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Updated: 13 min 37 sec ago

Saint Punk Unveils Ambitious Debut Album “Ouroboros”

1 hour 37 min ago

Coming to Armada Music, the Los Angeles-based producer showcases his immaculate sonic vision throughout 14 uncut gems.

With a gritty, signature style coined as “grunge house,” Saint Punk is settling for nothing less than raising hell upon the dancefloor.

Born and bred in Los Angeles, Saint Punk started out his career in music within the rock world before successfully making the transition to dance music back in 2018. A dozen singles later, as well as prestigious remixes for the likes of Whethan, grandson, 3LAU, MXMS and BLVK JVCK, Saint Punk has finally unveiled his massive debut album Ouroboros.

Just like the emblematic serpent of ancient Egypt and Greece, Ouroboros has no beginning or end, and introduces listeners to a world of raw human emotions that flow into themselves and form a perpetual cycle.

Tracks such as “Gloves” with Matt McAndrew and “Animal” alongside Whyel masterfully showcase Saint Punk’s rock background, while others like “Comatose,” “Wasted” and “I’m Not Gonna Think” with Illicit Ghost display an artist well-versed in the current pulse of dance music who is not afraid to go all out and experiment. Towards the end of the record, Saint Punk meshes these two styles in stunning fashion in “Underwater,” while closing out the album with “Ghost Blood,” which almost steps into indie dance territory.

“The ouroboros to me represents a never-ending cycle,” explained Saint Punk. “Writing this album felt like Groundhog Day, waking up only to repeat the same events the day before. Some time has passed since I’ve written these songs though and the ouroboros also has come to represent new life for me. That’s how I choose to see it now. A never-ending force of momentum, pushing and pulling, grinding against the grain, to be born into something worthy of the effort. Something with purpose. It’s everything I experienced and felt in 2020, from anger to sadness to euphoria, depression and more. It’s basically a journal put to music.”


Facebook: facebook.com/SaintPunk
Twitter: twitter.com/SaintPunkMusic
Instagram: instagram.com/saintpunkmusic
Spotify: spoti.fi/2If0T7Z

MDLBEAST Announces Saudi Arabia's First Three-Day Music Conference

2 hours 52 sec ago

The XP summit will kick off in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on December 13th.

In their efforts to accelerate the dance music industry in Saudi Arabia, MDLBEAST has announced the region's first-ever integrated music conference, XP.

The three-day summit promises workshops, networking opportunities, special music activations, and panels with renowned regional and global music industry execs. These discussions, they hope, will have a ripple effect on the professional and social fabric of the electronic music community at large.

"Through these conversations, we want it to inspire future generations to consider a career in the industry and promote music as a vehicle for job creation and innovation, making it a sustainable industry from which they can profit," said Nada Alhelabi, XP's Programme Director in a press release. "A big focus for us is promoting diversity, wellbeing, and fair working conditions to empower females and give a voice to minority groups within the industry."


According to the press release, XP was organized with four pillars in mind: talent, policy, scene, and impact.

The foundations of XP are built on four key building pillars. The first pillar focuses on talent development and aims to establish careers in music for local and regional talent while providing new audiences for established artists. The second pillar looks at furthering research, advocacy & policy development with the aim of building a strong and sustainable music ecosystem. Pillar three is built around developing the scene and mapping out opportunities to nourish the region’s emerging music industry. The fourth pillar focuses on impact & social purpose, initiating dialogue around music, mental health, wellbeing, and diversity in the industry.

The summit will take place ahead of SOUNDSTORM, Saudi Arabia's largest music festival, in partnership with the Saudi Music Commission. MDLBEAST recently announced a staggering lineup for the fest's 2021 edition, which will feature performances from Martin Garrix, Tiësto, deadmau5, and The Chainsmokers, among many other DJs and dance music superstars.

"XP is a first for the region and will serve as the foundation for a thriving music industry across the Middle East," added Ramadan Alharatani, CEO of MDLBEAST. "Providing a platform to authenticate and further build the music industry in the region, local and international guests will be embraced by the wealth of possibility offered by this exciting new market over the three days. Through XP, we aim to join the global conversation, and by hosting such an event we will continue to build and accelerate the music infrastructure across the region."

XP is scheduled for December 13-15, 2021. You can find more about the conference here and keep you with its developments—such as programming and event announcements—via its official Instagram.

REZZ Announces 2021 North American Headline Tour

2 hours 51 min ago

REZZ, who also announced a new single on the way, said the tour will feature "the biggest production" of her career thus far.

Fans of REZZ will soon be able to descend deeper into the spellbinding chaos of her brand, thanks to a 2021 North American tour that has the look of her most significant outing yet.

REZZ announced her headlining "Spiral Tour" today, noting that it will feature "the biggest production" of her career thus far. Considering the bespoke nature and kaleidoscopic feel of her performances, it's a bold statement and fans should certainly be excited.

REZZ will also be bringing along a supporting cast of fellow bass music producers for the expansive tour, tapping Eprom, Of The Trees, Wreckno, and A Hundred Drums, among other artists.

As she gears up for the release of her fourth album spiral, REZZ is also releasing a new single called "Let Me In," a collaboration with singer-songwriter fknsyd set to drop this Friday, October 1st alongside a music video.

