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Updated: 11 min 7 sec ago

Xavi Shines on Pensive Single from Debut Album, "Neverless"

2 hours 24 min ago

Xavi's album is set to be the second full-length LP released on Ophelia Records.

Xavi has been sensational since first releasing music in 2016, garnering support from the likes of Madeon, Porter Robinson, and San Holo in just a few short years. In 2020, the Missouri product has collaborated with Just a Gent and Akira Flay on "Miso & Memories" as well as released his solo single "The Cycle." Today he's delivered the first single from his debut album, The Endless Searing Skies, releasing via Seven LionsOphelia Records imprint.

"Neverless" is Xavi's most refined work yet. A slow, ambient intro carefully leads listeners into a barrage of distorted trills, blissful stabs, and expertly timed breaks. The second drop is a stark shift in energy, transforming the overall tranquility into an electronic playground of emotions. Though Xavi is carving his own path with his already distinct sound, fans of Robinson, Madeon, k?d, and Anamanaguchi will certainly find solace in his music. 

The Endless Searing Skies currently has no public release date. Keep your eyes peeled for news from the young producer, as his debut project is bound to be his most impressive work yet.

Listen to "Neverless" below.


Facebook: facebook.com/xavimakesmusic
Instagram: instagram.com/xavimakesmusic
Twitter: twitter.com/xavimakesmusic
Spotify: spoti.fi/3g5DeDC

After Cryptic Email Campaign, Subtronics Announces Debut Cyclops Compilation

4 hours 4 min ago

The announcement arrives after a number of electronic music producers received a cryptic email from an address in hieroglyphics.

Last week, a number of electronic music producers received random, cryptic emails from an address that looks like it was comprised of hieroglyphics. Many of those artists tweeted about the email in a collective "WTF" moment, sharing screenshots of it to the bewilderment of EDM Twitter.

Adding to the mystique of the whole email quandary was its contents. In a blurb that looks like it was plucked out of a Hunger Games book, the email simply reads, "You have been selected. You will be required to use your individual set of skills in order to survive. Your first mission launches soon." Confused by the email and its Liam Neeson quote from Taken, many of the artists who received it tried to decipher the message, but to no avail.

The source of the email was finally revealed today. It was sent by none other than Subtronics and his newly minted record label, Cyclops Recordings. The dubstep star recently announced the imprint via a video in which he's fittingly flanked by two giant gold bongs, sharing that he's excited to select "artists that cover the full spectrum of fresh, cutting-edge bass music" and that each Cyclops release will be "curated towards forward-thinking, inspiring new styles."

Today, Subtronics doubled down on the news by announcing that the official launch of Cyclops Recordings will commence with a gargantuan compilation, à la Excision's momentous late September debut of Subsidia Records. Similar to the launch of Subsidia, the record, which will drop on December 11th, is set to boast new tracks across three chapters, dubbed "High Knees Headquarters," "Psychedelic Division," and "Heavy Artillery." Collectively, they will feature music from over 20 artists, including Leotrix, Akeos, Control Freak, LEVEL UP, phonon, and Subtronics himself.

You can pre-save Boot Camp here and check out the official teaser and tracklist below.

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Boot Camp Tracklist:
Subtronics - Tractor Beam
Akeos - Makura
Syzy - Poison Muffins
AI Ross - Malfunktion
phonon x MAD Dubz - Wheel Up
Leotrix - Dissatisfied
Chee x Subtronics - Point Breeze
EAZYBAKED x MOLOKAI x Saka - Killjoy
Abelation - Killin' Em
Smith. - Swing
G-Space x Caveman - On The Block
BLVNKSPVCE - Component 17
Kill Feed - Foolish
Control Freak x Vanfleet - Water Weight
Calcium - Deathwish
Jiqui - OTM
Nosphere - Gaussian Traveler
LEVEL UP - Satan Works Alone
Subtronics - Scream Saver VIP


Facebook: facebook.com/Subtronicsofficial
Twitter: twitter.com/subtronics
Instagram: instagram.com/subtronics
Spotify: spoti.fi/3jEqAfS


Facebook: facebook.com/CyclopsRecs
Twitter: twitter.com/cyclops_recs
Instagram: instagram.com/cyclopsrecs
SoundCloud: soundcloud.com/cyclopsrecs

The LIFE Stream Project is Streaming a Virtual Concert to Raise Awareness of Child Sex Trafficking

8 hours 59 min ago

The virtual concert features performances from Kap Slap, Dabow, Crimson Child, and more.

