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Why Not Weekend Miami Hosts Diplo, A-Trak, And More

9 hours 34 min ago

Miami is making 2021 the year of party comebacks, specifically with Why Not Weekend. Set to take place March 5th-7th at the Mondrian South Beach Hotel, music is coming back.

Their lineup boasts house stalwarts Diplo, The Brothers Macklovitch (A-Trak & Dave1), Lee Foss, Amtrac, and more. Oscar G, Behrouz, Holmar, Nala, Dude Skywalker, plus many more will also be joining. This event is an adult-only (25+) concert vacation experience with over 15 hours of live music each day. You’ll get a hotel, pool parties, concerts, nightlife events, and more.

For those interested in purchasing a hotel package, you get all the aforementioned above plus a three day and night suite. Don’t forget your VIP access. Enjoy the breathtaking sunsets, world-class cuisine, and excellent hospitality provided by the venue. World-renowned DJs await you while they perform for you and your friends.

Bring yourself, your significant other, or a group of friends. There is a package for everyone. You can find out more about the accommodations on their website here. In the event of a postponement, hotel and table packages are fully refundable. That’s right, money back supposedly guaranteed.

Of course, COVID-19 safe guidelines exist. Attendees must get tested for COVID-19 prior to entering the venue. They’ll take your temperature and then you’ll pick up your tickets. If you fail the temperature check, they’ll offer a rapid COVID-19 test. Nothing states proof of a vaccine, so we’ll see how that goes along with their capacity. As always, masks must be worn at all times.

We know this isn’t a real festival, but it is a party with some of our favorite DJs. So why not? Find out more about their health and safety policies here. The race to be the first party back continues.

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Hardwell On Air Ends After 500 Episodes

Mon, 01/18/2021 - 17:00

After a decade of weekly mixes, Hardwell On Air is pulling the plug, with episode 500 marking the last. The broadcast of this last explosive episode, Hardwell On Air 500, closed a spectacular era.

Every week, the Dutch DJ and producer compiled a mix of brand new IDs and songs which made fans discover plenty of amazing tracks. Recently, Hardwell released ‘Bootshaus ID’ with Blasterjaxx as Jaxxwell. Moreover, Robbert also dropped many remixes of Hardwell favorites. In this last episode, you can also enjoy music from Tommy Jayden & Artelax, Tim Hox, Dastic, Ewave, Arston, Dash Berlin & ANG, REGGIO x Rave Republic, and Dr. Phunk.

Hardwell On Air

Almost 10 years passed since Hardwell On Air debuted in 2011. The show became one of the most popular ones in the scene and kept on top for years. Hardwell’s radio consolidated the Hardwell sound and showcased the best tracks of numerous genres like big room, electro, or progressive.

Episode 400 was dedicated to fans with a special vote on the best songs that were released on Revealed Recordings. In episode 450, Hardwell made a special episode announcing his compilation album ‘The Story Of Hardwell‘. For the 500th episode, a few people expected him to announce his return but unfortunately, it did not happen.

Hardwell Announced Revealed Recordings 24/7 Livestream

When the 500th episode was ending, Hardwell took the mic and shared with the fans that they could now start enjoying a 24/7 Revealed Recordings Livestream.

Hardwell On Air

Hardwell focused on producing music since 2018, far from the stages. When inquired about his way back to the stages, the artist released the following statement:

The honest answer is I don’t know. I’m working on a lot of music right now, I’m getting more satisfied every day when I come back to the studio. I wanna get that butterflies in my stomach feeling before I get on stage, but I want to get them right now in the studio. The moment I get that feeling, that crazy excitement, I will be back right away.


Make sure to listen one last time to the Soundtrack of your nightlife, Hardwell On Air 500! Congratulations to the show, and we give our thanks for the music and moments!

