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Your EDM Premiere: Snavs & UNKWN – I Can Feel

Thu, 09/12/2019 - 22:12

Experimental trap music isn’t getting as much love now as it used to in its heyday, but artists like sfam, TVBOO, sumthin sumthin, and more are keeping it alive and thriving. That group should also include both Snavs and UNKWN, who have teamed up to collaborate on their new song, “I Can Feel.”

The strength of “I Can Feel” doesn’t lie in its melody — of which there really isn’t one — but rather in its powerful sub-bass that rattles the ground and fills the gaps where a lead synth and melody would usually occupy. The result is a massive wall of audio that hits you with style and purpose.

Check out “I Can Feel” below, out now via Big Beat.

This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Your EDM Premiere: Snavs & UNKWN – I Can Feel

Your EDM Premiere: LTX Releases Debut Single “Did You Forget” x James Maslow

Thu, 09/12/2019 - 22:01

With so much congestion in the ever-growing music ecosystem, it is common for emerging acts to get lost in the mix. To capture the ears (and hearts) of dance and electronic listeners it takes true artistry and an impeccable understanding of not only what fans connect to but what allows the listener the ability to feel. New EDM group LTX (comprised of singer/songwriter ​James Maslow​ and producer​ Eugene Ugorski​) does just that with their debut single “Did You Forget,” an addictively catchy dance track about the end of a relationship crafted to blast through speakers at the club, in your car and everywhere in between. The single represents an experience that Maslow went through, and the pair hopes the song is relatable to people who feel like they are giving more in a relationship than their partner. “Did you forget where we’ve been, and did you forget how much I love you?” serenades Maslow.

Stream the premiere of “Did You Forget” here:

“Eugene and I have been talking about working together for over 10 years and we’re finally making it happen. EDM has been a passion of ours for years and we’re putting our own spin on it and frankly just making music we love.” – James Maslow

“James and I have collaborated in a more traditional producer-singer dynamic for years. LTX is a completely new venture for us, creatively and in terms of career direction. ‘Did You Forget’ still retains the James Maslow sound, but flips it onto the EDM sphere. The energy keeps flowing throughout. What’s cool for us though is that this is just a first flavor in a diverse batch of songs. The next track is a big contrast to ‘Did You Forget’ in regards to its style.” – Eugene Ugorski

Both Maslow and Ugorski possess an impressive resume prior to the conception of LTX and have previously collaborated on array of Maslow’s original music and remixes that have topped charts internationally. Maslow erupted onto the scene with top-rated Nickelodeon program Big Time Rush and best-selling music group of the same name, in addition to an array of television and silver screen appearances and solo music accolades. Ugorski is a long-time instrumentalist and record producer/songwriter who made his mark at a young age performing as violin soloist–backed by many of the world’s top orchestras, including the Los Angeles, Moscow and London Philharmonics.

The pair aims to create unique listening and in-person experiences for fans by releasing new content and hosting live events combining instrumentation, DJ sets and live vocals.

This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Your EDM Premiere: LTX Releases Debut Single “Did You Forget” x James Maslow

Excision B2B Slander Is Going Down This December

Thu, 09/12/2019 - 19:14

Excision is becoming the sort of dance music godfather for a lot of artists, and we’re absolutely here for it. Beyond throwing two of his own festivals and highlighting up and coming artists in his Spotlight series, he’s also going back to back with a bunch of artists and we love to see it.

We’ve already seen him go b2b with Downlink plenty, and this year he added NGHTMRE to that list. At Lost Lands, he’ll go B2B with Illenium for the first time and, just announced, he’ll go B2B with SLANDER at Hi Jinx in December.

The lineup boasts a stellar selection of headliners apart from Excision B2B SLANDER, including Bassnectar, Skrillex, Porter Robinson, Griz, and Zeds Dead. Tickets are available now.


— SLANDER (@SlanderOfficial) September 12, 2019


Photo via Fadewood Studios

This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Excision B2B Slander Is Going Down This December

Flume Announces New Single Out In Two Weeks

Thu, 09/12/2019 - 19:13

Without a doubt, this has been the summer of Flume. With a full mixtape, single, and EP out now, we’re overburdened with new content — not to mention his antics at Burning Man. Now, he’s just announced his next single, “Rushing Back” out September 25.

As with the announcements of other works this year, we won’t know anything about this one until the day it drops, but it will no doubt have that iconic Flume sound.