As part of their efforts to raise awareness of child sex trafficking, The LIFE Stream Project is hosting a can't-miss virtual music festival.

The team behind the venture, led by CHIIEFShaysova, and Gestalt Theory, launched the event series with the goal of "helping humanity get back to love through music, poetry and art." The streaming event, which begins at 11AM MST (1PM ET, 10AM PT) today, December 4th, features a slew of impressive DJs. Kap Slap, Dabow, Crimson Child, and many more are set to take the decks in the name of altruism.

In addition to the musical lineup, the minds behind the event have also confirmed a number of guest speakers from Operation Underground Railroad, a nonprofit organization that assists governments around the world in the rescue of human trafficking and sex trafficking victims.

You can check out the virtual concert's flier below and grab your tickets here. For more information about The LIFE Stream Project, navigate here.

Matt Nash and VY•DA Release Heartfelt Single "Wasted Love" Featuring Alessia Labate

9 hours 27 min ago

Matt Nash and VY•DA have found the perfect blend of their distinct sounds on "Wasted Love."

In 2014, Matt Nash triumphantly climbed to the top of the Beatport charts alongside Don Diablo with their iconic collaboration "Starlight (Could You Be Mine)." More recently, the London-born producer has found a home on Martin Garrix's STMPD RCRDS with his previous two releases "You're Not Alone" and "Lose It All." With his latest track, he's returned to STMPD once again alongside VY•DA for "Wasted Love" featuring Alessia Labate

"Wasted Love" is a heartfelt plea that has no trouble communicating it's emotive tone. Matt Nash and VY•DA have found an excellent blend of both their sounds, as the former's signature dynamic horns mesh effortlessly with the latter's deeper house sound. Labate's pop-ready vocals serve as the perfect vessel to deliver their collective message. "Wasted Love" is not only a love song, but also an ode to each artist's musicality. 

Listen to "Wasted Love" below.


Facebook: facebook.com/mattnashofficial
Twitter: twitter.com/mattnashmusic
Instagram: instagram.com/mattnashofficial
Spotify: spoti.fi/2VCl7f6


Facebook: facebook.com/vydamusic
Twitter: twitter.com/vydamusic
Instagram: instagram.com/vydamusic
Spotify: spoti.fi/36GRfEN

Taska Black and Tessa Dixson Deliver Introspective New Single "Found Myself"

9 hours 35 min ago

"Found Myself" invites listeners into the genuine process of moving on.

Taska Black has returned with a passionate new single featuring Tessa Dixson, "Found Myself," out via Martin Garrix's STMPD RCRDS banner.

"Found Myself" is a crawling, contemplative ballad that that leans heavily on organic instrumentals as Dixson's powerful voice pairs effortlessly with Black's refined songwriting ability. The subdued beat and ambient vocal chops help create an emotional atmosphere.

The introspective meaning behind "Found Myself" is a refreshing take on a love song that fits perfectly with the tone both of the track's creators were able to curate. "Losing the love you built seems like a long and lonely road when actually it allows you to find yourself and realize the strength that you thought you had lost," Dixson said in a press statement. "In your head, your thoughts are fusing, all you want to do is be next to the one you shared your life with and it seems inconceivable that in a blink of an eye you become strangers to one another but at least now you’re no stranger to yourself anymore."

"I tend to leave the meaning of the song open to interpretation," Taska Black added. "To me it’s also about coming to terms with yourself about the relationships you’re having and doing what is best for you."

Stream "Found Myself" below and find it on all platforms here.


Facebook: facebook.com/taskablack
Twitter: twitter.com/taskablack
Instagram: instagram.com/taskablack
Spotify: spoti.fi/2Jqik6l

ARMNHMR Share Soaring "A Thousand Dreams" EP

10 hours 3 min ago

The 6-track EP blends together effortlessly to form a euphoric journey from start to finish.

ARMNHMR have worked tirelessly to make 2020 one of their biggest years yet. In February, the LA duo released their debut album The Free World, which featured collaborations with EDM favorites such as Micah Martin, Karra, and Nevve, among others. To close out the year with a bang, ARMNHMR has now returned with their A Thousand Dreams EP via Steve Aoki's Dim Mak banner. 