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Andrew Rayel – Carry You Home

Sat, 01/16/2021 - 18:25

Moldavian DJ Andrew Rayel just dropped ‘Carry You Home’, the perfect festival track. The collab, featuring Tensteps and RUNAGROUND will be perfect for whenever festivals return.

It’s upbeat, uplifting, and slowly builds into the positive dance track that is perfect for any mood boost. It starts out with echoed vocals and a fast pace. The track continues to build at the one-minute mark with a brief piano solo, highlighting Rayel’s classic piano background. The two-minute mark of ‘Carry You Home’ and beyond sweeps us away with an enthusiastic drop.

If you’re looking to reminisce about past festivals, or need a song to lift your spirits, ‘Carry You Home’ is a solid option.

You can listen to ‘Carry You Home’ by Andrew Rayel below.

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New Anjunabeats ‘Rising’ EP Highlights Rising Stars

Sat, 01/16/2021 - 18:24

After an incredible celebration for its 20th anniversary, Above & Beyond‘s iconic label plans to expand its musical horizons. Take the journey with ‘Anjunabeats Rising‘, an EP that promises to bring interesting proposals to the music scene.

Moments of crisis and uncertainty allow us to discover different points of view and new trends in the world. One of the areas where we find the newest things that give a turn to our understanding and understanding is music.

This is the time when labels and artists find new forms of expression that inspire people today and tomorrow. Of course, we couldn’t expect less from one of the labels have always bet on quality and innovation even in the best moments of electronic music, Anjunabeats.

Anjunabeats Rising EP

In order to continue fulfilling its life mission, Anjunabeats is in the process of searching for new talent and presents a new EP focused on rising stars. ‘Anjunabeats Rising’ is a new monthly EP release, bringing new artists, new ideas, and new sounds to the label.

With its Synoptic and psychedelic cover, this compilation shows us the always inspiring message of the label. The future is often found in emerging talents, as the light always shines on them and their new proposals. Vol. 1 is out January 18th, and features GVN, Nourey, Zoya, and Parallels.

We can’t wait for this sure epic EP. You can pre-order or pre-save it here.

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Nicky Romero Collabs With Timmo Hendriks On ‘Into The Light’

Fri, 01/15/2021 - 22:25

Dutch DJ and producer Nicky Romero kicks off 2021 on a positive note with the release of his new single ‘Into The Light‘. This release arrives under his label Protocol Recordings.

We can all agree that this fresh track is a true progressive house jewel. At this time, the veteran artist teamed up with Protocol talent Timmo
and Arizona-based singer/songwriter David Shane. Last year, Nicky Romero even debuted with Universal Music Group with his track ‘Nights With You’.

My song 'Into The Light' with Timmo Hendriks ft. David Shane is OUT NOW! Let us know what you think! ????

Listen Now! ▶️ @DavidShaneMusic @ProtocolRec

— Nicky Romero (@nickyromero) January 15, 2021

‘Into The Light’ by Nicky Romero and Timmo Hendriks delivers a magnificent opening with upbeat piano melodies. The artist also showcases his trademark by creating a very interesting bassline. The track reaches its peak with a goosebump-inducing drop. On top of the wonderful melodies and sounds, Shane’s soulful vocals complement this track perfectly. Nicky is coming back to his signature sound after experimenting with pop-oriented music last year.

Nicky Romero Timmo Hendriks

On the other hand, Timmo Hendriks is a regular on the label. In 2020, he released several songs such as ‘Be Alright’, ‘Together’ and ‘Lost’. The fans of progressive house are really looking forward to receiving new releases. While they arrive, make sure to check Nicky Romero and Timmo Hendriks last project, ‘Into The Light’.

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Anthony Keyrouz – Under The Influence

Fri, 01/15/2021 - 19:13

Today, Lebanese music producer Anthony Keyrouz releases a brand new deep house track titled ‘Under The Influence‘. It’s sure to be a great addition to your pump up, party, or workout playlist. Anthony finished off 2020 with the stellar release of ‘‘Dance With Your Devil’. Throughout 2020, Anthony transformed into one of the most sought after slap house DJs worldwide. His tracks racked up over 40 million on Spotify alone.