You can pre-save the single here ahead of its release in 2 weeks.

View this post on Instagram

‘Rushing Back’ out Sept 25 @verabluemusic // presave in bio

A post shared by Flume (@flume) on Sep 12, 2019 at 2:59pm PDT


Photo via Michael Emery Hecker for Westword

This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Flume Announces New Single Out In Two Weeks

Deadmau5 Teases New Album, “Here’s The Drop”

Thu, 09/12/2019 - 19:12

Deadmau5 released where’s the drop?, an orchestral compilation album, on March 30, 2018. Before that, his last studio album was 2016’s W:/2016ALBUM/. Now, it seems he’s ready to release the follow up to both, in a sense, with here’s the drop.

Answering the question of the album before it, here’s the drop is set for release on October 4, 2019. Since the release of where’s the drop?, deadmau5 has only released a handful of tracks, including the soundtrack for the Netflix film Polar. He also dropped “Polyphobia,” “Glivch,” and “Are You Not Afraid” with SHOTTY HORROH all on mau5ville: Level 3.

There’s no tracklist yet for here’s the drop, and we can cautiously assume that the tracks on Level 3 won’t be included. On a similar note, we don’t even know if this will follow where’s the drop?‘s format as a compilation album, or present as a studio album. It’s also been rumored it could be a remix album of where’s the drop?, with Tinlicker, No Mana, and Mr. Bill so far allegedly confirmed.

No matter, we’ll either find out when deadmau5 announces something himself or when a buy link goes live on Apple Music. Stay tuned!

— Goat lord (@deadmau5) September 11, 2019


Photo via Virisa Young for Insomniac Events

This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Deadmau5 Teases New Album, “Here’s The Drop”

No Conviction In Ghost Ship Warehouse Fire Trial

Thu, 09/12/2019 - 19:12

A controversial split decision in the notorious Ghost Ship trial has sparked intense emotion on both sides, mainly shock.

Nearly three years ago, an Oakland, California warehouse party caught fire, tragically killing 36 people and injuring two others. Much of the deliberation in court has been about who to place the blame on — the landlord (who was never charged, mind you) or the tenant/party planners.

Last week, the jury could not agree on a conviction for the tenant and party-thrower Derick Almena, 49, after a two-week deliberation. The jury was ultimately hung with 10 for guilty and two for not guilty, declaring a mistrial for the primary defendant.

Almena’s assistant, Max Harris, 29, was acquitted of involuntary manslaughter on all 36 counts. He was released from jail later that day following the verdict.

Last year, Almena was sentenced to nine years in prison and Harris to six years after both pled no contest to manslaughter. However, a judge tossed out the plea deal when the victims’ families voiced their strong objections.

No official word on if the case will be retried.


Sources: San Francisco Chronicle, SF Gate | Photos: Alameda County Sheriff’s Office

This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: No Conviction In Ghost Ship Warehouse Fire Trial

Spotify buys music production marketplace SoundBetter

Thu, 09/12/2019 - 19:12

Spotify is supporting musicians (while simultaneous looking after its own interests) in its new acquisition of production marketplace SoundBetter.

If you haven’t heard of SoundBetter, now’s the time to get acquainted. A blog post from Spotify today reads:

SoundBetter is the world’s leading music talent marketplace, helping musicians and labels worldwide connect and collaborate with top music professionals so they can get to great-sounding release-ready songs. Their comprehensive database of creative professionals allow you to directly hire tens of thousands of top producers, singers, songwriters, mixing and mastering engineers, and session musicians.

SoundBetter launched in 2012 with a current community over 180,000, spanning 176 countries and 14,000 cities worldwide.

Visit SoundBetter here to get started.


Photo Illustration by Thomas Trutschel/Photothek via Getty Images

This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Spotify buys music production marketplace SoundBetter

Anna Lunoe Announces She’s Pregnant With Second Child!

Thu, 09/12/2019 - 17:14

Anna Lunoe gave birth to her first child, Willa, on August 30, 2017. Now, she’s announced that she’s pregnant with her second child, a baby boy!

“I thought it would be funny not to mention anything about this and just keep getting bigger & bigger,” she tweeted out, “but I’m sick of wearing baggy shirts & pretending like I don’t wanna throw up all the time so here it is!”

Lunoe is expecting in spring 2020.

i thought it would be funny not to mention anything about this and just keep getting bigger & bigger but i’m sick of wearing baggy shirts & pretending like i don’t wanna throw up all the time so here it is!

willas baby bro poppin spring 2020????

