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Gramatik's "Water 4 The Soul II" Album Is An Ode to Emerging Blockchain Technologies

Sat, 01/15/2022 - 15:37

Gramatik is taking us down the metaverse rabbit hole.

"Strap on your headsets and gather all your assets," commands Stehreo in the introduction of Gramatik's new album, Water 4 The Soul II.

Gramatik's passion for blockchain technology is nothing new, but his latest effort reveals the multi-genre producer has only become more entrenched and enamored with the promises of the metaverse, digital collectibles and more. 

The nine-track effort is only available on blockchain-based streaming platform Audius thus far, and is chock full of nods to emerging cryptocurrency tech with titles like "Wagmi Express" and "Hodlers in Paris." Musically, Gramatik continues to derive inspiration at the intersection of funk and electronic with twangy pluck basses, jazzy piano riffs, and lively brass fanfare.

Another particular highlight on the album is "Synthtopia Prime," the genesis track produced in the groundbreaking Audioglyphs DAW (digital audio workstation).

A collaboration between Gramatik, Luxas and Audioglyphs, the DAW has the potential to make "fully generative music possible at lossless audio quality." As Gramatik also notes, the DAW gives producers the flexibility to utilize it on the web through common browsers such as Firefox and Chrome.

Sonically, "Synthtopia Prime" closes out the album on an ominous note, though it stands as an impressive testament to the technology's ability to generate high-quality modular sounds and deep, voluminous textures. 

Get ready to dive deep into the metaverse rabbit hole with Gramatik's Water 4 The Soul II, available now on Audius. The album will hit streaming platforms on January 28th.FOLLOW GRAMATIK:

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11 Years Later, Steve Aoki Delivers Dose of Dance Music Nostalgia With Remix of "No Beef"

Sat, 01/15/2022 - 15:32

The new remix EP additionally includes fresh takes from Goodboys, LUM!X, and Riot Ten & Crankdat.

Steve Aoki and Afrojack's "No Beef" became a gateway to discovering dance music for a new generation of listeners. Now, 11 years following its release, Aoki is rekindling the magic through a fresh perspective.

In 2011, the frenetic tune with vocals from Miss Palmer was an instant attention-grabber given the intersection of Aoki's electro house characteristics and Afrojack's influence within the stylistically adjacent Dutch house movement.

Never one to tie himself to any given genre, Aoki didn't hesitate to tweak the winning formula over a decade later. With his new remix, he shakes up the drum arrangement with the kicks, snares, and percussion more consistent with the tech house arrangements dominating the airwaves today.

At heart, however, the new version of "No Beef" maintains the mainstage energy we first fell in love with all those years ago. Aoki soups up the track's lead synth, adding breadth with new layering and oscillators to give it an overall augmented presence.

Continuing the celebration, Aoki and Afrojack have opened the doors to innovation, bringing in the Grammy-nominated Goodboys, LUM!X, and the combined efforts of dubstep dons Riot Ten and Crankdat into the fold to offer their fresh takes on the track.

Best of all, there's more on the way. A second remix pack of "No Beef" is being served up in short order with a slew of additional producers taking a crack at this timeless classic. Until then, stream No Beef (Remixes Pt. 1) here.


Facebook: facebook.com/steveaoki
Twitter: twitter.com/steveaoki
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Spotify: spoti.fi/3d1TLFn

Doctors Develop Music-Making App to Battle Brain Fog In Cancer Patients

Sat, 01/15/2022 - 09:09

The app is currently being used in a study with breast cancer survivors.

Doctors from the University of Cincinnati are researching innovative ways to battle brain fog, and a new study has tested the waters of virtual music therapy.

According to a report by WFMZ-TV, neuro-oncologist Dr. Soma Sengupta and her team have developed an app called ARMcan Active Receptive Music, which harnesses music therapy to allow users to create their own songs.

"I wanted an app that could allow patients to express their musical ability," Sengupta said. "In other words, to have musical turns where you could overlay genres and create your own music track."


The technology, Sengupta added, is "helping the rewiring and exercising areas of the brain that normally wouldn't do it."

The team's research further emphasizes just how useful music can be outside of the realm of entertainment. According to the University of Cincinnati, Sengupta's research is applicable beyond cancer patients who have received chemotherapy and are now experiencing brain fog, as those suffering from the condition due to COVID-19 may benefit from similar stimulation.

The app is reportedly being implemented in a randomized study conducted by Sengupta and her colleagues, wherein breast cancer survivors who are experiencing brain fog are assigned to one of two groups: those who listen to music 15 minutes a day and those who write their own music for 15 minutes a day. They are additionally receiving MRI scans at six, 12, and 18 months to track progress and measure how effective this new form of music therapy can be. 