"'Let Me In' with fknsyd is one of my favourite songs I’ve ever worked on," REZZ added, "her voice & song writing is so incredible I can’t wait for you to hear."

REZZ's "Spiral Tour" will officially kick off on February 5th, 2022, in Vancouver. Tickets go on sale this week starting with a Spotify pre-sale, which begins on Wednesday, September 29th at 10AM local time. Fans can purchase passes using the password "Spiral" before tickets are released to the general public on Friday at 10AM.

You can pre-save REZZ's upcoming spiral album, which is due out this fall, here.


Facebook: facebook.com/OfficialREZZ
Twitter: twitter.com/OfficialRezz
Instagram: instagram.com/officialrezz
Spotify: spoti.fi/3feXF0X

Eliminate's "Belly Of The Beast" EP Solidifies His Status as a Thought Leader In Bass Music: Listen

5 hours 30 min ago

Eliminate homed in on the finer details on his immersive "Belly Of The Beast" EP.

Eliminate lets his ideas run wild into the darkest depths of the sonic spectrum on his exploratory Belly Of The Beast EP. 

Fans and the industry alike have found the thrill in the envelope-pushing approach of Eliminate, who has emerged a prominent thought leader in the current wave of dubstep and trap. Whether executed through the lens of his trend-setting sample packs or his bold releases, his audiences have instinctively come to expect the unexpected.

True to its name, Eliminate's EP opener "BREAKSH!T" sees the producer throwing the conventional rulebook out the window. After an eerie, prolonged launch sequence, the drop is a rough-and-tumble medley of rapidly evolving trap leads underpinned by stampeding drums. It's the perfect opening highlight to encapsulate his prowess in cutting-edge sound design.

Throughout the EP, Eliminate's vocal sampling and use of effects demonstrate his appreciation for the finer details. Case in point is "Wormhole," a track that incorporates some of his wonkiest synth patches to date. Contributing to the otherworldly feeling of the track are Eliminate's near-smothered vocal samples, as though the speaker had their hands clasped over their mouth aghast while recording. The effect creates a certain level of tension that serves to keep listeners firmly planted on the edge of their seats.

Eliminate (via Facebook)

Eliminate delves deep into vocal manipulation again with "Hot & Cold," a cut that incorporates heavy bit-crush and distortion, effectively endowing the samples with a robotic quality. The vocaloid-like tones fit well within the mechanically plotting basslines that reside in this hyper-futuristic atmosphere.

While Eliminate's sound skews toward the ominous side, the brighter spots on Belly Of The Beast are key highlights. Most notably, "Elevator" is a track every bit as intricate as its predecessors with a frenzied melodic cadence straight out the gate. Switching things up with a half-time breakdown in the second drop, Eliminate hypnotizes listeners with a descending vortex of frenetic synths.

Overall, Eliminate's latest offering is a collection of tracks tailor-made for bass music's thrill-seekers. Listen to the full Belly Of The Beast EP below and stream it here.


Facebook: facebook.com/eliminatemusic
Twitter: twitter.com/eliminatemusic
Instagram: instagram.com/eliminatemusic
Spotify: spoti.fi/2WveH2a

Los Padres Drop Intoxicating Remix of Laidback Luke's "If There Is Love"

6 hours 4 min ago

Laidback Luke and Raphi's summertime anthem sees a rework from the dynamic duo.

As instructors and audio engineers at the NoFace Academy, the Los Padres duo spend most of their time in the studio. While the tandem are kept busy with their professional endeavors, Los Padres make time to release music on their NoFace Records sub label, Crmatic Records. 

Today, Los Padres have returned with their fifth release of the year, an intoxicating rework of Laidback Luke and Raphi's summertime hit "If There Is Love." The original version is an electropop stunner, but the dynamic duo have flipped it into a blood-pumping dance rendition fit for the club. 

Watch Laidback Luke play the new Los Padres remix at Academy LA below. 

View the original article to see embedded media.

Los Padres maintain the original vocals from UK singer-songwriter Raphi, integrating a hypnotic element to the chorus to compliment the romantic nature of her lyricism. The intoxicating twist is in the drop, as the duo rework the crashing house beat with high-energy execution.  

You can listen to the new "If There Is Love" remix below.

Both members hailing from the Caribbean, Carlos Perez and Gino Souto of Los Padres have released nearly 20 singles to date as a duo, and they each have extensive discographies individually. While Perez produces along a wide spectrum of music, Souto is a seasoned vet of the EDM realm who has gained recognition from industry titans including Above and Beyond, Armin van Buuren, and Paul Oakenfold. Souto has been invited to perform at EDC Orlando, Life In Color, and Das Energi Festival, among others over the years. 

Perez has had tremendous success in producing remixes for all genres, having worked with major labels like Atlantic, Big Beat, and RCA on their official remix campaigns. He has mastered his skills at record remixing and promotional work, showcasing some of his best work when a tune needs reimagining. His remixes have been spun on Hits1 XM Radio, Y100 Miami, Power 96 Atlanta, Kiss1035 Chicago, WNOK Columbia SC, and more.

Together, some career highlights from Los Padres include producing official remixes and label production for the likes of Jennifer Lopez and Maluma, Tones and I, Christina Aguilera, All Time Low with Blackbear and Demi Lovato, Foushee, Alicia Keys, Twenty One Pilots, AJR, Brockhampton, Sia, Flo Rida, and more. 