Overall, Anthony Keyrouz continues to evolve his sound with ‘Under The Influence’. This bass-heavy banger features his signature string stabs bringing a lighter touch to his production. The “dumb” vocal chops forming the drop of the track will get stuck in your head instantly. as you get lost in the rhythmically complex deep bass line.

With a play count of over 50 million on his originals and remixes, Anthony Keyrouz is a familiar name for deep house lovers worldwide. Combining his Lebanese heritage with deep bass lines, Anthony brings traditional Arabic instruments into dance and house music. His loyal fan base continues to grow, making him a regular at both clubs and festivals throughout the Middle East. With ‘Love Yourself’ entering both Russia’s Airplay and Shazam Top 10, Anthony continues to expand his worldwide fan base and presence in the dance music scene.

Be sure to check out ‘Under the Influence’ out everywhere now!

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Tomorrowland Helped Design a Roller Coaster in Belgium

Fri, 01/15/2021 - 17:06

It seems that Tomorrowland fans will have the chance to experience the wonderful festival in more ways than one. There will be a special rollercoaster ride dedicated to the well-renowned event with plans to open this summer in Europe.

Plopsaland De Panne, a theme park in Belgium, will welcome guests with The Ride to Happiness by Tomorrowland. It will be the first Extreme Spinning Coaster in Europe. The ride is expected to have a wide variety of features that will blow the minds of rollercoaster lovers. It is expected to go at least 56 miles per hour with 2 launches, rotating carriages, and 5 inversions.

Tomorrowland rollercoaster flyer

The amusement park has released the plans for the roller coaster and guests will certainly be entranced by the world of Tomorrowland. Fans will have to wait no longer to indulge themselves in the beauty of the festival. Moreover, guests can continuously relive the incredible adventure that awaits them this summer.

You can view the official plans for the rollercoaster below.

Tomorrowland rollercoaster plans #1 Tomorrowland rollercoaster plans #2 Tomorrowland rollercoaster plans #3

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AVIRA feat Grace Ackerman- Run To You

Fri, 01/15/2021 - 16:20

AVIRA, one of the most prolific artists in the industry presents his first single of 2021 called ‘Run To You‘. He releases it on Armada Music alongside the vocalist Grace Ackerman. AVIRA is the exciting progressive project of Youhanna Assaf.

AVIRA concluded 2020 with his heartbreaking but hopeful single, ‘Miracles‘. The producer starts off 2021 in an epic way with a vocal single that highlights his signature sound.

In this track, we can find progressive techno touches that are commonly found in his other works but come with an interesting twist. He uses ambient and future garage elements to bring us on a complete journey through all these melodies and chords.

Of course, Grace Ackerman’s participation in the song adds much more to the progressive journey that AVIRA brings us on. Her powerful and heartbreaking voice comprises the most notorious part of the song. The melodies only further enhance that feeling of desperation to be with our loved ones forever.

With this single, I can tell you, AVIRA is one of the artists to keep an eye on this year. Make sure to stay tuned to his social networks for more information about upcoming releases and remixes. You can listen to AVIRA feat Grace Ackerman- ‘Run To You’ below.