Boys Noize Empowers NFT Collectors to Mint Their Own Techno With “Rave Pigs” Project

Sat, 01/15/2022 - 08:22

“Rave Pigs” is fostering a new kind of collaborative dance music community where their holders are in total control.

Boys Noize and the SuperFarm NFT platform are bringing cultured swines to the blockchain.

Their forthcoming “Rave Pigs” project turns trunk-thumping techno and psychedelic art into digital collectibles. Best of all, those who choose to participate in minting the collection will retain full rights to a piece of Berlin underground culture.

The copyrights afforded to NFT holders have been a hot topic in recent months. Though some of the world's most prominent collections frequently fetch exorbitant prices on the open market, many of them do not afford the holder the full copyrights to the audio and visual works displayed in the NFT. 

Conversely, “Rave Pigs” holders will retain the rights to both the art and the music heard in the collectibles they own. So it’s easy to see how this forward-thinking approach will likely prove favorable to the long-term proliferation of the collection.

For example, “Rave Pigs” holders will be provided the audio stems from their NFTs for the purposes of remixing and collaborating with other owners as they see fit. With Boys Noize lending his production prowess to the project, we're expecting a full trough of new music from this horde of animals.

The collection caps out precisely at 6,666 pig collectibles, but with a vast repertoire of visual traits and musical characteristics for the algorithm to draw upon, over 50 trillion combinations are theoretically possible.

Prospective collectors will have the opportunity to dive in the mud for their own “Rave Pig” NFT on January 22nd. 


Facebook: facebook.com/boysnoize
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Twitter: twitter.com/boysnoize
Spotify: spoti.fi/3349nqE

Tchami and AC Slater Assemble Their Finest Artists In "Confession X Night Bass" Album: Listen

Fri, 01/14/2022 - 20:05

The collaborative effort delivers a powerful collection of records ready for the dancefloor.

Venerated house music producers Tchami and AC Slater have assembled the finest artists from their respective record labels in a bass house showcase, Confessions X Night Bass: The Album. The compilation boasts the brightest stars on both the Night Bass and Confession constellations.

The joint venture is careful in its approach to not outshine the other, instead obscurely blending both collectives. Opting to home in on the similarities between the two house music imprints, the album is cohesive and ultimately delivers a powerful collection of records ready for the dancefloor.

Speaking of the dancefloor, the introductory track is a piercing bullet of a record, with its aim on the discotheque. With vocals by Kate Wild, "Only One" is the brainchild of Tchami and AC Slater, who haven't teamed up on a track since 2017's "Dealer." Of course, their collaborative debut in 2015's "Missing You" has been a staple in both of their live performances, but "Only One" more than deserves a coveted spot in future sets.

The album picks up steam from there, with Marten Hørger and BRANDON's "Let's Try It" followed by "Need You," a brisk tune from the alluring, pink-haired Night Bass debutante Blossom.

Switching gears from the sultry vocals found in "Need You," the call to BIJOU's G-House is heard loud and clear in "Bless Up" (featuring Rick Hyde) with the engaging line, "...got me all charged up like a Tesla."The song is a highlight on the album, if only for the fact that its rapping breaks the mold of the house-driven vocal samples found across the 10 tracks.

As the back half of the album begins to take shape, Nostalgix's "Snitches" acts as a great transition from the cuts that spotlighted vocalists, and onto the production-heavy bangers that bookend the compilation. Tracks like Shift K3Y's "Energy," Capozzi's "Satisfy Me," and MASTERIA's "Long Time" exhibit the ingenuity within the two imprints and advance the bass house genre.

However, the biggest banger of them all comes in the form of "Machine Gun Dub" by Taiki Nulight. A mastermind of all things dub, the U.K. producer combines raucous sound design with grimy beats in what is sure to be a monster on the festival circuit.

Closing out the record and breathing new life into a Confession mainstay is Habstrakt's rework of Tchami's "After Life" featuring Stacey Barthe. The revered 2015 track maintains parts of its memorable lines before it's turned on its head and spun out of control. It is a valiant effort that pays off in the end for Habstrakt, and a satisfying conclusion to a blitz of talent from two esteemed dance labels.

The release of the album coincides with the launch of a collaborative North American Tour between Night Bass and Confession. The 11-city romp kicks off in Denver, stopping along the way in San Francisco, Chicago and Miami, among other cities, before culminating in Washington, D.C. For tickets and tour dates, head here.