Find Los Padres' remix of "If There Is Love" on your preferred streaming platform here.


Facebook: facebook.com/lospadres90
Twitter: twitter.com/lospadresmusic
Instagram: instagram.com/lospadres
Spotify: spoti.fi/2Zr6zUV

Unwind With Hannah Wants' "Relax" With Jey Kurmis

6 hours 28 min ago

Out on Armin van Buuren’s Armada imprint, this meditative house track serves as a memo to take a step back.

When life gets too busy and overwhelming, we sometimes need a solid reminder to take a step back and simply relax.

British house music producer Hannah Wants offers fans that much-needed reminder with her new single “Relax.” Out on Armin van Buuren’s Armada Music imprint, the song was created alongside Leeds producer Jey Kurmis.

The mesmerizing house beat is made up of a pulsing bass, crisp hi-hats, and textured percussion. “Bring attention to your breath,” the lyrics instruct. “Become aware of your body… relax your body.” This meditative yet danceable track is ideal for swaying and really enjoying the moment.

Hannah Wants has been dedicated to her touring schedule since she began her career in 2010, and she's currently wrapping up her UK tour for the months of August and September. Because of the break from performances that 2020 provided, she now has a full and brimming release schedule—she's dropped eight singles and an EP in 2021 alone. Additionally, she consistently provides her fans with her esteemed mixtapes every two months.

Listen to "Relax" on streaming platforms here.


Facebook: facebook.com/hannahwantsdj
Twitter: twitter.com/hannah_wants
Instagram: instagram.com/hannah_wants
Spotify: spoti.fi/3zG5Ewr


Facebook: facebook.com/jeykurmis
Twitter: twitter.com/JeyKurmis
Instagram: instagram.com/jeykurmisofficial
Spotify: spoti.fi/3ucubYp

DJ Equipment Prices See Steady Increase as Manufacturing Woes Continue

6 hours 33 min ago

Similarly to other tech industries, DJ gear prices are at an all-time high.

Those on the market for DJ or music production gear may have noticed an unpropitious trend: prices are higher than normal and supply is incredibly low. And according to a new study, this trend won't be subsiding anytime soon.

According to DJ Tech Tools, there are a number of factors that have contributed to the rise in price and shortages. Labor costs and lack of demand from companies and promoters are among them, though they only scratch the surface of the growing issue.

Importing has apparently become a nightmare. Ocean freights are overbooked, causing delays in all industries and sharp price increases. These delays can cause goods to arrive months late.

Tariffs have also remained an issue in the United States despite an administration change. Many manufacturers rely on their Chinese partners but are still being charged a 20% increase when importing goods. China holds many specialized factories, according to DJ Tech Tools, making it almost impossible to import from anywhere else.

Manufacturing woes might be the most troubling issue of them all, however. DJ Tech Tools elaborates how internal components like copper, which can be found in cables, have doubled in price in the last 12 months. Even more disappointing is that semiconductors, a pivotal piece of graphics cards, cars, and many other tech products, are seeing such high scarcity that the supply won't normalize anytime soon.

Isabella Mendes

Importing has become a nightmare. Ocean freights are overbooked, causing delays in all industries and sharp price increases. These delays can cause goods to arrive months late.

Tariffs have also remained an issue in the United States despite an administration change. Many manufacturers rely on their Chinese partners but are still being charged a 20% increase when importing goods. China holds many specialized factories, according to DJ Tech Tools, making it almost impossible to import from anywhere else.

Anyone looking to purchase DJ or producer gear should do so as soon as possible. The holiday season will only make supply chains worse and if you wait, it's likely you won't be receiving your equipment for quite some time. 

Boys Noize Defies Odds with Antithetic Album, "+/- (Polarity)"

Sat, 09/25/2021 - 12:00

The project is a patchwork of underground techno, industrial, and jack house.

One of electronic music's most esteemed producers has released his most contrasting album to date. 

A genre-crossing mastermind, Boys Noize tackles the intersectionality of his music head-on with his fifth studio album, +/- (pronounced "Polarity"). Described as a work that tugs at the polar tensions between the musical styles he produces, Boys Noize (real name Alex Ridha) delicately crafted a nearly hour-long LP comprised of fifteen tracks. Every cut feuds with your senses, trying to connect the similarities of each conflicting record.

The fluidity of the project can be heard amongst its varying tracks; from the funky 808 beats of "Affection" featuring ABRA to the throbbing bass and hype synths found on "XYXY." The title track, "Polarity" featuring Ghost Culture, harkens back to the gritty sounds Boys Noize is known for, while the closing ballad, "Act 9" featuring Vinson, acts as a modern lullaby of sorts.

Speaking on the album, Ridha says he's always been inspired by trying to integrate opposing forces, stating, "...there's something really thrilling in it, and it's always a secret motivation for me; building and exploring the combination of contrasts."

+/- advances the objective Boys Noize set out to execute with the album. A collage of contrasting sounds simultaneously coexisting in a space that's uniquely his. Sonically distinct, each cut manages to retain its incomparable Boys Noize stamp.

Boys Noize will be touring his project across the US beginning September 26th, 2021 at San Diego's CRSSD Fest and culminating in Miami on November 5th, 2021. For all tour dates and tickets click here.

