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Watch The Chainsmokers perform ‘World War Joy’ cuts live from New York City

Latest from Dancing Astronaut - Mon, 06/24/2019 - 06:41

The Chainsmokers continued to flaunt their status as certified crowd pleasers from the TODAY plaza, where the duo convened with some of their recent collaborators to perform for the Today Citi Summer Concert Series. Ty Dolla $ign and bülow joined Drew Taggart to deliver a live rendition of their recent single, “Do You Mean.” The Chainsmokers also linked with Bebe Rexha. The versatile songstress stopped by to vocalize The Chainsmokers’ latest World War Joy offering, “Call You Mine.”

While The Chainsmokers’ set was primarily presently leaning in its focalization of the producers’ newer material, the duo nevertheless issued a nod to a celebrated catalog classic, “Paris.” Today’s 2019 programming touts a number of blockbuster artists, including Aloe Blacc, Lizzo, and OneRepublic, among others, all of whom are slated to perform later this summer. Watch The Chainsmokers’ Today set, here.

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Bonsai & Shades Of Play – Rue Meslay

Latest from Dancing Astronaut - Mon, 06/24/2019 - 05:38
Bonsai & Shades Of Play – Rue MeslayBonsai Press Shot Credit Spawnzone

Berlin-based powerhouse imprint Steyoyoke has inaugurated its Paradigm series, which is dedicated to showcasing the next generation of innovators in the “ethereal techno” arena. The full compilation is filled with forward-thinking pieces, but one in particular stands out to us here at Dancing Astronaut.

It’s “Rue Meslay,” by fresh SoCal talents Bonsai and their collaborator, Shades Of Play. Inspired by the streets of Paris in which Bonsai member Tim Glusko spent time, the tune is moody, and deep, with carefully arranged sound design and twinkling instrumentation. Its undulating analogue synths shoot through the space like rain droplets, further evoking the haunting city atmosphere that helped catalyze the track. It’s near-impossible to not get caught in its wildly hypnotic web.

Bonsai have been working diligently cutting their teeth in the Californian underground circuit, establishing themselves as formidable talents within their niche. Associated closely with Jeremy Olander and the Vivrant brand as well, the duo will be opening for the Swedish icon at his upcoming show in Washington DC on July 11. Get tickets here, and be sure to keep close watch on Bonsai as they ascend the house and techno ranks.

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UK label Hoodrich release collection for SS19

Latest from MixMag - Mon, 06/24/2019 - 05:00

The lifestyle brand’s latest offering remains in-keeping with the brand’s urban UK ethos

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Kiesza reflects on the meaning of ‘Sweet Love’ [Interview]

Latest from Dancing Astronaut - Mon, 06/24/2019 - 04:20
Kiesza reflects on the meaning of ‘Sweet Love’ [Interview]Kiesza Press Shot Credit Rasmus Luckmann

Kiesza became in instant star in 2014 when her impassioned vocal tune “Hideaway” caught America’s ear and became a smash radio hit. Marquee talents rushed to work with her, and soon we saw the rising Canadian talent’s name appearing alongside projects like Skrillex and Diplo’s Jack Ü, Duran Duran, Djemba Djemba, and Bakermat. It’s clear that she’s poised to be an enduring force within the pop and electronic arenas.

Life hasn’t been free of struggle for this singer, however. Before becoming a full-time musician, she knew a life of heavy discipline and grit via training in her home country’s military. Hardship also struck right as she hit her prime, when a terrible car crash left her with a near-career-ending brain injury and no choice to but to take a couple years off to focus on returning to full health and stability. If we know anything, however, it’s that Kiesza is an enduring character—and her unrelenting passion for her craft ultimately translated to an inevitable return to the arts.

“Sweet Love” thus serves as powerful comeback single, and a public expression of Kiesza’s shift in paradigm. Her recent struggles have given way to a different outlook on life and what’s important, and as a result, we see her taking a more stripped-down, raw, and emotive approach to her music making. “Sweet Love” is simultaneously haunting and wistful, allowing her crisp voice to take center stage while subconsciously communicating a hopeful message. It’s interpretive accompanying video is a visual manifestation of this new direction.

