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So Dope is back to take the ‘Crown’

Latest from Dancing Astronaut - 47 min 24 sec ago
So Dope is back to take the ‘Crown’So Dope Press Image

On his first production of 2021, So Dope is dead set on defending the throne—and the “Crown.”

After a statement-making opening to the new decade that saw So Dope drop off four originals, “Concrete,” “Soundbwoy,” “Ride or Die,” and “Waiting 4 U,” the New Yorker is kickstarting another year of music with “Crown.” As longer-term So Dope listeners will note, “Crown” channels the reggae influence that colored May 2020’s “Soundbwoy,” and similarly does so with a dubstep twist. Fans of So Dope’s former release can consider “Crown” a complementary companion cut meanwhile those who enjoy “Crown” but have not been exposed to “Soundbwoy” now know where to head next.

On “Crown,” distributed via JustUs Recs., So Dope breaks out his black belt in crowd incitement. Though the mosh pit-inducing power of the dynamo’s most recent material has yet to be realized, it’s not a characteristic that comes with an expiration date, meaning that its first moment of live play out will be a memorable one, to say the least. Stream below.

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Find the Best Electronic Dance Music Companies

Latest from One EDM - 1 hour 18 min ago

There is a new form of DJ and electronic dance music that is taking the world by storm. The sound of hip hop and techno beats combined with Latin percussion has made it a hit for those looking for a more energetic, fun way to enjoy themselves on dance floors. While there are several well-known …

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Mat Cipher Discusses “Sand Toy” in Interview

Latest from One EDM - 1 hour 29 min ago

Rising producer Mat Cipher unveils the soothing and uplifting “Sand Toy” alongside a music video. Mat Cipher taps into the organic side of production, opting for lovely guitar strums and low-key beats to piece together a vibrant track. The artist freely grasps the souls of listeners with his light hand in production, providing a moving …

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“There It Is” Returns With Vibrant ‘Pyramid Scheme Vol. II’

Latest from One EDM - 1 hour 42 min ago

2020 brought the electronic music world many unknowns.  In a universe without nightclubs and festivals, EDM fans had to turn to streaming services to get their rave fix. This led to the discovery of some incredible new artists that might have been overlooked if we weren’t all sitting at home digging for new tracks, including …

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Tommy Trash Drops hau5trap Debut Track, ‘hiiigh’

Latest from EDMTunes - 2 hours 43 min ago

Tommy Trash is back with ‘hiiigh‘, the first ever release on hau5trap, a house music label newly launched by deadmau5. Featuring the vocals of Daisy Guttridge, ‘hiiigh’ is catchy and exudes high energy. Guttridge and Tommy previously collaborated on ‘Oxygen‘, and are back again with a house sound and a riveting new track.

Tommy Trash notes his inspiration for the track:

“Two years ago I took some time out to recharge and refocus my life. I had been through some crazy times, and was dealing with some stuff that had really screwed with my mojo. I ended up heading to South America to do some Ayahuasca ceremonies. Life changing would be an understatement, to say the least. Aya really opened up my perception to a wider state of being and helped me refocus my life. This track is a reflection of that moment in time – an ode to the process of rediscovery.” 

Tommy Trash

The Australian DJ and producer also previously collaborated with deadmau5. These previous collaborations led to the decision to have Tommy’s new track be the first release on hau5trap. In a press release, deadmau5 noted:

Tommy Trash remixed my ‘Bridged By a Lightwave’ and ‘The Veldt’ tracks, so I’m happy to have him be the first artist to release on hau5trap.

deadmau5 in a press release

‘hiiigh’ is definitely worth checking out, and sets the stage for what’s to come with hau5trap. We’re impressed and excited to see what is next.

You can listen to ‘hiiigh’ below!

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NGHTMRE & KLAXX’s Collaboration ‘Falling’ is Out Now

Latest from EDMTunes - 3 hours 34 min ago

A very special collaboration between NGHTMRE and KLAXX dropped on March 5th. ‘Falling’ marks the first release of 2021 for the co-founder of Gud Vibrations. However, KLAXX already worked with yetep on the recent Broken EP.