— Anna Lunoe (@annalunoe) September 12, 2019


Photo via

This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Anna Lunoe Announces She’s Pregnant With Second Child!

Vaping Deaths Most Commonly Linked With Tainted THC, Not Nicotine

Thu, 09/12/2019 - 15:06

Recent reports from many major media outlets have drummed up the latest fear over vaping, as a sixth person has died recently. The rise in products like Juul has been largely conflated with the deaths, however, the common link between all the deaths is not nicotine products, but tainted THC cartridges.

Let me start by saying Juul is not healthy. It is healthier than traditional cigarettes, and that’s how they’re being sold. According to the UK Royal College of Physicians, the risk of long-term vaping is unlikely to be more than 5% of the risk of smoking. In another large randomized controlled trial earlier this year, it was found that those who vaped were nearly twice as likely to have quit smoking compared to those using nicotine patches and gums, 12 months later.

Yesterday, President Donald Trump‘s administration moved to ban flavored e-cigarettes amid vape related deaths, and this morning held a policy discussion on the topic.

However, writes The Feed, “Nearly all the deaths and lung illnesses reportedly ‘linked to vaping’ involved people vaping contaminated black-market cannabis (THC) oil purchased from street vendors. No cases have been linked to nicotine vaping.” The specific additive linked could be Vitamin E acetate, which causes severe inflammation in the lungs when inhaled, leading to shortness of breath, cough, chest pain and damaged lung tissue which can be fatal.

The persistence of the media to conflate e-cigarettes with vaping at large is detrimental. The Feed asserts that a blanket ban on vaping could result in many users going back to traditional cigarettes, creating a spike in tobacco-related deaths soon after.

People are reminded: the healthiest option is not to smoke or vape, and don’t vape if you don’t smoke. Nicotine is an addictive chemical, whether it’s in a cigarette or not, and there’s no reason to subject yourself to an unnecessary addiction. If it’s just the oral fixation you need, there are vape liquids with 0mg nicotine available. Or, chew on some gum.

The national debate on vaping will certainly continue, and far more research is required. But it’s also important to verify sources and do your own research when confronted with so many fear mongering reports.


H/T The Feed, CDC

This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Vaping Deaths Most Commonly Linked With Tainted THC, Not Nicotine

Virgil Abloh Is “Taking a Few Months Off” On Doctor’s Orders

Thu, 09/12/2019 - 14:34

Virgil Abloh has become the latest artist/entrepreneur to announce he’s taking a break on doctor’s orders. In a phone interview with Vogue earlier this week, he told the publication, “I’m shifting gears.”

“I was just tired, so I went to the doctor,” he said. “Ultimately, everything is fine, but the doctor told me ‘this pace that you’ve sort of pushed your body—to fly all these miles, do all these different projects—is not good for your health.’”

This kind of self care and, more importantly, awareness that something isn’t right is becoming more popular and common among touring musicians who would often tour themselves into the ground rather than cancel a single show. Kayzo, Alison Wonderland, and Cookie Monsta are all artists who have taken a break recently to care for their physical and/or mental health.

“Essentially I’m working from home for the next three months, and in large part all my marketing events I’m cancelling,” Abloh continued.

Abloh says his roles at Louis Vuitton and Off-White won’t be affected by his absence, and he’s taken into account this “seeming hurdle” in his daily activities.


Photo courtesy of Coachella

This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Virgil Abloh Is “Taking a Few Months Off” On Doctor’s Orders

Your EDM Premiere: Kabes – Sanctuary

Thu, 09/12/2019 - 13:29

Released today via 2DEX is the epic ‘Sanctuary’ from Kabes. At 21 years old, Kabes has been making stunning electronic/bass sounds like ‘Blast’ and more recently ‘Sun,’ honing his cinematic production chops.

‘Sanctuary’ is a fully immersive listen. Drenched in sweeping chord progressions whilst its pattering synth melodies develop with fluidity, the track bubbles with urgency before its groove-laden drops.

We’re itching to hear more from this young talent. For now, stream his latest release below.