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Bonobo Encapsulates the Ebb and Flow of the Collective Consciousness In "Fragments" LP: Listen

Fri, 01/14/2022 - 19:05

"Fragments," Bonobo's seventh studio album, feels like his most emotionally intense record to date.

Renowned electronic music producer Bonobo has unveiled Fragments, a new album and a magnum opus in what has been an illustrious career. The highly anticipated record is his seventh studio album and follows Migration, which was released five years ago nearly to the date.

One listen through the album is all it takes to know that the British DJ and musician is in a league of his own. Emotionally intense, Fragments rings true to its name and it's not hard to see that Bonobo has relinquished intricate and deep-seeded parts of himself within its 12 tracks.

The album was recorded and mixed by Bonobo over the last two years as he sought refuge on solo adventures into nature, away from the shutdowns. Having spent that time immersed in the natural world, he produced the new album by in interlacing electronic and organic sounds.

The integration of the Fender Rhodes piano, modular synthesis, recordings he had made of harpist Lara Somogyi, and his work with string player Miguel Atwood-Ferguson all elevate the musical themes throughout Fragments.

Back in October, when he announced the album and its eponymous 2022 world tour, Bonobo gifted fans the record's lead single. Setting the tone for what's to come, the thrilling "Rosewood" takes listeners on a winding journey. The aural experience is further brought to life by Neil Krug in the song's official visualizer.

Featuring Chicago-based singer-songwriter and poet Jamila Woods, "Tides" offered a second glimpse into the album. According to a press release shared with EDM.com, Woods' efforts acted as a catalyst for the record to come to fruition.

"I knew I had a centerpiece, I knew how it was all going to sound,” Bonobo explained. "Lyrically it captured everything the project was about. This track was a real turning point in the process of finishing the album and Miguel Atwood Ferguson’s incredible string parts at the end brought the whole thing to another level."

"Otomo," a six-minute masterstroke featuring O'Flynn, samples a Bulgarian choir (100 Kaba-Gaidi) while implementing arrangements more commonly found in U.K. bass music. The two have co-produced an infectious, rhythmic framework that elevates the dance track to anthemic proportions. Similar soundscapes seep into "Sapien" later in Fragments.

Featuring the multi-talented musician and Ninja Tune labelmate Jordan Rakei, "Shadows" was the fourth preview of the album. “[Bonobo] sent me the track and I actually wrote about three different verses and three different choruses," Rakei said. "When you work remotely it's really difficult to gauge whether or not an idea is suitable to their vision, so I wanted to make sure I was sending more than enough.”

Pulling listeners in with soothing lyricism, the intoxicating "Shadows" is a standout track with its haunting grooves. "Save me, save me from the unknown / While I daydream, I leave this world to follow," Rakei croons, soundtracked by a contemplative, hypnotic beat.

"From You" marked the fifth and final glimpse of the album before its official release today. Enlisting one of the most enthralling artists of the digital age, Joji, Bonobo adds a unique voice into the mix. The Japanese luminary compliments the simple, yet moving melody beautifully. 

Out now in full via Ninja Tune, Fragments flaunts some of Bonobo's deepest and most hip-shaking grooves. The album begins with "Polyghost," an enchanting, eerie cut textured with sensational strings courtesy of Atwood-Ferguson. 

The idyllic "Elysian" conjures a dreamlike state of mind. From start to finish, it serenades listeners with soft, gossamer sound design. Here, Somogyi's harp and Atwood-Ferguson's strings meld together in perfect harmony. 

Similarly to "Rosewood," "Closer" and "Age of Phase" hold dancefloor potential. "Closer" creates a progressive beat, adding in movement with subtle synth work while the latter track offers more percussion and builds some heat.

Clearing the air, "Counterpart" instills a sense of hope and relief. Harkening back to the Migration era, this track transports to a warm and welcoming dancefloor. “I remembered all over again how much I loved crowds and movement and people connecting with each other,” Bonobo reflects.

Cover art of Bonobo's seventh album, "Fragments."

Neil Krug

Closing with "Day by Day," a ballad with Kadhja Bonet, Bonobo channels a universal longing: "Inch by inch, day by day / We'll make this a better place." Concluding with an optimistic tone, Fragments, which feels like Bonobo's most emotionally intense record to date, encapsulates the ebb and flow of the collective consciousness.

You can stream the album on your preferred service here and catch Bonobo on his upcoming world tour.

