Submit Music

Why people submit music to EDM Sessions

  • EDM Sessions is a unique platform that creates the opportunity for lesser-known artists to get radio play
  • We provide¬†professional feedback on upcoming artists' tracks which can be helpful
  • You have a chance to get your music played on our radio station, along with the world's top electronic artists
  • Editors at Spotify, Apple Music, and other tastemakers are constantly watching our "add lists" to discover great new music
  • Your music will have a chance to be featured on our website and talked about by our on-air personalities

How it works:

1. Upload Song

Use a Soundcloud link or upload an MP3 to us.

2. Provide Info

Tell us a bit about the artist and the track.

3. Submit

Submit and get your feedback within 48 hours!

What to expect:

Submissions cost only $5 USD and that guarantees that your song will be listened to by one of our incredible music directors, within 48 hours, and they will provide you with feedback on the track.

The feedback you receive if your song is declined, we hope you will find useful. Our music directors use a combination of their personal taste and some guidelines they've been given by EDM Sessions' Program Director. Ultimately, we want to promote as many great artists as possible so if the music is great, so are your chances that we'll approve it for further promotion.

That said, if we like the track and feel that it is appropriate for our radio station, we will contact you with promotion options ranging from $20 to $100. In all of the promo options, at the very least, your song will be played on our station for a period of no less than 1 month.

So if you're ready to get started and submit your track, just click the button!