This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Your EDM Premiere: Kabes – Sanctuary

SNAILS & Subtronics combine forces for the massive “SNAILCLOPS”

Thu, 09/12/2019 - 13:23

Both Snails and Subtronics are pushing boundaries in dubstep right now. Snails is on somewhat of a tirade – from his latest singles “Jackhammer” with Krimer and “RKO,” to the announcement of his World of Slime tour, to the newly revealed music video for “Snailelphant” with Wooli, it’s clear the producer is a relentless force in bass music. On the other hand, Subtronics is stirring things up by collaborating with Griz, Boogie T, Ganja White Night, and more. Now, together, they’ve teamed up for the massive “SNAILCLOPS.”

What the collaboration lacks in outright innovation it more than makes up for in angst and gusto. This is a huge and powerful tune that will surely hit you right to your core, and that’s likely exactly what the duo intended. Devoid of any kind of memorable melody, instead it opts to wage a full frontal assault on your fleshy, corporeal form and attempt to rend it useless with sound. Of course, you’ll be headbanging enough to not notice.

The constant chops and cuts are perfect for all of the myriad crazy arm and hand movements that come along with filthy drops, not to mention the sections with heavier bass that will have you clutching your chest, muttering, “Oh fuck, I can feel it” to your friends while they yell “WHAT!?”

Check out “SNAILCLOPS” below, out now on Snails’ Slugz Music.

This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: SNAILS & Subtronics combine forces for the massive “SNAILCLOPS”

Brooks and Jonas Aden Deliver New Mainstage Heater “Riot” and Hilarious Area 51 Themed Video

Thu, 09/12/2019 - 01:31

Fast rising producers Brooks and Jonas Aden have joined forces for a brand new mainstage banger, “Riot,” a song that is certainly designed to incite raucous behavior out on the dancefloor. The accompanying music video is also hilariously tongue-in-cheek as it pokes fun at those planning on storming Area 51. None other than Martin Garrix premiered “Riot” during his Ultra Miami set earlier this year. If that’s not a seal of approval, I don’t know what is.

The track opens with some light synth keys creating a tension that only gets tighter when the rock inspired vocal track comes on. After the verse, the production goes up a notch as we get the synth notes that will become the drop fading in and out. The synth notes bounce up and down during the drop along with a fuzzy bassline, and the vocal refrain, “Together, we can start a riot!” The groove and energy of the drop is carried over to the second verse before we get a sort of bridge, the “put your hands up and clap” part of the track as I like to call it. After that it’s another drop and the groove keeps on going.

Make sure to check out Brooks & Jonas Aden’s “Riot” out now on STMPD and enjoy the video if you can’t make it to storm Area 51!

This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Brooks and Jonas Aden Deliver New Mainstage Heater “Riot” and Hilarious Area 51 Themed Video

Make Way For RayRay, The Otherworldly EDM Star From Asia Who Is Yellow Claw’s Latest Prodigy

Wed, 09/11/2019 - 22:57

by Olivia Wycech


Somewhere a little over a decade ago, a purple-haired alien from outer space descended upon this planet and unleashed an otherworldly style of trap meets future bass on this new world of hers. Originally on the hip-hop tip, RayRay pivoted over to electronic music after discovering the heart-racing sounds of EDM. Not one to be bound by classifications, she carved out her own very unique style that sounds like a motley of her many musical backgrounds. She used this freshness to lure fans from places like Japan, China and Indonesia to the paranormal cult of RayRay. But in Asia, where over four billion people reside in a culture where standard practice doesn’t equate to the kind of perfect that society expects of you, there is a lot of really good talent in the region. So RayRay needed to stand out. Perhaps that’s why she coloured her hair purple. But it’s definitely why she fucking practiced.

RayRay’s quick ascent into the upper echelons of EDM started with a Red Bull 3Style win in 2013 (she went on to compete in the world finals as the only female in the competition). She was already poised to become Asia’s biggest EDM superstar in Europe after landing a string of high-profile gigs at Glastonbury, Sonar, ADE and Tomorrowland (where she was the first-ever Taiwanese DJ to play the festival) but it was when she officially signed to Barong Family that shit got really real.

The RayRay-meets-Yellow Claw anecdote goes a little something like this: they’d met about three years ago, back when Yellow Claw’s love affair with Asia was still in its infancy. She was DJing at OMNI (Taiwan’s go-to club for all things EDM), and upon meeting her, they were smitten from the get-go. They asked to hear some music, and by the end of the same year she was working on tunes for her first EP that would eventually release on Barong Family called ‘Purple Alien’.

“Besides RayRay’s character and positivity, she stood out because she is an amazing DJ and tastemaker,” said Yellow Claw on what caught their eye about RayRay. “Having her and her energy amongst us and the other artists on the label is amazing.”