Bonobo "Fragments" 2022 Tour Dates

North America
18 Feb: Wildhorse Saloon, Nashville, TN
19 Feb: PromoWest Pavilion at Ovation, Newport, KY
20 Feb: EXPESS LIVE!, Columbus, OH
21 Feb: Stage AE, Pittsburgh, PA
25 Feb: Great Hall, Brooklyn, NY
27 Feb: Royale, Boston, MA
28 Feb: Echostage, Washington, DC
02 Mar: Franklin Music Hall, Philadelphia, PA
05 Mar: Higher Ground, Burlington, VT
06 Mar: Mtelus, Montreal, QC
09 Mar: History, Toronto, ON
10 Mar: Royal Oak Music Hall, Royal Oak, MI
11 Mar: Byline Bank Aragon Ballroom, Chicago, IL
12 Mar: The Sylvee, Madison, WI
13 Mar: Turner Hall, Milwaukee, WI
15 Mar: The Palace, Minneapolis, MN
17 Mar: Mission Ballroom, Denver, CO
18 Mar: The Complex, Salt Lake City, UT
19 Mar: Knitting Factory, Boise, ID
21 Mar: PNE Forum, Vancouver, BC
22 Mar: Showbox SoDo, Seattle, WA
24 Mar: Roseland Theater, Portland, OR

20 Apr: AFAS Live, Amsterdam, NL
21 Apr: edel-optics.de Arena, Hamburg, DE
23 Apr: UFO im Velodrom, Berlin, De
24 Apr: Palladium, Cologne, De
25 Apr: TonHalle, Munich, De
26 Apr: Xtra, Zurich, CH
28 Apr: Le Centquatre, Paris, FR

03 May: The Brighton Centre, Brighton, UK
04 May: O2 Academy, Birmingham, UK
06 May: Victoria Warehouse, Manchester, UK
07 May: O2 Academy, Leeds, UK
08 May: Rock City, Nottingham, UK
16 May: Royal Albert Hall, London, UK
17 May: Royal Albert Hall, London, UK
18 May: Royal Albert Hall, London, UK


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ESPER and Lockbox Tap Isaiah Brown for Must-Listen Melodic Bass Track, "Freefall"

Fri, 01/14/2022 - 17:51

The trio's soaring new single is a poignant commentary on the difficulties of letting go.

Rising electronic music producers ESPER and Lockbox have teamed up with Los-Angeles-based singer-songwriter Isaiah Brown for a new single called "Freefall."

Brown provides a stentorian topline here, exploring the difficulties of letting go and finding the strength to break free from the shackles of the past. The transcendent nature of the lyricism is mirrored by the track's soaring drops, which find ESPER and Lockbox producing a melodic bass stunner replete with empyrean synths and fluttering arpeggios.

The young producers go haywire in the second drop, switching up the arrangement with a ferocious dubstep segment before bringing the song home with a melancholic coda.

Take a listen to "Freefall" below and find the single on streaming platforms here.


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Crystal Skies and MitiS Reunite With Linney for Melodic Bass Anthem, "Gone"

Fri, 01/14/2022 - 17:01

"Gone" is the first single from Crystal Skies' forthcoming debut album.

Longtime collaborators MitiS and Crystal Skies have teamed up with Linney for "Gone," out now on Insomniac's Lost in Dreams imprint.

"Gone" is something fans of MitiS and Crystal Skies' previous collaborations will undoubtedly gravitate to. Linney's stentorian vocals lead listeners into a dreamy soundscape painted with melancholic guitar riffs, organic percussive elements, and subtle piano chords. As the drop makes its way in, its synths take centerstage, curating that heartfelt future bass sound we all crave from this pairing of producers.

"Gone" is the first single from Crystal Skies' forthcoming debut album, which is due out on February 11th, 2022. With a little under a month until the full record drops, eager fans should keep their eyes peeled on the duo's socials below for more information as well as additional singles.

Listen to "Gone" below and find the track on streaming platforms here.


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Cercle Organizes Homecoming Performance for Vintage Culture at Brazil's Museu do Amanhã

Fri, 01/14/2022 - 16:44

This will be Cercle's first show in Brazil since 2019.

Cercle is once again hosting a pie-in-the-sky DJ set at an incredible location. This time around they're bringing red-hot dance music producer Vintage Culture to his home of Brazil to perform at the Museu do Amanhã.

The Museu do Amanhã, or the Museum of Tomorrow, is located in Rio de Janeiro and is prevalently regarded as one of the many must-see locations within the city. Often described as neo-futuristic, the spaceship-like structure was built as a hub when the city hosted the 2016 Summer Olympics.