KLAXX’s debut release was a remix for NGHTMRE’s song ‘Holdin’ On To Me’. Fast forward five years later and they have the chance to work with the label’s boss on an original. Over the years, they have had track support from the likes of SLANDER, Jauz, Zeds Dead and Habstrakt, just to name a few. Their Insomniac bio describes very well what the duo is all about:

“With their diverse sound of heavy basses, manipulation of sound, and melodic vibes, KLAXX sets themselves apart from any other artist in the industry right now. With several releases coming in the new year, KLAXX does not plan to stop.”

On the other side, NGHTMRE, as we all know, is very well established. The most amazing thing is that he continues to surprise us with uniqueness in his productions and ‘Falling’ is no different.

Last Valentine’s Day, the producer had his own three-day Park ‘N Rave. During the three days’ performances, NGHTMRE showed around nine unreleased tracks and ‘Falling’ was one of them.

You can stream ‘Falling’ below.

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Kaskade completes Rocket League-commissioned ‘Reset’ EP with ‘Miles To Go’ featuring Ella Vos

Latest from Dancing Astronaut - 6 hours 7 min ago
Kaskade completes Rocket League-commissioned ‘Reset’ EP with ‘Miles To Go’ featuring Ella VosKaskade

Kaskade has released the final single from Reset, his first EP of the year and first-ever EP to be released via Monstercat. Reset‘s finale, “Miles To Go,” features Ella Vos and showcases Kaskade’s emotive side with nostalgic house notes that fuse with Vos’s dreamy vocals. The serene soundscape instills a sense of calm, proving the perfect final touch to the four-track EP.

Reset has been produced in collaboration with Rocket League for the game’s music-themed second season. Of note, Kaskade is the first artist that Rocket League aligned with for an entire season. Kaskade discussed the partnership in an official release, stating,

“Working with Rocket League as the first artist to conceptualize and create music for an entire season of their game was such an honor, and I also knew I couldn’t mess it up…gamers take their music and sonic landscapes very seriously. So while I felt a little pressure, it was mostly just an amazing time to pull together songs that could really go along with the various moods that we go through while immersed in a game like Rocket League. They’re finally all getting a release together on the Reset EP which will include my final song, ‘Miles to Go’ with Ella Vos, so the entire experience can be found in one place.”

The single arrives via Monstercat Silk, the label’s third brand, forged after Monstercat’s recent acquisition of Silk Music, a leading progressive and deep house label. Over the past three years, Monstercat has provided the soundtrack to Rocket League with more than 100 songs.

Featured image: Mark Owens

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um..’s distinctive flair is on full display on ‘Spooky’

Latest from Dancing Astronaut - 6 hours 18 min ago
um..’s distinctive flair is on full display on ‘Spooky’Um..

Over the past few years, Ben Bruce and Dylan Gold—known collectively as um..—have been motivated by the following belief: their approach to electronic production is novel—antithetical even—to the established sounds in the dance space. “We don’t want to follow an abused and over saturated path devoid of any creativity or evolution. We have found a direction that is new, fun and creatively unique,” they’ve stated. After formally making their acquaintance with the industry in 2015 through their Pay Attention EP, Bruce and Gold, whose paths crossed at Icon Collective, have been on a compelling quest to exemplify just what they’ve claimed.

“Spooky,” which doubles as their latest single and their sophomore one-off of the calendar year, further strengthens this initiative, bringing bass-fluent boldness to its distributor, dotdot. The rumbling Halloween referent would readily nestle in one of RL Grime‘s Halloween” mix tracklists, but presently adds a touch of crepuscular quirkiness to streaming platforms. Overall, “Spooky” serves as an enticing first taste of um.. style for those unfamiliar with Bruce and Gold’s roving co-initiative, The single invites listeners who’ve not further explored um..’s catalog to get right down to it. And, with Deadbeats and Wakaan among the labels to welcome um..’s efforts, the duo doesn’t come without a substantial co-sign—though this is apparent with just one stream below.

Featured image: um../Facebook

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CharlestheFirst Delivers Complex, Experimental Bass with “SOLUS” LP via Label w/ No Name [LISTEN]

Latest from Your EDM - 6 hours 25 min ago

After three years since his last full-length album, CharlestheFirst returns with his third album, SOLUS. The body of work is a release through Label w/ No Name, which also hosts CharlestheFirst’s 2018 album, Ascent.