Now officially being co-managed by the Barong Family, Yellow Claw has taken a very hands-on approach to nurture RayRay’s talents and pushed her to up the ante on ‘Alien Invasion’. The output of that was RayRay flexing her vocal chops over every track on the EP. “RayRay evolved over the last year into such a dope vocalist,” Yellow Claw said of their protégé. “With her own style and casual attitude, she just drops just bangsssss.”

Within a week of its release, ‘Back ‘n Forth’ (also Yellow Claw’s top pick from the EP) was sitting at number five on Beatport’s Top 100 Trap / Future Bass chart. The mind-altering video for ‘Outer Space’ has also just surpassed 40,000 views on YouTube and offers a glimpse into the supernatural world that RayRay lives and breathes every time she steps out of the house in Taipei.

‘Alien Invasion’ was officially released in its entirety August 30th on Barong Family and is making Asia really fucking proud to see a small slice of the region finally make headlines in the west. Yellow Claw feels the same.

“Besides this insanely fire EP releasing on the hardest label out there, it makes us really proud that it represents both the rise of Asian artists as well as female producers—two important movements the EDM community is not seeing enough of,” Yellow Claw captioned on their Instagram when announcing the EP.

So if Yellow Claw can go to Asia and find a hugely experimental and awesome scene that’s rife with “so many talented artists slowly reaching the surface,” then why is it that the US hears so few sounds from the Far East? Why aren’t more Asian artists playing American festivals? And when is RayRay touring the US? We wanted to know more, and so we talked to RayRay.

Taiwan doesn’t get a lot of attention in the music news. Tell us a little bit about Taiwan’s music scene, what’s happening over there, and who else we should be looking out for?

Taiwan’s music scene actually does get a lot of attention, just mainly from Chinese speaking countries. Japan, Korea and all of Southeast Asia have recently taken note as well. All the big western festivals brands are trying to get in now, but it’s really been the homegrown events like LOOPTOPIA that have elevated the scene and given Taiwanese artists an international platform. It would be great if everyone made more of a global effort. As far as clubs go, OMNI is easily the biggest and best club in Taiwan and is where I play the most. The crowd is really open to all kinds of electronic, and the organizers are super committed to local artists. Actually, they rarely book international DJs, yet the club is crazy and full every weekend.

There are a lot of great producers from Taiwan, too. Keep a lookout for Vonik, a super talented and experienced DJ, and he’s starting to produce his own music.

How did you get connected with Yellow Claw and eventually signed to Barong Family?

I met Yellow Claw in Taipei in 2016 after a show they did at OMNI nightclub. We connected right away, and they asked me to show them some of my music. Shortly after that, I got signed to Supermodified Agency, which represents most of the Barong Family artists in Asia. Obviously, we kept bumping into each other at festivals at finally at ADE in 2017, Yellow Claw asked me if I was ready to release an EP on Barong Family. Just a few months later, they personally invited me to join the Barong Family writing camp in Shanghai.

Even before this, I was working really hard and had a major role in the Asia bass music scene, so I’m hugely grateful that Yellow Claw gave me the opportunity to further that and work with even more artists around the world. They are always pushing me to take my music to new dimensions, and are now even co-managing me with my manager Alan.

What was it about Barong’s identity that resonated so well with you (or vice versa)?

My music style already suits the sound that Barong Family looks for. But they also put a lot of effort into helping Asian artists break out into the bass music scene. It helped that I used to play a lot the music they released in my sets even before I released my first EP on their label. To me, Barong is just like one big family. Everyone on the label is really welcoming and hugely talented. I especially love that they are so hands-on and always willing to help share with me their musical ideas and experiences as artists.

How did getting picked up by a western label change everything for you? Can artists in Asia make it in the west if not granted the same opportunity?

Getting picked up by a western label absolutely provided me with opportunities to explore the world, and most importantly, I got to meet and work with a big selection of artists. It gave me more international opportunities than anything. So, while it helps, it’s definitely possible to break out of Asia even if you don’t work with a label. There are so many different ways to get your music heard nowadays. SoundCloud is easily the best platform for artists in Asia looking to get heard but also for the west to scout for music in Asia, too.

How has Asia’s (Taiwan specifically) music scene influenced the artist you are today?