ARMNHMR's A Thousand Dreams EP is a fresh continuation of their distinct vision. Throughout all 6 tracks, the two wear their hearts on their sleeves and paint vivid soundscapes for listeners to get lost within. Once again, they've teamed up with a handful of incredibly talented vocalists, including Melanie Fontana, GLNNA, SoundrMonika Santucci, Azuria Sky, and Linney. Their lineup of collaborators doesn't stop there, however, as KLAXX, SHSTR, NvrLeft, and Heimanu have lent their production talents as well. 

A Thousand Dreams opens with "Fragile" and wraps things up with "Coming Home," both of which fans may have already heard. "Somebody To Love" with KLAXX and GLNNA is an interesting change of pace, as ARMNHMR forgoes their usual floaty synths for a bass-heavy, more dynamic punch. "When I Fall" follows a similar path, as they've combined their dreamy sound with NvrLeft's relentless ferocity for a tasteful hybrid smash. 

"Learn To Love" embodies the sound ARMNHMR fans have been enamored with since the beginning. Soundr's delicate vocals serve as a guide into a gorgeous, ethereal drop assisted by SHSTR. "This is Goodbye" is the most distinct tune on the EP, as Heimanu has brought his impeccable trap influence to the table. While A Thousand Dreams isn't ARMNHMR's most expansive work this year, it further demonstrates their immense growth as producers. 


Facebook: facebook.com/ARMNHMR
Twitter: twitter.com/ARMNHMR
Instagram: instagram.com/armnhmr
Spotify: spoti.fi/2YEbU7e

Yolanda Be Cool Celebrates 10 Years of "We No Speak Americano" With International Remix Package

10 hours 14 min ago

Yolanda Be Cool's "10th Anniversary Edit" matures the nostalgic swing house hit into a balcony-shaking knockout.

In 2010, Australian duo Yolanda Be Cool recruited their brother DCUP to create a party track their DJ friends could play. Little did they know that "We Speak No Americano" would become a worldwide sensation with Gold and Platinum accreditations across numerous territories.

Even if you're not familiar with Yolanda Be Cool, chances are this song has been stuck on repeat in your head at least once. Whether it was from the radio, Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted, Zumba Fitness 2, or even Just Dance 4, it's a classic that everyone knows. As "We Speak No Americano" spread throughout the world, it reached the Top 10 in more than 40 countries and earned the duo the title of Australia's biggest selling domestic artist of 2010.

Now, with over one billion streams, Yolanda Be Cool are celebrating one decade with a four-track international remix package, including a special "Yolanda Be Cool and DCUP "10th Anniversary Edit". "We’re stoked to release our 10 year anniversary edition, we hope it brings a cheeky smile to your face, either for the sake of nostalgia or a fresh memory," Yolanda Be Cool said in a joint statement to EDM.com. "We got a few of our friends we've made over the last 10 years to remix it." Touching all corners of the dance floor, featured remixers are Sllash & Doppe, Chemical Surf, and Jaxx Da Fishworks.

Yolanda Be Cool's "10th Anniversary Edit" matures the nostalgic swing house hit into a balcony-shaking knockout. The advanced instrumentation adds a sophisticated layer to the original's playful vibe before Romanian tech house cousins Sllash & Doppe integrate a tribal calypso flair. "Sllash & Doppe were instant heroes of ours with their tune 'AGUELLA,' surely our most played song of the last 18 months," Yolanda Be Cool said. "We asked them to refresh the tune in their inimitable style. They absolutely nailed it."

Next up is Chemical Surf, who escorts listeners to the main stage. The Brazilian duo incorporate warehouse bass and rave synths that result in captivating builds and tantalizing underground drops. "Brazilian superstars Chemical Surf stepped up after we smashed so many of their tunes," Yolanda Be Cool continued. "We asked them to give us a rub, and they sure did, hold tight festivals!"

Tokyo-based Jaxx Da Fishworks, who Yolanda Be Cool describes as "Japan's answer to Skrillex, Boys Noize, and Diplo combined," concludes the grand remix package. Jaxx Da Fishworks implements his signature bass house sound, reminiscent of the producer's own releases on AC Slater's imprint Night Bass.

You can listen to Yolanda Be Cool's new "We No Speak Americano" remix package below.


Facebook: facebook.com/yolandabecool
Twitter: twitter.com/yolandabecool
Instagram: instagram.com/yolandabecooler
Spotify: spoti.fi/3lL9u08

Nitepunk Makes His HARD Recs Debut With Breakbeat Beast, "Flow"

13 hours 21 min ago

Get ready to break.