+/- is available now via Boys Noize Records. You can listen to the album in full below and find it on streaming platforms here.


Facebook: facebook.com/boysnoize
Instagram: instagram.com/boysnoize
Twitter: twitter.com/boysnoize
Spotify: spoti.fi/3349nqE

Steve Aoki Shares Story About Remix for Kanye West, Drake, Eminem, and Lil Wayne That Never Dropped

Fri, 09/24/2021 - 19:27

We'll be thinking about this one ”Forever.”

Steve Aoki is one of the most accomplished DJs on the planet, but even those most veteran artists sometimes fail to rise to the occasion.

In a recent interview with Emmy Award-winning journalist Graham Bensinger, Aoki shared a story about a remix for Kanye West that will never see the light of day. He recalls listening to a freestyle from West over the phone and later being sent stems to remix a song. However, Aoki was stunned when he realized the song included verses from the likes of West, Drake, Eminem, and Lil Wayne. 

As many may have deduced, this was likely a remix of the mega-collaboration "Forever." Unfortunately, it never saw the light of day. Aoki himself deemed the remix not good enough, but having the opportunity to remix it today would be a completely different story. 

Check out the clip from their interview below.

Aoki and Bensinger's full interview is set to debut this weekend, where they'll discuss the former’s future family plans, the curse of having tinnitus, encouraging his family to be cryogenically frozen, and more. Find out where you can watch it here


Facebook: facebook.com/steveaoki
Twitter: twitter.com/steveaoki
Instagram: instagram.com/steveaoki
Spotify: spoti.fi/3d1TLFn

Saudi Arabia's Largest Music Festival, SOUNDSTORM, Announces Return With Over 150 Artists

Fri, 09/24/2021 - 19:20

MDLBEAST continues to think bigger, and are putting their money where their mouth is with their biggest lineup to date.

SOUNDSTORM is brewing with the collective power of over 150 dance music artists. 

Soon Riyadh, Saudi Arabia will be booming with the sounds of Armin van Buuren, deadmau5, The Chainsmokers, Charlotte de WitteCirez-D, Martin Garrix, Steve Aoki, Tiësto, and too many more to name in what has the looks of one the biggest electronic music festival lineups in recent memory.

Best of all, the promise of a full phase two still to be announced is keeping us on the edge of our seats.

In 2019, events promoter MDLBEAST opened the gates of SOUNDSTORM to a massive 130,000-person audience on day one. In total, the debut edition was said to be the largest music festival ever to occur in the region—but that isn't stopping organizers from thinking bigger. 

In fact, the three-day event was such a success, organizers have turned this year's edition into a four-day endeavor. This year's SOUNDSTORM festival is expected to draw upwards of a staggering 500,000 attendees.

Tickets are on sale now with a variety of four-day GA and VIB (Very important beast) bundle options. Four-day tickets currently start at 339 SAR ($90 USD).

MDLBEAST SOUNDSTORM takes place December 16th-19th, 2021.

New Moon-Shaped Vegas Resort Will Have an Outer Space-Themed Nightclub

Fri, 09/24/2021 - 18:59

Just in case traveling to space for a concert is too rich for your blood.

If you thought the themed resorts in Las Vegas weren't extra enough, think again.

In case traveling to outer space for a concert is too rich for your blood, Sin City will soon bring the cosmos directly to you after two Canadian entrepreneurs revealed their plans to build a moon-themed, spherical resort in the gambling mecca of the West. 

Aptly named Moon, the resort will host a myriad of attractions, including an out-of-this-world nightclub. According to Daily Mail, the nightclub will be positioned directly under a model spaceship with lights beaming down on attendees. Currently, there is no project completion date. 

A sketch of a "moon tranquility spa" as part of Las Vegas' Moon World Resorts.

Moon World Resorts

The resort will be the largest sphere in the world and the second-tallest building in Las Vegas at a height of 735 feet. It's easily the city's most ambitious resort yet, as their plans include a glass-bottomed walkway that will simulate weather patterns underneath, an active lunary colony created to simulate the moon, a moon buggy ride, and much more. 

The project was initially earmarked for Coachella in 2016 but received heavy criticism across the board. In an interview with Vice, former Coachella manager David Garcia stated that it was "hard to express any opinion about a project that exists only as poorly rendered graphic designs." It's likely that Moon will face similar skepticism once again. 

Learn more about Moon here

BADVOID and ZABO's New Single "Asylum" is Midtempo Madness [Premiere]

Fri, 09/24/2021 - 16:32

The new single expertly tightropes the wire between sinister and spellbinding.

BADVOID and ZABO have joined forces for a blistering midtempo anthem called "Asylum."

The track begins with eerie arpeggios, which slither into focus in haunting fashion right off the bat. The beguiling nature of the track takes a dark turn at the drop, however, when BADVOID and ZABO uncork a menacing midtempo beat. The drop is downright ruthless, marrying the metallic wobbles of Deathpact with the ferocious bass of REZZ.

The duo flex their versatility on the second drop, switching things up with a new bass pattern and beautiful syncopation of the drum fills. It's a refreshing take that proves both artists' dedication to their craft. All said and done, BADVOID and ZABO have dropped a memorable single that tightropes the wire between sinister and spellbinding.