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Lane 8 – Oh, Miles feat. Julia Church

Fri, 01/15/2021 - 13:53

Daniel ‘Lane 8’ Goldstein takes us back to the melancholy memories of our past with his latest single, ‘Oh, Miles‘ featuring Julia Church which is out via his own imprint, This Never Happened. It’s a song about missing a person we used to be close with, but it’s not all bad. Despite the lyrical interpretations, the song feels optimistic in a matter-of-fact sort of way and holds a playful essence sonically. Almost like, at the end of the day, the world madly moves on forward.

feels great to have new music out today. Oh, Miles w/ @juliachurchsa – a song that i have such a close personal connection to, hearing Julia’s voice always puts such a smile on my face & makes me feel at ease with the world!! i hope you all enjoy it ❤️❤️

— Lane 8 (@Lane8music) January 14, 2021

Julia Church has a lovely voice that fits perfectly with the blossoming sound design and chord progression. With an industry that seems continuously focused on more and more complicated sounds, it’s a fresh sight to hear music still touching the hearts of so many people with focused elements. While so many others are yelling, Lane 8 whispers, but his voice is louder than ever.

Listen to Lane 8’s ‘Oh, Miles’ featuring Julia Church via This Never Happened below.

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Diplo Posts Cryptic Tweet, Hints at Silk City Return

Fri, 01/15/2021 - 13:27

Many real-life clubs are closed, but Diplo’s recent tweet hints at a potential Silk City virtual alternative. The tweet, directed at Mark Ronson, the second half of this dynamic duo, features a ten second clip with the words ‘Silk City’ flashing brightly against a disco-esque backdrop.

it’s been a minute @markronson

— Thomas Wesley (@diplo) January 13, 2021

Moreover, a website titled ‘New Love Club’ mysteriously reads ‘opening soon’ and allows visitors to RSVP for a surprise.

Diplo and Mark Ronson hint at a potential return with their New Love Club website.

The two artists last collaborated in 2019 with the remix of Robyn‘s ‘Missing U‘. They made a lasting impression in 2018 with ‘Electricity‘ which featured Dua Lipa and led to their Grammy win for Best Dance Recording.

Diplo and Ronson came together as Silk City to tap into their shared interest in disco, house music, and soul. They named this collective after the place they met in Philadelphia.

After a brief hiatus, they’re back in action and leaving us wondering what New Love Club is all about.

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Tomorrowland 2021 Decision Coming in March, Official Says

Fri, 01/15/2021 - 12:25

It is a new year, but festival fans have the same question on their mind. Will Tomorrowland take place in 2021?

The short answer is we don’t know. Still, Belgian officials say a decision is coming, and it’s coming soon.

Flemish culture minister Jan Jambon said Thursday that he and festival organizers agreed to make the call on all 2021 festivals by mid-March.

“I hope with all my heart that things will be possible again for the festivals that were not possible last year,” Jambon told the Flemish Parliament, “but it is too early for the moment to say more.”

The Brussels Times reports Jambon is waiting to see the progress of coronavirus vaccinations before deciding.

Nevertheless, Tomorrowland continues getting ready as usual.

“The preparations for Tomorrowland 2021 are currently ongoing,” reads a statement on the festival’s website. “We hope we will be able to celebrate love, unity, and friendship with all of you next summer.”

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Take A More Peaceful Moment With Anjunadeep Presents: Reflections Vol.2

Thu, 01/14/2021 - 17:46

Anjunadeep presents Reflections Vol.2 compilation series. This continues being light on ambient, chill out and downtempo music from both established and rising artists.

The world continues to face a pandemic that does not seem to give up yet even with vaccines being applied. Problems related to the economic crisis and mental health damaged by the confinement are also beginning to come to light.

In the midst of these we need a message of hope, be it in a different world from the real one. We can’t go to huge crowded events yet but many artists and labels are striving to make this more bearable. One of those labels is Anjunadeep who once again captivates us with something chill and melodic music within its huge catalog.

This record label based in London has grown in an incredible way without losing its origins. At 15 years old, the sound of the label has evolved since those early years. While the BPMs may have slowed, the mission of Anjunadeep has remained the same: to discover and share timeless soulful and melodic electronic music.

Reflections Vol.2 Tracks and Artists

The Label with an A&R roster that ignited the careers of legends such as Yotto, Lane 8, and Dusky, now presents the second installment of the Reflections series. Reflections Vol.2. It has the most eclectic music to relax to at the moment, with 10 artists exploring these magical sounds.