Vintage Culture's DJ set, scheduled for on January 24th, will be performed on the water mirror constructed around the Museu do Amanhã, which creates the illusion that the building is floating. This show will serve as Cercle's first of the year as well as their grand return to Brazil after hosting an event with ARTBAT in 2019.

Those interested in attending should pre-register here to get 50% off of their tickets. Check out Cercle's announcement below. 

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KRANE, Juelz and Heimanu Collide on Soaring Wave Track, "Moonbeams"

Fri, 01/14/2022 - 16:34

"Moonbeams" is the powerhouse trap collab you didn't know you needed to kick off the new year.

After teasing their new collaboration last April, KRANE, Juelz and Heimanu have finally released the hotly anticipated "Moonbeams" by way of Proximity.

The high-powered trio has set the tone for the wave music genre in 2022. "Moonbeams" captures the essence of each of their sounds, fusing them into a spine-chilling joyride that's nothing short of immaculate.

This notion is bolstered by the complexity of the track, which continuously increases as the arrangement moves along, adding new layers and recapturing the attention of listeners over and over again. The tune is a natural evolution for each artist, showcasing their growth and competency while offering a refreshing sound.

Check out "Moonbeams" below.

While "Moonbeams" is the first release of the year for KRANE, Juelz, and Heimanu, they each ended 2021 on a high note. KRANE dropped the third volume of his long-running SESSIONS series as well as a candid album called Getting Better. Juelz is hot off the heels of his Paradise Lost concept album and Heimanu dropped his Raaen / Die Awake EP back in September 2021. 

You can listen to "Moonbeams" on streaming platforms here.


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Leotrix's Artful "Reload" EP Signals a Bright Future for Dubstep: Listen

Fri, 01/14/2022 - 16:12

The jaw-dropping, four-track EP arrived by way of Never Say Die.

Leotrix newest EP, Reload, is proof that the future of bass music is blindingly bright.

The young Aussie is leading the charge of a post-dubstep landscape replete with hungry artists who are hellbent on innovation, like Moore Kismet, Akeos and Ace Aura, to name a few. And that's exactly what he does in Reload, which arrived today by way of Never Say Die.

"dubstep can have emotions in it," Leotrix tweeted prior to the release of Reload. "it doesn't always need to be aggressive."

Reload doubles as a showcase of Leotrix's ridiculous range. It kicks off with "Good," a hypnotic cut wherein Leotrix brilliantly subverts the moth-eaten arrangement of popular dubstep by refraining to include a huge buildup. Next comes "Replacement Dub," a wonky banger where he syncopates his bass in forward-thinking fashion.

The titular "Reload" is a surefire standout thanks to its inventive arrangement, which somehow alchemizes metallic sound design and warm, bubbly chords. The EP's pièce de résistance, however, is its final track, "Can't Sleep Alone At Night." Here, Leotrix reimagines the red-hot future riddim genre with an aching banger, tying the bow on the record with a soaring tearjerker.

Take a listen to Reload below and find the EP on streaming platforms here.


Facebook: facebook.com/leotrixofficial
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Spotify: spoti.fi/3b99vs8

Beatport and PIXELYNX Partner to Create Unique Generative NFT Series, "Synth Heads"

Fri, 01/14/2022 - 15:22

"Together we've created a special collection for electronic music fans that captures the unique culture of synthesizers in a creative and fun way."

Beatport and PIXELYNX's new partnership aims to prove that no NFTs are the same.

Their new collaboration embraces blockchain technology to create "Synth Heads," a series of 3,030 unique NFTs. Rising, an international creative studio, led the design and executed the generative script for the collection.

Beatport and PIXELYNX's new NFT series pays homage to the history of the synthesizer, which goes back to 1965, when the first analog synth was developed. The collectibles use a process called generative art, a system that algorithmically creates new ideas, forms, shapes, colors, or patterns, and ensures that each piece of art is completely unique. Some generated NFTs will have more rare qualities than others.

The Synth Heads have names: BØB, Lynn, Pauline, Oscar, Seq-Ee, and Dax 7. And they have a backstory, coming alive at night and taking over the studio for boundless creations when their owners go to bed. Make sure your split sheets are done first, Synth Heads!

Synth Heads Lynn.

C/O Press

View the 6 images of this gallery on the original article

No strangers to the NFT space, PIXELYNX founders deadmau5 and Richie Hawtin have always remained on the bleeding edge of technology. 