We caught up with Kiesza upon her new tune’s release, digging into her new inspirations and direction, her artistic journey, and beyond.

“Sweet Love” is a bit of a change of pace for you sonically. What led you down this direction, and how was the process in choosing a producer/collaborator that could help you realize your vision?

On this next musical chapter, I’m taking my audience on a more expansive musical journey. I came up as a songwriter on the New York music scene, so pushing boundaries with writing and dipping my toe into uncharted genres has always been second nature to me. That’s why I felt it was necessary to go independent for this next leg. I see this as a chance to evolve and expand in so many directions. But don’t worry, there is lots of dance music on the horizon! “Sweet Love” is a special song. I wrote it with the same baritone opera singer that sang with me on the first of my Halloween series, “Phantom of the Dance Floor.” His name is Philippe Sly and I asked him if he would ever be interested in writing a song together. He hesitated at first, but what I love about Phil is that he is so open-minded, and ultimately he just dove right into it with me! My friend Kid Harpoon joined us in the writing room. It was an amazing songwriting session and I have always loved this song. I struggled to put it out while in the major label system, so releasing this is so exciting. It needs to come out of hiding!

When it came to producing “Sweet Love,” it just so happened that while I was in Denmark, I showed the demo to the production duo Namafalcon, and they immediately had ideas that were aligned with my own vision for the song. I always go where the enthusiasm is strong and where the creativity starts to flow. Once we got going, it was effortless, and I love how it turned out.

The lyrical content and the dancing in the music video give off a very nostalgic, “young love” type of tone [in our subjective opinion]. Was this inspired by an early love in your life, or a profound experience where you really felt “love” for the first time?

It’s definitely painted with those emotions, both “young love” and even “forbidden love.” The feeling of already being so deep in, that you know there’s no turning back, while all-the-while trying to reconcile with the sense of underlying risk that comes with it.

Do you feel your sound evolving toward this softer, more sentimental direction or do you think you still might be involved in the dance music sphere as a vocalist in the future?

It’s about to become quite a musical rollercoaster ride, as I’ve been on a rollercoaster myself, both in life and in the industry I’m in. I think by now I’ve felt almost everything there is to feel on some degree. Extreme love, unimaginable loss, the fulfillment of dreams and the rush that comes with it, self confidence, self doubt, winning and then losing, an open road that ran straight into a brick wall, and then the sense of being derailed completely and without warning, followed by the struggle of fighting my way back. I have a lot say now. A lot to express. To vent. But also a lot to be thankful for.

Dancing has always been my medicine, and for this reason I will always continue to write dance music. But now you’re going to have a bigger window into who I am, as the songs unveil themselves. I’m sort of moving in all directions at once I guess…expanding.

You’ve definitely been stepping into your own power artistically as of late. What advice can you offer other young musicians who might be struggling to find themselves or assert themselves in this crazy industry?

True, as difficult as it is to cut through all the noise, it’s ultimately an amazing time to be an independent artist. There are so many avenues and unique pathways for new musicians to share their art with the world. The secret is to just keep at it and be willing to work harder than you ever could imagine. When you feel like giving up, you just keep going. And it’s important to be critical of your own music. That may sound harsh, but no one writes a hit song every day. I write bad ideas all the time. You just have to have the guts to throw your work away when you know it isn’t strong enough. And simplify as much as possible. There’s no getting around hard work. And be willing to adapt as the winds change. Expect the unexpected, and give it right back.

As a songwriter, do you have any particular routines or techniques that help you get the lyrics flowing when working on a project? What do you do when faced with writer’s block?

Movement in general helps stimulate ideas. Going for a walk, or riding a bike. Even taking public transportation helps me come up with ideas, believe it or not. Anything that puts you into a flow state.

Let’s poke a bit more into your past here, as we’re a dance site and we first learned about you through your numerous high profile collaborations. How did you first end up getting involved in this side of the music world, and what methods did you use to get your self out there and get noticed by the likes of Jack Ü, Bakermat, Djemba Djemba, etc?