Taiwan is incredibly open to all kinds of music from around the world—there are no restrictions, and people are wildly open-minded. I grew up listening to a lot of hip-hop and pop music from Taiwan, and also from around the world. This led me to set up a kind of hip-hop music community when I was in college. There we shared a lot of music, so it exposed me to a lot of different artists and provided me with ways to meet and work with locals DJs and rappers. The Taiwanese hip-hop music scene is a super small and tight-knit community, but we help each other a lot. And because of my hip-hop background and the support I still get from that part of the scene, I feel like you can really hear that influence in my music.

‘Alien Invasion’ is a melting pot of styles and influences packed into five tracks. What artists are you listening to and getting inspiration from right now?

I’ve been listening to A LOT of drum ‘n’ bass influenced music recently, like Ivy Lab and Noisia. They are always my biggest inspirations. I’m also really fascinated with Dog Blood and GTA’s new releases, which are on heavy rotation.

The major difference between ‘Alien Invasion’ and your first EP ‘Purple Alien’ is that you’re singing over each track. What was it like stepping into the foreground like that?

I really like writing lyrics; it almost comes effortlessly to me. People might not know this, but I also did the vocals on ‘Ninja’ from my last EP. The results were so good that Yellow Claw encouraged me to explore doing an entire EP using my own vocals. Having a hip-hop background has helped me write good lyrics, and also provided me with more opportunities to work with artists in different genres.

Tell us about the collabs on the EP. Who are they and how did they come about?

‘Alien Invasion’ features three collabs. I invited Aazar, who is the dopest producer from France, to work with me on ‘Back n Forth’. We made the track together at ADE in 2018. ‘Drumstick’ is with Juyen Sebulba from Dallas, Texas, who is part of Barong Family, too. We loved working together so much that we have another single with Yellow Claw coming out soon. ‘Like This’ is a collaborative effort with two artists: Gianni Marino and Lil Debbie. Gianni is this awesome Dutch producer, who also worked with me on ‘Like That’ from my last EP—this is kind of a follow-up to that one. Also, Lil Debbie is a super famous rapper from LA who is just great fun to make music with. She works with so many artists from Barong Family as well, like Yellow Claw and Moksi.

The mainstream seems to be shifting from EDM and conversations surrounding the bubble bursting are trending. Is that the case in Asia, and how does that affect what you’re doing looking into the future?

EDM is still very much alive here in Asia. On the other hand, I am trying to do my own thing and navigate my own way through the scene. I am not too bothered if any particular trend or sound is dying because I just focus on what’s ahead for me. But it’s good to have an excellent understanding of what’s happening in the west and then compare it to the current state of Asia’s scene. This way, you can kind of forecast what’s going to happen next, and this allows me to stay ahead of the game.

The music industry is a bit of a boy’s club. From all that you’ve experienced, do you feel that the music industry environment is egalitarian?

Female artists have often been mischaracterized in history, both intentionally and unintentionally. However, we are living in an equal world now. It’s always great to see females playing important roles in the music industry and expressing their own concepts and tastes in music. To me, gender has never been a problem at all. Both males and females can all be successful by working hard.

In 2013, when I was in Toronto for the Red Bull 3style competition, I experienced a really incredible vibe there. Although I was the only female DJ in the competition, this didn’t change the fact that skills, ideas, and impressive performances are the keys to winning the competition—nothing about gender. Moreover, I realized that sharing what you have with others is paramount to helping anyone to learn in this industry. During the competition, although you were competing against one another, all the artists were still willing to share their experiences, skills, and opinions after listening to the set you prepared. Therefore, as long as you work hard, and you are well prepared for every situation, you will reach your goal when the opportunities come along, regardless of whether you are male or female.

What’s next after ‘Alien Invasion’? Anything on the horizon?

Right now, I’m still trying hard to become a role model in the music industry worldwide. I’m also looking forward to playing at new festivals around the world, getting to know all the great artists, and sharing my music and my stories with everyone. Now that the EP is out, I’m shifting my focus to releasing some music on Spinnin’ Records and Protocol Recordings. Just last week, I signed with Tiësto’s Musical Freedom label for a couple of tracks. Besides releasing music, I’m going to do a big EP tour of Asia in September and October.

It seems like the US is the last market you need to enter. What are your plans there?

I love the US. I’ve made a lot of friends there through my music, so I’ve been able to visit several times. It’s given me a chance to check out what clubs and festivals in the US are doing, find inspiration, and new people to collab with.