"Beatport has been an early adopter and supporter of the NFT space, as have PIXELYNX founders deadmau5 and Richie Hawtin," PIXELYNX CEO Inder Phull said in a press release shared with EDM.com. "Together we've created a special collection for electronic music fans that captures the unique culture of synthesizers in a creative and fun way."

Synth Head collectors will gain exclusive access to a myriad of benefits, including a membership into the Synth Head community, passes to festivals, the ability to unlock utility in the Beatport ecosystem, and future metaverse experiences.

"Teaming up with PIXELYNX has enabled us to create a truly unique NFT offering, one which celebrates electronic music culture while providing fans with a value long after the initial purchase," added Robb McDaniels, CEO of Beatport. "Synth Heads are music fans' all access pass to shows, music, the metaverse, and more."

The collection will be available for purchase via a dedicated Beatport landing page on January 27th.

Remute Is Releasing the First-Ever Album As a Nintendo 64 Cartridge

Fri, 01/14/2022 - 14:48

There's no need to blow the dust out of this cartridge.

Go to Mom, Dad, Grandma, or Grandpa's house and brush off your old Nintendo 64 console because techno artist Remute is back with an album for the classic game console.

Remute turned back the knob in gaming and musical history to when 8MB was considered a lot of storage for game systems. He's now releasing an album, dubbed R64, that users will be able to play on the Nintendo 64. The music is generated in real time with the N64's 8MB of storage. 

The German DJ partnered with Rasky, Nintendo 64's developer for its sound engine and player-GUI. Rasky created a unique 3D visual experience that accompanies Remute's music and allows the user to fly like Lawnmower Man.

You can pre-order R64, which is set for a March 25th, 2022 release date, on Remute's Bandcamp page. There will also be a limited Plus Edition 7" vinyl with two special versions of album cuts "Superposition" and "Tradition Und Moderne," as well as an exclusive track called "Tradition and Superposition."

German DJ Remute.

Remute (via Twitter)

Remute is all too familiar with retrofitting his music for old game systems. Last fall, he released Living Electronics album as a Game Boy cartridge. His 2019 album Technoptimistic was released on the Mega Drive and The Cult Of Remute hit shelves on the SNES in 2020.

"As with all systems I’ve done albums on before, it was quite challenging to compress my vision down to its pure essence,” Remute told NME. “The result sounds more like New Wave, Italo Disco and early Detroit Techno and features even some songs with vocals."

R64 is part of a trilogy. Unity for Game Boy Advance and Generations for the Sega Dreamcast will be released later in 2022.

Insomniac Reveals Bass-Filled 2022 Lineup for Orlando's Forbidden Kingdom Festival

Fri, 01/14/2022 - 14:40

The 2022 lineup features Excision, Eptic, Getter, Space Laces, VAMPA, Rusko, ZíA, and more.

Insomniac is gathering troops and preparing for a medieval battle at this year's Forbidden Kingdom.

Promising four new stages, organizers have been ramping up the hype for the next chapter in the epic Florida music festival. Now, just over a month after tickets went on sale, the first batch of artists who will be performing has been announced.

This spring, attendees will clash with dragons, ogres, and other mythical beasts set to the sounds of Excision, DJ Diesel (Shaquille O'Neal), Subtronics, Rusko, Wooli, Deathpact, VAMPA, Eptic, Level Up, FuntCase, ZíA, G Jones, and more. In addition to the long list of solo artists set to take the stage, the fest will host a number of B2B sets, such as Getter and Space Laces, Buku and G-REX, Jessica Audiffred and RATED R, Virtual Riot and Barely Alive and PhaseOne, and more. More DJ will be announced soon.

The next Forbidden Kingdom Festival is set to take place May 6th and 7th, 2022 at the Orlando Amphitheater. Tickets to the medieval bass gathering are on sale now and can learn more about the event via the links below.


Website: forbiddenkingdomfestival.com
Facebook: facebook.com/forbiddenkingdomfest
Twitter: twitter.com/FKMusicFest
Instagram: instagram.com/forbiddenkingdomfest

EDM.com Playlist Picks: Aluna, SIDEPIECE, John Newman and More [01/14/22]

Fri, 01/14/2022 - 14:33

New major releases include tracks from Just A Gent, Excision, Kayzo and more.

The electronic music community is constantly evolving with new sounds every week, as artists become more innovative with their compositions. EDM.com's weekly "Playlist Picks" series highlights the top releases in the genre, helping uncover the latest tracks that will soon dominate the dance music scene.

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These tracks can be accessed on the EDM.com Top Hits Playlist, Electronic Avenue Playlist and Festival Hits 2021 Playlist.