“Hideaway” was my bridge from the realm of the unknown into the limelight. It was that song that paved the way for all the collaborations that followed. When it comes to collaborations, I just go with what feels right. I usually collaborate with people that resonate.

What is your favorite aspect of the dance music scene in general, and the crossover/pop world you’ve found yourself in more recently?

Dance music brings people together, and it makes people happy. Even if it’s just for a moment, when you’re dancing, you always feel good. You don’t have to think about the things that are weighing you down. In that moment, it’s just complete suspension. The new music I’m releasing knows no boundaries. You’ll never know what’s coming next. Sweet Love is a song that allows me to tell a story. It harkens to that familiar lure of lust becoming love. Sometimes the purpose of a song is to be heard. And some of my music in this upcoming chapter will be those songs. Songs with stories, or messages, where the lyrics matter. I try not to make my dance songs too complicated lyrically, for the simple reason that I myself prefer dance songs to be simple and light hearted, when I’m dancing to them. But I have a lot to say, and the time has come to go deeper. I want to share more of who I am with the world.

Finally, the number one question: what’s coming next down the Kiesza pipeline?

For starters, I have more songs written then I know what to do with. But once I get started, there’s no more stopping. I’m really looking forward to lots of collaborations, and expressing so many different sides of my personality through the upcoming music and performances.

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The Secret DJ launches weekly daytime party in Ibiza

Latest from MixMag - Mon, 06/24/2019 - 02:00

Taking over El Patio every Wednesday from June to October

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Lazenlow Gives A 90’s Spin To Dirty Vegas’ “Days Go By”

Latest from EDM Sauce - Sun, 06/23/2019 - 21:41

Minneapolis duo Lazenlow is back, this time with a “90’s spin on a 00’s classic.” Lazenlow took Dirty Vegas’ hit Dance track “Days Go By” and gave it a Trip Hop twist with a dash of Alternative elements, as well as lowering the tempo. This remix gives “Days Go By” a whole new life and

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Flume Unveils First Mixtape for GØAT Side Project and Teases Something New on June 25th - Sun, 06/23/2019 - 16:03

Flume's goats have released their first mixtape and are teasing something new this week.

After sending fans into a frenzy of conspiracy theories and wild speculation, Flume and his goats have finally unveiled the next chapter in their careers. 

Recently uploaded to Soundcloud is the first mixtape from GØAT titled GØAT TAPE V1. The five-track EP features an experimental sound akin to his latest release Hi, This is Flume

View the original article to see embedded media.

Back in May, Flume (real name Harley Edward Streten) posted a picture of himself and some goat friends at a Renaissance Faire event and tagged the goats' Instagram profiles with the names @totesmgoats1@cutegoatguyyy, and @hayfanatic69

While browsing the three accounts, one can find the link to GØAT TAPE V1 which has since been added to Apple MusicSpotify, and more.  On the hayfanatic69 account, there's a teaser for something coming on June 25th. It's not clear if this is a new EP, track, or just something goat related. 

A couple of weeks back, Flume released his collaboration with London Grammar, "Let You Know," after teasing the release on Twitter. 

At the time of writing, neither Flume nor his goats have provided any additional information on June 25th's release.

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Holy Ship! Wrecked Addresses Safety Procedures Amidst Dominican Republic Deaths - Sun, 06/23/2019 - 15:55

Holy Ship! Wrecked released a lengthy statement on safety procedures after reports of mysterious deaths and illnesses in the Dominican Republic came to light.

With news about mysterious illnesses and deaths occurring in the Dominican Republic dominating the national news channels, Holy Ship! Wrecked released a statement on how they intend to keep attendees safe.

As posted on the official Holy Ship! Wrecked website: 

"A seasoned event staff will be present 24 hours a day during Holy Ship! Wrecked, including an experienced U.S. safety & medical team that will be patrolling the concert areas, public areas, lobbies, and resort grounds. You can easily identify them by their red shirts. This safety team operates in conjunction with hotel security and a reputable local security team that has worked a number of concert events in the Dominican Republic. Additionally, all Hard Rock properties have security cameras installed in public areas and hallways for your safety. Hard Rock Punta Cana sources their products from licensed suppliers who comply with the highest standards. All beer, wine, and liquor that enters the hotel is required to have the proper codes, seals, and stamps.