Nitepunk can celebrate another major move in his career now that he has made his HARD Recs label debut with his new single "Flow." The track is an absolute barrage of breaks and bass that will make you want to host a solo underground dance party in your living room.

The blossoming bass producer held nothing back. With "Flow," Nitepunk expertly channels the classic breakbeat production skills of his predecessors while morphing it into a beast uniquely his own. The silky smooth interlacing of the track's drum progressions and vocal samples makes for an earworm that is the perfect escapism song to transport you back to simpler times.

In a recent social post, Nitepunk shared the journey to "Flow" and what he hopes his fans take away from it. "This year got us all in our own way, but with this track I wanted to have a reminder for me and you all that whatever’s happening, there’s still a way to ignore negativity, still a way to find fun and happiness and enjoy things we love doing even if it seems less important, because it never is," he wrote.

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The New York-based producer has been on a roll as of late, releasing tracks on Never Say Die, Subsidia, Disciple, and Circus, among other leading bass music imprints. He also dropped his first-ever EP, Red Turbulence. He's an artist you are going to want to have on your watchlist. 

Stream "Flow" below and across all platforms here.


Facebook: facebook.com/nitepunk
Twitter: twitter.com/nitepunky
Instagram: instagram.com/nitepunk
Spotify: https://spoti.fi/39FDwzO

Laidback Luke Drops New Single "Dance It Off" With Ally Brooke

13 hours 21 min ago

The perfect single to dance off 2020.

Laidback Luke is here to ignite some moves in your body with his new single "Dance It Off," featuring former Fifth Harmony member Ally Brooke. The retrowave-inspired dance track is the uplifting single we needed right before the weekend. 

There's no denying that disco is back, and for some, it never left. It is a focal point of mainstream records, such as Dua Lipa's latest album Future Nostalgia and Doja Cat's viral hit "Say So," among many others. Laidback Luke and Ally Brooke continue this momentum with "Dance It Off," which we can already see getting its own 70s inspired music video. It also delivers the perfect message for 2020 because we truly all need to dance off this year. 

Laidback Luke, who is well-known for his support of aspiring artists, recently released a new online course to teach DJs how to create mashups and bootlegs. Prior to "Dance It Off," he dropped a heartfelt single dedicated to his children titled "Rolling Stone."

You can stream and download "Dance It Off" featuring Ally Brooke across all platforms here


Facebook: facebook.com/OfficialLaidbackluke
Twitter: twitter.com/LaidbackLuke
Instagram: instagram.com/laidbackluke
Spotify: spoti.fi/2EXVali


Facebook: facebook.com/allybrookeofficial
Twitter: twitter.com/allybrooke
Instagram: instagram.com/allybrooke

Flux Pavilion Ushers in a New Era With Upcoming Album Cut "I Believe"

14 hours 21 min ago

The single will appear on his highly anticipated forthcoming album ".wav."

It has been six years since Flux Pavilion dropped a new album, but the wait is almost over. To prepare his fans for what's to come, he has dropped a new single titled "I Believe," a spellbinding track that serves to usher you into a new era of the famed producer's illustrious career. 

"I Believe" features a stunning vocal performance from Asha, whose feathery voice is expertly controlled and will send chills down the spines of her listeners. Her vocals pair perfectly with the eerie bass that creeps its way into the forefront of Flux's pristine arrangement. The drop here is transporting, filled with rippling synths and gritty saws that lend to a feeling of time standing still.

Flux Pavilion's long-anticipated sophomore record .wav, which follows his 2015 debut album Tesla, will arrive on January 21st, 2021. It is said to be his 16-track magnum opus, so his fans are definitely in for a treat. They can likely expect to see a few of his recent singles such as "You & I" and "Sink Your Teeth In" on the tracklist alongside "I Believe."

Flux Pavilion's upcoming album .wav can be pre-saved or preordered here.


Facebook: facebook.com/fluxpavilion
Twitter: twitter.com/Fluxpavilion
Instagram: instagram.com/fluxpavilion
Spotify: spoti.fi/37dBZ1f

Insomniac Announces New Audiovisual Drive-Thru Experience, Electric Mile

14 hours 21 min ago

Electric Mile is a journey through the "seven unique worlds" of Insomniac's most iconic festivals and brands.