Actually, I’m looking for North and South American representation, an agency that believes in my music. I have a very extensive schedule at ADE this year, and that includes some meetings with American agents. That will hopefully result in a full-fledged US tour.

Artists, agents, and managers in the US, send me a message—I’d love to meet!

Follow RayRay on Facebook, Instagram and SoundCloud.

Images via Nachi Lee

This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Make Way For RayRay, The Otherworldly EDM Star From Asia Who Is Yellow Claw’s Latest Prodigy

Black Coffee Teams Up With Usher For New Song “LaLaLa”

Wed, 09/11/2019 - 18:33

It’s been four years since Usher was last featured on a dance record. After two chart-topping collaborations with David Guetta and Martin Garrix, also four years apart, he just dropped a tune with South African DJ/producer Black Coffee, “LaLaLa.”

“LaLaLa” isn’t your typical house song, playing more toward Black Coffee’s South African musical origins and combining with Usher’s R&B sensibilities. The result is a smooth, sultry tune that’s less for the nightclub and more for the jazz club.

This isn’t the first time the two have collaborated, either. They first teamed up on stage last year at Global Citizen Festival: Mandela 100 concert at FNB Stadium in Johannesburg. They performed special mash-up of Black Coffee’s “We Dance Again” and Usher’s “Without You.”

“[Usher] is one of the coolest people that I have ever met, that’s where it starts for me. I love to work with cool people. I think I consciously choose to work with cool people,” Black Coffee said.

“We got into the car and we went to Pretoria. I was playing in a club on a rooftop and people couldn’t believe he was there. That’s how cool he is and we have been in touch. We want to work on other [things] together. It wasn’t hard to create with him.”

Listen below!

This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Black Coffee Teams Up With Usher For New Song “LaLaLa”

Ganja White Night & Liquid Stranger Team Up For “Jungle Juice”

Wed, 09/11/2019 - 18:33

Liquid Stranger is an absolute legend, and Ganja White Night have also become something of legends themselves after a string of stellar releases and a dedicated fanbase constantly singing their praises. Yesterday, the two artists teamed up for the first time for their new tune, “Jungle Juice.”

It’s funny actually — I was first listening to this song at about 20% volume, thinking it was okay, but really nothing that special. And then I noticed the volume level and turned it up to 100% and finally had that “Oh, fuck” moment.

The bass on this is spectacular and is mixed to perfection with the drums and synths. It’s also a great mix of both artists’ similar styles, hanging heavy on the wobbles and wubs. The slight tribal synths play well into the “Jungle” motif of the track, as well.

Check out “Jungle Juice” from GWN and Liquid Stranger below.

This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Ganja White Night & Liquid Stranger Team Up For “Jungle Juice”

California Bill to Extend Bar Hours Seeks Approval for 3rd Year Running

Wed, 09/11/2019 - 18:33

The bill that would extend California bar hours is facing final approval for the third year in a row.

Senator Scott Wiener heads up the pilot-program, which seeks to extend drinking hours at select bars across Cali. He believes this is a good financial move for local nightlife and industries that thrive on bar sales. Despite failed attempts to pass, he’s not giving up — Senate Bill 58 will be voted on once again this year.

The bill pushes an extra hour for bars to legally serve alcohol. Under current law, no alcohol may be served between 2 AM and 6 AM. However, under the new bill, that would extend to 3 AM (amended from the original goal of 4 AM).

The bill recommends a pilot program between 2022 and 2027 to test out extended drinking hours in ten different cities. Cathedral City, Coachella, Fresno, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Oakland, Palm Springs, Sacramento, San Francisco and West Hollywood are the areas highlighted in Senate Bill 58.

“One of the things that makes a city great is a vibrant nightlife,” Sen. Wiener said in a statement. “It’s an important driver of the economy and culture, and we are at a disadvantage for tourism and conventions.”

Concerns include the possibility of more drunk driving incidents and other safety concerns.

More on last year’s veto here.


Source: California Globe | Photo via

This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: California Bill to Extend Bar Hours Seeks Approval for 3rd Year Running

Tomorrowland Was Testing Ground For Collaborative Stories for Public Figures

Wed, 09/11/2019 - 18:32

Social media is in a major state of flux right now, with algorithms constantly updating and changing and more content than ever trying to vie for your attention. Facebook is perhaps more aware of this than anyone, not only on its own platform but also on Instagram and WhatsApp.