Previously known as Notorious CHRIS, the 20-year-old young gun BADVOID has been on a roll, garnering support from Yellow Claw's Barong Family and Borgore's BUYGORE, among other venerated bass music labels. His three-track ENTER THE VOID EP on the latter imprint was especially impressive, showcasing his prowess in electro sound design. The same goes for his screeching flip of Nero's "Satisfy," a must-listen for fans of the darker alleys of dance music.

The chemistry with ZABO is crystal clear here, considering his own expertise in the world of dance music. After years of producing electro house, the Canadian producer decided to reimagine his sound to focus on midtempo music—and with flying colors. It couldn't have come at a better time.

Check out "Asylum" below at your own peril.


Facebook: facebook.com/badvoidmusic
Instagram: instagram.com/badvoidmusic
Twitter: twitter.com/badvoidmusic
SoundCloud: soundcloud.com/badvoid
Spotify: spoti.fi/39xURcz
Website: badvoid.com


Facebook: facebook.com/zabomusic
Twitter: twitter.com/zabomusic
Instagram: instagram.com/zabomusic
Spotify: https://spoti.fi/39Hnpjl

Blanke Unleashes Rumbling Drum & Bass Single "Breathe"

Fri, 09/24/2021 - 16:31

"Breathe" was released under Blanke's ÆON:ONE project via Deadbeats.

Just when you thought Blanke's discography couldn't get more robust, the Australian talent is back with another high-powered drum & bass single by way of Deadbeats

Once again, Blanke's versatility is on full display. "Breathe" is a refreshing change of pace following his earth-shattering single "Boom," providing his own vocals for the first time alongside rumbling percussion and old-school synths.

The nostalgic feel of the tune paints a vivid picture of the essence Blanke is trying to evoke during this next chapter of his artistry, capturing the frenetic essentials of drum & bass music while adding his own unique flair. Check out the new single below.

"Breathe" is the first single from Blanke's forthcoming ÆON:ONE EP, which is expected to release in early 2022. The EDM.com Class of 2021 inductee will be debuting his ÆON:MODE live show shortly after the EP drops. 

Find "Breathe" on streaming platforms here


Facebook: facebook.com/blankemusic
Twitter: twitter.com/blankemusic
Instagram: instagram.com/blankemusic
Spotify: spoti.fi/3ptm6e9

The Lost Lands 2021 Stream is Officially Live: Watch Here

Fri, 09/24/2021 - 16:17

Tune into massive DJ sets from Excision, GRiZ, Eliminate and more.

Headbangers, rejoice: the long-awaited return of Lost Lands is officially underway.

Whether you're raving at your own in-house Lost Lands festival with your crew or just dancing in your pajamas with a PB&J in one hand and a seltzer in the other, you can now watch the Couch Lands dubstep extravaganza from home.

Stream Lost Lands 2021 below and check out the hourly schedules beneath the video feed.


BENDA - 2:30PM ET / 11:30AM PT
ELIMINATE - 3:25PM ET / 12:25PM PT
SIPPY - 3:50PM ET / 12:50PM ET
MONXX - 4:40PM ET / 1:40PM ET
MUST DIE! - 5:30PM ET / 2:30PM PT
MARAUDA - 6:15PM ET / 3:15PM PT
LSDREAM - 7:30PM ET / 4:30PM PT
GRIZ - 8:45PM ET / 5:45PM PT


DECADON - 2:3PM ET / 11:30AM PT
BANDLEZ 3:30PM ET / 12:30PM PT
G-REX - 4:30PM ET / 1:30PM PT
YOOKIE - 5:30PM ET / 2:30PM PT
ATLIENS - 6:55PM ET / 3:55PM PT
SLANDER - 10:45PM ET / 7:45PM PT


HAIRITAGE - 2:30PM ET / 11:30PM PT
RAY VOLPE - 3:30PM ET / 12:30PM PT
LEVEL UP - 4:30PM ET / 1:30PM PT
DIESEL - 5:30PM ET / 2:30PM PT
PHASEONE - 6:55PM ET / 3:55PM ET
NGHTMRE - 7:20PM ET / 4:20PM PT
SPAG HEDDY - 7:45PM ET / 4:45PM PT
PEEKABOO - 8:15PM ET / 5:15PM PT
12TH PLANET - 11:00PM ET / 8PM PT

Skinny Days Tap CLMD and JOP for Dance-Pop Bop, "You Don't Have a Heart"

Fri, 09/24/2021 - 16:13

"You Don't Have A Heart" marks the second collaboration from Skinny Days and CLMD.

Hailing from Norway, Skinny Days have reunited with fellow Norwegian CLMD to deliver a playful house bop.

Just last year, the duo joined forces with CLMD for the release of "Voices In My Head," which has since garnered 17 million streams and counting. Today the multi-Platinum artists have come together again, this time tapping in the young rising star JOP. “JOP is full of energy and he always makes the roof rise in every room he enters," Skinny Days explained in a press release. "It’s hard not to get smitten by his youthful, unreserved, and wonderful courage."

Out now via The Selective Label, a division of Sony Music Entertainment, "You Don't Have A Heart" tells the tale of being in love with an entrancing woman who—you guessed it—doesn't have a heart. The storyline, told through JOP's entrancing vocals, is textured with subtle, synth-laden soundscapes and romantic accents, creating an invigorating house-pop hybrid track. 

 Check out "You Don't Have A Heart" below.