Following the inaugural volume in October, Reflections Vol.2 is a collection of downtempo and electronica from label favorites, Jody Wisternoff, Kidnap, Croquet Club, Martin Roth, and Luttrell, alongside rising talents, Luigi Sambuy, Lycoriscoris, Tryst, and Dotmaka.

Included in this compilation is the single ‘Don’t Bite’, as a debut release and new musical endeavor from Fur Skillman (Eli & Fur) alongside TÂCHES, and ‘Love Theme’ from Martin Roth. Reflections Vol. 2 also features the long-awaited full release of Croquet Club’s Anjunadeep 09 highlight ‘Night Lights’. This also marks an exclusive piano piece from San Francisco’s Luttrell, and label debuts from UK duo Tryst and Dotmaka.

Anjunadeep Reflections Vol.2 is out now, and you can listen to it below!

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Palm Springs Mayor Expects Coachella, Other Events to Move to Fall 2021

Thu, 01/14/2021 - 15:19

At the start of the new year, festival-goers were hoping for the long-awaited return of music festivals to come real soon. However, it seems that music festivals such as Coachella may not happen as soon as expected.

Palm Springs Mayor Christy Holstege recently discussed during an interview that music festivals located in the area are likely to be rescheduled to the fall. She states:

“We’re not planning on events in spring this year. We’re hoping that those events will be rescheduled to the fall of this year.”

The news comes soon after Dr. Anthony Fauci made a prediction that concerts could return in Fall 2021. Therefore, festivals like Coachella would have a better chance at occurring later in the year than they would in the next few months.

As of now, there have been no updates as to whether the big-time California festival will take place in April. However, recent rumors speculate that another postponement will soon be on the way. For now, organizers have remained quiet as to what will happen in the near future.

Thousands of attendees attend the Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival.

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Deadmau5′ Drive-In Concert Angers Local Residents

Thu, 01/14/2021 - 15:17

Drive-in concerts are one of the closest things we can get to a full concert experience amidst the coronavirus pandemic. In other words, they’re almost a godsend to some. But according to some local residents around Hutto’s Brushy Creek Amphitheater, they’re highly disruptive. On January 8, deadmau5 appeared to have bothered the locals with his concert’s heavy bass, among other sounds.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by deadmau5 (@deadmau5)

As reported by local station KVUE, residents around the concert area took to social media to voice their complaints. In a Reddit thread, a user complained that he/she could hear the bass from 10 miles away.

What the fuck Hutto? Can hear Deadmau5 10 miles away from r/Austin

Meanwhile, the local police station received many noise complaints that night, as the volume was allegedly loud enough to “[rattle] windows in nearby homes”. As if the bass wasn’t bad enough, some local residents also complained about deadmau5′ use of profanity. One who lived within a mile of the Brushy Creek Amphitheater recalled, “He was dropping F-bombs all over the place and we can hear this in the living room of our brick house with the doors and windows closed.”

deadmau5′ Responds

Since then, deadmau5 had responded to the situation with an apology decorated with a touch of humour. Through an Instagram post, he writes “Man, I’m sorry Hutto! I can sympathize… loud stuff near my house would bug TF out of me too… hopefully the engineers figure out a better solution for you. Let’s chalk this one up as a … stress test?”

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by deadmau5 (@deadmau5)

And finally, in responding to claims about the F-bombs, he adds “”It was the stupid fucking opener dj guy who got on the mic after he was done going “FUCK 2020!” Like a goon before I even got up there… damn.”

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Bandsintown Launches New Subscription Service For Live Concerts

Thu, 01/14/2021 - 15:00

Bandsintown is bringing an all-new subscription service to our newfound world of live-streamed music events. For only $9.99 a month, you can access “over 25 live concerts a month” with Bandsintown PLUS. Alongside being able to watch exclusive live-streams of your favorite artists, fans will also be able to participate in exclusive Q&A’s, interviews, and live chats.