Watch Tiësto Perform On a Glass Floor Atop the Highest Sky Deck In The Western Hemisphere

Fri, 01/14/2022 - 14:28

Tiësto's entire performance will have you on edge.

Legendary Dutch DJ and dance music producer Tiësto took to new heights and performed at the highest sky deck in the western hemisphere, NYC's Edge. 

The glass floor of Edge ups the ante on the coolness factor. Atop the roof in the brisk cold air of New York City, Tiësto dropped an eclectic mix of dance anthems old and new, like Delerium's "Silence," SLANDER's "Love Is Gone," while mixing in global hits like Billie Eilish's "ocean eyes."

Tiësto is the first ever major DJ to perform atop Edge, joining the likes of Jennifer Hudson, Cardi B, The Weeknd, Maluma, Jennifer Lopez, and Justin Bieber. Bieber premiered his documentary, Our World, at Edge in the fall of 2021.

Tiësto's riveting hourlong performance was part of MDLBEAST's Freqways, an online music experience launched as a response to the global pandemic. The virtual events ecosystem has changed dramatically, allowing EDM fans to watch their favorite artists from the safety of their own homes

Cercle has taken these performances to new heights (literally). Most recently, Above & Beyond performed on one of Colombia's tallest peaks, El Peñón de Guatapé, from 650-feet in the air. It's a natural landmark located in Piedra del Peño.

Last year, MDLBEAST launched their very own record label, MDLBEAST Records, and announced Soundstorm Volume 1 shortly after. It features dance music mainstays like Salvatore Ganacci and Afrojack, among others. 

As major festivals begin to announce their lineups for the 2022 season, we're seeing Tiësto's name on many. He was recently announced as a headliner for Ultra Europe 2022 alongside Martin Garrix and Nina Kraviz. 

Watch: David Guetta Shares Clip of Olivia Rodrigo Singing "Titanium" When She Was Only 10

Fri, 01/14/2022 - 14:07

Years before she got her "driver's license," Rodrigo belted out Guetta and Sia's generational dance anthem.

David Guetta took to social media to share a wholesome clip of Olivia Rodrigo, who—years before she got her driver's license—belted out his and Sia's classic dance hit "Titanium" at only 10.

The track, which was released on Guetta's Nothing but the Beat album, took over the radio in 2011 and played a pivotal role in bringing dance music to the mainstream. Fast-forward 11 years and Rodrigo is dominating contemporary music, much like Guetta did. Global hits like "drivers license," "good 4 u," and "deja vu," have brought on a new resurgence of pop-punk and garnered impressive remixes and bootlegs, including from Guetta himself.

"Now I'm making bootleg remixes of her music to play in my djs set," reads Guetta's Instagram post caption. "Life is amazing and I love that we keep inspiring each other." 

View the original article to see embedded media.

Meanwhile, Guetta had a myriad of high-profile performances throughout 2021, despite the pandemic's dampening on live music events. Just recently, he performed at the Louvre Abu Dhabi. 

In a recent interview, Guetta claimed that the next few years "will be the best years for dance music in history." "Every time there is a big crisis, it is good for dance music," he added. "People just need to forget everything and have a good time and let go and dance."


Facebook: facebook.com/DavidGuetta
Instagram: instagram.com/davidguetta
Twitter: twitter.com/davidguetta
Spotify: spoti.fi/3fHbpAC

GhostDragon Drops First Single Off Upcoming Debut Album: Listen to "temporary love"

Fri, 01/14/2022 - 13:18

The emotive track is the first look into GhostDragon's debut album.

GhostDragon is preparing for another big year.

After a breakout 2021, which saw the release of his critically acclaimed Strangers Again EP and several remarkable singles, the 21-year-old dance music beatsmith has returned with his first release of 2022. 

Out today by way of Wave Music/Paradise Music Group, "temporary love" pairs aching lyricism—courtesy of singer-songwriter Robbie Rosen—with melancholic sound design in a soaring future bass arrangement. At such a young age, the prodigious GhostDragon’s grasp on the emotional side of dance music is deeply profound. Rosen’s soaring lyrical performance chronicles familiar tales of heartbreak, as GhostDragon’s acoustic-laden production brings the track to life.

Expanding on his signature melodic style, "temporary love" serves as the lead single from GhostDragon's forthcoming debut album. You can listen to the new track below and find it on your preferred streaming platform here.

"‘temporary love’ featuring American Idol finalist Robbie Rosen is the first track off of my upcoming album,” explained GhostDragon in a press release shared with EDM.com. “The track is slightly different from what I usually make, and takes more of an acoustic approach.”