2020 is thankfully almost over, and as it nears its conclusion, Insomniac Events is giving EDM fans much to look forward to. The dance music concert promoter has announced the 2021 dates for a slew of its shows, such as EDC Orlando and its new oceanfront house music festival Day Trip, and the company has now announced yet another major event. 

Insomniac founder Pasquale Rotella recently took to Instagram to announce Electric Mile, a fully immersive audiovisual drive-thru experience in Southern California. Set to take place at Santa Anita Park, the all-ages event is touted as a journey through "seven unique worlds of Insomniac’s most iconic festivals and brands, including EDC, Beyond Wonderland, Nocturnal Wonderland, Escape, and Countdown."

The drive-thru concept comes complete with dance music, art, and an array of lights and visual effects—all in a "COVID-friendly environment." According to the event's website, the one-hour experience will feature 5 million lights, over 500 art installations, lasers, disco balls, light-up mushrooms, and a warehouse rave.

You can check out Rotella's announcement below and find out more information about Electric Mile here.

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Listen to David Guetta, MORTEN, and Lanie Gardner's EDM Cover of Fleetwood Mac's "Dreams"

19 hours 18 min ago

If you didn't know Gardner before, you will now after this "future rave" rendition of the Fleetwood Mac classic.

We would like to think Stevie Nicks is feeling a sense of pride seeing the overnight success of young singer Lanie Gardner.

Gardner's life was flipped upside down after a TikTok video of her singing a cover of Fleetwood Mac's iconic song "Dreams" went viral. Now, with the backing of two of EDM's biggest stars David Guetta and MORTEN, she is in the spotlight for a much-deserved second time.

The trio has released their electronic rendition of "Dreams," doubling down on the explosive growth of Gardner's scintillating cover. The "future rave" tandem completely transformed the Fleetwood Mac classic, but Gardner keeps its pure essence alive with her hypnotizing vocals. With its entrancing synths and soaring house drop, this cover has the potential to become a massive hit.

After landing an official collaboration with heavyweights of Guetta and MORTEN's acclaim, it's clear that this is the beginning of a bright future for Gardner. She recently inked a deal with Jonas Group Entertainment—the management firm of the Jonas Brothers—and her fanbase is growing at a meteoric pace. As for the two producers, dropping a cover as strong as this will have the "future rave" genre reaching new heights in no time. 

You can stream "Dreams" across all platforms now.


Facebook: facebook.com/whoislanie
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Spotify: spoti.fi/36vzk3K


Facebook: facebook.com/DavidGuetta
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Facebook: facebook.com/MORTENofficial
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Twitter: twitter.com/mortenofficial
Spotify: spoti.fi/3jd5rt8

Turn Back the Clock to the Golden Age of Dubstep With Zeds Dead's "THE LOST TAPES"

19 hours 58 min ago

Step into a time machine with the dial set to the golden age of dubstep.

Zeds Dead's new mixtape is a reminder that wine and friendships aren't the only things that get better with age.

THE LOST TAPES is a breathtaking record comprised of "old school dubs and misplaced IDs" that the iconic dubstep duo produced back in 2008 and 2009. Released today, the mixtape is a treasure trove—concealed for over a decade—of experimental bass music and wonky dubstep that is reminiscent of the golden age of the genre. Spanning 10 instrumentals, it is a surefire must-listen for fans of Zeds Dead who were around for their formative years, when they dropped some of dubstep's most timeless tracks.

The entire THE LOST TAPES project is one giant Dominique Wilkins-like highlight reel, so it's difficult to illuminate its standout tracks. However, "Gorilla" is a bona fide masterstroke, allowing listeners to practically step into a time machine with the dial set to the golden age of dubstep. "Goon" strikes a similar chord with its screeching saws while "Lost In Space" offers up a mind-melting, minimal trap bomb. Zeds Dead even included an electro house tune in the tape with the quirky, flittering banger "Scientist."

You can listen to THE LOST TAPES in full below and find it on other streaming platforms here.


Facebook: facebook.com/zedsdead
Instagram: instagram.com/zedsdead
Twitter: twitter.com/zedsdead
Spotify: spoti.fi/2ZqgsPY

EDM.com Presents "Quarantini Chats" Episode #11: Anna Lunoe

Thu, 12/03/2020 - 17:34

In a special episode, join us live as we create an ice cream sundae crafted by Anna Lunoe.