Remember that any time there are large groups of people staying in close quarters, it is more important than ever to wash hands, get adequate rest, maintain prescribed medications on schedule, stay hydrated, and not over-indulge. Sometimes these cardinal principles are forgotten while vacationing.

Over 6 million tourists visit the Dominican Republic each year; it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Caribbean. Similarly, Hard Rock Punta Cana has successfully hosted countless events and hundreds of thousands of guest—including members of our event team—over the past 8 years. Nonetheless, we all know that things can happen anywhere and people can get sick; international travel in emerging countries is no exception. We will continue to monitor this situation closely as additional information becomes available based on facts we obtain from official sources."

Also included on the website is a statement from the Hard Rock Punta Cana (this year's venue) and travel information from the U.S State Department alongside the Dominican Republic ambassador and a former CIA agent. The entire statement to attendees is available here.

Holy Ship! Wrecked takes place January 22nd-26th at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Punta Cana. The lineup is slated for a release sometime this month. Pre-booking for the event has begun, you can pre-book your room here.

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Jauz Teases Upcoming House Project and Two New Songs - Sun, 06/23/2019 - 15:44

The eclectic bass producer Jauz may be up to something house related next month.

Eclectic bass music producer Jauz teased a house project which may be slated for a July release. The producer proclaimed: "July is for HOUSE MUSIC" and teased something new as well as two new songs that he claims are some of his favorites in a long time. 

Fans and peers of Jauz (real name Sam Vogel) expressed their excitement, with some speculating a new album and others a new side project entirely. It's unclear whether or not the two songs mentioned in his tweet are related to the house project.

Earlier in the month, Jauz teamed up with Axel Boy for a bass-heavy track titled "I Dare You," which came out on the former artist's label, Bite This. In addition to the Axel Boy collab, fans were treated to the official release of the Jauz remix of Pinkfong's viral sensation "Baby Shark."

At the time of writing, Jauz has not provided any additional information on his potential house project or confirmed any release dates.



UPDATE: The GØAT Is Most Definitely Not Flume

Latest from Your EDM - Sun, 06/23/2019 - 15:20

Days ago, a mysterious upload from GØAT popped up on SoundCloud, revealing a new project with five new songs. After tracking the associated account back to a social media post from Flume, the real GOAT aka “Greatest of All Time,” we mistakenly believed the producer was in some way involved with the project.

As Redditor u/JonathanRaue has pointed out, three accounts were actually made up on the spot for Flume’s caption and fans immediately swooped in to take the handles. Since then, the fake accounts have come into their own and gained moderate attention, clearly riding the coattails of Flume’s post. One “goat” went as far to use the artificial shoutout for his own self-promotion.

Rather intentionally, this GØAT promoted and self-released five tracks that mimic a Flume-like sound, offered in a collection called GØAT TAPE V1. One track in particular, “SHIFTING” had us fooled for a moment. The plan worked.

Anyways, we were careful to use words and phrases like “seemingly” and “we have reason to believe” when reporting on this mysterious mixtape — but perhaps not careful enough.

Shoutout to u/JonathanRaue for clearing this up via r/Flume. Read on below.


This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: UPDATE: The GØAT Is Most Definitely Not Flume

Avicii’s ‘TIM’ LP soars to No. 1 on Billboard’s dance music chart

Latest from Dancing Astronaut - Sun, 06/23/2019 - 14:15
Avicii’s ‘TIM’ LP soars to No. 1 on Billboard’s dance music chartAVICII TIM

It’s been just a little more than a year since Avicii, known by friends and family as Tim Bergling, passed away, but the Swedish producer continues to make his mark on fans worldwide as his third full-length album, TIM, reaches the summit of Billboard’s Top Electronic/Dance albums.