Across 13 tracks the album manages to remain cohesive while maintaining diversity in sounds and emotion. SOLUS features deep dub, psychedelic, glitchy, atmospheric and sometimes eerie bass, while expanding on the hip-hop influence found in previous CharlestheFirst works.

The low frequencies of deep dub are most prominent in “Foreboding Feeling,” featuring California-based producer Potions, who was also featured on the Ascent album. “Fleeting Memories” features dreamy and glitchy bass with subtle breakbeats and a healthy dose of bass in the latter half of the song.

But the true standouts from SOLUS are its R&B vocal-driven tracks like “Figured U Out” and “For Now.” This seems to be a natural progression for CharlestheFirst, whose music has long been influenced by hip-hop. While some previous CTF songs featured limited vocals, this album makes space for lyrics in a way that we haven’t yet seen from CharlestheFirst.

Alongside the bass-heavy moments like those in “Prophecy,” and “Undoing,” featuring kLL sMTH, SOLUS offers intimate moments in “For Now” and (a personal favorite) “Figured U Out.”

CharlestheFirst takes to Instagram to share a message about the vulnerability behind the work, saying:

so·lus / ˈsōləs /
Alone or unaccompanied (used especially as a stage direction)

This is a story of the lone journey, a pilgrimage to places previously unknown. A time of challenges that represent growth, and finally looking ones true self in the mirror. A story of solitude. A story of sunrises seen and felt. A story of holding onto love and letting love go. This is Solus, a gift from me to you. I am ecstatic to finally release this body of work, I hope you enjoy ????

Listen to the CharlestheFirst’s journey in sound here.

CharlestheFirst – SOLUS

Photo credit: Maya Tihtiyas

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Skrillex, James Blake, Nile Rodgers, & More To Feature On Starrah’s Debut Album

Latest from Your EDM - 6 hours 31 min ago

Those holding their breath for the next solo Skrillex release are surely almost out of air, but some good news for those who want even a sip of fresh oxygen as Starrah has announced her debut album, The Longest Interlude, is due out March 17.

In sharing news of the album, Starrah tagged a number of artists who will be featured or have produced something on the album, including Skrillex, James Blake, Nile Rodgers, Boi 1DA, and more. This will be Starrah’s first album, so it’s impressive the amount of huge names that she’s amassed for her first outing.

According to, Starrah and Skrillex have at least a couple of unreleased IDs tucked away that could be on the album, including a pop track called “Twenty4,” as well as “El Dorado,” one that fans have been clamoring for since the producer shared a clip of him playing it out in his studio.

Keep an eye out for this to drop in just under 2 weeks!


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Photo via Marilyn Hue

This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Skrillex, James Blake, Nile Rodgers, & More To Feature On Starrah’s Debut Album is Back—But With a Twist - 8 hours 25 min ago

There is more than one reboot gearing up for launch.

Fans of social music platform despaired when the app was shuttered in 2013. Despite being active for only two-and-a-half years, the app developed a cult-like following, prompting many calls and petitions to bring the platform back in the years since.

Today, those calls were answered two-fold, as is poised to make a comeback and a new platform,, is readying its own launch. The two platforms seem to have the same core format, allowing users to create their own rooms and perform for digital audiences. However, will be introducing a subscription-based pricing model. 

Considering the founders of the original site cited an inability to monetize the platform at a pace capable of offsetting their costs at the time, perhaps a subscription will mitigate some of's risk. 

As for the new, while screenshots suggest that it seems vastly unchanged from how we left it in 2013, the platform is currently password-protected. However, there's a silver lining, as the welcome page poses a challenge we intend to answer immediately. "Join the waitlist," the page reads. "Email your favorite song to, and if it's good, we'll let you in."

Source: The Verge 

Burning Man is Exploring New Sustainability Solutions on Fly Ranch Property - 8 hours 31 min ago

Burning Man devotees are turning sustainable systems into art, an effort that will support the organization's ambitious 2030 sustainability goals.

A 3,800 acre property located in Nevada's Great Basin may hold secrets as to what the future of Burning Man could look like.