In an effort to give users the tools to reach new audiences, Facebook is testing “Collaborative Stories for Public Figures” and Tomorrowland was a major testing ground. In a blog post, Facebook wrote:

“In testing with dance music festival Tomorrowland, more than 20 artists with more than 73M combined followers contributed to a Tomorrowland Story. Through the Tomorrowland Story, fans were able to see a range of perspectives from the festival and discover new artists. As a result, participating artists saw significant viewership of their story content come from new audiences. For example, in our tests, The Chainsmokers (with more than 8M followers on Facebook) saw 92% of their story views come from people who were not yet following them. Meanwhile, artist Martin Solveig (with 1M+ followers) and Jax Jones (with 150,000+ followers) saw similar results, with 97% and 99% of their respective views coming from people who didn’t follow them.”

These kinds of numbers are definitely significant, and represent great new ways for teams to engage with potential new followers.

In addition, there’s also a new Fan Reply Sticker feature launched yesterday through Facebook Stories. It would let people using Pages create a call to action on a story, prompting followers to respond with a photo or video. And responses can be re-shared to their story for all their fans to see.

You can read more about all the new features for Public Figures here.

This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Tomorrowland Was Testing Ground For Collaborative Stories for Public Figures

The Glitch Mob, Tom Morello & More Voice Support In Banning Facial Recognition Tech At Festivals

Wed, 09/11/2019 - 18:32

Live Nation’s investment last year in Blink Identity, a tech company specializing in facial recognition, has spawned a new campaign in opposition to the use of facial recognition tech at festivals and concerts. It was started by digital rights group Fight For The Future, and already has support from artists such as Tom Morello, The Glitch Mob, and more.

“Music fans should feel safe and respected at festivals and shows, not subjected to invasive biometric surveillance,” reads an Instagram post from Fight For The Future.

Protect the privacy of fans at live shows. Ban facial recognition technology at festivals and concerts ⚠

— The Glitch Mob (@theglitchmob) September 9, 2019

I don’t want Big Brother at my shows targeting fans for harassment, deportation, or arrest. That’s why I’m joining this campaign calling on @Ticketmaster and others not to use #facialrecognition at festivals and concerts.

— Tom Morello (@tmorello) September 9, 2019

Theoretically, facial recognition technology can be used for many good and beneficial reasons. This could range from identifying stalkers, as was used at a Taylor Swift concert at the Rose Bowl stadium in Los Angeles last year, to pairing your face with your ticket, reducing the time you wait in line to get in.

Writes MusicTech, “However, Fight For The Future claims that this technology ‘puts undocumented fans, fans of color, trans fans, and fans with criminal records at risk of being unjustly detained, harassed, or judged.’ It cites a Vice report that reveals similar tech used by Amazon incorrectly identified one in five lawmakers in California as criminals. In fact, the racial bias embedded in many facial recognition systems is dramatic, with nearly 40 per cent of the false matches made by Amazon’s system involving people of colour.”

The technology will always have the potential for abuse, so it’s not as much about waiting for regulation or a “responsible hand” to take over. Read more at

This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: The Glitch Mob, Tom Morello & More Voice Support In Banning Facial Recognition Tech At Festivals

Trump Administration Moves To Ban Flavored E-Cigs Following Mysterious Deaths

Wed, 09/11/2019 - 17:07

President Donald Trump‘s administration is moving to ban flavored e-cigarettes amid vape related deaths.

During a policy meeting on Wednesday, Trump said that vaping has become an urgent health concern in the United States, “specifically with respect to children.” He said his administration is looking at the vape problem “very closely.”

According to multiple repots, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is working to remove all non-tobacco flavors of e-cigs from shelves within 30 days, until such companies receive FDA approval. That includes popular mint and menthol flavors.

This comes as a mysterious lung disease has sicken hundreds and killed at least six people, according to U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar.

“The Trump Administration is making it clear that we intend to clear the market of flavored e-cigarettes to reverse the deeply concerning epidemic of youth e-cigarette use that is impacting children, families, schools and communities,” Azar said. “We will not stand idly by as these products become an on-ramp to combustible cigarettes or nicotine addiction for a generation of youth.”

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that anyone using a vape device should consider quitting, as public health officials investigate the lung-injury cases.

Trump Talks Vaping “Problem”


Sources: Bloomberg, CNBC

This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Trump Administration Moves To Ban Flavored E-Cigs Following Mysterious Deaths



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