Following in the footsteps of 2013’s True and 2015’s Stories, TIM is Avicii’s third LP to hit No. 1 on the US dance music charts, and with good reason. The rave DJ-turned-Grammy-nominated producer always had a knack for writing arrestingly heartwarming melodies, but Bergling’s maturation as a musician also came with a great deal of respect and appreciation for his peers, particularly singer-songwriters. True to character, TIM is 12 tracks deep and presents just as many collaborations, incorporating talent from industry goliaths like Imagine Dragons and Aloe Blacc.  

The success of TIM isn’t just a celebration of the life and music of Avicii, but a testament to his values as a creator. With all of the album’s proceeds going to the Tim Bergling Foundation and further remixes from fellow legends like Tiësto, it’s clear that the beloved Swedish producer’s legacy won’t fade into darkness anytime soon.

TIM was released on June 5 and can be purchased here.

H/T: Billboard

Splash House announces stacked August lineup

Latest from Dancing Astronaut - Sun, 06/23/2019 - 14:12
Splash House announces stacked August lineup2019 SplashHouse June 109934

On the heels of another successful June edition, Splash House just dropped a huge lineup for August. Across three days and three resorts, DJs from multiple facets of dance music will provide an exquisite summer soundtrack.

Topping the bill are Dirtybird boss Claude VonStroke, symphonic house maestro Lane 8, and a special DJ set from Toro y Moi, among others. Some standouts from the rest of the roster are the Eric Prydz prodigy Cristoph and Pat Lok who will surely deliver a set full of diverse vibes.

As always, the party continues into the night all three days at the Palm Springs Air Museum with Hot Since 82, Mark Knight, and Walker & Royce slated to headline throughout the weekend. Check the full August lineup for Splash House below.

Splash House announces stacked August lineupSplash House Poster Lineup Billboard 1240

Relive our top five favorite moments thus far throughout Hardwell’s career

Latest from Dancing Astronaut - Sun, 06/23/2019 - 14:11
Relive our top five favorite moments thus far throughout Hardwell’s careerUmfeu18b 124

Since his inaugural debut production dating back to 2008, Hardwell has unequivocally cemented himself among an extremely select class of industry A-listers. The Dutchman initially drew electronic dance music fans in via heart-pounding and dynamic live performances at some of the planet’s most renowned music festivals. He’s since been extensively credited as one of the forefront pioneers of the bigroom house genre with not only his own music, but his main stage appearances where he incorporates never-before-heard creations from a multitude of artists.

Hardwell stunned the dance music world in early Spetember 2018 with the announcement that he would be taking an indefinite leave of absence from touring life in order to focus on his health and personal endeavors. The message arrived as a bittersweet moment, but fans were more than understanding and respected his decision—especially following the passing of Avicii earlier in the year after he faced extensive mental health obstacles.

While Hardwell continues to spend his much-needed and well-deserved off period in his hometown of Breda, we endlessly reminisce about the historic occasions of his mind-numbing mainstage appearances throughout each and every festival season. During the final performance at his Symphony event at Amsterdam Dance Event alongside the Metropole Orkest, Hardwell addressed the Dutch crowd with a tear-jerking farewell speech that concluded with “I will be back!” To hold us over until that eventual day does arrive, we attempted reduce his illustrious DJ tenture into just five of his most distinguished moments.

Sunset Performance at Ultra Music Festival 2013

Hardwell’s performance at Ultra Music Festival in 2013, which Dancing Astronaut labeled as ‘the unanimous fan favorite set‘ immediately following, is widely regarded as the irrefutable starting point in the mainstream bigroom house movement. The nearly one-hour set held in the midst of downtown Miami, that ignited during a breathtaking spring break sunset, was only the DJ’s second appearance at the iconic dance music festival. Hardwell experimented with a 20-song tracklist that contained productions that would soon convert into an abundance of dance music’s most nostalgic anthems. Introducing the Miami audience to an orchestral rendition of his timeless single, “Spaceman“, Hardwell did let up in the slightest, unleashing Sebastian Ingrosso and Alesso’s Calling“, his collaboration “Jumper” with W&W and even had Dyro join him on stage for the premiere of “Never Say Goodbye“.