Whether they're bedazzling eggs with rhinestones, baking their own sourdough from scratch, or concocting absurd cocktails, those in the social media community at large have embraced their creativity during their time in quarantine. Harnessing that creativity and manifesting it into the dance music community, EDM.com's Instagram Live interview series "Quarantini Chats" invites the brightest music producers and DJs in the game to join our platform and craft a custom cocktail as they sip and dive into a wide range of topics with our special guest hosts, The Hotel Lobby.

Dance music vet Anna Lunoe is joining EDM.com for the 11th episode of "Quarantini Chats." Fresh off the release of her honeyed Mad Decent house track "Ice Cream," she'll be concocting a custom ice cream sundae with fans, who should tune in prepared to blend their favorite flavors and toppings. You can check out the new single below and find it on your go-to streaming platform here.

Join us via Instagram Live on Saturday, December 5th at 5PM PT (12PM Australia) for the show. If you'd like to craft Lunoe's signature sundae and immerse yourself in the interview, you can find the ingredients and instructions below. And to read more about her experiences navigating the electronic music industry as a new mother, read our recent interview with her here.

  • 2 scoops ice cream (any flavors)
  • Assorted toppings to make fun faces (sprinkles, gummy bears, chocolate chips, etc.
  • Reference the cover art below for ideas!

Editor's Note: EDM.com does not condone, encourage, or tolerate underage drinking.

Watch This Drummer Crush a Live Cover of RL Grime's Trap Classic "Core"

Thu, 12/03/2020 - 15:03

"Core" has been reimagined with this raw and raucous flip.

Ever since its release back in 2014, RL Grime's "Core" has remained a trap music classic. It is crystallized in the genre's lore as one of its most groundbreaking and popular tracks, and one that still inspires artists to this day.

"Core" has now received a monster live cover from drummer Calvin Kurt, who reworked the track with a raw and raucous flip. To add a little flair, Kurt also interlaced some spacey visuals to go along with his rendition, which is symbolic of an artist with a clear and unadulterated love of music.

You can check out Kurt's rendition of "Core" below and watch his many other covers via his YouTube channel. He has covered artists across the genre spectrum, but EDM seems to be a source of inspiration, evidenced by raucous takes on and David Guetta and Sia's "Let's Love" and Juice WRLD and Marshmello's "Come & Go."

Listen to Baauer's Genre-Bending 19-Track Mixtape,"The Boptape"

Thu, 12/03/2020 - 13:54

You'd think a Grammy nomination would be enough for Baauer to take a break.

Someone needs to tell Baauer to take it easy.

You'd think a Grammy nomination would be enough for him to take a break, but the renowned trap and bass music producer has just released an expansive mixtape that mutates the EDM genre into an experimental monster of Martian essence. Comprised of 19 beats that Baauer produced on Twitch, The Boptape picks up right where his alien-inspired PLANET'S MAD LP left off, at the intersection of audiovisual mastery and groundbreaking sound design.

Highlights from The Boptape are aplenty, but a few of its songs are bona fide masterstrokes. The mixtape's fourth track "Depop Damaga" samples Wildchild's classic house tune "Renegade Master," using the timeless vocal to offer a frenetic breakbeat beast. Fans of Baauer's earlier works will find solace in "Con Migo," a Latin-inspired trap bomb which features 808s that knock with the ferocity of older tracks such as "Slip." "I'm A Baby (Wah Wah Wah)" is also a treat, with a hypnotic yet thumping arrangement splayed with quirky hip-hop vocal samples.

Check out the mixtape in full below.

In addition to the release of The Boptape, Baauer also announced a special deluxe Blu Ray "Globe’s Crazy Edition" of PLANET'S MAD. The album will include four brand new original tracks from Baauer as well as remixes from A. G. Cook, Cozway, Holly, Special Request, S-Type, and umru.

You can pre-order the record on Baauer's website.


Instagram: instagram.com/baauer
Twitter: twitter.com/baauer
Facebook: facebook.com/baauer
Spotify: spoti.fi/3hRekrZ

Watch Post Malone Smoke Diplo in Beer Pong

Thu, 12/03/2020 - 13:10

They were vying for Shania Twain's love.

In the latest episode of "Post Malone’s Celebrity World Pong League," the superstar recording artist went head-to-head with none other than Diplo.