Skinny Days further explained the underlying message of their single as a time “when you think you’ve met the one, but it turns out she’s a heartless, insensitive person, who only cares about herself.” While the subject matter is hard to swallow for anyone who can relate, the tune is kept playful to leave the listener with "a feeling of being SO over all [of] their exes, and a feeling of wanting to dance, of course.” 

You can stream "You Don't Have A Heart" across platforms here.


Facebook: facebook.com/skinnydaysmusic
Instagram: instagram.com/skinnydaysmusic
Twitter: twitter.com/skinnydaysmusic
Spotify: spoti.fi/3lTzJmV


Facebook: facebook.com/CLMDMusic
Instagram: instagram.com/clmdmusic
Twitter: twitter.com/clmdmusic
Spotify: spoti.fi/3AK91n2


Website: jopmusic.com
Instagram: instagram.com/jopwelldone
Spotify: spoti.fi/3u7N7rr

ISOxo's Debut EP is a Showcase of the Future of Trap Music: Listen

Fri, 09/24/2021 - 14:46

"Nightrealm" is a tour de force for the prodigious electronic music producer, whose long-awaited debut was snapped up by RL Grime's Sable Valley imprint.

One of the brightest young producers in electronic music has finally unveiled his debut EP—and it's a special one.

ISOxo dropped his Nightrealm EP today via RL Grime's Sable Valley imprint. And there's a reason why Grime, who is considered a trailblazer in trap music, snapped up this record: it's a vehicle to showcase the genre's future.

EDM fans have a habit of skipping to the loudest parts of a song's waveform—also known as the drop—but doing so would be a crime with Nightrealm. Each of its five tracks are cinematic in nature, rife with eerie, visceral melodies that breathe life into their drops.

Artwork for ISOxo's "Nightrealm" EP.

Sable Valley

Nightrealm kicks off with "Beam," a synthy instrumental that could soundtrack the climax of a Bond film—at least until it mutates into a screeching trap number reminiscent of his breakthrough single "RADIAL." Next is "Click," a quirky banger and one of the EP's surefire standouts, which had already received support from a myriad of electronic heavy-hitters such as Skrillex, QUIX, and G Jones.

The record's titular track arrives at its midpoint, offering a bone-rattling blend of breakbeat-inspired builds and menacing saws. ISO then ties a bow on the EP with "Chamber" and "Aarena," each of which brilliantly make use of orchestral instrumentation.

Check out the full Nightrealm EP below and find it on your go-to streaming platform here.


Facebook: facebook.com/ISOxo
Twitter: twitter.com/isoxo_
Instagram: instagram.com/isoxo_
Spotify: spoti.fi/3dwtO3h

Inside Electric Zoo's "Supernatural" Return to Randall’s Island

Fri, 09/24/2021 - 13:54

New York's premier electronic music festival Electric Zoo celebrated its 12th year over Labor Day weekend.

It’s rare for a festival to call a venue home for over 12 years.

But barring the blow of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, Electric Zoo has returned to Randall’s Island Park in New York every year since its first edition in 2009. It’s grown from a modest 66-person event to a sprawling, 100,000-person festival, earning the title of New York’s premier electronic music festival.

As always, taking place on Labor Day Weekend, the festival underscores a transition from summer to fall. One last hurrah before the autumn leaves blossom and the summer sun makes way for cool winds and overcast skies.

"This may be the end of summer but it is the beginning of our comeback to the greatest city in the world," said Michael Julian, Chief of Marketing for Electric Zoo.

Electric Zoo’s hurdles to the finish line

Considering its infamous distinction as the stateside epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic, New York has made a careful, calculated return to dense gatherings like live music events. Accordingly, Electric Zoo enacted sweeping safety protocols for this year’s fest. Apart from entry requirements and cleaning procedures, which many festivals are putting in place, Electric Zoo ensured the entire festival grounds were open-air (Electric Zoo typically has at least two tented stages), drastically increasing airflow and creating over 1,000,000 square feet of space to dance.

Electric Zoo also came close to the brink of collapse when Hurricane Ida stormed through New York City two days before the first day of the festival, wreaking havoc on New York’s infrastructure, crippling the city’s public transportation system, and destroying the homes of many New Yorkers. The festival has been barraged by dust storms, hurricanes, and heavy rain in past years—even having to cancel the third day of its 2014 edition due to severe weather—but Randall Island’s new drainage system saved the day this time around, protecting the grounds from decimation by sludge.

Surmounting a pandemic and a hurricane, Electric Zoo opened its gates on Friday at 3PM, welcoming beaming attendees to a lush, mud-free Randall’s Island. Splendid weather and fast-moving lines added to high spirits.

Thoughts from the crowd

EDM.com took to the crowd to hear directly from folks over the weekend about their experience at Electric Zoo.

Attendees wander the festival grounds at Electric Zoo.

Alive Coverage

For Gabby from New Jersey, Electric Zoo was an unplanned joy. "I was supposed to be at Bonnaroo but it got canceled [at the last minute],” she told EDM.com. “The stages are really nice here, they’re different, and I like the setting,” Gabby explained, describing the supernatural-themed stages and the striking atmosphere of Randall’s Island.

The breathtaking New York skyline from the festival grounds at Electric Zoo.

