting a new full-length Illenium album. Songs like "Take You Down" and "Crashing" (feat. Bahari) have garnered tens of millions of streams, and given fans a good taste of what's to come on Ascend

The new album delivers the vibes en masse, with the same feels-inducing lyrics and emotional drops for which Miller has become so well-known. "Hold On" (featuring Georgia) and "Good Things Fall Apart" (featuring rising pop sensation Jon Bellion) deliver on the emotive and nostalgic end of things, with soothing guitar riffs layered under heartbreaking lyrics. "Take You Down" and "Broken Ones" (feat. Anna Clendening) capitalize on that same vibe, with vocals that beg to be screamed out by a festival crowd in unison. 

Taking those vibes even deeper, tracks like "Sad Songs" (featuring Annika Wells and MIller's long-time collaborator and friend Said The Sky) and "Every Piece Of Me" (featuring Echos) double down on the emotion, with low-key instrumentals that tie together with the heart-wrenching lyrics. Impassioned piano and acoustic guitar notes mirror the pensive lyrics and provide a melancholic but optimistic sentiment.

The deep and sorrowful tracks aren't all that Ascend has to offer. A culmination of glitchy, dubstep-inspired synth work wobbles over punchy drums on "Blood" (featuring Foy Vance). The emotion still shines through in Vance's powerful voice on the track, but make no mistake, the drops hit hard

The same can be said for "Gorgeous" (featuring Bipolar), a glitched-out midtempo track that goes from emotional vocal verses into a grinding main section reminiscent of Knife Party - but with a unique twist. The second drop of "Gorgeous" brings back Miller's signature style, but while it's less gritty, it still packs a big punch.

"Pray" (featuring Kameron Ale) takes that notion but delivers it in reverse. The first drop is the more melodic aspect of the track, but it dives headfirst into a dubstep banger at the halfway point. It then returns to a similar melodic drop to round out the track toward the end, but the midsection of the song was unmistakably made for headbanging Illenials. 

Superstars like X Ambassadors and The Chainsmokers also make appearances on Ascend. The Chainsmokers' collaboration, "Take Away" (featuring Lennon Stella) has already amassed over 35 million streams on Spotify alone, appearing on the duo's EP, World War Joy...Takeaway

There's no doubt that Ascend will top charts in the coming weeks and months. The album perfectly delivers everything that Illenials crave from one of EDM's biggest stars. Miller has racked up over 2 billion streams across his entire discography and consistently sells out shows across the nation, including three sell-outs in Denver at Red Rocks Amphitheatre. The success of Ascend's singles illustrates that when the album is released tomorrow, August 16th, Miller will still be ascending, full steam ahead. 


Facebook: facebook.com/ILLENIUM
Twitter: twitter.com/ILLENIUMMUSIC
Instagram: instagram.com/illeniummusic
SoundCloud: soundcloud.com/illeniumofficial

Wolfgang Gartner Cancels Shows to Check Himself into Rehab

Thu, 08/15/2019 - 15:41

"...In the past six months, I have fallen deeper into addiction and substance abuse than ever before in my life..."

Wolfgang Gartner has opened up about his struggles with substance abuse in a public statement. The American DJ/producer has shared that he will spend the next month in a drug rehabilitation and treatment facility, prompting him to clear his immediate tour schedule.

In the letter, Wolfgang Gartner (real name Joseph Thomas Youngman) shared that following a 2002 rehab stint, he had remained sober for eight years. He would fall into periods of sporadic drug and alcohol use thereafter, with the past six months marking an especially pronounced spell of problematic use.

"It's embarrassing for me to admit that this will be the second time I've gone to rehab, albeit separated by almost 20 years, but I wanted to put this out there so people know why the gigs I booked for the next month will be canceled and why I'll be off the grid as well...and also partly why I've been mostly off the grid for a while now," Youngman wrote. "I'm not looking forward to the next month because rehab is generally not a fun place to be, but I'm really looking forward to getting better and getting my life back."

EDM.com wishes Wolfgang Gartner a speedy recovery, and we encourage anyone suffering from problematic use to take the necessary steps towards improving their health.


Facebook: facebook.com/djwolfganggartner
Instagram: instagram.com/wolfganggartner
Twitter: twitter.com/wolfganggartner
SoundCloud: soundcloud.com/wolfganggartner

Luca Lush Says an OWSLA-Signed Artist Plagiarized his Track

Thu, 08/15/2019 - 14:39

Luca Lush has claimed that the artist took an entire drop from one of his songs without crediting him.

Luca Lush has tweeted that an OWSLA signee "stole an entire drop" from one of his tracks, apparently referring to Los Angeles-based OddKidOut. According to the latter producer, however, he was within his rights to use the sample.