The first two months of 2021 from January to February will include a wide variety of artists. You can find artists like Phoebe Bridgers, Adrianne Lenker (Big Thief), Flying Lotus, Chromeo, Little Dragon, and many more.

According to Billboard, Bandsintown managing partner Fabrice Sergent explains the reasoning behind Bandsintown PLUS’ new business model.

“We thought that there was an opportunity to create a new model to leverage the relationship between the artist and Bandsintown using the data we’ve collected over the past year due to the pandemic. We are trying to create a platform which is really different and unique in its ability to curate an innovative experience build around live shows. No live shows that are prerecorded, but shows that really are live and can include fan Q&A interviews and direct interaction with artists.”

Fabrice Sergent, Bandsintown managing partner (source: Billboard)

Due to the pandemic, the music industry has had to resort to new and peculiar ways to let the shows go on. From live-streamed shows to drive-in concerts, Bandsintown PLUS will provide another outlet for artists and fans to unite. According to the Bandsintown managing partner, artists will also be paid performance fees for playing on their platform.

You can start a free, 7-day trial here:

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Porter Robinson Announces Nurture Release Date

Thu, 01/14/2021 - 08:23

It’s been a chaotic start to 2021, but there’s some amazing news from Porter Robinson. In a recent tweet, he confirmed the official release date of his upcoming album, Nurture.

Porter Robinson announces official release date of Nurture.

If you use Spotify, Apple Music, or Deezer, you can pre-save the album to the playlist of your choosing. Simply click here, and fill out the form. You can select which playlist you’d like to add it to, so you won’t miss out when it’s officially released on January 27.

as of today, Nurture is 100% finished

— porter robinson (@porterrobinson) December 18, 2020

Porter completed Nurture mid-December, and the announcement of a release date only makes us more excited to hear what he has in store. We’ll be impatiently waiting until the end of the month!

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Tiësto Launches AFTR HRS Sessions Mix Series With VER:WEST Mix

Thu, 01/14/2021 - 01:19

Tiësto just revealed something special, as he’s kicking off 2021 as his alias VER:WEST. He’s debuting an episode of AFTR:HRS Sessions, a new mix series on his aftrhrrecords label. This announcement came via his Instagram here, and we can expect some of the freshest melodic techno music. Mark sure to tune in this Friday on YouTube and Soundcloud.

The Dutch icon introduced this moniker to the world at Tomorrowland’s digital festival. The label is chock full of genre titans like Spada, Leftwing: Kody, Jose Amnesia, and more. MOGUAI has a deep edit, while yuma adds a funky, deep house groove. For the freshest beats, follow his channels above for more.

5 Seconds Before Sunrise has been played by Armin van Buuren’s ASOT Top 1000 Countdown. Not to mention, it featured on Benny Benassi’s Welcome to my House NYE 090. Its infectious, deep, luxurious sound is something we can anticipate in his upcoming mix. For me, there is no better sound than the chill, melodic, and deep sides to techno and trance.

Get a feel for what the label is like with Tube & Berger – All I Want (feat Goatchy). This catchy techno track resembles Bob Moses by voice, but with an added electronic flair. We foresee this skillfully curated mix series as another one to add to your list of things to listen to. The best way to learn new music is through this master.

We’ve followed Tiësto over the years and he’s given us masterful big room bangers and killed live performances. He takes us back to the classics with his trance but also hypes up the future with this newest alias. Is there any wonder why he’s been called a ‘world number one DJ’?

As one of the most established producers in time, join VER:WEST in making more history this week!