Return to Tomorrowland in 2018

One of the summer’s most anticipated performances calendar after calendar has been Hardwell’s return to Boom, Belgium, where he stood atop Tomorrowland’s mainstage and delivered a full 60 minutes of fast-paced bigroom. After a two-year hiatus from the renowned international festival, Hardwell officially reappeared on the event’s headliner billing to close Tomorrowland’s preeminent structure during the first evening of weekend one. Commencing with an aptly-crafted introductory edit and bootleg of Eminem’s “Without Me”, Hardwell delivered fan-favorite after fan favorite with his still unreleased “Old School ID”, a flawless mashup of “One Kiss” vs. “Bigroom Never Dies” and an impassioned grand finale featuring Ran-D’s “Zombie”. The moment of the performance that caught everyone’s attention, however, was when Hardwell reached for the mic to unveil the official follow up to his 2012 smash hit “Apollo” with “Being Alive“.

Historic 2017 Sophomore Edition of Hardwell’s Biggest Guestlist Festival

In December of 2015, Hardwell brought an astounding 80,000 fans together for one special event in Mumbai, India for his inaugural ‘World’s Biggest Guestlist Festival’. After an immensely successful first edition alongside the non-profit company Magic Bus to benefit underprivileged children, Hardwell took aim at shattering the first-year’s fundraising mark with the help of W&W, Kill the Buzz and much more. Hardwell delivered a near two-hour performance in front of more than 75,000 fans, playing out some of his most revered edits and mashups and a handful of unreleased productions including his hardstyle collaboration with Wildstylez, “Shine A Light”. The event was able to secure enough donations for more than 100,000 Indian children, who were at the receiving end of the charity’s education initiatives.

First Major Festival Appearance As DJ Mag Top 100’s #1 DJ

Hardwell was awarded with what would be his first of two titles as the number one DJ according to DJ Mag’s fan-voted Top 100 poll in October 2013. Excluding his celebratory performance at Amsterdam Music Festival following the vote reveal, Hardwell’s presence at Ultra Music Festival in 2014 marked the Dutchman’s inaugural major festival performance as defending champion. Clocking in at just over an hour, the display in downtown Miami has been widely lauded as one of, if not, the lone greatest performance of Hardwell’s extensive tenure. Opening with an unreleased cinematic introduction, which would later be known as “Eclipse“, Hardwell unleashed ID after ID in tandem with the unveiling of his remix for Armin van Buuren’s “Ping Pong”, Audien’s remix of “Pompeii” along with a closing hardstyle edit of “Spaceman” and Blasterjaxx and W&W’s “Rocket“.

Final Performance With Metropole Orkest Before Hiatus

After disclosing his impending retirement plans from the DJ world, Hardwell noted that his all-ages event during Amsterdam Dance Event alongside the Grammy-nominated Metropole Orkest would mark his official concluding performance. Through the help of the 52-person orchestra, Hardwell navigated through 30 years of dance music, taking attendees on a nostalgic adventure with the most recognizable productions in mankind. Beginning with early 1980s classics such as Eurythmics’ “Sweet Dreams” and Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”, Hardwell led the journey towards modern hits such as Avicii’s “Levels” and his collaboration with the Metropole Orkest known as “Conquerers“. The celebration of music finished with the aforementioned speech from the Revealed Recordings boss where he stood in front of a crowd chanting his name and thanked them for being there with him before teasing his inevitable comeback.

Featured image: Rukes

Kaskade Remixes Jennifer Lopez for Dance-Pop Crossover “Medicine” [LISTEN]

Latest from Your EDM - Sun, 06/23/2019 - 13:01

Kaskade is a master when it comes to remixing — and this time around, it’s pop diva Jennifer Lopez who’s getting his dance infused treatment.

Decades into the game, J-Lo stays putting out fresh new music. Her latest, “Medicine” is rather addictive in nature, but then again her music has always been that way. Just begging for a remix, the new single sounds even more amazing with Kaskade’s energy behind it.