The OddKidOut (real name Butch Serianni) single in question, titled "One Hundred," was not an OWSLA release itself - which is perhaps what led Luca Lush (real name Wolfgang Robinowitz) to delete his tweet. By then, however, internet sleuths in a Reddit thread had already brought to light the similarities between Serianni's track and Robinowitz' remix of "God's Plan" by Drake.

View the original article to see embedded media.View the original article to see embedded media.

EDM.com reached out to Serianni, who told us that the sample was a four-second loop on a sample pack uploaded to Splice, a service for which he pays a monthly fee for access. "I was unaware that he used this specific drop in a track, I wouldn’t have thought that he would have put a sample up of something that was already published work of his," he wrote. "I had no ill intention and I didn’t know who Luca was at the time."

Serianni also said that he has reached out to Robinowitz to clear the air and properly credit him however he sees fit. A spokesperson on behalf of Robinowitz was unavailable to respond to EDM.com's request for comment at the time of writing.


Facebook: facebook.com/LucaLush/
Twitter: twitter.com/LUCALUSH
Instagram: instagram.com/lucalush/
SoundCloud: soundcloud.com/lucalush

Follow OddKidOut:

Facebook: facebook.com/oddkidout
Twitter: twitter.com/OddKidOut_
Instagram: instagram.com/oddkidout
SoundCloud: soundcloud.com/oddkidout

Kayzo Binds Rock and EDM Closer than Ever with Sophomore Album, Unleashed

Thu, 08/15/2019 - 12:58

The 15-track sophomore LP is out now on Ultra Music.

Standing at the forefront of rock-EDM crossroads is none other than L.A.-based DJ/producer Kayzo. Rising to the top with his remix of 2000 alternative/nu-metal hit “Last Resort” by Papa Roach, and his high-energy collaboration with RIOT, “Wake Up,” one of the most defining qualities about Kayzo’s rise to fame is his electrifying, genre-fluid approach to producing. Today, Kayzo (real name Hayden Capuozzo) has pushed the boundaries between genres more than ever with the release of his 15-track sophomore LP, Unleashed

Featuring 18 different artists across 15 tracks, Unleashed enlists the talents of guest vocalists from emo, pop-punk, and alternative music. On previous releases from Capuozzo, such as the single’s “Night Terror,” “Up In Flames,” and most recently “Cruel Love,” he teamed up with Of Mice & Men, Alex Gaskarth from All Time Low, as well as ShYbeast and Frank Zummo

Coming from the EDM scene, the tracklist features fellow The Binches member and best friend of Capuozzo, Yultron, as well as TYNAN, 1788-L, and ARMNHMR. OG fans of Kayzo will also recognize Micah Martin as the vocalist on two tracks: “Wait It Out” and “Fight For Love” from previous releases of the Houston-born producer. Martin was featured on “OVERLOAD," “Feel The Power,” and the SLANDER collaboration “Holy.” 

“[Martin is] one of the first vocalists I got to work with in this crossover space,” Capuozzo told his fans on social media. “[He] will always hold a special place in my heart as he was featured on some of the biggest records I ever did.” 

View the original article to see embedded media.

Unleashed also features the late We Came As Romans vocalist Kyle Pavone on “LA Never Says Goodbye,” a collaboration made with Los Angeles duo ARMNHMR. “‘It makes me so happy to hear Kyle’s voice, but breaks my heart at the same time.” Capuozzo shared via Twitter. “This is his last recorded song and lyrically it hits home very deep.” 

In celebration of the album’s release, Capuozzo has released Unleashed-themed merch items. Longsleeves, jerseys, hats, and pins can be found here. For fans wanting the Unleashed experience live, he has upcoming performances set in Boston, Philadelphia, and Tampa. He will also make his way to Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Morrison, Colorado for HARD HALLOWEEN, where he will play alongside Gramatik, Ducky, Mom N Dad and more. All tour information can be found here

Stream or download Kayzo's Unleashed LP, out now on Ultra Music.


Facebook: facebook.com/kayzomusic
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SoundCloud: soundcloud.com/kayzo-music


Website: ultramusic.com
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Deorro and MAKJ Reunite for Big Room Banger "Retumba" [Premiere]

Thu, 08/15/2019 - 12:18

The latest collaboration between Deorro and MAKJ exhibits distinct Latin influences.

In a mere 18 months, Deorro and MAKJ will have delivered five separate collaborations. EDM.com is proud to premiere the latest a day ahead of its official release. "Retumba" arrives by way of Ultra Music tomorrow, August 16th, but you can cue it up right here in the meantime.