Alive Coverage

While some festivals are hosted in secluded locations, being in The City That Never Sleeps for Electric Zoo was a reward in itself. "I just like a lot of the artists out here and I’ve never been to New York so it’s kind of like a whole thing, go to New York and listen to a bunch of cool music!” Lex from Colorado said.

From theatres and museums to culinary delights and multi-cultural explorations, there are many reasons why New York is the most visited city in the U.S.—welcoming 59.7 visitors in the year 2016 alone according to WorldAtlas—and Electric Zoo is just one of the many attractions over Labor Day Weekend.

The main stage of Electric Zoo against a glowing orange sky.

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Not to mention, you can avoid all the headaches of hours-long traffic and public transit delays when getting to Electric Zoo by opting to take a ferry over the East River. And that’s exactly what stood out to Brandon from Baltimore. “I love the ferry aspect, getting a nice view of the city over the water,” he shared.

For some, Electric Zoo might have truly been the best weekend of their lives. “I got caked by Steve Aoki!” Vic from Westchester told EDM.com. “He threw it from 20 feet in the air, I couldn’t see, it was in my nose and eyes. Oh my God, I was in shock! Best day of my life!”

Vic from Westchester was caked by Steve Aoki at Electric Zoo.


Electric Zoo’s “supernatural” stages

Elephants, snakes, octopuses, and phoenixes are a few of the wild creatures Electric Zoo has modeled past stages on. Though this year’s supernatural-themed stages weren’t designed to look like animals, they were a treat in their own right.

By the East River sat The Gateway, a simple but striking construct of sharp edges and twisting visuals.

The Gateway stage at Electric Zoo.

Alive Coverage

Melodic bass and trance dominated The Gateway on the first day of the festival with sets from Alpha 9, Cosmic Gate, Gardenstate, Mitis, and Crystal Skies.

Wakaan took over the stage on day two, with bass-driven performances by label favorites like Dirty Monkey, LSDREAM, TYNAN, and of course, the label's head honcho himself, Liquid Stranger. There was a strong sense of community in the crowd who you could tell was out in full force for Wakaan.

The final day at The Gateway was filled with more bass music, swapping the wobbles and warps of Wakaan for screeches and growls of He$h, Hekler, Riot Ten, and a special closing back-to-back performance between Ghastly and Eptic.

Nestled under tall, vibrant trees in a tucked-away corner of the festival grounds lay The Den. The immersive, four-point sound system stole the show, arguably the best of all four stages at the festival.

The Den stage at Electric Zoo.

Alive Coverage

LA’s hottest dance music event organizers Brownies & Lemonade brought a concoction of trap, future bass, moombahton, and bass house to the stage on day one. Valentino Khan, k?d, Moski, JSTJR, and one of EDM’s brightest young stars, 16-year-old Moore Kismet, were on the bill.

For the latter two days, Electric Zoo’s staple house and techno brand Sunday School curated lineups at The Den. From piano-laden house to thumping tech-house, artists like Claptone, Duke Dumont, Sonny Fodera, Dom Dolla, Chris Lorenzo, and John Summit took the stage.

A spiraling, hypnotic structure, The Teleporter was a visual spectacle with panels and lights angled perfectly against each other. On day one, it was home to Deadbeats. The label takeover featured dubstep-focused sets from artists like Blanke, Peekaboo, Subtronics, and of course, Zeds Dead.

The Teleporter stage at Electric Zoo.

Alive Coverage

Day two was all about techno with Rinzen, Artbat, and deadmau5’s techno alias TESTPILOT stealing the show.

Aside from a three-way hardstyle closing set from Lady Faith, Darksiderz, and Rob Gee, the final day was another celebration of bass music. Black Tiger Sex Machine, CharlestheFirst, Kai Wachi, and a rollicking back-to-back set between Minnesota and Buku closed the curtain on The Teleporter.

The crown jewel of Electric Zoo was The Hive. Lined with thousands of LED panels, dazzling light fixtures, and plenty of pyro, the main stage towered high above all the other stages, hosting some of the biggest names in EDM throughout the weekend. Fisher, Alesso, Rezz, Tiësto, Kaskade, and ILLENIUM had some of the stand-out performances of the weekend at The Hive.

The Hive stage at Electric Zoo.

Alive Coverage

The flip side of the festival

Unfortunately, no festival is perfect, and Electric Zoo wasn’t without its faults.

“I just wish these stages were separated more,” Lex said. With little distance between stages, sound bleeding prevailed unless you were deep within the crowd.

“They could have had more water stations and bathrooms,” Cameron added.

Due to intermittent issues with the website to load wristbands, the cashless top-up lines were quite long, which was agitating for some attendees as the food and drink stands did not accept cash or credit cards.

Also, the amplification of the “zoo” theme of the festival with art installations and animal-themed stages—a central part of past years—was missed.

However, these issues weren’t make-or-break. Sound bleeding can be avoided by getting closer to the stage, long lines tend to crop up at any event with thousands of people, and Electric Zoo actively encouraged attendees to pre-load money onto their wristbands before the festival.

All things considered, Electric Zoo made a welcome return to New York’s live music scene. A well-rounded lineup, scenic venue, and gorgeous weather were the perfect ingredients for a stellar celebration of electronic music. 

Relive the festival with EDM.com’s exclusive gallery from Electric Zoo below, by BRPHOTO.CO.