Kaskade is extremely consistent with releases, both with dance tracks and pop crossovers. Just recently he collaborated with Meghan Trainor on their song “With You” — and he’s keeping ‘em coming.

Listen to “Medicine” right here, as the  sounds of Jennifer Lopez and Kaskade collide. We can certainly dig it.

Jennifer Lopez – “Medicine” (Kaskade Remix)

This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Kaskade Remixes Jennifer Lopez for Dance-Pop Crossover “Medicine” [LISTEN]

The Warehouse Project might have revealed its new home for 2019

Latest from MixMag - Sat, 06/22/2019 - 19:00

The promoter left its former Store Street site last year

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Wynn Nightlife Teaser Starts New Rumors Of Swedish House Mafia In Vegas

Latest from Your EDM - Sat, 06/22/2019 - 18:01

Earlier this month, Steve Angello and Sebastian Ingrosso, two members of Swedish House Mafia, were booked to perform at XS Nightclub together. Ingrosso never ended up performing that night, and the group cancelled their performance at Ultra Korea the next day.

Now, however, a new teaser from Wynn Nightlife, owners of XS, has fans buzzing once again.

The video teaser suggests a new resident DJ/act performing at the nightclub on June 25. There’s no name or even discernible music to go by. That being said, the style of the video and font of the text, especially when the date flashes, match precisely with the branding that the Swedish group has been pushing — big blocky letters, white text on black background, etc.

With the failed Angello and Ingrosso show now behind them, it’s possible Wynn is looking to make up for it with something even bigger. All things taken into account though, it’s still just a rumor at this point.

Check out the teaser and decide for yourself if it’s worth the trip this coming Tuesday. It’s unclear if the show will be at XS or Encore — neither club has any event shown for this Tuesday on their official calendars.

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A post shared by Wynn Nightlife (@wynnnightlife) on Jun 19, 2019 at 12:00pm PDT


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This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Wynn Nightlife Teaser Starts New Rumors Of Swedish House Mafia In Vegas

Eric Prydz Releases First Volume of Three-Part EP Under Pryda Alias - Sat, 06/22/2019 - 17:15

Longtime Pryda fans rejoice!

Eric Prydz has released the first EP of a three-part series under his Pryda alias.

Entitled Pryda 15, the goal of the three-part series is to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Prydz' Pryda alias. With the focus of the EP to be more club-friendly tunes, Prydz has simply hit the nail on the head with this one. 

Fans of Prydz will be over the moon as this six-track EP brings warm, robust beats alongside captivating melodies. Expect to hear a number of long-awaited IDs within the next two volumes as well as plenty of new tunes from the house music legend. Volumes two and three release in July and August, respectively.

Prydz has positioned himself at the forefront of progressive house and consistently delivered immaculately produced works. The platinum-selling producer continually impresses fans, notably with the release of his 2016 debut album Opus. The awe doesn't stop at his music, as his live shows are one of a kind. Prydz has stunned crowds across the world with his EPIC and HOLO stages. The Sweden-born producer also manages to maintain two other highly successful aliases: Pryda and Cirez D



Dash Berlin Members Make Amends, Sutorius Returns to Take Over Project - Sat, 06/22/2019 - 16:59

Both Kalberg and Moljin will continue on to pursue other musical endeavors.

After a dramatic split in 2018, Dash Berlin has seemingly settled their differences, according to a recent press release. 

Last year, Jeffrey Sutorius announced his departure from Dash Berlin after seemingly being cut out of the group. Sutorius went on to start a solo project, releasing a single entitled "Bad Days" in early 2019. As the longtime frontman of Dash Berlin, the project was then left to Eelke Kalberg and Sebastiaan Molijn. However, their recent press release puts an end to the feud between the trio. Furthermore, the press release highlights that both Kalberg and Molijin will be pursuing "exciting new musical projects" in the future. 

Read the full statement below:

Dear friends, fans, promoters & press,

We are happy to announce that after a pretty challenging time for all of us, we succeeded in overcoming our differences and misunderstandings. At the end of the day, good communication is everything. After a sensational rollercoaster journey of more than 10 years with many highlights, we all have come to the conclusion that the chemistry between us is gone and that it is time for a change.