GhostDragon’s 2021 culminated in a career-defining performance, opening for ILLENIUM on his "Fallen Embers" tour at San Francisco’s Bill Graham Civic Auditorium. And later this month, he will be making his debut at "one of [his] dream clubs," performing in support of MiTiS at 1015 Folsom in San Fransisco. Tickets to the event can be found here


Facebook: facebook.com/itsghostdragon
Instagram: instagram.com/ghostdragonmusic
Spotify: spoti.fi/31UEjLJ


Facebook: facebook.com/robbierosenlive
Twitter: twitter.com/robbierosenlive
Instagram: instagram.com/robbierosenlive
Spotify: spoti.fi/3tuCIaT

Subtronics Drops 16-Track Debut Album, "Fractals": Listen

Fri, 01/14/2022 - 13:04

The album features collabs with Zeds Dead, Grabbitz and Boogie T, among others.

Subtronics has finally unveiled his debut album, Fractals.

The record features collabs with Zeds Dead, Grabbitz, Boogie T, and more across its 16 tracks, which encompass dubstep, experimental bass, and everything in between. Its an exploratory album that shows Substronics' curiosity to test the waters of new sonic frontiers is as strong as ever. And as one of the most gifted producers in the bass music space, the long-awaited Fractals is a tour de force.

Fractals was released by way of Subtronics' own Cyclops Recordings label. As the album trended on Twitter, the support from around the electronic music scene was far-reaching. Sullivan King, Kayzo, and Excision—who just released an album of his own—shared congratulatory messages on social media, among other major bass music artists.

You can listen to Fractals below and find the album on streaming platforms here.


Facebook: facebook.com/Subtronicsofficial
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How to Experience European Nightlife: Party Bar or Club?

Fri, 01/14/2022 - 12:45

Sometimes, all you need is a good night out. Here’s how you can combine the best of both worlds.

Nightlife holds a special place in our hearts.

There’s something remarkable about going out with your friends, connecting with new people, dancing, and laughing while (responsibly) enjoying your favorite alcoholic beverage—a feeling that is universal among countless cultures around the world.

Belushi's London.

Jarett Lopez/EDM.com

A vast number of different nightlife establishments are out there, but most loosely fit into either of these two categories: bar and club.

Bars, or pubs as they are commonly referred to in Anglo-Saxon countries, usually offer a much more relaxed atmosphere in comparison to clubs. Whereas club crowds are rather focused on dancing and actively enjoying the music, bar patrons are there to grab a bite, share drinks with friends and engage in exciting conversations, while also meeting and getting to know other people.

While the music selection usually isn’t as important for bar-goers in comparison to the general vibe, location, and selection of beverages they offer, clubs are a much different story, as one of the biggest factors for club selection is the music and the DJs who are performing. So while you are more likely to be able to connect with someone and get to know them at a bar, being at a club that focuses on your favorite genre of music ensures that the people around you likely listen to and enjoy the same artists you do.

Rebūke at Village Underground London.

Jarett Lopez/EDM.com

Either way, meeting people and making new friends on a night out is arguably one of the most exciting aspects of nightlife, and something that Belushi’s Bars definitely understand thanks to 14 establishments around Europe and a history dating back to 1993.

Since the first Belushi's Bar opened in Covent Garden, London, the company has focused on providing an inclusive experience, pairing hostels and bars in a combination that helps connect people from all around the world. Now, with combined hostel-bar locations throughout the U.K. and Europe, Belushi’s Bars has fostered a community all about having a great time and connecting with new people.

Belushi's Barcelona.

Jarett Lopez/EDM.com

While it all depends on your personality and mood, hitting the bar and making new friends while having great conversations is always a great idea. Then taking them along to the club to add even more excitement to your night is something we would definitely recommend since it provides a diverse experience that combines the best of both worlds.

Circoloco ADE 2021

Jarett Lopez / EDM.com

In fact, one of the best ways to find your tribe abroad is to try checking out a bar close to the nightclub you're visiting right before the show. Chances are, you'll meet other like-minded people about to go out to the same place as you. And almost everywhere you go in Europe, you can expect a Belushi's Bar close to a world-class dance music club.

For example, in London, Belushi's London Bridge location is a mere 12-minute walk from the legendary Ministry of Sound Club, in Amsterdam, Belushi's is a 14-minute walk from the mysterious Club NYX and in Barcelona, Belushi's is a 22-minute walk from the grand Sal Apolo.

For more, check out our ultimate electronic music fan's European club guide, which you can read in full here.


Website: belushis.com
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