Latin influences distinguish "Retumba" from most of the recent Deorro (real name Erick Orrosquieta) and MAKJ (real name Mackenzie Johnson) collaborations. The song's trumpeting lead synths and thunderous kick drums give way to syncopated percussive samples shortly before the halfway mark - an interlude that lets up shortly before the second drop.

Between hard-hitting singles like "Bring It Back," "Left Right" and "Munequita Linda," Orrosquieta and Johnson are no strangers to working alongside one another. Their July 2018 release "Knockout" saw them bring Quintino into the fold, interweaving the Dutch DJ/producer's main stage-friendly influence into their sound.

Orrosquieta will resume touring with a performance at Pure Lounge & Nightclub in Sunnyvale, California tomorrow, August 16th. The same evening, Johnson will make an appearance at the Harbour Event Center in Vancouver, British Columbia.


Facebook: facebook.com/Deorro/
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Facebook: facebook.com/MAKJOfficial
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Instagram: instagram.com/makj
SoundCloud: youtube.com/user/DJMAKJ

Flume Shares Free Sample Pack for Producers

Thu, 08/15/2019 - 11:25

"Wanted to put these out in the world and see what comes back."

Flume's latest offerings prove him as capable of electronic music innovation now as when he broke through during the height of the EDM boom. By the looks of things, he wants to inspire the same in others. The Australian DJ/producer has shared a free sample pack of the sounds that have characterized his 2019 releases.

Available in a no-frills Dropbox folder are 12 audio files along with a concise user agreement prohibiting producers from using the Flume brand name and allowing his team to use any resulting song to promote the project, among other stipulations. "...Wanted to put these out in the world and see what comes back," Flume (real name Harley Edward Streten) tweeted.

Streten's unique style largely influenced the rise of future bass, a genre that remains one of dance music's chief exports. He capped off a release hiatus following his 2017 Skin LP with this year's Hi This Is Flume mixtape, which yet again pushed the boundaries with a fusion of lo-fi hip-hop and R&B.

It remains to be seen what will result from the Flume Sounds project in the weeks to follow. Producers can download the sample pack here.

H/T: This Song Is Sick


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On This Day in Dance Music History: Excision Released Apex

Wed, 08/14/2019 - 19:01

On August 14th, 2018, Excision reaffirmed why he reigns supreme at the top of the bass music mountain

Excision (real name Jeff Abel) has long been known to be the king of bass music. He further cemented that title with the epic, 14-track collection Apex. The album has been breaking necks since its debut in 2018. For Abel, his fourth album release was the sonic celebration of a long journey to the top of the bass music mountain. After the success of his 2016 album Virus, he had a lot to live up to. He did not disappoint. 

The tracklist has a little something for everyone who is a fan of bass music. It features a variety of styles from face-melting dubstep and even a melodic breakdown from Illenium and Shallows. His longtime protege Dion Timmer had a number of guest appearances along the way. It's bold and in your face, and it yet again raised the bar for traditional bass music and dubstep. 

The message behind the album as told by Abel was deeper than may originally be perceived. It reflects the ups and downs of his own life. “Whether or not you are happy on your current path is irrelevant, we all have our own mountains to climb, but through hard work and positivity, we can overcome them,” he's said. 

To top off the success of Apex, Abel brought together some of bass music's top artists to deliver the official remix package for the studio-length album. Featured on Apex: The Remixes were 12th Planet, Dion Timmer, Black Tiger Sex Machine, Subtronics, SLANDER, Downlink, and more. The crown was passed down to deliver on an already impressive tracklist.

With over ten years of touring under his belt, running the music festivals Bass Canyon and Lost Lands, and delivering chart-topping hits, Apex was the perfect demonstration of all Abel has delivered to the industry. 


Facebook: facebook.com/Excision/
Instagram: instagram.com/excisionofficial/
Twitter: twitter.com/Excision
SoundCloud: soundcloud.com/excision

from the bass Melds Rap, Festival Trap and Bass House in "Surp"

Wed, 08/14/2019 - 18:01

Unexpected styles intersect in from the bass' latest single.

Just when you thought every genre fusion had already been done, from the bass has arrived with a truly outside-the-box musical concept. "Surp" sees the Seoul-born, Sydney-based DJ/producer seamlessly fuse rap, festival trap and bass house into a single hard-hitting production. It's out now on Pantheon Select.

"Surp" starts out like a rap song with gritty, edgy verses underscored by a fat bass line. It froths up into festival trap at the first half of the drop, with meticulous sound design subtleties reinforcing the almost percussive sound design elements. Suddenly, the beat structure shifts into a four-on-the-floor drum pattern - but against all odds, everything fits together to form a cohesive whole.

View the original article to see embedded media.

Stream or download "Surp" by from the bass via Pantheon Select here.