Known as Fly Ranch, the property was purchased in 2016 by several high-profile donors for $6.5M. "The individuals that contributed funding for the purchase have one thing in common: they have been deeply moved and changed by their involvement in Burning Man, and they are invested in the future of this culture,” a journal published by the organization states

So what exactly will await at Fly Ranch? Burning Man Project and the Land Art Generator Initiative set out to find the answer by launching the LAGI 2020 Fly Ranch design challenge. The ask was for entrants to turn sustainable systems into works of art. Submissions included creative energy infrastructure solutions, water reclamation, permaculture food forests, and much more. Hundreds of submissions were considered, and ultimately ten entrants were picked to receive grants to build their prototypes on site.

The work at Fly Ranch is expected to assist the broader Burning Man community in achieving its 2030 sustainability goals. In Burning Man's sustainability roadmap, published in 2019, the organization lays out their framework for ultimately achieving carbon negativity within the next decade.

Source: Forbes

New York to Resume Limited Capacity Concerts in April 2021 - 8 hours 34 min ago

Nearly a year after COVID-19 lockdowns began, New York's arts sector may start to see some semblance of normalcy.

Governor Andrew Cuomo is ready to relax restrictions on gatherings in New York, a decision that will allow for live performances to once again resume in the state, effective April 2nd.

At a recent news conference, Cuomo stated that venues will be able to reopen at limited capacity. Gatherings will be limited to operating at 33% capacit, and will include a cap of 100 patrons indoors or 200 for outdoor events. The limits will be extended to 150 patrons indoors or 500 for outdoor events if all attendees provide negative tests prior to entering the events. Upon reopening, attendees will be expected to continue social distancing and wearing masks, according to The New York Times.

In response, Actors’ Equity Association, a labor union representing actors and stage managers in the performing arts space, called on the Governor to prioritize getting workers in the arts vaccinated in order for them to safely return to work. 

While the news signals the worst chapters of the pandemic may be over, some business owners are assessing how much financial sense it will make to reopen at limited capacity given the cost of paying performers. Furthermore, accounting for appropriate social distancing space indoors may put additional restrictions on the number of patrons smaller venues can reasonably expect to hold in the near term.

Source: The New York Times

Skrillex, James Blake, More to Appear on Starrah's Forthcoming Album - 8 hours 39 min ago

Starrah's album will feature new music from Skrillex, ensuring at least one of two coveted unreleased collaborations will finally see the light of day.

After releasing her debut solo lead single "How It Goes" late last year, Starrah is prepping for another new chapter with the release of her debut album. 

Due out this month, The Longest Interlude will feature an impressive list of collaborators. Taking her announcement to Instagram, the songstress tagged Nile Rodgers, James Blake, and Skrillex, among other renowned artists. 

The announcement of Skrillex in particular has piqued the attention of many in the electronic music community, as there are at least two unreleased IDs that we know of between the two artists. The first is "Twenty4," a track Skrillex first played in 2018. The consensus is that—due to stylistic reasons—the dance-pop track is most likely the one to be included on Starrah's forthcoming effort.

However, the announcement has fans somewhat on edge as many are holding out hope that "El Dorado," a separate collaboration between Skrillex and Starrah, will be the song that gets dropped. Since first playing out the unreleased track in his studio last year, it has gained something of a diehard following, and is perhaps one of Skrillex's most hotly anticipated unreleased songs at the moment.

Either way, fans won't have to wait long to find out as Starrah's The Longest Interlude is slated to arrive on March 17th, 2021.

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Epsilon XI Unveils Nostalgic 7-Track Album, "Borderlands" - 8 hours 50 min ago

He recorded the record from a satellite location using only his laptop, MIDI controller, guitar, a small interface, and his DAW.

New Jersey-based electronic music producer Epsilon XI has unveiled Borderlands, a gorgeous new 7-track album. The producer, whose chose the Roman numeral in his name to reflect the month of November—the year his late sister was born—has delivered a nostalgic slice of electronic melancholia.

Alongside fellow artist and producer Tony Appleseed of antFarm studio, XI recorded Borderlands from a satellite location using only his laptop, MIDI controller, guitar, a small interface, and his DAW. The raw nature of the recording process is evident throughout each of the album's tracks, which blend electronic elements with indie sensibilities. 

A surefire standout from Borderlands is the record's fourth track, "Shout Out." Kicking off the song with spacey synths, the arrangement quickly introduces gorgeous, crescendoing guitar plucks akin to Explosions In The Sky. What follows is a breezy indie dance jam that strikes a more downtempo tone than its synthwave-inspired counterparts.