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Marshmello Announces The Completion of His Next Album

Wed, 01/13/2021 - 20:38

Things are starting to look up in 2021 for Marshmello fans. After teasing the completion of his next album in 2020, it looks like it has officially wrapped up. The Forbes 30 under 30 artist tweeted just days ago that the highly anticipated album has crossed the finished line.

hey my album is done

— marshmello (@marshmellomusic) January 7, 2021

Based on his past three albums (Joyride, Joyride II, and Joyride III), we can expect that this next album will be Joyride IV. Also, we can assume that the artist will be including some big names on the album as well! In the past, Marshmello has worked with Halsey, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, and Juice WRLD.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by marshmello (@marshmellomusic)

Lastly, it would be quite a shock if the album is anything less than amazing. And many fans will hopefully agree. The artist has accomplished and had so much recognition for his work. Marshmello is a part of the top 50 most streamed artists on Spotify. He has successfully surpassed the one billion stream mark. It’s only up from here!

The post Marshmello Announces The Completion of His Next Album appeared first on EDMTunes.

Flux Pavilion Is Taking A Break From Making Dubstep

Wed, 01/13/2021 - 14:26

The artist behind some of the most emblematic dubstep tracks like ‘I Can’t Stop’ and ‘Bass Cannon’, Flux Pavilion, is taking a break from the genre. After a long time as a massively influential character in the scene, he’s decided that it’s time to explore other music genres.

Dubstep loses a huge artist after so many of his amazing tracks have made an impact on the space. Flux Pavilion recently released ‘You & I’ with Kata Kozman and ‘Sink Your Teeth In’ feat. Drowsy before sharing this shocking decision with the fans.

Flux Pavilion dubstep

The British producer and DJ shared his feelings on Twitter. As you can find in the tweets below, the artist stated that he is “no longer a dubstep person”. When addressing his next steps, he mentioned that he has a new album coming out in 10 days. The music industry is quite curious what his next genre will be.

The artist also shared his reason for leaving Dubstep. The artist from the UK said that he simply doesn’t find joy in writing dubstep at this juncture. “Ah I just don’t really enjoy writing it anymore,” he wrote. “I’ve spent 10 years exploring it and now it feels right to move on.”

I am no longer a dubstep person

— fluxpavilion.wav (@Fluxpavilion) January 11, 2021

A bunch of you are asking what's next

Well, I have a new album coming out in 10 days, thats a pretty good start

It marks the end of one adventure and the beginning of another

.wav > .mp3

— fluxpavilion.wav (@Fluxpavilion) January 12, 2021

Flux Pavilion will be remembered as one of the genre’s trailblazers. And who knows – it could be only temporary. We hope that the prestigious bass architect finds the motivation to explore different genres and provide new spectacular tracks.

Flux Pavilion’s new era will start with the release of his highly anticipated sophomore album, .wav. Now that Flux Pavilion is stopping his dubstep sounds, who will fill this gap?

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Joseph Capriati Forgives Father in Latest Update

Wed, 01/13/2021 - 14:23

A few days ago, Joseph Capriati’s agency had issued a short statement reassuring fans that the DJ’s stab wounds were “not life-threatening“. Now, fans can really let out a sigh of relief with an update from Capriati himself.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Joseph Capriati (@josephcapriati)

Posted across his socials, Capriati takes the time to thank “all of you, my relatives, friends, acquaintances, and the many DJs and promoters” for all the affection received over the past few days.

In terms of his health, Capriati shared that he had only just re-gathered the strength to speak this morning. But thankfully, “doctors say that the worst is over now”. This comes after a delicate pneumothroax surgery and blood transfusion at the Sant’Anna e San Sebastiano Hospital in Caserta, Italy.

He continues his heartfelt post with a small request – for “some respect for my father and family”. It’s certainly easy to judge as an outsider, but as Capriati himself has very well said, “I and none of you have the power and duty to judge what happened”.

Perdono mio padre per il folle gesto e prego tanto per lui. Ora penso a guarire. A presto. (“I forgive my dad for the crazy act and pray for him so much. Now I think about getting better. See you soon.”)

Joseph Capriati

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