Follow from the bass:

Instagram: instagram.com/fromthebass
SoundCloud: soundcloud.com/fromthebass

More Artists Announced for Nocturnal Wonderland 2019 Lineup

Wed, 08/14/2019 - 17:46

The Parliament Art Car has officially arrived.

Just when we thought Insomniac had delivered the full lineup for Nocturnal Wonderland 2019, they go and add a whopping 13 more. In a post made by the head honcho himself, Pasquale Rotella, it was announced that the festival would be getting cut short due to sound laws affecting the Glen Helen Amphitheater. In return, the festival will open two hours earlier at 3:00 OM and add in more surprises. One of these includes the Parliament Art Car, which has never been featured on the West Coast. 

The Parliament Art Car will showcase Atlast, ETC! ETC!, HVDES, JayCeeOh, Rawtek, JSTJR, UZ, Yakz, a Mat Zo drum and bass set, and Space Yacht. According to the post, more artists are still to come. The car has become a fan favorite at Electric Daisy Carnival since its debut in 2017. It's a 55-foot mobile dance floor decked out with lasers, flames, a top-of-the-line sound system, and a 360-degree "nest" for the giant owl. No word yet if the design will change for Nocturnal, but no doubt this should be a stop on your stage to-do list. 

View the original article to see embedded media.

Nocturnal Wonderland is Insomniac's original festival, dating back even further than EDC. It began back in 1995 and has been a staple in rave culture ever since. This year's lineup will include DJ Snake, Zeds Dead, Malaa, Camelphat, Jauz, and many more. 

The 2019 edition of Nocturnal Wonderland will take place on September 14th and 15th for the final time at the Glen Helen Amphitheater in San Bernadino, California. For more information or to purchase tickets, visit the event website.


Facebook: facebook.com/nocturnalwonderland
Twitter: twitter.com/nocturnalwland
Instagram: instagram.com/nocturnalwland

NGHTMRE Gave a Sneak Peek of His ZHU Collab at Moonrise Festival

Wed, 08/14/2019 - 16:42

"Man's First Inhibitions" was previewed at Moonrise Festival.

Back in April, fans at Space Yacht in Los Angeles convinced NGHTMRE to perform an encore. What he delivered was a surprise preview of a new collaboration with ZHU. We haven't heard any news about the track since the small performance, but flash forward to Moonrise Festival this past weekend and it's back again. The track was dropped during the GUD Vibrations set between NGHTMRE and SLANDER.

Baltimore, Maryland was treated to the official track name when NGHTMRE announced the title, "Man's First Inhibitions." It opens with a Stranger Things-esque, bass-heavy vibe as ZHU's distinct vocals came in. The breakdown leans more hip-hop influenced. One thing is for sure, this track is going to slap when it's officially released. 

View the original article to see embedded media.

No word has come out when exactly "Man's First Inhibitions" will be released. In the meantime, you can catch NGHTMRE on tour with SLANDER, Seven Lions and Glitch Mob on the Alchemy Tour which will be heading across North America. The tour will span across 19 cities in the United States starting on September 4th and finishing on October 13th in Arizona. For all ticketing and touring information, visit here.

ZHU has been touring as of late under his alias BLACKLIZT. He will be among the headliners at HARD Day of the Dead 2019

H/T: Global Dance Electronic


Facebook: facebook.com/nghtmre
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Facebook: facebook.com/zhu
Twitter: twitter.com/ZHUmusic
Instagram: instagram.com/zhu
SoundCloud: soundcloud.com/zhu

SWARM and ATHRS Team Up on "Singing to the Sky"

Wed, 08/14/2019 - 16:22

Electronic meets heavy metal in this dark and nostalgic anthem.

Brandon Carroll, better known a SWARM, has teamed up with Mike Torres A.K.A. ATHRS to create a haunting, new hybrid tune. Both artists have heavy influences from electronic and rock/metal music, and "Singing to the Sky" fuses these worlds together with soul snatching melodies and heavy-hitting bass.

Blurring the lines of genres, Florida natives SWARM and ATHRS mix together live instrumentation with eerie synths and metallic bass to create an organic yet electronic vibe from start to finish. ATHRS' passionate vocals bring the song to life as he "sings to the sky" in desperation for an answer back.

SWARM commented on the track saying:

"Long before SWARM, I played in a metal band. 12+ years later, I’m exploring ways to inject electronic music with that aggression that metal is so good at capturing. When I met ATHRS, we realized that we shared a similar background in music, so we got to work. I see this song as a mixture of modern electronic production and “it’s not a phase, mom!!” nostalgia."

"Singing to the Sky" is available now on all streaming platforms. Grab your favorite band tee, your tightest pair of jeans, and all of your leftover teenaged angst and get ready to rock.


Facebook: facebook.com/athrsmusic
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