Ghastly - Electric Zoo 2021


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3LAU's Next Song Will Be 50% Fan-Owned

Fri, 09/24/2021 - 12:30

3LAU has cracked the code for democratizing investing in music, and it lies squarely within NFT technology.

3LAU is dropping the world's first fan-owned song through the power of blockchain and NFT technology. 

The dance music producer and member of Cointelegraph's Top 100 Notable People In Blockchain, raised $16 million earlier this summer in order to bring his new entrepreneurial endeavor, Royal, to fruition. The new platform tokenizes royalty-generating musical assets, enabling the public to purchase tokens which effectively guarantee them a share of the income generated from every stream.

It's a logical thought progression for 3LAU given his success in tokenizing the first-ever NFT album earlier this year. In January, he sold 33 NFTs tied to the long-form project, generating an astronomical $11.6M in proceeds.

The idea for Royal came from a relatively straightforward intention: democratizing investment in music.

"I always tell people that artists’ popularity is completely dependent on the fans and the listeners, not the companies and the distributors," 3LAU said in a statement. "If the fans like the music, they share it, they go to the shows, they're fully responsible for augmenting an artist’s popularity. So why shouldn't those participants achieve upside for believing in someone early?"

Royal's first tokenized music offering comes from 3LAU himself, with his forthcoming single "Worst Case." For more information on how to participate in the referral contest to win lifelong streaming revenue from the single, visit Royal.io.

EDM and Hip-Hop Collided In Spirited Endgame Labor Day Expansion Bash

Fri, 09/24/2021 - 12:24

The Arizona event gathered numerous musical communities under one roof for a weekend takeover to remember.

Labor Day 2021 in Arizona was dominated by a multi-genre romp called the Endgame Labor Day Expansion Bash, a triumphant celebration that went down in Mesa with over 80 artists.

The event boasted four intricate stages, cosplay communities, and small businesses throughout Arizona, making for a diverse and vibrant club night in the Grand Canyon State. Powered by Nexstar Entertainment and coordinated by MarcTheSharkPresents (MTSP, formerly AE and DAE&NYT), the Bash coalesced the local EDM and hip-hop communities in ecstatic fashion, offering an eclectic night of music as over 1,000 attendees let loose over the course of three days.

What made the event so special, however, was its cross pollination with gaming culture. The Endgame Labor Day Expansion Bash paid homage to the venue's video game theme and various consoles with a polychromatic, Tetris-inspired main stage designed by Marc Auger (owner of MTSP) and built by AV company AZ Party Rockers, led by Dario Varela and his staff. The stage offered immersive lighting rigs and mind-bending visuals to beautifully meld festival culture with the gaming community. 

It was here where the three-day extravaganza's EDM headliner performances billowed through each night. Renowned electronic artist CAZZETTE, Oscar Wylde of Caked Up, and more threw down, as well as stellar hip-hop performances from Suga Free, InfraRedd, and Roscoe, among others.

In a tip of the cap to Arizona's promising horde of local talent, the lineup also featured a slew of rising local artists to show out with memorable performances. Among them were sets by Ash-B, Audacity, DJ Blown, Daytona, Dionysus, DJ James G, Dorsell Lyrics, Harmonik, and many more.

The celebration marked the first of its kind for the newly formed MTSP brand in terms of its multi-genre format, and Auger said he has many more similar events planned for 2022.

Electronic Music Is More Infectious Than The Common Cold, Study Finds

Fri, 09/24/2021 - 12:21

Researchers now know that music popularity spreads through social contact and connections—just like disease.

The beat just got sicker.

A new mathematical study has found a close resemblance between the spreads of epidemic disease and popular music, suggesting they gain traction through similar methods. Electronic music, researchers concluded, proved to be the most infectious of all.

The Guardian reported that the study used a standard numerical model of epidemic disease, the SIR model, as their starting point, testing it against song download trends from 2007 to 2014 in the UK. The formula passed with flying colors. It described these music trends just as well as it did the spread of disease. 

"It supports the idea that both music and infectious diseases depend on social connections to spread through populations," said Dora Rosati, the study's lead author. "The big difference is that for songs, it doesn’t necessarily have to be physical contact."

Researchers now know that music popularity spreads through social contact and connections—just like disease. EDM, they found, is the most infectious genre of all. 

The Guardian/Dr. Dora Rosati at McMaster University in Hamilton, Canada

Rosati's team also went on to calculate different genres' basic reproduction number, which describes how easily a virus can spread through a population. Electronica took the cake with a whopping estimate of 3,430. That's more than 10x than that of rap and hip-hop, which came in as the second most infectious genres with a number of 310. 

For reference, the basic reproduction number of COVID-19 falls somewhere between six and seven, according to biologists at the Scripps Research Institute

“The reason why we might see some really sky-high R0s for songs is that you can just make a tweet and you have already infected a hundred people," explained Dr. Thomas Rawson, a disease modeler at Imperial College London. "You can spread a song disease far quicker than you could an infectious disease." 

“Maybe what those numbers are telling us is that electronica fans tend to be more passionate about their favorite songs," Rosati added. "Or maybe the social network of electronica fans is more strongly connected.” Tell us something we don't know. 

You can read the full study, published in Proceedings of the Royal Society A: Mathematical and Physical Sciences, here



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