We all now look forward to a new chapter. Jeffrey Sutorius will set forth the legacy of Dash Berlin within his own vision. Founding members and music producers Sebastiaan Molijn and Eelke Kalberg together with Vanderkleij Agency have decided to end their part in the Dash Berlin project to focus on exciting new musical projects.

We all wish each other nothing but good vibes and success.
We thank everybody for the ongoing support.

Follow Dash Berlin:


Estates of Tupac, Tom Petty & More File Class-Action Lawsuit Against Universal

Latest from Your EDM - Sat, 06/22/2019 - 16:00

Universal Music Group is under some serious heat following a 2008 warehouse fire that destroyed many legendary music recordings. According to a new lawsuit, UMG failed to report the extent of the damage caused by the blaze.

The full extent is absolutely devastating. Apparently there were upwards of 500,000 master recordings ruined in the warehouse fire, gone forever. According to the New York Times, among the prospected recordings were the original masters to Nirvana’s Nevermind; “almost all” of Buddy Holly’s masters; most of John Coltrane’s Impulse Records releases; an original master of Etta James’ “At Last”; as well as releases from R.E.M., The Roots, and Steely Dan.

Many artists didn’t even know their recordings were gone until the New York Times reported the extent of the fire’s damage two weeks ago. Hence, the new class action lawsuit headed by a handful of big name musicians.

Hole, Soundgarden, Steve Earle, and the estates of Tupac Shakur and Tom Petty are plaintiffs in the lawsuit against UMG. They are collectively seeking at least $100 million in damages.

The lawsuit accuses Universal of “breaching its contracts with artists by failing to properly protect the tapes.” It continues, “Universal had a duty to share any income received as settlements from the fire, including an insurance payment.”

Universal, on the other hand, says the article from the Times contains “numerous inaccuracies, misleading statements, contradictions and fundamental misunderstandings of the scope of the incident and affected assets.”

Universal has since released an official statement:

“Music preservation is of the highest priority for us and we are proud of our track record. While there are constraints preventing us from publicly addressing some of the details of the fire that occurred at NBCUniversal Studios facility more than a decade ago, the incident – while deeply unfortunate – never affected the availability of the commercially released music nor impacted artists’ compensation.”


H/T: Consequence of Sound, Source: New York Times | Photo via pinguino k, courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Estates of Tupac, Tom Petty & More File Class-Action Lawsuit Against Universal

Excision and Dion Timmer Release Long-Awaited Collaborative EP, Breaking Through - Sat, 06/22/2019 - 15:45

Excision and Dion Timmer truly delivered with this one.

Following the release of "Bones" earlier this week, Excision (real name Jeff Abel) and Dion Timmer have dropped their highly anticipated collaborative EP, Breaking Through.

Absolute madness front to back, the four-track EP is exactly what fans of both artists have been craving. Kicking things off with the high-octane namesake track "Breaking Through," things stay heavy as the EP moves onto "Proceed With Caution" featuring Shiverz. Abel and Timmer switch things up a bit on "Time Stood Still," incorporating a haunting vocal sample alongside a melodic-yet-heavy drop. The pair round things off with "Bones," using a digitized vocal sample to bait listeners into another neck-breaking drop.

Abel is an artist that needs no introduction. The dubstep pioneer has revolutionized the dance music scene in a number of ways, most notably hosting one of the biggest bass music festivals in the world, Lost Lands. His recent releases include his fourth album, Apex, as well as two massively successful singles from the album, "Gold (Stupid Love)" with Illenium and "Rumble" with Space Laces.

Since partnering with Abel early on in his career, Timmer has made himself known in the dance music scene. The young talent has recently released a number of popular singles, such as "Internet Boy" featuring Micah Martin and "Leave" featuring Luma as well as his Very Extra EP. Timmer has also found himself partnering with huge names in the dance music industry, like Zeds Dead on their collab "Rescue" and Dubloadz on their joint effort "Neon Phantom."







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