The album's titular track, "Borderlands," is also a memorable cut. More menacing in nature, the song employs a brisk breakbeat cadence that infuses a level of grit into its namesake album.

Check out Borderlands in full below.

"Borderlands is the second full length release under the Epsilon XI moniker," the producer said in a press release. "After making an Album where most tracks featured vocals, I wanted to take a different approach this time around. Utopia, my debut album explored more modern sounds."

Epsilon XI also noted that he pulled inspiration from the 80s and 90s for his newest album, which utilized a slew of retro music production techniques. "For Borderlands, my main inspiration came from the 80s and 90s era, where I used synthesizers, drum machines, and production techniques to encompass the sound of those times," he said.

You can connect with Epsilon XI via the social links below.



Plan Your Party Around a Dance Club

Latest from One EDM - 9 hours 14 min ago

If you are planning a party that incorporates dance then it will be wise to consider an electronic music dance club party. These types of parties are great because they offer such a wide variety of different musical genres that there are bound to be songs that are perfect for your event. When you consider …

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Major Lazer Tap Puerto Rican Rapper Guaynaa for New Single “Diplomatico” [LISTEN]

Latest from Your EDM - 9 hours 22 min ago

Major Lazer have been amping up their new single all week — and “Diplomatico” featuring Guaynaa is finally here in full, infectious form.

The trio consisting of Diplo, Walshy Fire and Ape Drums consistently deliver the flavor and this highly-anticipated collab is no exception. Despite years of rumors of a final album and the project’s supposed end, they continue to make new music and we have absolutely no complaints.

Following up Major Lazer’s 2021 release “Pra te Machucar” featuring ÀTTØØXXÁ and Suku Ward, the group delivers a playful single with a simple yet effective hook: “Diplo, Diplo-Diplomático.” A missing poster for none other than Diplo serves as promo for the song and official music video coming soon, amongst other quirky posts like this.

Even with a quick Google Translate effort, we’re not entirely sure what the lyrics are alluding to. Regardless, “Diplomatico” is catchy as can be.

You can find “Diplomatico” on the new Que Calor EP, which brings back a few already-released singles, in addition to a few remixes.

Major Lazer – Diplomatico ft. Guaynaa



Photo via

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Electronic Dance Music Concerts

Latest from One EDM - 9 hours 25 min ago

Electronic dance music concerts are becoming more popular. People of all ages from all walks of life are able to take part in these exciting events, which happen all across the world at least once every year. In fact, there have been events held in major cities for several years. The festivals are actually very …

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Sultan + Shepard issue final ‘Something, Everything’ single, ‘White Lies’

Latest from Dancing Astronaut - 11 hours 1 min ago
Sultan + Shepard issue final ‘Something, Everything’ single, ‘White Lies’Sultan Shepard

With their highly anticipated Something, Everything LP just days away, Sultan + Shepard share one final taste of what’s shaping out to be a sensational record. Newest single “White Lies” features the robust melodic house elements expected from a This Never Happened release, but at only 83 BPM the single offers a much slower groove to settle into. On social media, Sultan + Shepard shared the inspirations behind the song:

It’s a song about the stories we tell ourselves in order to make ourselves feel better. It’s also a song about being honest with yourself and using that honesty as a way to let go and move forward.

“White Lies” features vocal work from The Cut, whose nearly falsetto singing blends well with the measured instrumental. Sultan + Shepard’s first two Something, Everything singles “Solid Gold Love” and “Assassin” are two uplifting singles firmly rooted in progressive house. Meanwhile, third single “nCNTRL” and now “White Lies” both trend towards mellow and downtempo directions. With no more indication for the remaining tracks on the forthcoming album, fans will be curious to see if the slower tracks represent a bulk of the record or if they are outliers among an upbeat house experience. Something, Everything will be released on This Never Happened March 12, 2021.

Featured image: Sultan + Shepard / Facebook

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Dance Electronic Music and House Music From A variety of genres at the Best Dance Events in Vancouver, BC

Latest from One EDM - 11 hours 58 min ago

The House Music 2018 has been out for a while now and it is great to hear that the reviews are great. Robotic music has been one of the most popular sounds in the last few years with new artists getting in on the craze as well. With this being said, many people have wondered …

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