Post Malone battles his celebrity friends in beer pong in the series, which has also featured The Chainsmokers, Machine Gun Kelly, and Tyga. In the newest episode with Diplo, Shania Twain makes a virtual cameo, telling the two teams that the loser will need to perform a children's song in many different genres. When Post asks Diplo if he can even sing, the DJ's partner jokingly says "Baby Shark." Post Malone then hilariously fired back, "It's on par with the rest of his music."

What happens next is a series of awkward underhand flips from Diplo, bandwagoning by Twain, and a ton of trash talking from both squads before Post puts the nail in the coffin by sinking the elusive final cup. Diplo then hops on stage for a few ear-splitting performances of children's songs, performing metal, hip-hop, and country renditions that will make your blood curdle.

You can watch the video below and find it on Post Malone's Facebook here.

Steve Aoki to Perform at "MTV Movie & TV Awards: Greatest of All Time"

Thu, 12/03/2020 - 12:29

Viewers can also catch performances from Sia and Travis Barker.

The MTV Movie & TV Awards: The Greatest Of All Time is a 90-minute special celebrating the greatest in television and film, from the 80s to the present day. It's set to highlight some of the MTV Movie & TV Awards' greatest moments from the past four decades, and will be hosted by Vanessa Hudgens

Viewers can catch a special performances from some of music's biggest stars during the festivities, including one from EDM superstar Steve Aoki. Also slated to perform are blink-182's Travis Barker and pop superstar Sia.

"I’m stoked to be performing with one of my good friends at the MTV Movie & TV Awards: The Greatest of All Time,” says Aoki of the upcoming event. “Not only will we be celebrating the best of the best pictures with the iconic music that pushed them forward, but we have some surprises for you all as well. Make sure to tune in, and celebrate these epic films with us.”

Movie moments being celebrated on the program include best scream queen, legendary lip lock, comedy giant, and more. The ceremony will air December 6th at 8PM PT (11PM ET) on MTV. For more information, visit MTV's official website.

Dillon Francis Teases "This Mixtape Is Fire 2"—Again

Thu, 12/03/2020 - 12:02

Fans are hopeful that the mixtape will be released next year.

Since the release of Dillon Francis' This Mixtape Is Fire, and the subsequent tease of the series' second installment over a year ago, fans have been clamoring to know exactly when the mixtape will drop. In a recent reply to a tweet by a fan, Francis shed some light on the current status of This Mixtape Is Fire 2.

The Twitter user asked the question that fans have been itching to know the answer to. After writing that he was "still working on it," Francis revealed that his Magic Is Real release was actually initially intended to be TMIF2. However, the producer felt that the second mixtape needed to be beefed up a bit, so Magic Is Real was released and TMIF2 has since remained in limbo.

Francis also revealed that his intention was to release the second volume in 2020, but couldn't go through with it. "You can guess why it didn't," the tweet says, implying that the COVID-19 pandemic has had an impact on the project's release. 

With this tweet, Francis has confirmed that the mixtape's second edition is still very much a real thing, giving fans hope that it will be released in 2021. Of course, they'll be more than ready when it finally arrives. 


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Watch the Design Museum's New Documentary Celebrating Black Electronic Musicians in London

Thu, 12/03/2020 - 11:58

"The New Rave" highlights some of London's most prominent Black musicians and their relationships with electronic music.

The Design Museum in London has a very close relationship with the world's electronic music scene. With a recent exhibit centered around the godfathers of electronic music, Kraftwerk, the museum explored some of the genre's pioneers. Now, The Design Museum seeks to highlight some of electronic's current innovators. 

The New Rave is The Design Museum's new documentary that will delve into some of London's most prominent Black musicians, in collaboration with creative studio Play Nice. "The current Design Museum exhibition Electronic: From Kraftwerk to The Chemical Brothers tells stories of some of the rebels and mavericks who helped build the world of electronic music," said the Museum in a statement, also posing the question, "...but who are the creatives shaping today’s scene and moving it forward?”

Interviews with DJ Mali Larrington-Nelson (aka Shy One), Touching Bass boss Errol Anderson, DJ Tash LC, and Bone Soda Collective's Tommy Gold should help answer that question. The New Rave features all of these figureheads and more, speaking on their experience and intricate relationships with electronic music.  

"This story is about acknowledging the past and presenting the future of electronic music, through our cast who have been inspired by the countless Black musicians in this space," said Play Nice. "Our cast, who are also inspirations in their own right shaping sonics and nightlife in London, are now undoubtedly going to shape a whole industry post-lockdown.”

Check out The New Rave below.



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